Tommee Profitt - Can You Feel The Heat Now Lyrics

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Tommee Profitt Can You Feel The Heat Now Comments
  1. jason robinson

    Trying to push Google fi products NOT on this song

  2. jason robinson

    She makes some great music this goes harder than most current rap i can feel the heat now 😍

  3. beaversfan

    Climate change @ Australia

  4. محمد

    does anyone have a playlist of songs like this, or even know what type of music is this? (im really interested)


    Generic voice.

    Joe Swanson

    Fleurie has anything but a generic voice. Her range is amazing.

  6. Liza Marcum

    Loved the heat effects in the video! It looked really neat. Super cool song btw! My new fav!

  7. Paul O'Neil

    i love this tune, its just beautiful, thank u

  8. Insertnamehere

    I had no idea all these songs I hear from movie trailers are by you, I know of you from NF and omg ur amazing, keep up the good work!

  9. BluTheDog

    I want more of the end part: Hey naaa uhnana hey na uhnana

  10. Tommee Profitt

    Something WAY different than what me and Fleurie usually do... but love the vibe! This song was instantly used in “Station 19” upon completion, and has been used in several other things shows since. Let us know what you think in the comments below, and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE for more music coming soon!!

    Mailed Valenzuela

    Absolutely love this❤❤🤘

    jason robinson

    Fucking love this song 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. Steven Malip

  12. Steven Malip

    Cloak and daggers dragged my ass here..... Greetings From HowTo9ja

  13. Jonathan Jones

    I fell in a foldable camping chair backwards into a fire and got severely burnt... I feel the heat now. : l

  14. Aadya Gautam

    It's so late at night and I'm tired and sleepy but I can't stop listening to him

  15. Fajar Mahesa

    oooh i miss them both since the first season😍 like always, amazing music🔥

  16. Merisa Grosic

    The Bold Type.

  17. Isaac Bobonis

    Although I didn't watch many shows but rather looking up the soundtracks of them, I realized that this song is featured in Station 19, The Bold Type, and Marvel's Cloak and Dagger.

  18. Sarah Belstler

    Does anyone know if the song was on Station 19 if so what episode ??

    Nina Phan

    season 2 episode 1 end scene

  19. Isaac Bobonis

    Anybody here from S3E09 of The Bold Type took you to this song? Show of comments!

    Gabsy Aturu

    Yes! "Can we work it out" is my favourite of the episode 😍😍😍


    way down we go part 2


    Cloak And Dagger

  22. henry talh 11

    Cloak and dagger landed me here... Forever grateful

  23. Isaac Bobonis

    Anybody here for S2E5 of Marvel's Cloak and Dagger and transported you to that song, send me a reply or like!! Love to here from you.


    Lol they really improved with their music this season

    Allison Taylor

    Just watching that part right now ❤️ I’m a little behind 😂


    Fantastic music choices this season

    Aryan Dhankhar

    Isaac Bobonis yes

    hanna karner

    I love the soundtrack from the whole series

  24. Mimi Gaga

    Can I get a link to the background picture please?

  25. Clyde Navs

    I can't feel the heat now

  26. Pendo46

    this sounds like that it would be in django unchained, django would ride with horse and that would be in the background 🔥🔥

  27. Chris Harper

    Station 19 :)

  28. RealmSensei

    Yes! YEESSS!! I Feeeeelllllll it!

  29. demons

    Reminds me of when the Bay Area fires were going on.

  30. K Sf

    Tommee Profitt
    + Fleurie= Masterpieces

  31. Kraja Vokla

    2:19 .... I love this part!

  32. Victoria Jones

    You sir make legendary music

  33. MAR!EM

    This song feets Hope Mickelson so much oh my god I wish they would use it for legacies in some episodes

  34. tigerstanes

    I see this as a Bond theme made to Idris Elba

  35. Top gostei, da pra fazer bastantes AMV com ela

  36. undertaker11880

    I love collabs with Fleurie or Ruelle! They both have the perfect voice for your passioned music style!
    This song is hot!

  37. oleg tleuzhanov

    Просто best!

  38. JJ Kirby

    Love it!

  39. MrCrimsonking16

    This song reminds me of a hard time in my life, a time where my back was against a wall and what laid in front of me was a wall of fire. my 20 man unit was sent to to a small village to protect it from a massive forest fire we spent the whole day preparing and evacuating the village went night came we fought the fire all night. When morning finally came we found that we haven't lost a structure to that fire. proudest moment in my life next to being a father was being called a hero for what we did. this song just reminded me of that

    Emperor Palpatine's New Groove

    Thank you for your service


    Thank you

  40. BadTone Musiq

    U always remind why I love making music

  41. Maybe Yes

    Can you feel the heat now,mr. krabs?

  42. Blagoj Baltov

    Remind me of the movie
    Only the Brave awesome movie!!! <3

  43. Ronin

    I "can feel the heat" already u k ow what I mean.

  44. EMME .k.a

    It's look like way dawn we go song

  45. N Sa

    What a voice!

  46. BriskUnknown

    Does Tommee Profitt just use other singers for guinea pigs & does he ACTUALLY Sing!?!? >:(

  47. MegaRansel


  48. 36staceylyn

    When can we buy this?!

  49. Nero

    love yo songs <3

  50. Parameswari Primadita

    This song will be perfect for :
    Legacies, Riverdale, The 100, Shadowhunters (tv series)

    Isaac Bobonis

    Let's not forget The Bold Type.

  51. Hitmaniak17 *Cars and Cinematics*

    epic background

  52. Morgane the fnaf wolf

    Amazing ! !😍

  53. Uglypenguins

    Im sorry... the title reminded me of Can you feel it now Mr Krabs? lol, bye bye

  54. Amelia Kmiecik

    I heard it on "Station 19" and I fell in love with this song. It's a pity that it isn't on spotify

    Fatima Seyma

    IT IS NOW!!!

    Amelia Kmiecik

    @Fatima Seyma Thanks for the information❤

    Fatima Seyma

    Of course! I've been waiting for it haha <3

    Peyton Bowers

    omg Yessssssss I love station 19 <3 <3

  55. Moutou1992

    Station 19 brought me here ❤

  56. PupLover2013

    How do you guys not have a million subs??!! Content is amazing

  57. Peyton Bowers

    Anyone else here because of station 19 lol

  58. Somos más que dos

    Station 19!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  59. Morgane Decaux

    good song

  60. The Elemental Gaurdian

    I like this rythem, maybe one day you'll hear you're music in the future from me..

  61. Gaspar Francisco

    I thought this was a bmth can you feel my heart cover or remix. Still good tho



  63. Kevin Le Goff

    During 3:22, I was in Paradise.

  64. Cristina Andrasi

    you guys are incredible. All your songs are great

  65. MAX VLOG

    Lucifer season 4 soundtrack

  66. Valeria Velázquez

    I fuckin love it!!



  68. IrisFilmProductions



    Do an epic trailer song on Kanye west-power

  70. Marisa Kiana

    This would be a great song for a trailer

  71. Nicollete Nassun

    I like it

  72. hobletop

    can you feel it now mr. crabs

    i love you

    get out

    First captain Borealis



    @First captain Borealis oh sorry I didn't see the comments I just commented and left

  73. Zolixar

    *Beautiful <33*

  74. Fakharry Khalid Pervez

    Needs lyrics.

  75. First captain Borealis

    Are you feeling it now Mr krabs?

  76. Michael A

    Oh I can feel it because this song is hot good job soldiers love you little angel 😇

  77. •{Alia Belle}•

    Before I click: Ey, looks awesome.
    In the middle: OMG. It so good it don't need a beat drop.
    At the end: Shadowhunters, Hunger games and Heroes of Olympus vibes.
    Soooooo amazing!

    Emperor Palpatine's New Groove

    So true!

    Allison Taylor

    Emperor Palpatine's New Groove yesssssss I got a Heroes of Olympus vibe too 🧡💜


    🇧🇷 👍👍👍 GOSTEI. Obrigada por compartilhar. 👏👏👏👏👏 ( setenta e cinco )

  79. Sparkling Mayonnaise

    Omg your music inspires me so much i love it especially the song "Hero" and "i know your Secret" 😍😍💕

  80. CSF Music


  81. Karthikeyan S

    waiting for this to come in iTunes <3

  82. iheworld134

    Can u make this kind of song but more for dance ( idk to explain it 😅)

  83. Lol Lol

    Nicely done man

  84. Natsumi Inoko

    Dude, all ur music is epic

  85. мотив пролр


  86. Heart & Sage

    Such a great song

  87. PandaStyleHD

    Love it

  88. Yasmin Gomes

    Que som maravilhoso 😍❤✨

  89. Spime ツ

    Reminds me very much of the "The 100" version of Radioactive... which is a very good thing

    Peyton Bowers

    Omg love "the 100"

    Nathan Anchors

    100 is lit boi

  90. Tugba Kar

    this is the type of song that would play on teen wolf or shadowhunters

  91. one pock

    The guitar....thank you tommee and fleurie

  92. Remiel A.

    Vav.. Very beatiful.

  93. josekronos inosuka


  94. Supergirl Gamer

    Damn it. Another song for my iPod 😂😂😂

  95. Djan Maury YouTube Channel

    Special sound!! Buenissima versión!! Muito bom!! 👏👏🤘🇧🇷🇧🇷👊👊✌

  96. SpartanKun Aiko

    One more Amazing work