Tommy Lee - Good Times Lyrics

Put down the magazine and get off the phone
Cuz theres a place I wanna show u and it wont take long
Take a ride
Take a ride

Its lookin like we're getting there
Over here, comin clear
Place that has no rhymes, or times, or crimes
Just good times
Just good times

Take me away
To a place where the good times good times roll
Don't let me stay
In a place where this hate can steal my soul

Got myself worked up over nothing today
All this trash in my head I gotta throw it away
Its alright
Its alright

Its lookin like we're getting there
Over here, comin clear
Place that has no rhymes, or times, or crimes
Just good times
Just good times

Take me away
To a place where the good times good times roll
Don't let me stay
In a place where this hate can steal my soul

This is it, I'm finally here
And all the blurry lines are clear
And everything that I cant see
Seems to make more sense to me
Why the hell cant I just let it go, let it go, yeah

Take me away (away)
where the good times good times roll (roll)
Don't let me stay (stay)
where this hate can steal my soul

Let the good times roll
Let the good times roll (take me away)
Let the good times roll (take me away)
Let the good times roll

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Tommy Lee Good Times Comments
  1. Netto shopper

    This sucks you can't sing or rap

  2. juno smith


  3. juno smith


  4. Jason C

    not good

  5. Clint Davis

    Tommy dude, your like, old now. Love the song but this video makes you look kinda like a perv dude. Those girls are just kids





  8. mamonpret

    Sounds so 90's
    I like it. I wish have a good times like this

    ali royfan

    Maybe one Day bro

  9. NIXON DU 73

    You are my fav musicien

  10. Cody Lamers

    Middle school 😬

  11. Black Friday 8

    Tommy Lee
    The oldest millennial

  12. miata350

    I made it 17 seconds

  13. Tosha Driemeyer

    When will I meet you tommy 😋😍😘🥰

  14. elisa alcaraz

    El famoso pendeviejo



  16. T.J. C

    I like it. Is this really a 2019 track? Sounds like another era.

  17. Paul Matweyou

    If you like t Lee and methods of MAYHEM flavor you will Paul Matweyou >>>>>>>>>

  18. 0123456789abc decghijklmn

    Winny Puhh's drum kit so much cooler and they have even two drummers!! And their music? Lightyears ahead of Mötley!!!!:

  19. Kashmir Zeppelin

    WTF, why is this so underrated

  20. erik WINGATE

    Love NIKKI SIXX.

  21. erik WINGATE

    Happy Halloween My Dear Tommy Lee.i donated your stars and drumsticks to Grace Of Waterford In Your NAME. Detroit ROCK City.

  22. sam E

    Tommy is lucky he didn’t get pulled over here. Many people weren’t buckled in that car he was driving and I think was one person was hanging out the back.

  23. Fan Boy 13

    This was my MySpace song

  24. yours truly

    Most of what you are hearing is Butch Walker the producer and writer. He sang most of it especially any high notes. Then they had Tommy sing the verses and some of the chorus but not really the high stuff and def not the harmonies. You can hear the difference in the voices. The bridge was all Butch he has a higher voice. Tommy is a great drummer though. Total kid that never grew up. Oh well. Tommy should have played drums in a band with Scott Weiland. That would have been cool. Too late now.

  25. andy zman

    This video should be called hanging with my dad's friend. All these people were not even born yet in the 80s

  26. DJ Flicks

    Tommy could of featured a boy band for this song .

  27. Teresa Selby

    I really like that.

  28. Commack

    Jesus Tommy.... YouTube is in 4k now.. Can you re-upload this in at least 720p ?

  29. Rick's Ukulele

    Like it!

  30. Chiara The Original Me

    Tommy s voice is amazing

  31. Jennifer Dawn

    Love this song and looking some fine 😍

  32. erik WINGATE

    That's A Single... With no B side.. Even ELVIS.. didn't pull that one off.I bet He'd get a kick out of You Tommy Lee Rascal.

  33. erik WINGATE

    trillionSIRE...trillionaire ShowOff

  34. erik WINGATE

    Music....Has No borders eh ..?

  35. Joshua Ward

    As a Crue fan...this absolutely sucks! Boy band sound to it.

  36. Mike Hundley

    I grew up in the 80’s thinking the Crue were GODS!! It only took you running your mouth one time about Trump to totally change my mind!! Fuck you AND your liberal beliefs Tommy! I really hope your kid kicks your ass & knocks you the fuck out...AGAIN! 🖕🏻🖕🏻

  37. Pee Geezee

    He had some decent tunes.

  38. mike morabito

    Motley Crue fan for 40 years!!! What the fuck is this shit music!! Come on tommy

  39. therustyaxe

    You were a piece of shit back in the day but now you have flipped your shit. Your supposed to make music and entertain. Not be a political spokesperson. Been a fan since the early 80's. Keep your fucking mouth shut when it comes to Politics dude. Get your shit straight, lay off whatever drugs, wake up! With your attitude injecting politics you will continue to be a has been. Focus on music rather than start to piss of loyal old school fans


    I just heard your comments about "Trumpsters" and I want to tell you I have been a crue fan since the very beginning! I have seen you multiple times in Atlanta. I don't think you understand how many of your fans are Trump supporters. I will never support you or your liberal agenda again! 👎

    codeine maniac

    You can fuck off then :)

  41. seven miller

    Put down the magazine get off the phone I'm liberal idiot with low IQ. It's all emotions no real fact
    God forbid I'd debate someone in front audience in front of a audience... all I can take skinny arms play the drums.. get some new tattoos to think look cool and tuff... get new tattoos look cool and tuff. Can any imagine this in debate with mark Levin? Rush Limbaugh? Ben Shapiro?? It's ok keep playing your drums acting young your new will dumb in 10 sorry bro this reality. And trump will win 2020 because people understand socialism vs capitalism unlike Tommy Lee the tuff drummer.

  42. randy palla

    Yeah tommy is a real piece of shit and a disgrace to society ,

  43. randy palla

    Can't believe tommy still thinks he can sing, what a fucking joke, this ain't music just distorted noise tommy should be embarrassed, then again he never could sing and had 0 musical talent , just a pathetic joke really,

    Tommy shut up and have a beer,

    Vend Master

    You do realize this is from early 2000's??????

    randy palla

    Vend Master I don't care he never been the singer he thought he has. In his warped mind, he a joke and look at what he done spawned another joke , ya think his son got any talent, no him and Pam knew that so they give home the name of someone famous that way he will always get attention , brandon Lee should change his name he ain't brandon Lee , brandon Lee was Bruce Lee's son, not that untalented joke of pam and tommy

    Vend Master

    @randy palla so I'm guessing you're a judge of talent? Tell me who's a great singer..

    randy palla

    Vend Master there are many , tommy ain't 1 of em , Michael Jackson, Freddie mercury, Elvis, Madonna , blacky eyed peas, Kurt Cobain , bangles , fats domino , Richie valence , Louie Armstrong , lady gaga , the animals, prince , biggie smalls , jimmy Hendrix , and many many others,

  44. Emaur Emor

    SET, ANCHOR🛣️🦍🧤

  45. Bernardo Romagnoli.9.10

    Que es lo que estoy viendo?? Vengo de ver videos de Mötley Crüe explotando con Girls Girls Girls y Same ol situation. Khe carajo es esto

  46. CorneliusWashington

    Great video...he has a great voice....

  47. Bubba Sheen

    Very Good!

  48. blue hacker

    anybody knows the name of the girl from 0:18 ?

  49. Jayden Hoeg

    Tommy man.Thanx dude 4 the "good times"

  50. StarChyld4

    This has been a mainstay on my playlist since he first performed it at Pamela Anderson’s Comedy Central Roast. Love this man!!! One of my top 3 favorite drummers!! 🥁🥁🥁🥁

  51. Kyle Larson

    Tommy! Kinda popped

  52. Dionne Vargas

    Wow, i didn't know he could sing!! Well done

  53. Resa Boothe

    Don't forget about Jesus man he's the only reason you were I either one have anything or we are still alive Deuces man you're still hotter than hell love you all the way back to Motley Crue baby

  54. Resa Boothe

    Hey Tommy Lee you rocking it dude and looking good at the same time I'm looking good to men Our Generation lock dude keeping going love you love you with all my heart rock on dude

  55. Damn Skippy

    Damn it Tommy! You fucking ROCK!!💕🔥🎸

  56. QUEENA X


  57. Proud Southern!

    I love it because it's a great sing a long song & it is TOMMY ❤

  58. Arikxul

    I just found out about this song but I feel like I've heard it before!

  59. Dunmill 22

    He’s a bit old to be hanging out with them, isn’t he


    hes rich

  60. Traci W

    I think it's great



  62. Jerry Yarboro

    What year monte carlo is he driving🤔

    Jerry Yarboro

    I think it's a first gen...1970

  63. Bruce #2

    Stick to the drums esse

  64. Javier Mendoza

    Still better than Just in Beaver 😂

  65. Scotty

    I for one actually dig this song! Good job man!

  66. Joey Peeps

    Who's that girl that gets into his car with the short spiky hair

    Demolition Dude

    Just some ho

    SARAH 1988

    @Demolition Dude boo

    Jay Rock

    I like the blonde with pink streaks

  67. David Brown

    It's a great song but I thought back in the day Tommy would have never went soft. Maybe I'm wrong. He is a great singer. I also like his song, "hold me down."

  68. blaqkhavok35

    Loved this song back in the day , discovered it when I watched TLGTC and I loved the autobiography too


    I'm getting a strong Butch Walker vibe here and that's a good thing.

  70. Jeffrose662000

    Look at this fool trynna Kid Rock it up and down the block bro your a joke

  71. Krymnul Elemnt

    Diggin it!

  72. Silver Bucket 804

    New American Pie Movie

  73. Spoon 2

    This is at least 12 yrs old, every one hearing this for the first time?

    Matt Gray

    14 years actually, was released in 2005

  74. Moto Madman74

    Sugar Ray called... He wants his song back..🤦🏼‍♂️

  75. max lewis

    The oldest person in the video is the tall tattoo drummer from motley crue.

  76. Wee Man

    Wtf is this shit?

  77. David Romero


  78. Chip Barkhouse

    Good vox. I approve of this video. Chip Barkhouse The Drummist.

  79. Chris Bynum

    Man you've been one of my idols since since I was a lil as kid

  80. Mötley Crüe Fanpage

    I love this hes such a underrated singer

  81. The Rock Hour

    Is this a butch walker production?

    John Braun

    Absolutely is

  82. freedom lover

    Just creepy watching a 40 yr pick up 16 yr olds. Thumbs down.

  83. Cameron Brown

    who first heard this watching Tommy Lee goes to College?

    Gaming Boys209

    Cameron Brown me

    Josh Thornton

    Me just like an hour ago

  84. Robert Lake

    Bieber??? 😂

  85. Jason Fagan

    Dis not better than Crue


    Damn tommy!!?? Stick to Crue or Mayham.. sound like boyband ish..

  87. Black Friday 8

    So when is his new album? Sometime in this April his wife said. Can't wait.

  88. Rockin Rollin

    I liked this album

  89. Gordon Gekko

    The girls are ugly and the song is meh.

    Non Ya

    Greed is good and the chick with dimples is freaking hottt!

  90. Linus de Vries

    I like the hat. What is it called? Balloon-Cap or Paperboy-Cap?
    Looks nice.

  91. Andrew Machado

    I always liked this song. It reminds me of his TV show “Tommy Lee Goes to College”. That was an entertaining and funny show.

  92. Anita Luca

    👍 I like this song.

  93. Sam Shepherd

    Wow that is horrible and very cringe

  94. Rickie Holiday

    I really love

  95. Kirby Little

    Has he lost his fucking mind ???

    This ain't Hard Rock 😡😡

  96. Texas Texas

    He sounds Gay!!!!
    Stick to Drums

  97. NESO Fishing Adventure's

    Great tune man! Let those good times roll!

  98. Non Ya

    @1:00 I love how he hangs the Monte Carlo keys up beside the Ferrari, Mercedes, and Austin Martin keys.

  99. sharonbunratty

    No matter whatever. This is just a cool, rocking song. Thanks, Tommy.