Tommy James And The Shondells - Crystal Blue Persuasion Lyrics

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Tommy James And The Shondells Crystal Blue Persuasion Comments
  1. Moises Valadez

    Guardians of the galaxy 3?!

  2. Ella Scoville

    Who’s here from breaking bad?


    Who's here from Vietnam?

  3. Native NYer

    I was only 10 yrs old when it came out but I knew good music. Still Love this song...

  4. solider of the apocalypse

    19th birthday party in vegas at the penthouse at the Cosomo 7am watching the sun come up to this jamm with bottle in hand. What a great memory 👌🏽👌🏽

  5. Elizabeth Grant

    Breaking bad🖤
    When walter was happy🥺

  6. Brian Caputo

    Music to my ears my heart and my soul😊♥️😇

  7. Darci Kinard/Kinnard

    You gotta be num,if you can't find the good in this song

  8. Walter White

    Remember my name....

  9. Larzy Wanderlust

    Nothing takes me back to growing up in the late sixties like Crystal Blue Persuasion.

  10. retta1960

    Wonderful...ending 2019 with a 1968 great!!!!! :)

  11. Oh yeah Watermelon

    Yeahh SCIENCE

  12. Sam ch

    This song was in context to the end of Vietnam War...

  13. Ben Lapke

    The Son is a-risen’

  14. Jesse Burleson

    If I had a nickel for every time someone smoked a joint to this song I'd be a millionaire.

  15. Jules Verona

    A very beautiful and uplifting song with amazing lyrics.

  16. alan smlth


  17. spider jones

    Love love love this beautiful song. Better get ready a new day is dawning

  18. Carrie Berry

    It always reminds me of Breaking Bad...but it is a. Fav. From my teenage years.

  19. Groovius69

    Great senior year in high school...69'


    lol youngster I remember this from college senior year 1961

  20. Nicholas Slepnikoff

    Breaking Bad brought me here (2019). How about anyone else??

  21. west lamar

    Wow! What beautiful memories. Reminds me of early mornings and glassy waves, forever

  22. Darci Kinard/Kinnard

    One of my favorite,released in the 50,and I still Love it.2019/12-20

  23. Frank Jones

    Back in the day, you could tell which version was playing. The Stereo or Monoral version. Anyone that tells you that Mono recordings are better should listen to this song.

    HF Kossatz

    back in the day the mono version was more compressed and radio also added a little speed to the turntable!

  24. Abdullah Rahman

    My style.

  25. Donald Chase

    Cindy roll. I'was a lil boy back I'm 56.

  26. Vanessa Anderson


  27. Axel Jäger

    While hearing this song I saw a man toss a pizza on his roof.

  28. onebigkahuna69

    they have so many hits

  29. gwendolyn smith

    This song touched so many hearts and came just in time as a stress relief!!! Heard everywhere🌎🖐👌🖐Superb lyrics ❤️❤️🔥🙏🏾

  30. Eggswardon


  31. Dawn Hirst

    I was only 10 when I heard it for the first time, still listen to it all the time!

  32. Marilyn Schneider

    Better than the CRAP my grand kids listen to! I hate rap! 😝


    They might think the same about this. Let people have their different tastes in music

  33. Donald Zickau

    Breaking bad brought me here

  34. Mike Teadaway

    I remember this song is so long ago I was maybe10

  35. Mike Sealy

    50 years ago, AM transistor radio in hand listening to the Top 40 every week. Great music, simple times w so many good friends in my life as a young teen.

  36. Curt Brennan

    Who are the 2300 IDIOTS who don't like this song?? Is this what RappaCrappa and Hippity Hop has done to our kids??
    Corroded their minds on good music?? This is one of the BEST songs to come out of the '60s....the words and melody are hauntingly beautiful!!!

  37. Stephon Garcia gonzalez

    I once hung myself on this song. It was the best way to go out. You know what saved my life? My precious little dog. Didn’t realize she would notice, but she did and she started tugging on me. God is good guys. Don’t take life for granted.

  38. craig hathaway

    Breaking bad!! 👽👽

  39. Clarence Erickson

    💙it 💙it 💙it 🦄😎🦄💙it 💙it 💙it ✌👍👍

  40. Brenda Andersen

    This was some great belly rubbing music love to dance to this let my hair down and not worry about a thing

  41. Karl Fortuin

    I sang that amazing tune at a crowded karaoke bar I got a standing ovation & this is what I call real music not this cheesy crap today anyone agree to this

  42. John W

    Ever stop and relate this song to Arcturians? Light? Love? New Vibration? And of course, Crystal Blue is their color!?!?! 1969 I was in Ft Polk LA...

  43. Arturo Abascal

    The reason what I loved about the seventies that was my time that I was going up in the music was excellent far out man

  44. Priscilla Loya

    I call him the man with peace in his heart.

  45. freeguy77

    If this doesn't make you a more deeply religious person (of whatever type or denomination), you didn't get the message from one of the greatest songs ever recorded! I can't believe it's now 50 years since its release, from the Summer of 1969! Starting at 2:34 is the highlight and message to everyone: "...Maybe tomorrow, when He looks down. On every green field, and every town. All of His children, in every nation. They'll be peace and good. Brotherhood. Crystal Blue PERSUASION!..." Notice, it didn't say "FORCE" [by law]. Persuade people to your view, not by government law or bureaucratic regulations!

  46. Terry Melvin

    Probably their best song, yet the version without the horn track is even better-less "cluttered".

  47. Olivia Molina

    My ringtone

  48. DLJ

    A beautiful song. And still is.

  49. Lourdes anonimo

    I was 15❤️

  50. Fernanda Gonzalez

    Cómo suena .
    Que lindura

  51. Patrick Riva

    This song will always have a special place in my heart.

  52. Al Pavlik

    The lyrics, the music and the thoughts put into the song tells the story of this classic beautiful work of art.

  53. Tad Jones

    Heisenberg Bought Me Here 2019!

  54. Shane Kinney


  55. Lisa Kramer

    Great song. We need more of this today.

  56. Patti Brooks

    I was 13 too when I first heard this on the radio in summer of 1969 !

  57. wr lomprez

    i have you missed you my whole life Lilly i will always love ypou

  58. Thereza Dantas

    2019 ! Please, take my time machine, I need it now !

  59. Michelle Av

    Is he singing about meth?

  60. André Bilodeau

    This was so nice on that trip to California.

  61. xctar

    who's here from breaking bad?;)

  62. craig rupp

    its a new vibration in 2019

  63. Gabrielle Dicierson

    wow need I say more?????

  64. Paul Saunders

    Uncle hank

  65. Charles MacGregor

    So long ago but still the best!

  66. ericlogos

    This song is about a girl named crystal and a boy named Persuasion.

  67. OnixTV

    Life without Breaking Bad is hard.

  68. dennyu812 mummert

    I sure am,   cant beat it

  69. The Red Comet

    Straight up name for a stand. Araki is just waiting.

  70. Shari Schiltz

    Wonderful Band, Wonderful Song, I have watched this over 100 times, especially The "Breaking Bad" Montage !!!

  71. JDPackard

    look to your soul and open your mind...TRUE WISDOM we all should practice

  72. middleB55

    I Love this Song :-)

  73. Laura Steban

    Born in 1980 and this song is and has been one of my favs for 30+ years!

  74. Matthew Hastings

    I know that most people are here because of Breaking Bad but let me say how good this song is on its own. Adding it to Breaking Bad only made it better.

  75. Nick Homyak

    We have a Human Species have regressed not evolved or progressed in any wholesome logical way according to logic and god or science in the service of sustainable life here on Earth; sad right!

  76. ruby ortiz fuentes


  77. Neal Fry

    In 1968 I, Neal Patrick Fry Drove my
    1964 Mustang 289 Engine to The
    Flag Bro's. Men Shoe Store at Grand River Ave. and Greenfield Rd. On that
    Corner was a Light or Mint Green Department Store called Federal's.
    14 Years Earlier my Grandpa Reynolds was Pushing me in my Stoller that had
    Red, White and Blue Round Wooden
    Marbles and Only a Tiny but Very Vivid
    Memory of " This Very Beautiful Day "
    The Blue Sky and The Electric Buses were Powered by Overhead Rails. Looking Like a Clover Highway inThe
    Blue Sky, amen.
    ~{ " God Almighty " }~Has Blessed
    me With Many Beautiful Wonderful Memories as I am Now 67 Years Old
    and I Can Still Remember When I,
    Neal Patrick Fry was in my " Terrible
    Two's, " amen.
    " Thank You Lord God Almighty "
    In The Most Beloved Precious Sacred Holy Name of Jesus Christ, amen.
    Always Sincerely Lovingly Faithfully Your's Forever and Forevermore Your's,
    Neal " Patrick " Fry from Detroit, Michigan U.S.A.

    Tom Butcher

    A 64 1/2. I had a 66 with the works.

  78. Lloyd Lloyd

    This song got a rebirth on "Breaking Bad." Great song.

  79. Larry Harvey Jr


  80. Neal Fry

    Hi Hayden Panettiere,
    This is " Kinda Crazy, but my Mama
    Didn't Raise a Fool, Neal Fry,
    For Over 13 Years I, Neal Patrick Fry
    Wake Up Happy, Go to Sleep Happy and For The Most Part, I am Happy
    24 / 7 / 365 and Forevermore In The
    Year 2020 366 Days and Nights in White Satin Trimmed in True Tenderness of True Tranquility of, ...
    Not Worrying about Having *( I Hope and Pray )* Move in The Cold With Only
    About 200 Pounds on my Back While
    Walking on Ice Covered Sidewalks Because I, Neal Patrick Fry " Love To Pray No Less than 3 Times and Sometimes 13 Times for an American
    Family of Heroes Hayden Panettiere "!"
    What good Does Worrying Do ? It's Not a Solution. Whenever I Have " Storms "
    In my Blessed Abundantly Life, I Believe Hayden Panettiere that There are Rainbows in Every " Storm " if I Look to Heavenly Father in The Most Holy Precious Sacred Neverending Name of Jesus Christ, amen.
    Not Knowing 1 Week to The Next is
    " FUN."
    My Life is More Fun than a Yellow
    Bathtub Full of Chimpanzees !"♡"!
    It's Gloriously Gorgeous Golden Sunshine Little Miss Sunshine and Forevermore Sundown's Always and Forever Your's Forever and Forevermore " Thank you Hayden "
    Heroes Hayden Panettiere Always and Forever Your's Forever and Forevermore " Your's Forever Always Lovingly Affectionately Faithfully and Lovingly Meaningfully Your's Always Miss Hayden Leslie Panettiere and Forever Your's Forever and Forevermore Your's Always Lovingly,
    Neal Patrick Fry a.k.a. Sundown from The " Sunrise Studios " in Lovely Livonia, Michigan U.S.A.

  81. Clifford Comstock

    The World Took a Bad Turn Some Where!

  82. John Deagle

    Breaking Bad

  83. The invisible Dude

    The barrio bought me here late night cruising

  84. Joanne Jesko

    Fun fact, the horn section on this song was arranged by Meco, who had a hit with his version of the Star Wars/Cantina mix.

  85. trueboss926

    Breaking Bad anyone?

  86. terranborn56

    For those that don't know the story behind the song...It was about his conversion to Christianity while watching a Billy Graham revival on TV.

    Frank Heberer

    Thank you Jesus.

  87. SoUnD ZeRo

    King Heisenberg :)

  88. bellgab

    Brings back memories of listening to my AM radio and Casey Kasem in the 70's

  89. Gene Wyngaard

    Why the hell would ANYBODY give this beautiful song a thumbs down???

    Scott G

    Justin Bieber fans thumbed it down

  90. Gene Wyngaard

    These guys were so ahead of their time. Great music!

  91. Monica Napieralski

    I too was 12 when I first heard this song. I’m 54 now and have great memories of this song and that time in my life.

    Treena Jones

    This was 1968

  92. Roger Bowen


  93. Tyler Nicholls

    Skiing waist deep powder with this song blaring in my headphones, ah good times, and a superb song