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Tommee Profitt Only One King Comments
  1. Cathy Cunningham

    I love this music 😎😎😎

  2. Honey Bunny

    I’m here cause of apex legends but stayed because this song actually really good!

  3. Ariela Mohonko

    Such a good song ! Love it ! ❤

  4. Emiya Castillo

    Song: Once you hear the beginning of the song it really brings the beat of the song!!

    Anyone: then your like, Oh yeah!!!!! That's what i am talking about lol!!!

  5. Husky Tuke

    Ohhohhoo awesome

  6. OLB Loïc

    love this

  7. Beth Haynes

    Apex brought me here

  8. fede827 krivo


  9. fede827 krivo

    like si viniste por el apex

  10. Tristan Bailey

    this is way to under rated

  11. Gerard Carreon

    Daniel Sloss brought me here kek 😂😂😂😂


    Apex Depredador

  13. Brooks

    “Whoo! Can you feel that adrenaline?!?”


    Best song

  15. クロケムノリ

    Mozambique here

  16. extreme Crazy Gamer 2 4495678

    Did u see her booty my mans

  17. Sun Wukong

    Hey bro

  18. Thanos

    legends say this song caused the amazon wildfire


    The only reason why I know this song is because apex legends

  20. Skyghoulofthebluemarket TG

    Can I use this song

  21. Jedidragonking

    This is about to be the theme of a fanmade tribute for the Dance of the Dragons if it ever becomes televised.

  22. Bloodless_Howler

    Am I the only one here that isn't from apex?

  23. qeeqo

    December 2019 !!!

  24. Disdisx

    Artist comments on the songs use in apex...

    Me: that's why I'm here

    Octane: ohohohoh awsome

  25. Rickey Retardo

    Cool I'm the only one who heard this during a football game.

  26. Timothy McKee

    49’ers 🤦‍♂️

  27. Sneaky

    Can i use this audio without getting copyright? :/

  28. The Second Sister

    I always listen to this when I play Jade in mk11 lets get it!

  29. Itai Assaf Raizman-Greif

    Daniel Sloss FTW, he's the king

  30. Christabel Adkin

    nothing brought me here apart from Tommee Profitt's sheer awesomeness

  31. ロールバンガ


  32. Perry

    apex is a bad game
    fortnite is a bad game too

    Alber Gonamo

    now this is weird u r probably a clown boomer or you just cant get it

  33. Loader Bot

    This made me start playing Titanfall again, not a day goes by without playing this in my head while piloting my Titan.

  34. Bradley Davis

    This is apex


    apex is not this song
    this song is better than apex

  35. Darth reven



    Apex legends

  37. FatKid ThatDoesntSleep

    Can i use this as my outro


    its copyrighted

    FatKid ThatDoesntSleep

    Perry oh

  38. Deathcall 666

    this song wouldve been great on lucifer last episode of season 4 "cuzz there is only one king , and there is only one crown"

  39. Lilly Pink

    This kind of music sound like it could be in league legends for some reason

  40. milind


  41. Vincent De Bruyn

    Apex forever

  42. Bendy Inkling

    This song.... IS AMAZING! Wonderful work Tommee Profitt keep it up =]

  43. Ziaga Main

    i am here because of apex

  44. magicbad james

    I actually came cause of this song that played during one of my trackmania races

  45. Mariela González

    Vengo de parte de apex Legends XD

  46. Nebel Foxy

    i feel like the only one who isn't here because of the apex trailer XD


    i like this song and i dont suck apex's dick
    dont worry ur not alone
    apex and fortnite are both decent games

  47. Ye Boi

    2017: this song is old 2019:OMG I GOT THIS SONG FROM APEX OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG

  48. ooferdrive

    area 51: kills all raiders



  49. rozetina rozetina

    No one:
    Not a single soul:
    Not a single chicken:
    Me: idc if u r teh king cuz I mehself king even tho I have no crown (soz 4 my bad english) ok jk I know grammar but yeh

  50. Dalton Hill

    Godzilla vs. Kong

  51. A D A M

    * Tower falling *
    Octane:Ohoho Awesome

  52. NITHIN Uday

    who all found out this song by accident

  53. Hazel Girl25

    We need one for queen awesome song 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  54. The Dude

    Trump 2020.

  55. Death Note

    My favorite song ever 🔥🔥💥💥💥

  56. FaZe Westlands

    As a boy, always knew I'd
    One day have the courage to be king
    Time flew and I grew up
    Now I'm ready for the promise that it brings
    You only wanted me to screw up
    But that's something that you're never gonna see
    Everything that you hoped for
    It was only in a dream
    Now I go on a roll on the road
    And I know that I'm never breaking down
    I control all the flow in my soul
    Pull the sword out the stone in the ground
    She always said it'd be someday
    Seeing castles in the clouds
    And one way or another
    When I step in the room, everybody better bow
    So be careful how you talk to me
    'Cause there's only one king
    And there's only one crown
    And there ain't enough room for us both on the throne
    So it's 'bout to go down
    So you better start running
    So you better start running
    So you better start running
    Because I'm coming right now
    'Cause I'm coming right now
    Huddled masses talk in whispers
    Situation's getting tenser
    You should probably pay attention
    Boy you know I'm born to win it
    Ever since I had the vision
    When I speak, my people listen
    We could start a new tradition
    All the children, men and women
    Gat her'round to burn it down
    We gon' start the kingdom from scratch
    Far too many may take advantage
    But it ain't gonna happen like that
    Time and time again I wake up and
    Enemies might attack, but
    All that matters in my opinion
    Is that the dynasty lasts
    So be careful how you talk to me
    'Cause there's only one king
    And there's only one crown
    And there ain't enough room for us both on the throne
    So it's 'bout to go down
    So you better start running
    So you better start running
    So you better start running
    Because I'm coming right now
    'Cause I'm coming right now
    There's only one king
    And there's only one crown
    And there's only one king
    And it's looking like me
    So you better start running
    So you better start running
    So you better start running
    So you better start
    So you better start
    'Cause there's only one king
    And there's only one crown
    And there ain't enough room for us both on the throne
    So it's 'bout to go down
    So you better start running
    So you better start running
    So you better start running
    Because I'm coming right now
    'Cause I'm coming right now
    I'm coming right now
    I'm coming right now
    I'm coming right, coming right
    'Cause I'm coming right now


    Apex? What? no. Daniel Sloss!

  58. Mushfiqur Rahman


  59. kimberly lippington

    Everyone : Apex Legends brought me here !
    Me : jisoosthumbs brought me here .
    anyway the song's great .

  60. Peyton _OP

    Apex Legends Sqaud Here bois XD! Gamer girl help me out .-. Boy are being rude to me >:[

  61. Tran Huegli

    Am I the only one who found this by youtube recommended?

  62. 抑止の代行者ネルギガンテ


  63. The Fawad

    "Who is ready to fly on a ZIPLINE?"
    I am!

  64. Matthew Muskego

    Woooooooooo let’s GOOOOOO!!!

  65. Really Rare

    “For a fast guy ur pretty slow”

    “For a dumb guy ur perfect”

    “I am perfect”

  66. wokeson


  67. ヴィンルーカス

    this is COOL😎👑
    I love Apex

    from Japan

    Maksymilian Przybyło

    me too

    from Poland

  68. LE RIDU

    Quelqu'un pourrait me donner les traductions de la musique s'il vous plaît

  69. Jeremiah Anderson

    Lol I played this song while playing APEX legends and won a game

  70. Gamble God

    Seems most apex fans came here to beg for likes

  71. petite patate -3-

    Houpla merci gota :)

  72. richard12pizano

    Enemies : runing away from me
    Me (as pathfinder) : you better start running cause im coming right now

  73. dragisa jovanovic

    Tommee Profitt
    kako sam cuo jednu tvoju numeru odusevio se i stavio svidjanja na sve numere koje mi se jako dopadaju evo sada imam problema sa policijiom zbog preglasne muzike zato bih te zamolio da nastavis tako a ja cu kupiti novo ozvucenje jer je crklo ozvucenje od 1.000w ali ne zalim uzivam u tvojoj muzici

  74. Phoenix K

    Ahez fegends hahaha

  75. Nekit Cool chanel


  76. Tùng Dương

    Team Flash

  77. Gabriel Gluck

    It feels like every song has a 50/50 chance to have something to do with tommee profit

  78. Flávio Ferreira Batista

    O my good Octane music Octane: sou you better start run

  79. Matthew Martinez

    legends[OH NOOOOO!!!!]

  80. Rossel Gingo


  81. PushyMcPusherson

    Octane: muchas gracias amigo

    Gibraltar:Come back here broda...
    I dare ya

    Octane: i would but omae mou shindeiru


    Bangalore:Night Night

    Gibraltar:Im dying
    Help me

  82. The KaXon

    My favourite song at this time :D

  83. Prabaswara Widodo

    there is only three apex champions

  84. goldex 516

    Konata small:ruckus fortnite bros

  85. DaMajesticRufus314

    Fortnite chapter 2: hope you know how to count kid

    Apex legend: try and keep up old man

    I know this is from season three but screw it I’m posting it here anyways.

  86. Abraham Jimenez

    This reminds me of the WEBTOON UNordinary,idk if anyone know what I mean..

  87. MaxxGamer Go!


    Romvnly Playz

    MaxxGamer Go! Minecraft is better than apex

  88. Violet Moore

    love how nobody knew this song existed until apex season 2

  89. goldex 516


    Romvnly Playz

    goldex 516 sucks

  90. Tere

    En la lista de mis favoritas

  91. Emmanuel Jerome D. BARCENAL

    After listening to the song, I am proudly here to say:

    This is the least bored I've been all day!

  92. Revan

    Cringy rap, epic chorus.

  93. Tommee Profitt

    Thanks for checking out mine and Jung Youth's song "Only One King"! Crazy to watch how this song has been used... I remember the night we wrote this song, it almost didn’t happen! Justin had just broken his leg, and I was up all night the day before and I almost cancelled... glad we didn’t!! It’s now been used in NFL Sunday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, Apex Legends, Vive Pro, and more! Hope you liked it! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE... ALOT more motivating music coming soon!


    666th like


    Honey Tabby Little Cat

    Not to be rude but when someone said break a leg he took it to literally

    c L x

    Congrats on getting on apex

    Captain Homie

    When u said Justin had broken his leg, I automatically thought about Octane with his robotic legs

    Honey Tabby Little Cat

    @Captain Homie lol