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  1. Red Lion Paladin

    I'm gonna make a Voltron edit of this know when i own both Voltron and this song.....

  2. Oliviaplayspokemon

    everyone be talking about how well this would fit in avengers while i'm making this mr aziz's theme song from spiderman 2

  3. Empress Sky

    Not sure how I came across your channel but thank you. I can listen to all of what you created with others all day! Tremendous amount of soul lifting. Bless you. 🎧🙏🎶💜

  4. Eric Blade

    they do heroes never die,they live on forever inside of us and everyone we know..

  5. Ryan Ouellette

    This is amazing!

  6. Hailey Day

    Well if the rains falling down the fire should go out right?🙃

  7. Looktothestars

    We Will Win!



  9. Ivalter Araújo

    I can only see the Avengers slowly fighting against Thanos when I close my eyes and hear this song. Damn!

  10. Elise Michelle

    everyone's talking about marvel but i'm over here like supernatural...

  11. Deccy 10

    Tomee is amazing but so under rated, listened thanks to apex an he is now my fav producer

  12. Tony Richards

    This song has helped me through some hard times. It also motivates me as I make my career change from being a chef to being a emt firefighter.

  13. Walter Halfacre

    Epic! I'm gonna use it! Much Love And Respect!

  14. C7 edits

    I'm going to make a Marvel edit on this

  15. An Bi

    Excuse me why are there not millions of likes?

  16. Victoria Mayer

    Someone needs to make an Avengers tribute with this song

  17. TheSandwich

    Great song :D keep up the good work

  18. Abhishek ghosh

    This will go hand in hand with Endgame......

  19. CrazylyBeautiful

    Accidentally Tapped..

    *Worth it*

  20. Nightfury Owner

    This would go well with Avengers and Iron Man.

  21. Tommee Profitt

    “Heroes Rise” IS ONE OF MY FAVS!!! Love working with Sam; we’ve done a lot together! Let me know what you think in the comments below, and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!!! (more cinematic songs like this here: )


    I love both of you have several of your songs and I love this one just as much


    How are you grateful musician. I'd heard your music when the my YouTube surfing knowing handsome guy Tommee.



  22. Jonathan Trauner

    My film story's script entitled Superheroic, I ended up finishing six months ago.

  23. Jonathan Trauner

    THIS SONG MR. PROFITT AND MR. TINNESZ IS BEYOND CINEMATIC GENIUS. I am making a film called Superheroic and this score infinity percent fits my film story's message.

  24. Muhammed Avci

    All fallen hero's lately will rise.

  25. Diamond Silvia

    Love it😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩😃😃😃😃😃

  26. Charmayne King

    Found another song for my Giantess Slayer book series soundtrack for me to listen to while writing the second book.
    I love this so much.

  27. Esha Amir

    Tony Stark I love you 3000. ❤️

  28. Аниме мир - Душа анимешника

    Am I the only one who gets Naruto vibes from this song?? 😂😂😂

  29. Anupama Nag

    Those chills that accompany this song! It feels so good .

  30. Aviibeats fl mobile

  31. SWATversion3

    Get Terrorblade and Antimage in a DOTA 2 SFM with this song?

  32. Otakuwu Weeabowo

    Tony Stark never dies in our hearts.

  33. wiinterflowers

    Natasha Romanoff, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, love you 3000.

    Pl Ls

    God yes...

  34. Nyxs Schwan

    Fits perfectly with Tony. We love you 3000 Mr.Stark! Thank you for this blessing of a song

  35. ARandom Cintezen

    *ENDGAME spoiler*

    RIP Tony Stark

  36. Lexy Harvey

    The hero never gets rewarded the hero pays the price

  37. Lexy Harvey

    You live to be a hero or you live long enough to become the villain

  38. BL00MZEY the clown

    Put the full song on SoundCloud

  39. BL00MZEY the clown


  40. Sarah Cane

    I know that everyone in the comments is talking about an edit of Infinity War with this song, but my first thought was an Umbrella Academy edit.

  41. miabelu

    wish the chorus were a little bit more original tho

  42. miabelu


  43. QueenMiki {Cloé}

    This makes me think of Team Free Will 2.0 now that Supernatural has announced it's ending...

  44. ARandom Cintezen


  45. Rik Steele

    epicness comes @ 1.25 speed, especially the second stanza on to the end

  46. Peter Čeklovský

    Maan, this is masterpiece 😍 Best song what i heard!

  47. instinto nothing hope


  48. Let's Play

    You song I like do some videos will you some songs be not now

  49. M4-Beats - Free 2 Use Music -

    Nice Song :)

  50. JN TributeZ

    This songs awesome I think I’m gonna make a 100 video with it

  51. JN TributeZ

    This songs awesome I think I’m gonna make a 100 video with it

  52. XD Productions

    This song is a glorious contradiction to Hidden Citizens' "Heroes Fall."

  53. Danielle Xavier

    This song gave me frickin chills. You've earned yourself a sub! ❤

  54. Varvara Diamond

    How many comments in the fans Marvel gathered! This is cool! The perfect song, gathered all together. (I am so happy because I thought that one was going crazy with Marvel).
    Аnd the song is really very epic!🖤

  55. GoldenEyes

    I made a avengers endgame Video with this song !:)

  56. Olivier Mertens

    you are a man who deserves to become world famous.
    You work for it and you really see it in your music.
    I feel that you are making it with your heart.
    You are a legend

  57. PHOENIX xx

    Beautiful ❤❤❤❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


    🇧🇷 👍👍👍 GOSTEI. Obrigada por compartilhar. 👏👏👏👏👏 ( oitenta e oito )



  59. Дмитрий Гончаров

    Very good ;) можно ставить саунд в машину и наслаждаться скоростью

  60. J P

    WWG1WGA We are Heroes!!!!

  61. Russian Fuckboi

    Perfect for Avengers 4.

  62. Darkflametailz

    Everyone is talking about Avengers and I'm over here listening to this thinking of MHA x3

    (and maybe avengers too, but lets face it, I'm a weebo lol)



  63. Nikodim Vedomir


  64. Helen Waldeck

    Sam Tinnesz has such a fantastic voice! this song is beautiful plus
    I wish Play With Fire was my ringtone!

  65. just Chicho

    fuck i got goosebumps listening to this👌

  66. GoldenEyes

    God when the trailer for the infinity war 4 comes out, i will make a video with this song !

  67. Larry Smith

    Eternity for the journey// no end in sight
    Crawl till the last breath// test the heart beat
    Talk is cheap// victory from the princess
    Within these battles // underneath the sheets
    No compromise// till the knight darks through the fight

  68. Sol

    Heroes never die, they just don't feel good Mr Stark.

  69. Akuna Matata


  70. Ray Caputo

    Yeah Tommee, Always HQ Staff thanks I Love your Music!

  71. Gina Victoria

    Your songs are perfection. I love your music Tommee.

  72. TPK Productions

    Hey Tommee, I have a question. What VST's do you mostly use?

  73. Edward Mcnair

    I love this song.

  74. FrostBurn

    Hero's live forever through their legacy. Even if their physical body dies they are with us in spirit and tales of bravery.

  75. Second MM

    -- Lyrics --
    Heroes live forever
    Heroes live forever
    We never die
    Heroes live forever, forever
    Heroes live forever
    We never die

    [Verse 1]
    We fight 'til the end
    Giving every last breath
    We're torn like a soldier
    With the weight on our chest
    We rush in to save
    We bend and we break
    But the battle's not over
    'Til the dawn of the day

    We won't sit back and watch
    This fire never stops
    When the rain's falling down, down

    Heroes live forever, forever, forever
    Heroes live forever, we never die
    Heroes live forever, forever, forever
    Heroes live forever, we never really die
    'Cause heroes rise

    [Verse 2]
    Through violence and smoke
    There's always still hope
    'Cause like a beacon we're shining
    When the world's on the ropes

    We won't sit back and watch
    This fire never stops
    When the sky's falling down, down

    Heroes live forever, forever, forever
    Heroes live forever, we never die
    Heroes live forever, forever, forever
    Heroes live forever, we never really die
    'Cause heroes rise

    Heroes rise (Oh-ohh-ohhh)
    Heroes (Oh-ohh-ohhh)
    Heroes rise (Oh-ohh-ohhh)
    Heroes rise (Oh-ohh-ohhh)
    Heroes (Oh-ohh-ohhh)


    thank you :D

    · Demøn Ŵølf Blue ·

    Thank youu ^^

    Sarah Cane

    The lyrics are actually "War-torn like a soldier", but other than that, it's perfect. Thanks for posting this.

    Manoj kaunder

    Thanks for the lyrics...

  76. Astride De Lagarde

    too much repetitions :/

  77. Tauriel of Mirkwood

    So I swear, if someone doesn't make an edit with Marvel and this song, I'm going to ask Thanos to snap his fingers again.

    BL00MZEY the clown

    They did look up feelthevoid

    Imad El Hitti

    I've already made one with infinity war with tommee profit - hero song, and I'll make another edit for endgame with most probably this song ^^

    Doctor Dragon

    Thanos Zip it, Thanos!

    Tawnie Wallette

    I just died. 😂😭

  78. Raul


  79. Emanuel M

    0:55 and 1:07 I just LOVE when singers do that epic key ❤️

  80. Hearing Visions

    Great. 💯

  81. waris s7

    We never die

  82. CoCo GIA

    mhmm you didn t post this before? btw it s so fucking amazing

  83. John Camron

    Peoples who disliked are afraid to fight, boo you cowards!....

  84. Lunet Laudine

    As always. Amazing! As always will go on my playlist.

    Шикарный будущий ост к каком-нибудь сериалу!

  85. scottish Scotman


  86. Julia Nielsen

    Beautiful dis song ar i love it ;-)

  87. Author Sharonlee Holder

    Going straight to my playlist for book 3!

  88. A Wander

    When You Know Avengers 4 trailer is coming...

    Vanessa Schwarz

    This comment did not age well.
    [endgame spoilers below cut]

    ...neither will Tony.

  89. Pflaume 11

    Stan Lee lives forever.

    Doctor Dragon

    Pl Ls I’m sorry! *Runs over with a box of tissues* I was trying to cook!


    You just became MORE awsome man ;D EXCELSIOR

    Pl Ls

    @Doctor Dragon Thanks for the tissues!

    Doctor Dragon

    Pl Ls Of course! Anytime!!

    Pl Ls

    @Doctor Dragon ❤✌

  90. eliza parker

    I'm still waiting to hear this great song in Avengers 4 💜

  91. John Wick

    Give me that guy who pressed dislike. I'm gonna kill him right now. /took a katana out and rolled it around the palm just like samurai/

  92. astroboy vish


  93. Sxlvxtion

    This is so epic, I can't even......

  94. Source Symbiosis Metamorphisis

    This is so good. Gonna use this one for the gym for sure!

  95. KevinEatsAll

    👍👍 amazing!

  96. Rovena_

    ❤ ❤️ ❤️

  97. Brian Barth


  98. Johnjohntv

    Playing this while I sit down and start my uni assignment, it has to be in tomorrow... I can still make this... I can!