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  1. Vicky Stark

    I'm listening to this right before i go aboard the ship I work on xD Hmm, i'm getting a sense of forebonding for some reason? *curb your ship*

  2. Black Winter

    The perfect song for this planet.

    Irene Hampson

    @Black Winter I don't know if I agree about idealists being the more likely people to ascend to power.... I kind of think the most likely to ascend nowadays are the most evil, for only the most evil are ambitious enough and also ruthless enough to reach the top. It is very hard for someone with good intentions to take all the necessary steps so as to climb up to the top. To get there, in modern societies, one has to lie, cheet, perhaps swindle, basically renounce to any ethics they have. I think it would be very very hard for a truly decent, well-meaning person to do all that successfully.
    Whether during history there have been more good rulers than evils ones is debatable, but if I were guessing I would say you're probably right.
    My reasoning being that, in the deep past (back when wars were fought in hand to hand combat with swords and axes, and not with indiscriminate shelling and drones sent out by puny vile politicians sitting safely behind a desk a zillion miles away from their targets) rulers used to be the among the very best of society, because people needed people better, or at least more capable, than themselves who they could rely on to take important decisions for them. Rulers had to be strong, brave, intelligent and confident. To have the respect and the support of their subjects, a ruler had to prove himself worthy of it in real, tangible ways. Just on the contrary to nowadays. Nowadays we are ruled by basically the very worst people imaginable (with some exceptions, of course). People who faced by a true physical threat would run and hide in some corner shaking and weeping. People who know they are not good enough, so they seek power in order to make up for their deficiencies and to have all the things they desire. These are the people we are mainly ruled by now.
    Evil (by evil this time I am not referring to evil qualities, but to the motivating force to do wrong and to crave what is perverse) does stand out more than good, and I think the reason is because evil is an active thing, full of drive and ambition, and takes advantage of every situation and every defect in people's character -for example, it takes advantage of the passivity of most of human kind, who don't care to find out the truth and simply live their petty lives worrying about the things that affect them and their closest circles directly-, while Good (by good in this context I mean the motivating force behind people doing what they know is right) is of a less domineering nature, and people who wish to do good in the world will not be that easily willing to be ruthless, and won't gladly venture past the established norms of what is considered acceptable and what is not.
    As to selfishness being a form of ignorance, I must disagree. Both are negative qualities, but the former is one ingrained deep in a person's character, and unchangeable, while ignorance is something which can be fixed, as long as the ignorant person is intelligent enough to learn and to want to learn. Maybe you could argue that selfishness is an example of stupidity, for why would anyone intelligent wish to be and act in a way which is less benifitial to themselves than being kind and charitable would be, but then that is a kind of catch 22, for if receiving a benefit is the main motivation to do good, then they would hardly be acts of kindness and charity, but, in fact, dishonest ruses to get what they want, at that, of course, is selfishness. To be selfish, it seems to me, is not something one chooses, but which one can't help, if that is their nature.
    But neither do I agree that our politicians would make more money if the regular people were more if the regular people were more knowledgeable, unique, for that matter. It would actually be the very end of their rule. If people were allowed (and actually wished) to be free to do and think in new, independent ways, then that would be the end of the present rulers' grip on power, and hardly something to their benefit; and maybe then this ship would have a chance.
    --Oh, and sure, I find this kind of conversation interesting too, so don't worry. As you can see, if there is anyone who should be concerned she is dragging this on too long, that is clearly me! ;-)

    Black Winter

    I agree with you with most of that, but for two things: 1, I don't believe most of those with power are evil, I believe a lot of them do what they think is right for them and their nation. They just don't care whether we, the average citizen, also believe that. 2, a similar idea, but with different reasoning, a lot of people are decent, but those without moral restrictions often know exactly how to play them like chess pieces. They could be great people at other times, but will follow the role model of the manipulator whenever nearby.
    (Also, I think you'd like the video "Egoistic Altruism" by Kurzgesagt.)

    Irene Hampson

    @Black Winter Indeed, perhaps many politicians actually think they are working for a good cause but don't care how much evil they do during the process. Many surely agree with the old phrase "the end justifies the means", and therefore won't worry about doing evil all their lives, as long as they feel they are doing it all in the name of "progress". The problem, of course, which they choose not to contemplate, is that how can it be a good cause if it actually requires so much damage in its development? I, personally, don't believe any great good could ever come of doing a great wrong, for I believe there is a direct correlation between actions and consequences, and not an inverse or random one. But anyway, I'm straying from the point in question again! Indeed, maybe many of our politicians (perhaps most) actually think they are working for a just cause in the end. And maybe they fool effectively themselves with all their repetitive lying and neglecting of the truth, and don't even realise they are doing wrong in any way. Who knows. I've never been good at figuring out what goes on inside the minds of these people.
    And about many decent people being manipulated by evil ones, I totally agree. My only disention with your statement is about how they could be "great people" at other times. Personally, I think that in order to be what I would consider a GREAT person, one has to be strong enough not to let oneself be manipulated by others. I think a great person must have more strength of character than that, and must also have the intelligence to discern between right and wrong, and the courage and determination to defend what they know is right whatever the cost.
    People who let themselves be manipulated are, in fact, the vast majority of people, and though they might be "decent" (or at least pretend to be), they could never be great.
    BTW, thanks for the video recommendation, I will watch it when I have the time. Lately I'm real busy and have my mind on other things, but I promise I'll check it out :)

    Black Winter

    @Irene Hampson Sorry for the late reply, I've kind of going through something. Still am, I guess. It's not the kind of thing that will ever leave me alone, and give it enough time, it gets a 1:0 dead to survivor ratio. That's right folks... would you give a warm welcome to depression! Well, actually, don't. Give it a warm welcome, and it'll stab you in the back with your own knife. It does that anyway, but it needs permission. Many times I've given it that permission, only to take it back as soon as I see blood. But it's a patient creature, and today is the perfect time for it to make it's move. Getting back shit grades from school, a person who's better than me in every way asking the person I love out, and of course, the uncaring, unforgiving nature of the universe.

    Irene Hampson

    @Black Winter I know what it's like, believe me. My life has been pretty much a long sequence of unfortunate events, splashed here and there with some very beautiful moments which are now memories to cherish. I have learned how not to fall back into depression, how to keep my head above water no matter what, and I believe this can only be achieved after accepting what has happened to you, and deciding where to stand: a helpless victim of fate, or the best version of oneself, taking the good moments and fighting off the causes of the bad ones. I never sought the help of psychiatrists or drugs (except coffee ;)), for it is only oneself that can understand one's own deepest problems. One must learn to be the strongest version of oneself, but remembering never to lie to oneself either. Accept your deficiencies, build up your positive qualities, and be proud of them. This is how I keep my head high. I know who I am, and although I have been through much . Also, when I begin to feel sorry for myself and slip towards depression, I remember people I known who lived in truly hard times and have been through tragedies far far greater than any of mine, and then I am suddenly humbled by the notion, and feel that not only would it be an insult to them for me to crumble or consider myself a victim in the face of my own comparatively lesser problems, but also, that I would be wronging them at a higher moral level, because not only did these people go through huge tragedies and come out all the stronger, but also, because they have confided these things to me in the hope that I learn the lesson without having to suffer the afflictions in first person. I feel that I owe it to them, to be strong, and moreover, to teach others to do the same.
    As to being unfortunate in love.... Well, I was five years deeply in love with someone who was in a relationship with a conniving, selfish girl who he for some reason stayed with, and although at times I felt sure he loved me back, I never got more than an occasional hug and kiss on the cheek from him. I thought I would never in my life get over the pain and the sadness of this unrequited love. But then one day I learned that during my vacations, he had met a wonderful girl, tall, smart, caring and absolutely gorgeous, and they had fallen deeply in love, and suddenly it was as if a great black cloud had been lifted, and I no longer felt the pain and sadness. When you truly love someone, what you really want is for them to be happy, and this is 100% true. Some people will say I only feel this way because I am ridiculously selfless and that I am not normal, others that I am lying to myself, that it is impossible that I really feel this way about it at heart, others that I never really loved him then, if I am not sickly jealous now, etc. But I can assure you it is true. I never lie to myself, and never fool myself about my feelings, and I know without a trace of doubt, that I am truly happy for both of them and am actually glad I spent those painful five years the way I did, because I think my presence actually lead, indirectly, to them meeting. I will always love this man for as long as I live, but now I don't suffer when I feel the love, but feel a melancholy peacefulness instead. I can't know whether this is in any way akin to the situation you are in, but if it is in any way, hopefully my sharing this experience with you will somehow help :)
    I can tell you, that for me at this point, my reason to live is basically just to do well in the world. My own happiness and success, I feel, is directly connected to the outcome of my actions. I am not ambitious, I don't wish for money and fame, but do indeed wish to make a very positive impact on those I care about. Lately I mainly dedicate myself to improving the lives of others (not only human lives, but of any benign living creature), in a great number of ways. I believe that, for us who know what it is like to be on the dark side of Fate, the best we can opt to do what we can to improve things. In fact, I feel it is our duty. We must try to make a positive impact on the world, even if at times we feel that this world does not even deserve us. We must remember that we ourselves are a part of Nature, and of Fate.
    These might sound as very cliché phrases, but they are not just that when I say them, for I discovered the truth behind them not from leaflets on coaching or psychology, but from living and understanding the truth of things.
    I, for myself, have never felt part of anything with one exception: Nature. Among human beings I have always been the odd one out, my opinions have nearly always clashed with those of people around me, my words and actions have often been misinterpreted, my motives and intentions sadly even more so. I have been insulted, mistreated... mainly I have been taken advantage of. But none of this will ever make me less appreciative of the truly good things and worthy people in the world. Just the opposite. I have learned to discriminate between right and wrong, and to appreciate right, and to defend it. When I speak these words, I am not quoting anyone; they are coming from the heart.
    Well, yet again I am reminded of the theory of Egotistic Altruism! Well, all I can say about that, is that when one is altruistic, one is altruistic. Egotism never entered the picture for me, whatever people wish to say, hypothesize or believe. Love itself is an altruistic feeling, and if it is not altruistic, then it is simply not love. And let me tell you, if there is anything worthwhile in this miserable, crazy old world, that is love.

    I hope you find your way despite the misery and the sadness. Find your strength, rebel against what is wrong, and be proud of it.

  3. Tommee Profitt

    Xeah is one of the most creative beings on the planet.... i've collaborated with her a lot (either with her as the artist, or just as a writer) and she ALWAYS comes up with gold! Had a blast on this epic, cinematic track with her... if you like it, don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!! and check out my playlist of other songs just like this one!

  4. Nurazianie Abdullah

    Sorry.. This is winning..

  5. Adam Meyers

    Where did you get the background picture

  6. Ar Jay

    Reminds me of the yellow duck in my bathtub.

  7. Rania Mich

    This has to be used in a Star Trek movie trailer.

  8. Oll3 FY

    am sorry replay button tomme profitts are my Super Drugs

  9. lX Taliban Xl

    I Love This Song

  10. C F

    That DeepWater Horizon-looking oil rig tho

  11. Chrysteen Crysis Technopath

    You seriously didn't think I was spending ALL my time fighting you all, did you?

  12. Entity 303

    Reminds me of the Titanic

    james patalano

    Yes Titanic

  13. Laihah Ahmed

    Me to all the ships I don’t like

  14. kamil

    motimedia !

  15. Midnight Vision

    All i had in my mind when i heard this is wanda and vision...

  16. Ahsan Iqbal

    motivedia ?

  17. Winter Kim

    so blessed to have discovered these songs, I'm so going to use these as ost! :)) It's okay to do that right? :\

  18. Lorena Soler

    Alfred Garcia has a song called “This ship is going down” and its chorus sounds just like the chorus of this song. But they’re different at the same time.

  19. Suik

    Someone Have the lyrics? I need it, please!

    Tommee Profitt

    Lyrics now in description

  20. Patrick Grenier

    wouah good voice good song

  21. Kat Deluna

    Does anyone have the lyrics? :o

    Tommee Profitt

    Lyrics now in description

  22. BlackKiryuu

    Love 💞💞💞💞

  23. Emily Hillyard

    Maybe I should listen to the music my friend sends me more often

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  25. La Goat msa

    Me with Destiel and Sterek.


    .. okay that's true

  26. This girl

    THIS IS AMAZING!!!!! 😍😍😍

  27. Shadow Knight

    Wow this is an amazing song, just as all your other songs! You are one of my favorite composers out here so keep up the amazing work!

  28. Nekro Neero

    nice work :)

  29. broken-butterfliesx

    The perfect song for all the ships I don’t like lol

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  31. Tayra Green

    This is my favourite song on your new album. Absolutely fantastic! :)

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    Was ein Geiles Lied 😍😍😍😍😍👌

  34. K. T.

    Amazing song! Respect :)

  35. Shadow Raven

    I'm sorry replay button, please forgive me, Tommee Profitt's music are my drugs.

  36. Camron Krass

    I always love your music

  37. Sariah Bowman

    I love this so much. I can't get enough of your music.

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  39. Blackheart Music

    Beautiful song

    Json Myers

    Blackheart MVs hi III you're right

  40. MarKEY

    Tommee Profitt, All I want to say, since I found you, you make my day with your music. And Composes, keep it up. Also props to the vocalist! AMAZING.

  41. Eldar Yunusov

    Awsome song tomme thank you very much

  42. Master Dianite

    Nice song