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Tommee Profitt Cruel World Comments
  1. IamJustAbdelaziz

    Can i use your music please?

  2. Aroma

    Omgggg!!! I like this song so much. I feel “Six if Crows” vibes 👀👀

  3. BarTechYT

    this music is perfect for music kit in cs:go

  4. Red Lion Paladin

    ...oh my gosh................ This song is beautiful. I need this song.

  5. Sarah Fisher

    "concrete trees" reminds me intensely of The Submission by Amy Waldman

  6. Huper Sero

    Nice M4A1-S Cyrex...

  7. Phantom Arcanist

    OH god randomly came across and my ears got hooked like a hungry fish.... DANGIT TOMMEE WHY DOES THIS SONG HAVE TO PAYED ON SOUND CLOUD!!!!! ID BE PUTTING THIS ON REPEAT!!! T___T

  8. Tommee Profitt

    I typically write most of the stuff I produce... but for this song, Sam Tinnesz called me one day and said "I wrote this song, I would LOVE for you to produce it..." soon as I heard it, my mind exploded with ideas for production! So I took the vocal track and built it from the ground up. Had a blast! hope you liked it, don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!! :)

    Kaczka The

    I mean, it was one and half year, but k

  9. Jean Michel Halt

    Who everyone who recognises the m4a1 Cyrex, my fucking wallpaper

  10. Christopher Thrawn


  11. Shadow durchbruchswagen 2

    New CSGO montage?

  12. Net597

    I came here because I see m4a1 briefing from csgo

  13. Savoman Stepn

    apex legends season 3 trailer? :P

  14. Benedict John Donasco

    They should make this part of the OST for a Warhammer 40k movie or tv series if ever it will have one.

    *”In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only....WAR”*

  15. Dreaming girl

    It's true it's really cruel world...

    Nightmare King

    We made it one

  16. RogueSpartan 285

    Hasn't it occured to anyone that this looks really similar to a frame for MachineGames intro animation?

  17. Naruto Uzumaki And Natsu

    Reminds Me of Fairytail and Zeref...

  18. OfficialBanana


  19. HuMZiI UnIQuE CUpCAkE QuEEn


  20. OfficialBanana

    Oh yeah yeah its a cruel world

  21. daniel s

    like will be given.

  22. Lidia Pink

    How am I just now seeing this song/?

  23. AllOutta KhitKhatz

    Dont doubt that I can be crueler

  24. Naofumi Iwatani

    Reminds me of attack on titan.

  25. Addie Hamilton

    I really hope you don't mind, but I made a short film with me and my friends and I used this song in's on my other channel, here's the link
    I love your music by the way, I actually just listened to Can You Feel The Heat Now

  26. D. CALC

    Nice job dude till now i've just been listening to amazing songs produced by you. Keep up with the good work.

  27. Tony Prickett

    I need the instumental for this! Itd be so epic!

  28. Chrysteen Crysis Technopath

    Beginning with Hawaii, maybe look for volcanic activity, maybe some disappearing tsunamis. That is, if you can pull yourselves off my dick long enough to do so.

  29. TheQueen


  30. Mirai Nightcore

    Sick sound 🔥

  31. annxymin

    ¿Porque no hay traduccion de está canción? 💔

  32. aranza Martinez

    The Walking Dead vibes

  33. owo UwU

    Life is a burden and dying is the only way to break free.

  34. Ares god of war

    It’s a Cruel World indeed

  35. Innofeed AMV

    I love this song ^^

  36. Zaki Stf

    m4 cs 1.6

  37. muhannad ghannam


  38. Quinn Heinz

    This should be the ending theme in the kill Michael ending

  39. somebody

    At first I tought it's Mike Shinoda haha

  40. Vera Sc

    A Sam Tinesz and Tommee Proffitt collab?? What else do I need 😍 Keep up the good work guys!!

    Chace Black

    Vera Sc food? water? air?

    No you right, this is really awesome.

  41. Keyfçi Gergedan

    OMG Look at that artwork! Amazing




  43. Grecia Sánchez

    Shit this is goooood

  44. Filip Sima

    Great! Waiting for the instrumental version as well!!!

  45. Vviola Llawyer

    yep ..... 346

  46. misterLEBE

    wait, is that m4a1-s cyrex?


    Yes. Yes it is.

  47. James Kusumadjaja

    A call of war, the howling of guns, a raging fight for victory. The horrors in the frontlines we see solders with their war face but really they have fear and in the end, a grave a field of bodies a river of blood. For those who die in the front you earn one final salute.

  48. Clary L

    "When I was younger it was all roses" tears my heart apart. Karren von Rosewald.

  49. • icona

    Hmm...I love it.

  50. Riley Freemyer

    rest in peace to all the victims in the douglas high shooting. you all deserved so much better than the hand you were dealt. you will not be forgotten. i hope all of you are safe, happy, and at peace where ever you are all at now. 👼💔

  51. J Stiles

    That beat is awesome!

  52. Linnéa Hurst

    Can you hear the wind that's howling
    Through the concrete trees
    Got you praying on your knees
    In the face of danger we're all brave

    'Til the gun goes bang, bang, bang

    It's a cruel, cruel world
    No mercy left, yeah it's a cruel, cruel world
    It'll break your heart and burn you down, down, down
    Don't ever doubt that it's a cruel, cruel world

    Oh it's a cruel, cruel world

    Smoke will turn your soul to black
    If you let it in
    So close the door, confess your sins
    Oh, when I was younger, it was all roses

    Now they're dead and gone away

    It's a cruel, cruel world
    No mercy left, yeah it's a cruel, cruel world
    It'll break your heart and burn you down, down, down
    Don't ever doubt that it's a cruel, cruel world

    Oh it's a cruel, cruel world

    Oh, can you help me?
    Oh, can you help me out?
    Don't know who I can trust right now

    Oh, can you help me?
    Oh, can you help me out?

    It's a cruel, cruel world

    It's a cruel, cruel world
    No mercy left, yeah it's a cruel, cruel world
    It'll break your heart and burn you down, down, down
    Don't ever doubt that it's a cruel, cruel world

    Oh it's a cruel, cruel world [5x]
    (It'll burn you down)


    I always enjoy seeing the lyrics in the comments and since I couldn't find these anywhere I tried my hand at it. Hope I got 'em right, I'm not too sure about the roses part.

    Leen Alkaraki



    thanks !

    Sneha Parmar


    Yowatsapp 05

    Thank you 🙏💕

    Денис Вьюн


  53. BlackKiryuu


    It would be great if you would put in lyrics too.

  54. Ricky Kaul

    God damn... awesome 😍

  55. Judy Harness

    like it

  56. Raegan Turner

    Thank you for this. Your music is so powerful and this message is definitely fitting right now...

  57. Adriano Lima

    Amazing. I wish could make a cover a cover ❤ you are incredible

  58. Molly-Anne McNeil

    This is a really good song! I like it!

  59. Abdelghafar Emad

    It's awesome, Go Sam Tinnesz and Tommee Profitt

  60. Hayriye Vural

    This is very good and sounds nice.

  61. David kun

    love it,,,, plz lyrics

  62. Edward Kenways Dauther Assassin

    This would go so well with Teen Wolf.

  63. Melissa Sümer

    Awesome as always.

  64. Beefpie135

    Dammit, following recent events this song struck me. It's a beautiful song but the lyrics man 💔💔💔

  65. Abdo Bedo

    I love Tommee Profitt and Sam Tinnesz very very very much. GOD BLESS YOU!

  66. 2bV

    lyrics plz

  67. ohifonlyx33

    idk how it'd fit, but do i want a cruel world/hold on remix? YES.

  68. Clary L

    Tokyo Ghoul

  69. LorenitaEV

    It's a cool, cool song 😍 woow

  70. William Griffin

    All of his songs sound like they should be in a movie/movie trailer soundtrack. <3

  71. Paulina R

    Perfect as always

  72. AlleAlexandra

    My favorites together 💕💕💕

  73. TheUFCVeteran


  74. Gothic Crow

    This is amazing. Dark yet beautiful. Keep on keepin' on, man.

  75. Ai Shi

    If i can ask. Is there a way to get a license from you to use some of your songs in a fanmovie?

  76. Mister 33

    I like this song it's good and nice song

  77. Jen Hollingsworth

    Dude, you crank out rad songs like a factory!  Your secret cinema sauce delivers every time!  Love this one as well.  How do you do it?!?  Was this in response to Florida?  Just wondered.  Perfect timing anyhow.  Awesome!

    Duerre M

    You said exactly what I was thinking! Nice!

    Coffee by the Dozen

    Always be in tune with yourself and your surroundings and your imagination can do some pretty amazing things. Thats hidden in us all I think.

  78. Джу Ди


  79. ABS

    Tommee Profitt you are a legend!

  80. Janne Heikkinen

    Stunning as always! 👌

  81. X-Dragon Hunter

    Greatness one of the masters artists

  82. Veronika Hornicseková

    So good. So perfect. So awesome. So Tommee Profitt❤❤❤❤❤

  83. JJMOX

    Wauw, <3'

  84. Morningstar

    Hell yeah! Awesome.

  85. 방정현


  86. Ewa Kaldowska

    nice! brilliant :)

  87. ναlєяια

    _A W E S O M E_

  88. Eli

    I love it 🔥😍

  89. Haku D. Onix

    Rah! Fire <3

  90. K. T.


  91. Jane Loise

    Such a great one. Like the sound of it and wordings too.

  92. Seth Rollins Highlights


  93. Aiden Foxx

    Hell yeah

  94. Jonathan king forever Hernandez

    Awesome I love tommee profitt