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  1. Skylar Hough-Anderson

    Be thou my vision
    Keeper of thy word
    To trust in thy mercy
    Is to bend with thy sword
    Be my true fortress
    Shield from my foe
    Keep me in reverence
    And lay thy head low
    I searched the world to find you
    I searched the world to find you
    I searched the world to find you
    Keeper of thy word
    Keeper of thy word

  2. Gentleman Gamer

    The lyrics and tone of this song seem more like a solemn prayer or oath. Definitely more Narnian than GoT to me.

  3. Casey Heart

    Tommee: Literally this entire album is inspired by GoT

    Everyone: LiKe ThiS iF yOu ThiNk iT sOuNdS LiKe GoT

  4. Emi Hin

    I wish there was a Christian fantasy series so you could put your vision into action Tommee!

  5. Noellse

    Witcher vibe ♥️

  6. ILoveLoveLive! XD

    *winter is coming y'all*



  8. Aaron McLaughlin

    This is a song I'd imagine being sung by Kvothe or the Fae in "The Name of the Wind" or "Wise Man's Fear" by Patrick Rothfuss.

  9. Tommee Profitt

    In 2018, me and Fleurie got asked to make a song for a Game of Thrones trailer; so we wrote the song “Gloria Regali”. Well, they didn’t end up using our song, but we had so much fun making it, that it inspired us to make an entire 10 song album in that genre. Probably the most fun we’ve ever had making music in our lives! Hope you’ll check out the entire album here: ...more new music on the way! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE! (And yes, that’s us in the photo)

  10. cc cc

    Sounds like its from the witcher 3 game.

  11. Struggle Skywalker

    My mind instantly went to Game of Thrones and this legit sounds like it could be Rhaegar and Lyanna's theme song.

  12. peri peri

    you are just a genus dude. no words can describe this talent.

  13. Georgia Iliaki

    favourite song from the Cd

  14. Rachel Amber Everleigh

    My surname is Winter, so I feel like this song is made for me. Lmao, I love this

  15. Austin Devyns

    I’m thinking like game of thrones / lord of the rings type of vibe. Thinking about writing a book based around these songs. Where eight kingdoms come to together in the first act to fight of a great evil with an immense army an epic battle pursues once the evil is defeated the kingdoms part ways with a new creed that they will come together at ones needs. The second act one kingdom falls to a darker foe then the one before that’s been waiting in the shadows. News that kingdom has fallen passed around and that one kingdoms Prince played a massive role in saving the world from the evil king. That prince then has to fight for survival in an unforgiving environment with his own people turned against him, him leading a small troop of his own slowly gathers loyal followers and look for a hidden fortress deep within the north. I’m getting carried away

  16. Clary L

    this is filled with Journey game vibes

  17. Truth Beyond Phenomenon

    he needsto work more with hip hop artist, waisting good beats

  18. windy ellis

    Narnia and So Sang The Dawn and GOT vibes all the way!

  19. DO VE

    This sounds like something out of Skyrim. Good one!

  20. Clary L

    Journey game vibes

  21. ILI CarrieDoll

    This is one of my fav song :D

  22. Helder Pompilio


  23. Vaillder

    Very very beautiful..

  24. wiinterflowers

    "We have won The Great War. Now we will win the last one."

    SO'MA TM

    "There is only one war, the war of living and the dead."



    SO'MA TM

    @wiinterflowers HIGH FIVE!

    Lord Ihlendam

    Great quote. Such a shame that the episode that it featured in had the quality of a really badly written fanfic.

  25. Rachel

    this is.... gorgeous


    winter soldier came in my mind.

  27. Traci Anderson

    The sorrow in her voice is chillingly beautiful. Wake me up and breathe are amazing from them/her???

  28. Tokisaki Ohiko

    Short...but so beautiful

  29. Camila Adistyawati

    Gorgeous and soothing melody! So happy that your album finally release! Good luck and don't stop making a great masterpiece!

  30. Kevin Start

    I have never watch the game of thrones..what's it about

  31. Highanxietyclub

    Gives me Skyrim/TESO vibes

  32. Zamora Lee

    Saw a game of thrones ad before the song started lol

  33. Shweta Official


  34. Emanuel M

    I love when artists do that lower note or whatever, such as @ 1:31, it always gives me chills! Sounds freaking epic! 😍
    Is there a professional expression for something like that?

  35. DualShot66

    Its just Wow !!!

  36. mj santos

    I live in a tropical country but listening to this makes me feel the cold breeze on my skin.

  37. queen of kitties and puppies

    I apologized I'm so sorry I had to leave you because I can't get used to you and I will miss you so bye😭

  38. Scarecrow 115

    I'm playing BO3 the castle map and This song is going really well and Great song keep it up! 👍

  39. lil exe

    Omg 🖤

  40. monkey zeke

    Winter is here!

  41. LOL MV's

    JEE-SUZ! is it just me or with every new song they seem to be in a more aggressive pose ???

  42. Rian Beegles

    This song immediately had me thinking of Arya/Gendry. Lots of Game of Thrones vibes


    love it, its a beautiful song. really catching. Congrats awesome job as always.

  44. beczka rumy

    I Love your voices ❤❤❤

  45. Luca Di Canio


  46. Saeryel

    This is beautiful!


    I don't know why I'm feeling the Narnia here feels like I'm standing in front of that closet and be there in any moment love the song 💕❤

    mark a

    True True 😄


    @mark a ^-^

  48. Rosenrot B


  49. Jemily

    I have big Narnia vibes from this song and I'm just completely in love


    Me too! This whole album, really.

    Sean Gonzales

    Jemily yooo that’s what it is, I’m glad someone else feels that.

    Awkward Weirdo aka Zoe

    Same! Which is why i love it so much 🦁

  50. Manswaag

    Real art is always Underrated

  51. Heather Nelson

    This is beautiful.

  52. Tahmeed Rahman

    Legit thought this was related to Game of thrones
    But beautiful song


    same here.


    The album is Game of Thrones inspired so not surprising

    Struggle Skywalker

    For real tho

  53. Алина Клеванова

    And another incredible work by Tommee Profitt and Fleurie👏🎆👍. That's just great! It is impossible to convey my admiration for words. So... I'm just gonna listen to it all the time ✨👏👏👏
    P.S: I think, that the soundtrack from "Snow White and the Huntsman" is really jealous of this amazing melody 😂😂😂

  54. megaarta Sitio

    I always like u'r gandre musik and tone of the musik are amazing ❤🖤❤

  55. Cosma Guthörl

    Why I must think on Game of Thrones?


    because winter has come.....
    Battle of Winterfell against the Night King and the army of the dead has been won


    Immediately what I thought of too...


    Because its the inspiration of the album.

  56. Sara Sullivan

    Absolutely amazing! End the week great!

  57. B Snowroad

    So simple, yet so deep...

  58. Maria Buboc

    Perfect, like always 👍

  59. Global

    That song i pretty good :)

  60. Fuzzy Wuzzy

    This song is perfect for ENDGAME

  61. Sam B

    Awesome Work, I love Cinematic music, it motivates me

  62. Amarisa

    Its so amazing;love it so much ❤❤❤

  63. Ани Петросян


  64. Marc Woolever

    Amazing and sensitive song... ❤❤ Thnak you for share with us Tommee... 😊😊

  65. Merge The Music

    GOT fans hit like! for the north!
    nice song!

  66. mark a

    My favooooouurrrrite track on the album 😍😍😍

  67. Rice Audio

    Second. Darn it haha

  68. Abhijeeth Nambiar

    Finally the first to comment 😂😂.....and this song is Soo beautiful ❤️❤️

    mark a

    No way...I came here immediately I saw the notification 😭 Next time

    Abhijeeth Nambiar

    @mark a same happened to me many times....but time😁😁😁