Tommy James And The Shondells - Breakaway Lyrics

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Tommy James And The Shondells Breakaway Comments
  1. Shirley A Meadows

    Always loved this band!

  2. Gabriel Ueta

    Flower Power. Beautiful time.

  3. Cris Fotografa

    Does anyone that has the vinyl also hear the secret message in the end???

  4. greg.i

    Why doesn't this album have a proper reissue on vinyl?

  5. Rick fisher

    Love this song from 1969.

    Tim Leachman

    This song is the BEST of Tommy James and the Shondels!!!!!!!!! Have loved it for YEARS!!!!!!! Got it on a second hand 45 when I was a kid and Im 59 now!!!!!!!!!

    Fred Martin

    @Tim Leachman This song was the b side to Sweet Cherry Wine. I bought it second hand too. The local pinball joint sold singles from their jukebox when they got old or lost popularity. And I'm 59 too!