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Tommee Profitt Witching Hour Comments
  1. De'Drick Williams


  2. Dontgotaclue88

    This is on fire! :) love it

  3. K Sev

    This is a good Dark Souls and Bloodborne song tbh

  4. Penny Grant

    Hauntingly beautiful!

  5. Tommee Profitt

    This was so much fun for me... my long-time partner in crime, Brooke Griffith, who used to be in my band back in the day, and I got to collaborate on a cinematic song for tv/film. Had fun playing with her voice in this genre! Always loved her voice and talent! Hope you’ll check out some of my other cinematic songs here: and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!! :)

    De'Drick Williams

    Tommee Profitt song gives me chills everytime

  6. Zhaira Vionice

    this better be used for the next season of chilling adventures with sabrina spellman bc it FITS SO PERFECTLY

  7. Zhaira Vionice

    this better be used for the next season of chilling adventures with sabrina spellman bc it FITS SO PERFECTLY

  8. Nurazianie Abdullah

    🔥What kind of witches be fighting for revolution in this hours.I mean.. Who started it.

  9. Blue JayJuly

    How does this guy not have at least a million subs?

  10. Tell my Story

    I want to make an animation out this song so the time I want to use is 0:50 all the way to the end. I really got this cool idea for it :3

  11. Steven Dyer

    Who's to the Frontlines with me?

  12. TYZ

  13. Oreoluwa

    i love the 'can you hear the sound, of these armies marching on the ground' part so much

  14. Sky ss

    Oh god, I think I fall in love with this song! It's amazing, I listen it over and over!

  15. Simply Libby

    I love all of his songs so I don’t even need to panic about disliking a song when I click on it. His music matches my tastes to a T

  16. Тарас Бунтар

    Amazing, it's epic

  17. M4-Beats - Free NoCopyright Music & Beats !

    Like it :)

  18. Addie Hamilton

    I hope you don’t mind if I use this song in a Hansel and Gretel movie music video I’m about to make...the song’s perfect. Thank you for making amazing music! 🎶
    Edit: here’s the link to the music video

  19. Mileven

    i really hop tommee profit never stops making cinematic music

  20. YEONSEOL연설

    와 .. 개좋다..♥



  22. Emanuel M

    This is so SABRINA SPELLMAN 🙎‍♀️🧟‍♀️❤️

  23. Markitz

    Yharnam vibes from the pic 😍

  24. Skoot Ski

    Another to add to my collection...


    🇧🇷 👍👍👍 ... ( quarenta e nove )

  26. Yousuf Abdul Razak

    Cool stuff 🎶

  27. Егор Шнайдер

    This is bueatiful music !

  28. Djan Maury YouTube Channel

    👏👏👏 From Brazil 🇧🇷🇧🇷
    Perfect !! 🤘🤘 Som perfeito !! Très bien !! Buenissima cancion!!

  29. scottish Scotman


  30. Discovering Music

    Man you always produce outstanding music, thank you!

  31. Mohammad Kawji

    would love an instrumental extended version that starts from 02:06

  32. LoneWolfAirsoft

    omg i think i have now a witch in my room....MUM...MUMMMM GET THE CAMERA XD! GOOD WORK!

  33. Condruz George

    Very good song,love it

  34. Assassina D'arc

    Man I love your channel

  35. John Harr

    This is a lot similar to Ivan Torrent no ? (it doesn't means it's bad, I love both Ivan Torrent and Tommee Profitt)

  36. astroboy vish


  37. Everything For You

    Wow amazing 👌💯 😍

  38. Kasia Krzyżanowska

    Amazing as always ❤

  39. Ace Of Spades

    +1 like

  40. Alan Calvillo

    Oh yeah.

  41. Cyril Chabany

    Can you put the lyrics please ?

    Tommee Profitt

    lyrics now in the description

    Cyril Chabany

    @Tommee Profitt thanks =)


    That's awesome

  43. Tye Delaney

    Who wants to bet that this song will be used for the Netflix Witcher trailer?

    Nicko Pajarillo

    Yeah nice suggestion 👏👏👏


    W imieniu Polski zgadzam się z tym pomysłem

  44. Prince

    Three words: This is amazing.

  45. 7 Dayz

    Waiting for a hip hop one

  46. DJ Baby Otaku

    💟GASP!!!! I LOVE THIS😍🎵💟

  47. Empress Song

    AMAZING!!!!! LOVE IT <3

  48. layton liew

    cant stop loving your music!!your music inspired me a lot!! keep it up

  49. Minotour FapFap

    Instrumental plz

  50. Phoenix Marvel

    14 seconds in and i'm already in love 😍

  51. James Voron

    New Thief??

  52. oneperfectway

    Congratulations for 200k+ subscribers👍👍


    this is freaking Lit 🔥


    free copyright?

  55. A Wander

    Looks Like in Avengers Anihilation

    Nikolai Blagov

    Or even better...Heisei Generations FOREVER

  56. Gabriel Freitas

    I'm from Brazil, and I really love your work, congratulations

  57. MaserOfficial

    Holy shit this is 🔥🔥

  58. Alexandra B

    Hell yesssss!

  59. 億万短者

    bloodborne like music!!😲

  60. Vaillder

    It's perfect..

  61. Morningstar

    Love it 😈

  62. xTear

    Your LATE.

  63. Elizabeth Schuyler

    Haven't heard the entire song yet, but can already tell it gonna be amazing! 😍

  64. VacantNap1

    It's about time