Tommy James And The Shondells - Sugar On Sunday Lyrics

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Tommy James And The Shondells Sugar On Sunday Comments
  1. Robert Porter

    Went into the army on a Monday,, Korea on a Monday, and Vietnam on a Monday. This song always had a special meaning to me.

  2. Regina Teixeira

    1967 - I was 14 years old, a teenager who never forgot this song!!

  3. Kati Zadravec

    Desr dog pleadse call me please

  4. Kati Zadravec

    Dog you have tobe strong beth is watching you

  5. Angie UM

    Quien en 2019. De lo mejor de la historia de la musica

  6. Scien Techie

    It's a beautiful song, but it took me a while to figure out what they were saying. I had to go to a lyrics website. LOL. Thanks for posting.

  7. andy885

    I want Alan Sugar to present a Sunday talk show just so we can have this as the theme tune!

  8. Mark Kassuba

    This way old when I was a kid but a timeless classic is a timeless classic!

  9. Robert Sunderland

    Just wish I could have made a difference in Jeanie’s life at the ripe old age of 13! LOL! We all have our 1st heart throb.

  10. Marcus Tuuhetoka

    May 4 2019

  11. Patsy Parraz

    I saw Tommy James and the shondells 2 years ago I love the music every song and this one is beautiful is it wasn't the first time I heard love their music

  12. honest4sure

    Sounds sooooo good. Crank it and sing along in the car.

  13. Fred C

    What a great song. Those 60's

  14. Mark Kassuba

    This was old when I was a little kid. it's still one of my favorites!

  15. NextSongs4God

    Oh my God....true flashback!

  16. Darrell

    Does anybody know what the song on the flip side of this record was?


    Thank you. Wasn't it released overseas as a single? I'll have to do some investigating. Thanks again!

    Philip Howard

    Doug Long You are 100% right the song was released as a single by a different group in America but for the life of me I do not know the name of the group this is like the song cinnamon girl by Neil YoungThe song cinnamon girl was released as a single by a group called the gentries who had a big hit with a song called keep on dancing I will do some research and try to find a single sugar on Sunday by the unknown group

    Philip Howard

    The song Sugar on Sunday by Tommy James and the Shondells was never released as a single by Tommy James it was on the album Crimson and Clover however another group release the single Sugar on Sunday by Tommy James and the Shondells but I do not know the name of the group but I have heard the song I will do some research and try to find The group that we lose the single and I will post it on YouTube

    Dave Nickels

    The Clique released this as a single

    Dennis Llewellyn

    @Philip Howard the clique

  17. David Moore

    his sound was ahead of its time

  18. Denise Hedden

    I've always loved these Guy's MY Mama use to play their albums alot so guess I was raised right. Thanks for posting!

  19. Margie Roberts

    Femme Jolie'--took me years to figure out that was what they were saying. Femme Jolie'--beautiful lady.

    clara ritzema

    sounded like Rosalie to me- for years!

  20. Rae O

    Being born in 1984, it's obvious this is before my time but I Love them! My 4 year old daughter likes them too! Her favorite song: She 😊

  21. Joanie Jett

    This made the radio and we loved it Imagine 11 and 12 year olds slow dancing because this was the song to slow dance to And boy did we dance! We still do, this song,I need to find a lover to dance with! not just anybody but somebody that loves me like i love her!

  22. lonehorseman09

    ive dropped many a dollar in touch tunes juke box to hear this. and it is worth it.

  23. andrew simmons

    the music of the 1960s was the music of my child hood. it is and was the greatest musical decade ever......period.

  24. bcsorensenman

    Haven't heard this in decades, thanks for the post, blows me away how this brings back memories. The world was a different place completely. Thanks Tommy and the band, and Doug Long. Would bring a tear to my eye if I had any.

    Doug Long

    bcsorensenman, you're very welcome.

    Patrick Riva

    My sentiments exactly...what memories!👍

  25. Richard Valleau

    Very underrated and labeled bubblegum so much more than that

    Rob Cracker

    Tommy James was never underrated. He had 23 Gold Hits. I remember hearing this song on the radio waaaaaay back in the day.

  26. Marcus Tuuhetoka

    I'll be your man Sunday. 👉

  27. willieboy3011 Jonas

    I'd completely forgotten about this one by Tommy James. They have so many hits.

    Jhan Kline

    Believe it or not. But the clique version of this song is wayyyyyyyy better. A much faster tempo. Check it out

    Curt Brennan

    @Jhan Kline I like this song too, but I think the Clique did a little bit better job with it too. Check it out below....

  28. John `

    This is a pretty little song.

  29. Kenzie Waltz

    Wow, what a player... -____-

  30. pmccachren

    Classic rock never goes away.

  31. Emmett McAuliffe

    Think of this song almost every Sunday. Chorus is a monster. Not composed by Ritchie and Denny but by Tommy himself and Mike Vale from the 2nd (Latrobe, PA) set of Shondells.

  32. Charles Duke

    love their sound

  33. Danny Gunnoe

    Love Tommy James & The Shondells - GREAT STUFF - Never grow tired of their sound!!!

  34. robert mccarthy

    just a friggen good tune


    +robert mccarthy classic