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  1. Celestial Nyx

    It’s beautiful but I still catch myself wanting to say “fragile and exposed” rather than composed. I suppose because my brain thinks there’s nothing composed about a hurricane.

  2. Karla Velasquez

    I can feel all the emotions in this music❤️

  3. Julia Hyman

    13 reasons anyone?

  4. Lilman Thomas

    So does anybody have the notes

  5. Ray Caputo

    Fleurie is so Great, love her Voice

  6. Vidan Ladjevac


  7. jimena rubilar


  8. Nelly Hyun

    Any Shadowhunters fan here ? I'm disappointed :c

  9. roba kill

    Isso sim é música não funk


    Hell yess! It's my name :)))))

  11. Emily Tuba

    Woah, so Tommee is now a producer for music videos! I had the privilege to see him sing in person about 5 years ago, assuming it’s he right Tommee Profitt of course.

  12. Zenith Studio

    which movie trailer should this be?

  13. Davalyn Hodges

    My favorite song ❤️❤️❤️

  14. Molly Herzick

    For those who dont know what shes singing I bieleve shes singing about her child

  15. Tommee Profitt

    I remember this session with Fleurie very vividly. Started playing this emotional piano line, and she instantly started singing a captivating melody, and the whole song was written in about 15 minutes. LOVE working with her; blessed to have this genius as a writing partner. One of my fav collaborations to date! Hope you love it guys... don't forget to SUBSCRIBE and check out our other music! Thanks!

    Quentin L

    Sure we love it !

    Lilman Thomas

    So like the notes 🌚🌚


    I really love to sing this song. But i have that with more songs of you.

  16. Nurazianie Abdullah

    This is legendary 💕🌪️

  17. Renata Vlogs

    Atee que emfimmm encontreiiiiii 😍😍😍😍😍

  18. Thiméo Paril

    I LOVE ! I LOVE this song ❤

    Bon j'arrête ils sont ou les français en 2019 ?😂😅

    Dess_is_ watching

    Salut 😂😭😭


    Salut ;)

    Dess_is_ watching

    Les français envahissent le monde en 2019

  19. Alex Dragone

    I like This ❤️

  20. Pauline GAROT

    wow it's really beautiful. You are an artist

  21. Rudraa Patel


  22. Eileen May

    wow beautiful

  23. Warmongers Channel

    Erm gonna be honest this does remind me of my past because i was abused by my own father and when I found the right one she broke me emotional wise and honestly I say I hate her but I don't and she wants to talk to me but I don't maybe I should let go of hate and enjoy more of love but my past and whats been installed in me will never be taken out and whoever has gone through some daramtic events and had the most heart break leave a message and tell me on what I should do because I don't know if I should really go to her because I did and I am not ashamed to say I was manuilplated I want to go in the military and I wanna head out to see my mother happy being poor being abused being used should I make my life more enjoyable but this right here really brings everything open to my eyes and I wanna say thank you. This really brings out the old me now thank you!!!

  24. Viednamita

    This broken my heart ♥

  25. Lunaric

    I came here from the “On your Wedding Day” thing.

    Saida Ali

    Me too😅😂

  26. Pavel Stakheyev

    I wish I could understand what she's singing about.
    Very emotional and beautiful

  27. Руслана Корнієнко


  28. ViSiONinCHRiST

    Loving all 🔊💞

  29. JS {{Shadow-lurker}}

    1:48 I'm sorry, I really am but that part got my sexy imagination running 😆

  30. F5 Music

    I wish a instrumental of this art, these vocals..omg 😭❤️🔥

  31. decepticon74

    Fleurie is hit or miss for me. Mostly miss, but she nailed the vocals on this song. A seriously powerful song!


    decepticon74 fleurie is amazing!

  32. iheworld134

    This is beautiful😢😢

  33. Maria Syc

    SHADOWHUNTERS! #SaveShadowhunters

  34. Norman Dück

    Ohhhhh I need to know that Kontakt Library You are using so I can use it on sundays in church <3 :)

  35. o64m4

    Thanks for keeping good songs alive. 💜

  36. Victoria

    Lyrics from
    [Verse 1]
    I can feel your heart hanging in the air
    I'm counting every step as you climb the stairs
    It's buried in your bones, I see it in your closed eyes
    Turning in, this is harder than we know
    We hold it in the most when we're wearing thin

    Comin' like a hurricane, I take it in real slow
    The world is spinning like a weather vane
    Fragile and composed
    Though I am breaking down again
    I am aching now to let you in

    [Verse 2]
    Seven times it came when you were not awake
    Seven times the flame, too much to take
    The sky burns red against your skin
    The world we know turns in the wind

    Comin' like a hurricane, I take it in real slow
    The world is spinning like a weather vane
    Fragile and composed
    Though I am breaking down again
    I am aching now to let you in

    It's all we know, all we know, the hurricane
    Falling slow, falling slow in the pouring rain
    It's all we know, all we know, the hurricane
    Falling slow, falling slow in the pouring rain
    Watch it go, watch it go, we stay the same
    And I don't know, I don't know how it can change
    Watch it go, watch it go, we stay the same
    And I don't know, I don't know how it can change

    And I don't know, I don't know how it can change
    It's all we know, all we know, the hurricane

    Carry U


    Cattu Doggu

    Thank you so much!! 💕✨

    ITZ _ Moonlight ocean

    Oooooo thx girlll

  37. Melanie Camacho

    Awesome 😍👌🏾

  38. Aussie Country

    This song is gorgeous, love it

  39. Honey Barapatre

    Beautiful!! 💕💕

  40. Khalid Alam

    You & Flurie create magic like never seen or heard before, Subbed & listening continiously on a loop..keep feeding us wid these gems,man💜

  41. NightDreamer37

    This song is so haunting and beautiful

  42. OSteve

    Please, instrumental version of this pleaaaaaseee

  43. Abdellah Mansuri

    Not Many People Know That This Is Nf's Producer 😂

  44. K Macdonald

    again, had no idea you produced this. saw it via fleurie first lol. glad to be here now

  45. krishnaveni unnikrishnan


  46. Cassiopea Newstar

    This is so authentic. Tommee profitt Is the best of the best.

  47. TatTvamAsi

    What kind of douchebag would hit the dislike button?


    12 kind of douchebags at this point. Oh well I guess everyone is entitled to thumbs down even very good music.

  48. Александр Рудыка


  49. Павел Глухов

    I from Russia. Tommee Profitt you best!!!!!!!

    René Siner

    pls English... It's.... I'm from Russia. Tomee Profitt you are the best...

  50. Lisette Melián

    How is it that I've watched all these shows but never found your work??!! This is amazing... Subscribing ,for sure.

  51. Mincy Carr

    what's this about?😶

    Mincy Carr

    can someone plz reply to my question 😶

    Caleb Robertson

    It is about the girl talking about how she let down her walls for him, and he destroyed her emotions.

    Mincy Carr

    Caleb Robertson oh😶

    Amanda Canfield-Kidd

    I think it's about a couple, and each of them has walls. And they go around in circles with emotion because each is afraid to let the other in.

    Laurie M

    What have the artists said about the song?
    “Hurricane is a song about longing for closeness with someone you love and yet fearing heartbreak. You find yourself caught in a terrible storm as those emotions war inside of you. I write scenes into my songs because I see pictures when I hear lyrics. Shadowhunters brought this picture to life.”

  52. Alfonso González

    Keep the awesome work. I just found you through your Moonlight cover.... that one was so damn epic too.
    ¡¡Saludos desde México!!

  53. Sixtus

    I finally found NF's producer after all these years! 😂

    Supergirl Gamer

    He's NF's producer!? HOLY SHIT MATE!!! :o

    Mohamed Osama

    same here now lol

    Daerrian gibbons



    @Daerrian gibbons WHAT

    DX66 First Native Rap Star MADPoets

    Is he really? i like nf but i think he needs to lighten up....

  54. Alex Braulach

    So good, but would be better if you sing
    Haaaaaarrrryyyy Kaaaannnee


    Incredible mood - like always.

  56. Anthony joshua

    it is incredible

  57. Ega x Wandering

    AMAZING!!! So beautiful. Love you both!!

  58. TheyCallMeLall

    Mad mad respect from India! Love what you do man!

  59. Nekro Neero

    Woooow soooo beautiful ♡♡♡
    Love your work!

  60. Gman Clash

    I honestly love this song so much!

  61. Jonathan king forever Hernandez

    Tommee Profitt I love you songs

  62. Rice Audio


  63. Rice Audio

    Great work dude! You should check out my sound cloud