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  1. Cheryl Sinclair

    A little girl who is abused by her parents. One night she runs away into the forest, hurt and injured. RUmours say the forest is haunted by an ancient monster that kills children. And surprisingly ,the town actually has a significant amount of missing children.
    THe girl runs deeper, and deeper until she finds a huge tree and takes shelter underneath it. It's dark and silent, only the eerie sounds of the forest can be heard. But she also hears a low groaning sound. It's when she opens her eyes and discovers a huge figure, with long limbs and a mesh of wild hair crawling towards her. She can't move, she can't breathe, but she isn't scared. And slowly, the monster looms over her.
    It's just about to dig its nails into her throat when she whispers...
    He stops, and asks "What is?"
    And it decides to not kill her. It sits beside her, and notices her bleeding body. Soon, they start speaking, and the girl reveals about her abusive parents. The monster admits he is a killer, but he never met someone like her. He offers she could stay with him. The girl happily accepts.And they become friends. The monster is the only one who ever appreciated her, and that's what she always hoped for. THat's what she always needed. Some one to appreciate her.
    And the monster, is the most beautiful thing for her.

  2. UnknownGamer Jay

    All I can imagine is a mother giving up her new born and putting it on a doorstep and watch’s it grow up and watch’s her become the hero while she’s the villain

  3. Nurazianie Abdullah

    It's about gender traits that longed for the beauty of power.. I'm guessing.. The rules of kings or fighter's kingdoms strucked by unlimited or even more advanced means to become infinite and free from mundane skills. 🚀🤣🙄Beauty of this all... Seriously.. When one can really understand the worth of winning instead of destroying the world. That's all that matters.

  4. Karolina Spodjaworazieeeloneegooo

    I just ended season 4 Lucifer and believe me every dark song fit so good to be put in the show but still they've done good job

  5. Period blood sprite

    Like someone looking in the mirror singing this and then getting dressed to like go fucking assassin people or something


    This reminds me 'sense supposed to be dark' of like some teachers obsession...but really it's not dark to me. But that don't mean I don't like it.

  7. Sam

    caralho maluco me arrepiei toda


    You did not just make a cinematic remix of one of the most classic and campy kid show songs ever made. Well played

  9. Kathy Salas

    I can see myself singing this to a mirror because I’m alone and no one else loves me

  10. Twitch Drawz

    This fits so well with the theme of the game Mad father- I love it!

  11. TheDoodlingGirl

    If Penpal the creepypasta was a movie... This would be the trailer song.

  12. Tell Me Why

    A girl and a boy are obsessed by a beautiful innocence boy playing with their feelings without realizing it. Then the two are competing for him. Eventually she decides to kill his rival in love, but the another guy saves him and sacrifices in his place because he is secretly in love with him.

    Uhm, well.
    Not another good example of normale/safe relationship. That is call "fiction". In realty no hell no

  13. Eva !

    This is the kind of subliminal I am into 😂😍😍

  14. David benny

    Praise God

  15. AnG eLa

    Wonderful voice!!!!

  16. Lorunsa

    A woman who doesnt have anybody next to her meets a man, a playboy. After hanging out with her, she catches feelings but he rejects her so...she kills the other womans he hanged out and kills him last. After that, this is the song she sings to him and herself.

  17. Harleen Frances Quinnzel

    A more horror version of beauty and the beast would be cool for this song. Beast is scarier and Belle has to kill ppl to fight for her right to love beast....plot twist: Belle kills Gaston.

  18. Lou Arch

    I only know this from the little rascals movie and that’s all I can picture right now.

  19. Ghastxm

    This has “YOU” written all over it.

    Lyana Wilks

    Peach Salinger

    Cristina Collaros

    omg yessss!!!!!!!!

  20. Michelle Kaminer

    James Bond-esque sound 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  21. Mirai Ak'ma

    Just imagined a bullyed girl who is trying to convince herself in front of a mirror that she is beautiful..

  22. Luka Fijavž

    I imagine a narcissist singing this to herself.

  23. sadness is my second name

    Wow, this song just awesome, thanks YouTube for this recommendation ❤❤❤

  24. Mourning Willows Weeping Glory.

    Yandere vibes for days

  25. Alexa Anthony

    This is as far removed from "dark" as I know. As an Herbalist; this is my Song; to my Green Allies. I sing this to my garden; every day...<3

  26. Ladymusicc

    I definitely was getting a creepy, killer vibe. Was definitely making a thriller, murder movie in my head. I absolutely love this.

  27. A Kristine A

    Is it bad that this reminds me of my BFF a little?!

  28. Rojelle R

    Who else thinks this should be the played in YOU

  29. gammat14

    and..............He does it again another amazing wonderful dark cover of a song with the always incredible Brooke. Love this

  30. Nevycen

    This music appeared in TF1 (a french TV channel) and I was so happy to see that they use great musics like yours

  31. edgy shit

    there was a murder in a town near to a forest, this murder was called by the people "evil queen" because it was a woman (or looked like one) and killed every person who was considered beautiful.
    the "evil queen" was the wife of the dead mayor of the town, he was one of her victims (she killed him because she wanted his money) she was an important person in the town, her step-daughter was sophia but everyone called her "snow white" because her white skin.
    at some point people stopped talking about how beautiful was other person than the "evil queen" because they were scared that the people who they're talking about died. the deaths stopped for a time until she hears someone talking about how beautiful was snow white or sophia, making her go insane and wanted to make her suffer until her last breath.
    the song is like the evil queen singing to herself to remain her that she is the most beautiful in the world.

  32. YoBro Jezz

    No.this is so beautiful..

  33. Vũ Tuấn

    this beat hits me harder than my father's belt

  34. _ AƝƓЄԼ'ᔕ ᗯƗƝƓS _

    Tommee Profitt
    Thank You for this beautiful song <3

  35. Roaring Lambs

    I don't see this is a dark song. I think it is a representation of a woman finally realizing how beautiful and worthy she is, to herself. She no longer needs validation from others.

  36. FunnynNinja

    This song could have been used in "no time to die" movie trailer man

  37. Quiz Tico

    Why does this make me think of hannibal

  38. Kirstin Elder

    He watched her. All the time, he watched her. Her house was simple. No blinds and drawn back curtain. He laughed at how much she seemed like she wanted to be seen. To him, just watching was not enough. He wanted her. So he followed her everywhere. He took it upon himself to memorize every detail of her schedual. Every day when she woke up he was there, when she brushed her teeth he was there, when she got dressed, he couldn't peel his eyes away from her perfect body. He followed her to work. Out with her friends to bars. And watched her as she sat in her room scrolling threw her soical media, which he found was public. After hearing her name and googleing it, it wasnt to hard to find her from there. They bumbed into eachother at the coffee shop she went to every morning, completely by his own "clumsyness".
    "Oh, excuse me. Im so sorry!" She said to him.
    "No, you're fine. I wasn't watching where I was going, its my fault." He said holding back his full joy of talking with you behind a nice small smile.
    "Oh, no!" She said suddenly, "I got some coffee on you're jacket!" She sounded so apollogetic. It was adorable to him.
    "Well it's fine really. It'll wash out." He said to her. He knew she was jumpy, and really awkward around strangers.
    "Did you want me to by you a coffee maybe, to make up for it?" She asked. He exploded inside.
    "I would love a coffee, but i'll pay for it myself." He said to her. She frowned.
    "Oh come on! Ya gotta let me make up for this somehow!" She said, cutely dissapointed.
    "Alright then. You can pay me back by telling me your name." He said. *I already know your name but we'll just let you say it*.
    "Oh! It's Tessa," She said, sticking out her hand, "And you are?" She asked him.
    "Adrian." He said. He took her soft hand in his. *This is where our stort begins, Tessa. I love you but you shouldn't be so nice to strangers*. He smiled to himself...

    Sorry for this horrible beginning of a story😅


    You should watch the show "You" on netflix. It's excellent and fitting.

  39. Ally Mills

    More plz!!!!

  40. Vxenom.x

    Mmm...Jumin Han to MC

  41. Artelier MK

    Always love your music<3 this is absolutely beautifully hunting<3 Wanna make me write a story script and turn it into a psychological, thriller, horror genre comic.

  42. Evening Cicada

    2:33 . That escalated so quickly

  43. Marriah Dove

    This song is gorgeous 🌟

  44. Kim H

    Que buen cover,me encanta, me relaja mucho 💓✨

  45. Hunter Shiva

    Mi Cho ya la había escuchado :'(

  46. Hentai Gurl

    Me whenever I see my cat:

  47. Ms. Shosho

    ŸØÛ ÅRĒ SO BEAUTIFUL ! It thrilled me, killed me , and got drilled in my mind ♾

  48. Aidan Rhys

    Is this from The Little Rascals?

  49. T-pose rats

    These are so cool I like the songs you do better as dark versions

  50. wanna see my gucci

    Love yourself they say

    *stares in the mirror*

  51. wanna see my gucci

    *stares at the picture of crush*

  52. Zarith Jauregui

    Me everytime i see lauren jauregui

  53. あかね信楽

    I can't help , i just imagine singing this to Katsuki Bakugou because i love him TwT

  54. Cherrybomb

    i've read you are so beautiful but broke

  55. Brielle Flores

    I imagine a stalker, stalking his or her crush. Knowing they wont be able to hold that person drives them insane

  56. Waverly Earp

    A drug dealer went after Rose’s girlfriend and jumped her. Her girlfriend woke up in a hospital bed with amnesia forgetting all about rose. After finding out Rose found the drug dealer and killed him. She is singing this song in her jail cell holding the necklace she was going to give her girlfriend for her birthday next month.

  57. Cosmic Scream

    2:32 holy shit! That was *BEAUTIFUL!*

  58. Ven

    Me: you are so beautiful
    Friend: no I'm not
    Me: *intensely plays this song*

  59. Kyndra Bowen

    Her voice gives me hardcore Transistor vibes

  60. Ruby Anadio


  61. Anita Klok

    its a sad ending because she was never seen

  62. Elena NC

    This and your dark version of "can't help falling in love" are my favorites. These 2 sound good for a an obsessed person or a psycho in a movie/series

  63. Lea Morena Lucero


  64. LostintheShadows1234

    Amazing! I kind of started imagining a dark take on the 'Snow White' story when listening to this song.

  65. marisa


  66. Lindsay Van Vliet

    Is it alright with you if I use this song in a book I am writing on Wattpad? Also, guys put in the comments what you want to see in the book.

  67. Drew Horsman

    this has YOU vibes (like the Netflix tv show)

  68. Paisley

    Can you do a cover of wicked games by The Weeknd

  69. nicole ocho

    I feel like a yandere would sing this

  70. Phoenixgamer 308

    You should do a dark cover of What a Wonderful World. I bet it would sound so cool with your style and brooke’s voice!

  71. • Angel •

    Is this music copyrighted ? Because we would want to use It for a student short film.

  72. xxWintersLullabyxx

    This was my grandfather’s song to me, I have it tattooed on my arm. The original always tears me up and this completely broke me. So beautiful

  73. Liezel Calvo

    Can i use this song for my prenup video. What terms and conditions

  74. Alex

    Makes me think of Alfalfa tbh

  75. shellrosa love


  76. SASDRA -

    This ver make me thinking about crazy stalker

  77. Kye Moreby

    Omg please do a dark version of stand by me. That would be dream come true

  78. Tesla Coils

    You are so beautiful... to me.

    "Step back Harry I'm gonna shoot him."

    "No, stand down. I'm gonna kįll this one myself."

  79. مراد بن سعود

    wwwwaaaaaaaoooooowwwww 😎😎😎😎😎

  80. Original Boi

    Idk abt yall but this lowkey sounds like a stalker watching from behind, and staring at the person while they're asleep at 3 am.

  81. beaversfan

    Bruh. Always making legendary covers

  82. Jeff Ellison

    Adsalo there 50th the 6th, and then I will

  83. lo `

    thank u

  84. Iron Vlogger

    This is the perfect lustful villain song😍

  85. that_ anime_girl2

    This song gives off stalker vibes

  86. Ariel Love

    Imagine malificent singing this to Aurora (2019 movie, ft. Angelina).

  87. Madoka Tatori

    I just love Brooke voice 😍😍😍😍

  88. Athéna Lapin

    Excelente canción para escribir una historia

  89. Chris Chel

    While hearing this I imagine a mum singing it as a lullaby to her baby! 😊😊😊

  90. Fnaf Queen

    I'm definitely making an animatic for this

  91. i love pizza

    He is so beautiful to me . But i am not for him .

  92. Farrah Basansky

    Man darla went crazy after her and alpha got a divorce and now she’s sitting in her room at the vanity brushing her hair to put it in a bun getting ready for a swan princess performance and it switches back and fourth to her dancing and doing her hair and make up all while little flashes or her crying and her make up running. This is what goes on in my head and I’m sorry 😂

    Nina Olvera

    Omg yes

  93. Leith Skilling

    Okay, this song needs to play in the trailer for the upcoming Snow White remake.

  94. Eva Banana

    This song reminds me of that one movie "The Little Rascals"

  95. Oniket

    Aphrodite vibes ♡

  96. tris 04


  97. Володимир Галета

    Very good.

  98. Tommee Profitt

    hey guys! hope you like mine and brooke's epic dark twist on a classic! always have so much fun collaborating with my long time friend, Brooke DeLeary, and her incredible voice. just recently started diving more into this whole "dark covers" thing and really enjoy it... what do y'all think? should we do more? comment below! and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE if you like what you hear! :)

    Lauren Feuerstein

    Of course I love it!! This gives me so many book ideas you have no idea. I love the dark covers! Please do more!! They sound beautiful!!!(the music and the voices singing them)

    Dyane DJ

    DARK COVERS Are my Favourite!

    Camille Desplanques

    Tommee Profitt do more !!! Love it

    Nerieme Ceycey

    Yes please . Make more of this kind of music. It's really overwhelming in the heart.. I Super Love It. 😍😍😍😍😍

    E L

    Would love a dark cover of Unforgettable ♥ ~ This song reminds a little bit of it in the beginning.