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  1. Loravena Quad

    A who promote them shit a man this not teaching the youths nothing good wtf come on Sparta you much betta than that , I’m no critics , come up with some more calming words to creat a betta Generation , this is traumatizing as fuck no sah mi nuh support badness and slackness thumbs up to the baddest Dj in a Jamaica no sah pussy nah fi dead when things go wrong just ignore and go through if yuh a served God , then leave all vengeance to him he will do the rest

  2. RastaCity Represent

    Pussy yuh nuh bad yuh nuh dudus yuh nuh liv up🤐


  4. injeh guda

    Where dem Sparta fan's dey 2020?✊🇬🇭❤🇬🇧

  5. Javier Tzalam

    Fuck tommy lee

  6. Rwina Patron

    So naar overvecht zuid Utrecht

  7. dancehall thing

    Pure bwadness buss a blank if uh think suh


    After Vybz Kartel this is the artist that most consistently releasing top tier music... best videos without a doubt BILLIAS CLAN WAS HERE

  9. Jefferson Ngure

    i love how he mixes suprano and bass voice

  10. Sasha Scott

    Me say six six is real

  11. Britney Brown


  12. V V


  13. Aaron Bennett

    Enny way m k j the world

  14. Javiel Sthilaire


  15. unruly Johnson

    Satta in real life every things a me Chris unruly drat any most murder Chris unruly straight burning right satta cuzn demon

  16. Oneil matthew Martin

    Youths them a dead

  17. Oneil matthew Martin

    Only asia link is here

  18. Oneil matthew Martin

    God lady

  19. Oneil matthew Martin

    Asia link

  20. Doro Warrington

    tomelee uesa

  21. Jose Ignacio Osorio Ponce

    Go jlood's

  22. Adina washere

    Big up Tommy. Lee😈👿👽👍👍🧟🧟

  23. RDRAFF1

    The UK owes the maroons in Jamaica Billions in Reparations. Our Jamaican Government is made up of some of the wickedest people on earth. They allowing the mining companies to deforest Jamaica and non of our Jamaican lawyers have the intelligence to start a class action suit against the Jamaican Government, England and the United States for interfering in Jamaica's economic domestic affairs and for the war they have waged against the Jamaicans in the U.S.. Plus the profiling and harassment we face while living here.

    Then too many Jamaicans are too backwards and dumb to think further than the next flaws of rum, or crotches and possessed with idiot the bad man songs and kill a niggauh music they listening to, to even come together and have a serious discussion about this.

    Yet wi rather kill each other over two pound a weed and live through the most disgrace and embarrassment and come on social media and further disgrace ourselves and those who know better have fi afraid fi talk because the idiot dem wi laugh wi to scorn and mock wi and jere wi or worst fight and kill wi. Mean while the real bad man dem a the Chinese, Arab and German dem a run Jamaica cause they making billions of Jamaicans a year and the murder rate sky high a Jamaica and the Chinii, Arab and German them a live good and a gwan like dem own yard and we dedde like pour ting as rich as we get wi still a suffer cause our Jamaican dollar nuh
    Whutt faught. And before we fight government and politics wi get up every day a sabotage each other, cutting each other throats and calling on the name of God. Sad! Very Sad!

    Wi head really Gone Fi true. The bauxite and aluminum dust gan to we brain!

    Watch "Fitzie Niceness - Topic" on YouTube

  24. Oneil matthew Martin

    God make adam eve serpent

  25. Chevaun

    Denham Town #Brawling

  26. Oneil matthew Martin

    Asia links

  27. Adina washere

    Big up Tommy Lee🤑👽😈👿💯🏍️🧟

  28. Papse skull

    Beng beng

  29. LIVE From Bk

    Cut him out with mi knife operation uzi then that vocal at 2:40 wicked

  30. Josiah Johashen

    who still listening to this in 1



  32. The Slikk Swizz

    Dem relly can deh mak dem good musiq

  33. Angelo De Vegt

    Holland in tha building

  34. MoveLikeASnake...LikeASnake

    Dis my man fr 😍😍😍 does have dreams bout he 😛😛😍😍

  35. Sterling Cummimgs

    Badman Links😈😎

  36. Mbogi Genje

    Matic inna pam if mi shoot an mis sumnting mussi gaza nuh lnky wgnis👊🏿👊🏿

  37. Yola

    1 of the baddest tunes mi eva heard

  38. jennifer louissaint

    Mobay man dem a de real deal style and fashion.lit ☝ up

  39. Wassy Don


  40. Wassy Don

    Gaza fi life

  41. Shane Brown

    Betel town run them down

  42. John Khaos

    Video always dope

  43. maria fearon

    bap bap

  44. unruly johnson

    Chris unruly say me want more weeds and fyah leaves a so me stay in my yard hunnu learn DAT

  45. Sean Haywood

    Geeezzzzz... Dat first verse hit so bloodcleet hard... " Throw gas inna di house, everything ah fi go lif up!!!!" 💥💥💥

  46. YSG Śpärtä


  47. Gamer Station

    All who have badman links
    Turn this

  48. Valentine Zehel

    Anywhere Mi Pull Up Get Di Gun Delivery... I Feel Ya Tommy ☆

  49. Tariq Green

    This your best song in my opinion

  50. Rosie Rampersad

    Song Hard Like Life!😈🔥

  51. Taneil Simpson

    Dead dem dead man chop chop we out here’s all

  52. Taneil Simpson

    Dem dead nw

  53. ryan thorpe

    Spartian empire

  54. Jellesia Russell

    Rate him songs them

  55. Manolo Cocom

    Biggest and baddest 💪king💨💜

  56. Oneil Rohama

    Always mi artist cum with some bad bbc song respect him fi dat yes Tommy Lee u dweet again

  57. Ke Chambre

    Guess I will use this new pillow I bought tonite, this was garbage there is no artistry whatsoever. I HATE that rap and dance-hall have been taken over by white corporations and the darker the content the more money they throw behind the presentation. Compare this to most low budge dance-hall videos that are much better song wise but no budget, but this give this vile shit expensive equipment and production for what....this??

  58. Modou samba

    Pure badness

  59. Keith Caesar


  60. Alkyda Onedon

    4Corner Badness Murder Charge⛓⚰

  61. Karlene Samuel

    Me🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹 boss

  62. Doroth Shereni

    Tommy lee number 1 guyz who agrees

  63. Vochon Sewell

    Him shane E seh him wah clash cum like him want him career over bout one god father a tommy a di only god father fooooooooooool

  64. lucky luciano

    Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  65. Oddz Mafia

    Sparta way....mount a badman links mi av

  66. Ricardo Gooden

    Sparta ago kill Shane e 🤘🤘🤘

  67. lavish king's comedy


  68. kemar roberts

    sparta empire

  69. Justin Archibald

    Sparta badman links

  70. Nawaf Gasem

    Shout out from Romania and Iraq

  71. Stacyann Sang


  72. T4M4GOTCHI

    Bad man design, buy it now.

    Diseño de Bad man, cómpralo ya.

  73. The Beast

    Why some people deh ina blue??

    Shawta DanMusic

    Those are di hit men

  74. sashalee Dyer


  75. Damien Dmn

    Colab vybz kartel

  76. stinga sparta

    1 200,000 views yah now

  77. Solo Boss

    This song is rated 100000000000000000000 when we step out 🖕 gun shot them 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠☠🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀😼😼😼😼😼🙊🙊🙊

  78. Rashoy Francis

    A Sparta Fi life man one think Tommy never do and a answer Shane e him make mi Fi like him win pussy Shane e you no win yat

  79. missy mizdemeanor

    How this dude only got 413k subs!!! I love his psycho song n soul reaper n still checkin the rest out i only just discovered him. Im in australia n dnt hear this kinda stuff here. I love it. Hes damn fucking sexy too n his film clips R cool.

  80. nicole nelson

    Tommy Lee ever go hard with his videos🎥

  81. Favoriten 1100

    Fo Me After vybz comes tommy. He s crazy

  82. jaden l clasp


  83. Jelani Roberts

    this song rhell lit dawg

  84. small little mimi mind

    halloween already?

  85. Memphis1

    Big Ups from Panama mi brotha. Keep up di gud flow.

  86. tamey


  87. sauvage la détaillée Gonitsi80

    Vrai de vrai wallah tommy

  88. Joshua Ben2020

    Sparta fo life thug

  89. Odanier Hinds

    Sparta nah switch even when him down

  90. Joe Noel

    Tommy ah d boss...

  91. Brandon Ellis

    Easy nuh man 👍👍👍👍

    Brandon Ellis

    Love this songs 😂👍

  92. Ackeem Lyn