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Tommee Profitt Can't Hold Us Down Comments
  1. Tllamas 117

    Why am I bearly discovering this, MY GOD THIS IS FIRE!!!🔥🔥🔥

  2. Sarah Fisher

    this reminds me intensely of cruel world

  3. Brittybear

    Just binged The Order on Netflix and this song fits the Knights of Saint Christopher so much.

  4. Gerardo Mena

    Your music is always amazing.

  5. Mubeen Hussain

    Can I use this for my video game trailer (providing credit too?)

  6. 3mT2em8

    Such a perfect song for Supernatural!

  7. gail drake

    This is a song for the freedom fighters of Hong Kong

  8. Tommee Profitt

    Love making epic anthems with Sam Tinnesz... something he’s so good at. Our goal was empowering lyrics mixed with motivating production... hope ya loved it! SUBSCRIBE for more coming soon!

  9. Isabel Duffy

    Ten pounds

  10. Chris YT

    Like if you're here from the Jake Paul vs Joe Weller trailer

  11. YOU _ GIN

    1.25 better

  12. thiery572

    I like this song. I heard it from Joe Dispenza video. Thanks for producing. 😊

  13. Sérgio Batista

    Dallas McCarver my idol

  14. wajira Senanayake

    y people dont enjoy this great music.he is an amazing artist in every terms

  15. cupcake Sweet

    Sister shooked

  16. hossam Adel

  17. Gonzalo Conde Cardo

    I love cinematic music like Tommee makes!

  18. FreitasW4LKER

    Amazing!!!! Can I use some of your songs to do video tributes [TWD]???

  19. LuLu

    why is it that this dude is so talented and he isn't big yet?


    It's the world we live in. The best don't get the recognition they deserve because what they produce gets drowned by all the hype for the mainstream BS out there. How do u compete against that? Most ppl like what they're told they should like, not what is actually quality. It's a pity. Wish more ppl would appreciate artists like Tommee Profitt 👌💎

  20. Sam Cantley


  21. Bob Boba

    Amazing Video keep up the good work!!!!

  22. John K Joy

    Came here from motivedia boxing 👍


    Same, such a good video


    No one can't hold down your talent bro👌👌👌👌👌


    Dope 👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌😢😢😢😢😢

  25. Rendy Adrian Rinaldi

    hmm sound like a movie soundtrack

  26. Watcher

    Could you upload an instrumental of this?


    🇧🇷 🤘🤘🤘 ... ( oitenta e dois )

  28. Grace

    Why are all these songs like the themes of my characters?! the people in my head are screaming in amazement

  29. Watcher

    How did you get the snow to go over the picture?

  30. Watcher

    Can you make an instrumental of this?

  31. RAVE'n Chan Boi

    That subscribe intro tho, lol

  32. Watcher

    I listen to this everyday

  33. Tales Palma

    Você é muito bom parabéns.

  34. Omar Momani

    Very nice 🧡

  35. Peasants with gunpowder

    Freedom is calling
    on the other side of the wind
    So we keep on waking
    Though we taste through our skin

    Feeling like a warrior
    That's not afraid to bleed
    The fight inside's in all of us
    So we won't concede

    You can't hold us down
    You can't hold us down
    Down, down

    You can't hold us down
    You can't hold us down
    Down, down

    Down, down down
    Can't hold us down

    Everyday's a battlefield
    Between the light and the dark
    Angels and demons
    Try to tear us apart

    Heavy on our shoulders
    is the weight of the world
    But it makes us stronger
    though the pain it burns

    You can't hold us down

    You never gave up
    walking through the fire in the flank

    Can't hold us down

    Cause when the going gets tough
    we turn into the matter of chance

    Can't hold us down, down down
    yeah down down down
    Can't hold us down, down down
    yeah down down down

    Can't hold us down

    Can't hold us down
    Can't hold us down
    Can't hold us down
    Can't hold us down

    You never gave up
    walking through the fire in the flank

    Can't hold us down

    Cause when the going gets tough
    we turn into the matter of chance

    Can't hold us down, down down
    yeah down down down
    Can't hold us down, down down
    yeah down down down

    Can't hold us down
    Oh, oh, oh, oh

    Can't hold us down
    Oh, oh, oh, oh

    Can't hold us down

  36. Thewonderfulwiccan

    If my book ever got published and had a movie. I'd want my soundtrack written by you 🙌

  37. Susie

    Very nice!!!!

  38. Nathan Santos

    This is a super great song!

  39. Watcher

    Great. King of the heavyweights, motivedia

  40. Лера Папкова

    Best of the best. Only your musik i can listen everytime and be so happy

  41. Nick Loubardeas

    Love it!!!

  42. Magda Grupińska

    Your songs makes me belive in music again. Thank you x

  43. K.O.Spurr

    Nice style producer me 👍🎵🎧

  44. Abdo Bedo

    This thing has been hidden a week from me !! I just found it, It's awesome !!! Sam Tinnesz is awesome with Tomme Profit.

  45. Alex Spiddleston

    Have you done a collaboration with Zayde Wolf? I think that would be awesome.

    Nikki A.

    He did! It's called "Heroes"

    Alex Spiddleston

    Nikki A. That was with Generdyn, wasn't it? I mean, I've heard the song, I love it, but I thought it was with Generdyn.

  46. metcogi 4

    why you desactivated the comments from your last video? it s good why whould you

  47. Kyra Carpentier

    When this go for music apps ?

  48. MóniK Domínguez

    Sam, your music is amazing!!!! I love it! You really should make a version of "A prayer", the song from Penny Dreadful's finale. It will sound great if you sing it!!!

  49. Jerroen

    Please,Make a LadyGaga cover

  50. Lukas Weisser

    He's back wooo woop

  51. Emiya_Kun

    Epic.. Great .. /Fuckin* Intense//

  52. Hero

    Can we use this ?

  53. Alexyel ah-leez-ee-el


  54. Ajith Ajith

    OMG 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥it's so good

  55. Renegade Drummer

    Saw it was by both Sam Tinnesz and Tommee Profitt and immediately knew it’d be amazing. I was right. Two of my favorite artists and one song? How could it not be great? ❤️


    Renegade Drummer love your pic as well as the wolves in the back my favorite animals


    Also this song gives me a Tyler Lockwood and Jacob black feel as well

    Renegade Drummer

    jman7481 Thanks! And haha it does.

  56. Steve Rogers

    Man this was powerful....

  57. Steve Rogers

    Hooked in the first minute

  58. JFK5* Kennedy

    Great song and great voice /,,/
    Check out the Massive wagons on YouTube together hopefully we will rise /,,/ JFK5*

  59. Cloud Strife

    You are a very very top producer i love your music

  60. Sev

    While i love the new tracks i also miss the covers.

  61. VEN

    Never know I needed this in my life.

  62. Djan Maury YouTube Channel


  63. Luca


  64. MrCoulon

    i love this song FRENCH LYRICS for who want

    la liberté appelle
    de l'autre côté du vent
    donc on continue à marcher
    bien que ça déchire notre peau

    se sentir comme un guerrier
    ça n'a pas peur de saigner
    la lutte à l'intérieur est en chacun de nous
    donc nous ne céderons pas

    CH 1
    Vous ne pouvez pas nous retenir
    Vous ne pouvez pas nous retenir
    (Bas bas)
    Vous ne pouvez pas nous retenir
    Vous ne pouvez pas nous tenir en bas
    Oui, en bas
    Ne peut pas nous retenir

    chaque jour est un champ de bataille
    entre la lumière et l'obscurité
    anges et démons
    essayer de nous déchirer

    lourd sur nos épaules
    est le poids du monde
    mais ça nous rend plus fort
    si la douleur brûle

    CH 2
    tu ne peux pas nous retenir
    nous n'abandonnons jamais
    marcher à travers le feu et la flamme
    ne peut pas nous retenir
    causer quand les choses se corsent
    nous déchirons à travers les chaînes de métal

    ne peut pas nous tenir en bas
    ouais vers le bas
    ne peut pas nous tenir en bas
    ouais vers le bas
    ne peut pas nous retenir

    tu ne peux pas nous retenir
    tu ne peux pas nous retenir


    Google traduct c mal pour traduire...

  65. J4 R6 D2 P9

    When will this be in Spotify? It’s soooo good and I want to download it!

    Tommee Profitt

    Rebel alliance Death trooper IT IS!


    I listen your music everyday. Thank you

  67. iam ness

    Okay but Sam has awesome music. I love Babel. Thanks for this song as well 🤧🤘🏻

  68. VHenrik

    When it comes to you, noone can hold my hype down.

  69. Sycha Minaa

    Oh my god 😍!

  70. this is ridiculous you already know

    🖤🔥 can't 👇


    *You sure bout that he isn't **_ImagineDragons_* cus i felt like that Vibe..... 👌🔥

  72. Christian DeLand

    that start reminded me of CoD lol (When CoD was good)

  73. Co Ri

    for this combination I have to like it before I even hear the song bc it only can be amazing then

  74. TrustNoOne

    All of your songs are so freaking amazing 😍

  75. M. Yamileth Alarcón


  76. TheGaymerDragon

    Amazing work as always~!

  77. Fuzzy Mino Kitten.

    Take away the intro, it kinda distracts from the song.

  78. metcogi 4

    someone need to put all these masterpiece on a great movie

    / gtm

    It's already in movies..The vikings movie the song I'm ready 😀😀

    Herbal Herbs

    It’s on this boxing video and goes so well it’s where I heard it first and was like wow 😮

  79. Sxlvxtion

    Sounds like music from movie trailer.👏😻

  80. waris s7

    Best music channel!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  81. Tornado Freaks


  82. Kykel

    And I know who my dedication in my first novel is going too...

  83. puck man

    Awsome bro

  84. e'Yonna bRooks

    Downloading it😎


    Eyhaunna Brooks i do this all the time xD

    e'Yonna bRooks

    NewYorker Yaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssss🤪

    Nikki A.

    Eyhaunna Brooks I know a lot of people do it, but the artist(s) put an extreme amount of work into their songs and buying it supports them and their families, this is their living. Just something to think about - do whatever though! xD


    Nikki A. I know that I can support the artist by buying the music, but I just don't have the money as a student and my mum wouldn't give it to me

    e'Yonna bRooks

    NewYorker lol it's cool I understand, people put work into their music and the proper way would b to buy them but I dnt have money to do so- so i download them online😅😁

  85. Shadow AMV's

    Amazing music

  86. Rubal Tomar

    profitt, rocked it

  87. NightCore INFINITY 「Music」

    *Timmer Profitt NEVER HOLDS US DOWN with his striking music* 😎👌🔥

  88. Talyta E

    Pride, that's all I feel when I listen to your productions.

  89. Safiya ل ي ض

    Omg this is amazing 🧚‍♀️

  90. Nyor Cubes Mix

    Honestly, you deserve a medal. Your music is interesting and so relaxing. Good job!

    Nanami Uzumaki_Music

    Nyor Cubes Mix I totally agree with you! :D


    Nyor Cubes Mix Yep! All of them is great. I always listen many of them.

  91. Mr. Aleatoria

    This is Amazing...😍

  92. Brokenrain223

    Just the kind of song I need to start my day 💛

  93. TheToxicMoose77 YT

    How do you make these? They're amazing

  94. Two Idiots