Tommy James And The Shondells - One Two Three And I Fell Lyrics

One Two Three And I Fell No Lyrics. One Two Three And I Fell If you know the lyrics you can send us.

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Tommy James And The Shondells One Two Three And I Fell Comments
  1. Stephen Hradil

    This is when music was music

  2. Aldo Valori

    Aggiungo : Quattro note di chitarra con distorsore, ( nel passaggio del solista con basso fantastico ed un batterista altrettanto favoloso ), valgono più delle intere opere del Verdi, ( ascoltata una, si somiglian tutte ).-

  3. Aldo Valori

    Scusate se aggiungo una terza recensione.- L’assolo di chitarra con distorsore, è supportato da un basso favoloso, l’insieme con batteria, regalano un risultato, che rimarrà una colonna imperitura nella storia del Rock.-

  4. Aldo Valori

    L’assolo di chitarra con distorsione del brano, vale più delle intere opere liriche di Verdi.-

    Aldo Valori

    È vero : la Musica “ leggera” è di gran lunga per lirismo superiore a quella cosiddetta “ lirica”, retaggio quest’ultima riservata a pochi danarosi Audiofili dell’epoca ormai passata, perdente nei confronti della “ leggera”

  5. marty3888

    I saw a 20 minute special here on youtube about bubblegum music. It said Tommy James and the Shondells started it. I never thought of them as a bubblegum group but this is bubblegum music.

  6. Mike Kulpa

    Thanks for posting this!

  7. Otis Fugate

    My mom had the 45.  One of the few records that had songs worth listening to on both sides

    Tony Rice

    I have the 45 that my sister gave MANY years ago and it's in the record archive. I just can't remember what was on the flip side. Can you enlighten me LOL!

  8. chris rayner

    great record!the b side of mony mony.brings back wonderful memories!

  9. fairfax1960

    When I was younger I enjoyed Carowinds having concerts because I would have an excuse to drive to Charlotte and ride the rides there. Now that I live in Charlotte, I'm kinda glad the concerts aren't there anymore because the keeps the crowds down (a little) and I can get in many more rides on the coasters per visit _ LOL.

  10. mkl62

    I read about that day in The State newspaper. It made national news if I'm not mistaken. KC and The Sunshine Band were pretty hot at the time (Shake Your Booty, I'm Your Boogie Man, Keep It Comin' Love). I have seen two concerts there: Tommy James and Seals & Crofts (July 1978).

  11. fairfax1960

    Damn, I can't believe you mentioned that concert. My girlfriend and another couple drove up from Spartanburg for that concert. About the time we got on 77-South the announcement came on the radio that Carowinds had reached it's capacity and no one else would be allowed in. that was the day I learned to ice skate. We went to Eastland Mall-LOL

  12. mkl62

    After the Blockbuster Pavilion was built (now Verizon Wireless Ampitheatre), the acts started migrating to it. I understand that the Paladium still has shows, but not as many. I remember August 1977 when KC and The Sunshine Band sold it out. Traffic was backed up I-77 for miles.

  13. fairfax1960

    Yeah, back when the Paladium had concerts. Last one I saw there was Chris Isaak and Tina Turner.

  14. missteyed

    Same as that, played it none stop. Top tune, thanks for the memories.

  15. mkl62

    The flip side to Mony Mony. I saw Tommy James in May 1980 at the Carowinds Amusement Park Paladium on the NC/SC border near Charlotte.

  16. relicof1950

    Brilliant..!!..Great memories...

  17. fairfax1960

    Awesome song!! I think I played this side as much as Mony Mony!! Thanks for sharing!!

  18. John Doe

    sweet memories...