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Tommee Profitt Onward & Upward Comments
  1. Sonia Soto

    Is this song from a movie / serie?m if so can you tell me wich one is it?

  2. Visual Art

    I cant stop listening all the songs!!!!!!!!God bless for your talent.

  3. Little Bitzz

    So I had went to see my cousin in a ballet, Pollyanna, and this was used in the scene of war. By far my favorite dance.

  4. Funkey9 aj

    Wow, I thought this was a song from a movie! What a shame that this gets so little attention...

  5. sterben

    Onde tem isso legendado pelo amor de Deus

  6. Thynara Moonkin

    Holy Christ...this is magical...much more than that. I don't understand how people listen to this and don't completely freak out...this is a masterpiece, please don't ever stop producing songs!

  7. Hossam Mubarek l Composer

    Well done dude.

  8. Syrena Nightshade

    Definitely my new fav jam

  9. Dan SIVA

    This could do the infinity saga soooo much justice!!!!

  10. Gina Rose

    this is magic

  11. TheEarlofBronze

    -Sees all the Daenerys comments.
    -Realizes how many people actually think GoT is the top of the fantasy food chain and has the best characters and plot.


  12. Liv Wolf 26

    I think it’s ironic that they didn’t use it because a lot of edits I see of GOT (mostly for Daenerys) they use this and it’s amazing lol

  13. Nia Sohma

    😍😍😍😍 love this soooooooo much. I like this entire album so far!!! So amazing!!!!

  14. Celine B.

    I want this in Season 5 of Lucifer!!

  15. ازياء عسل

    هل يوجد عرب

  16. TheQueenOfAshes

    Came here from "Be A Dragon"; this is a masterpiece! Just followed and downloaded ur album on spotify!

  17. Grace Kaelin

    Forget trailer, the whole album should have a place in the show!

  18. Assassin Gamer

    The splitted Ending was fire 🔥🔥

  19. Laith Eru

    Tommee is a boss, holy curses. Fleurie has a perfect voice for his music

  20. Dalia Lule

    Truly awsome. 💖

  21. Pixel thp

    Daenerys Targaryen my queen now and always 🔥 fire and blood 🐉

  22. Anna-Simone Phoenix

    Man im loving these I saved like 15 in 10 minutes.I really love the ones like this!

  23. Brandon Ninja

    How does this have dislikes?

  24. BattleTiger

    I kid you not this has to be the best thing ive heard , when i heard the choir i was popping out my chair lol

  25. Tommee Profitt

    In 2018, me and Fleurie got asked to make a song for a Game of Thrones trailer; so we wrote the song “Gloria Regali”. Well, they didn’t end up using our song, but we had so much fun making it, that it inspired us to make an entire 10 song album in that genre. Probably the most fun we’ve ever had making music in our lives! Hope you’ll check out the entire album here: ...more new music on the way! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE! (And yes, that’s us in the photo)


    As a game of thrones fan and someone who listened that song repeatedly and even envisioned performances and choreography for it I can firmly say HBO missed out for sure

    feida ronaine7

    I miss Daenerys so much! do a song about the coming resurrection of a queen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Unfortunately they dont want to use other songs because they have their artist and their "theme" they stick with

    Lucilla Le Comte

    maybe they use it in The Witcher!

    Ольга Кабанова

    It is absolutely one of the best things I ever heard!) Can't stop listening to it. Thank you so much for the creativity)) is there a chance to get piano sheet?

  26. mattias mizznoin

    all your songs are like daenerys themes

    i beg you bring a song out like ' my flames eternal ' something like that

    such good music

  27. Barbara Chipman

    what insturment is at the end? a tuba?

  28. Zinka Zec

    This song sound like it is written for queen Maud of England

  29. A. SATO NINE


  30. Ehsaan Islam

    This dude is fkin sikkkl unreal music 🔥🔥🔥🔥🤣

  31. Shira yuki

    Wow Amazing !! Georgeous!!!! I wish you have more subscribers!!!

  32. Silver Rose

    This should've been in GOT it sOo good

  33. Belinda ruiz


  34. #UɴGʀᴀɴRᴇʏɴᴏ

    Live the imagination
    live the reality
    that both make me feel the truth <3 Perú <3

  35. Lilia Jenkins

    If any of the radio stations played songs like this, i would for a fact listen to the radio MUCH more often.

  36. giorgi jishkariani

    Absolute Masterpiece! Thx 🙏💚

  37. Paris Blash

    Came here from a Daenerys Targaryen edit & this song is amazing🔥❤️
    Just found ya channel and your music is awesome😍!

    Shameless Coal Burner

    I know it's been a month since you posted this but could you, by any chance, give me a link to this Dany edit... please?

    Camila Gonzalez

    @Shameless Coal Burner

    Shameless Coal Burner

    @Camila Gonzalez oh my gosh! Thank you!!

    thanos 357

    Damn I just came from the same video😂

  38. Mother Of Dragons Breaker of Chains

    Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen Khalessi of the Great Grass Sea The Unburnt Rightful Heir to the Iron Throne Rightful Queen of the Andals, Rhoynar and the First Men, Queen of The seven Kingdoms, Protector of the realm Mhysa of Former slaves Queen of Meereen Breaker Of Chains And Mother of Dragons Zaldrizes buzdari Iskos daor a dragon is not a slave Nyke Daenerys Jelmāzmo hen Targārio Lentrot, hen Valyrio Uēpo ānogār iksan, Valyrio Muño ēngos nūhys issa ( i'am Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen, The blood of old Valyria, Valyria is my mother tongue

    Thithira Jayakody


  39. WikiTORIya

    Why do these 2 people on all these pictures remind me of The Knightfall,, King Philip and his Daughter

  40. Tavingdom

    What genre would yall say this album is ??

  41. imeriyaa

    why not onward & inward or upward & downward??

  42. praveen vc

    Does any1 have iTunes original soundtrack of this

  43. Dee Man

    This song would be perfect in Alita, Battle Angel or a new Final Fantasy game trailer! Love your music!!!!


    Tommee profitt the god of epic music...
    Tommee profitt the real musician...

  45. lunchboxaep

    What's the name of the series in the picture?

  46. Clary L

    man you guys ... bended is not a legit word. they're supposed to be "bent", not "bended". im afraid it's not one of the words that have both uk and us spellings.

  47. Taylor Anderson


  48. Melvin hubbardjr_4200105

    king and queen I will avenge you for you royalty ⚜️🔥🔥💎💰💵👑🔒🔥🔥⚜️

  49. Jovana K

    check out this Be A Dragon Edit of Dany!!!

  50. Luce

    i legit thought it was messi

  51. Charise Bejarano

    House Targaryen

  52. di misty

    Came here from a legacies soundtrack. Quick question; WHY HAVE I NOT HEARD OF YOU BEFORE???!!!

  53. Maxx Mehta

    The entire song gave me chills. Keep it up man... #inspired #inspiring #inspirational

  54. PéchéMignon

    « Be a dragon » Epic.

  55. Deriler

    fuck! i'm on the verge of claiming the throne and burning everyone who gets in my way.

  56. M.K.W. Nielsen

    Very very good. You have a new listener.

  57. Morena

    Second to none
    Willing and able
    Call forth the chosen one
    King by fear and fable

    Higher, farther, onward and upward
    Higher, farther, onward and upward
    Who will call you lord

    Who will fall on bended knee
    Who will lift the sword
    And lay down his life for me
    And lay down his life for me

    Higher, farther, onward and upward
    Higher, farther, onward and upward
    Higher, farther, onward and upward
    Higher, farther, onward and upward

    Higher, farther, onward and upward
    Higher, farther, onward and upward
    Higher, farther, onward and upward
    Higher, farther, onward and upward

    Onward and upward
    Onward and upward

  58. Leo knight

    New song for house Targaryen

  59. martu loves idols

    Daenerys Targaryen

  60. Sanya Kapoor


  61. freedom liberty

    Amazing song!!!

  62. Kira

    Daenerys Targaryen.

    chaimae m

    Dany can’t come to the phone
    Why ?
    Because she’s dead
    (Sorry I just had to comment this)

    alpha greywind

    First of her name, you can call her calisi the breaker of chains and the mother of dragons

  63. Mooney//Magic

    Someone get Dany on the phone I found her anthem!


    I’m actually here from a Dany edit lmao


    @CIA same!


    @Σοφία Καλαμαντή I'll text Drogon when he lands then 😝

    Mitsuki Youko

    @Mooney//Magic Don't text and fly XD

  64. desire-for-madness

    Amazing song!

  65. dream.

    this is..... AWESOME!!😍😍😍

  66. Minerva B.

    You guys put so much work into these songs and it's crushing to see the music that gets praised on the radio today. You deserve more recognition !

  67. Burn King

    Я б вдул такой королеве🔥🔥🔥👉👌💥👑

  68. Theresa Cherco

    This song would be good for fantasy show or movie

  69. Ly Nguyễn Mai

    Game of thrones vibe😊

  70. choowygamerz

    Having a hard time choosing between this one and Gloria Regali. What do you all think?


    3:10-3:16 feels inspired

  71. arrogantebitch

    A few days ago I was listening to this while I was driving in the car with my boyfriend... a few seconds after listening in he said: "Ahhh... Game of Thrones?" And I was like: :D "No?" hahaha
    This is grat. :)

  72. Emily Little

    Why are a load of the songs on private?

  73. Nikkö Alexander

    Honestly don't know how I didn't find this music considering I'm such a big fan of Fleurie! This music will go so well with my Fantasy WIP!!

  74. Shweta Official

    Absolutely WOW!!!!❤❤❤❤

  75. CMDR JAY

    This game me chills.



  77. Horus Lupercal

    Anyone know where the pic is from?


    It's a picture of Tommee and Fleurie

  78. BB dd


  79. Swan Leaves

    This song is an ugh! So gothic aww love it😘

  80. ReyloFan

    I wonder if the title refers to The Chronicles of Narnia: The Last Battle where Jewel the unicorn says, "Onward and upward!" This album is definitely giving me Narnia vibes and I love it!


    ReyloFan That's what I thought of too! Would be awesome if it were a Narnia reference. Love your username, BTW!


    @Polyhymnia if you like Reylo you have to watch the fan video cartoon I wrote! Look up "Kylo Ren Practices Romantic Monologues".

  81. Sharonlee Holder

    Crikey Moses! This gave me goosebumps! Definitely going on the writing playlist <3

  82. Nico Hernandez

    You are workaholic Tommee, take care of yourself please! Love this album :)

  83. Bad habit

    Thank you so much for makes me feel like an targaryen.

  84. Sunshine Vang

    Imagine this song playing while commoners in King’s Landing usher their kids inside as the sun starts to set.. the dead are marching toward Winterfell now. We move on to Winterfell, as we see commoners ushering their kids inside. The White Walkers are coming.. the sky starts to turn dark, Jon Snow is rallying up his soldiers and his people alongside Daenerys.. as more people in Winterfell become more afraid, reality finally sets in and they start to realize that they cannot outrun this war amongst them; so they start coming out of their homes and making their way to where Jon’s army is. And as you hear the lyrics “Who will lift their sword and lay down his life for me?” you see the common northerners making their way to the front of the crowd and bending the knee in front of Jon Snow, specifically. He has a look of astonishment and fear on his face knowing that he is no longer their King. He glances at Daenerys because instead of bending the knee for her, they are bending the knee for Jon Snow.. he doesn’t know how to feel because he also knows that he is the rightful heir to the throne. Then you start to hear chanting as the music picks up, “The King in the North! The King in the North! Long live the King!”

  85. NightWink

    This could be a song that plays in the upcoming Raven Cycle show! One of main characters actually says this phrase a lot.

    Keeana Senior


  86. Night Dream Thelastwølf

    Love it ! It s amaaaazing

  87. Phoenex

    Of all the music u have made so far, I love this album the most! (ft. Fleurie I mean.) It has so much power and emotions... You both did a great job there!!! Gloria Regali is still my fav tho ♥
    PS: It might be a huge challenge for u to triumph this album! :-) Ly

  88. Jonathan Trauner

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  89. Silno Nahuy

    The best remixes I've ever heard! I just can not tear myself away! Already a few days only Profitt !!! 💥💥💥💥💥 "In The End" - the best! Nostalgie 💕 🎶

  90. Femme_ASMR _

    Dammmmmmn okay 🥰

  91. Emre Aksu


  92. Crystal B

    YES!! Gosh this was so epic and beautiful it gave me chills!! How are you people so talented?? Huge fan!! I always often to your songs when I’m writing!!

  93. Mohammad Tahir

    This is amazing. Probably one of the best music producers out there. You never fail to impress your audience. Every song that you have released sounds amazing !

  94. Bonny Ramsay

    These songs are so epically lush and full of emotion, I am seriously in love with this album so far. Some of your best work yet and right in the season of Kings, Queens, Assassins and Dragons! Can't wait for the rest!

  95. Ana Cristina

    Just ART

  96. Jeremy Alexandra

    My ears <3 Marvelous I really love it same with Gloria Regali