Tomlin, Chris - Overflow Lyrics

Here I bring my stains and crowns
Gentle river wash me now
Your love is deeper than I know
Your ways higher than I can go

Lead me in Your holiness
I will follow, I confess
Glory is the song I sing
Your life is living me

And where would I be
Without You, without You?
Where would I be
Without You?

I will bow before the cross
Cherish my Redeemer's cost
There is nothing I can do
But only stand amazed by You

Mercy new with every day
Wrapped up in Your arms of grace
Nothing more, You're all I need
Your life is living me

Like a waterfall
You fill my heart and overflow
Like a candle flame
You light my way
And lead me as I go

Spirit overflow
Let me overflow

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Tomlin, Chris Overflow Comments
  1. dhutube100

    🙋🏼Beautiful song Chris!
    For sure I get ya where would I be without You Jesus ✝️ Overflow

  2. TheNewVocal

    Good day from Singapore! I hope you'd have a nice day =)


    I hope you also have a wonderful blessed day :)

  3. Feyisa Kidane

    where would i be whithout you

  4. Sarcastic baby Mountain goat

    where would I be without you without you Jesus?

  5. Luis Angel

    i listen to this everyday, when i write, in 2015!! How old is this song?


    +Cholingos Productions Haha this song came out all the way back in 2002! Still love listening to it after all these years, too :D
    You doing NaNoWriMo?I am too! How is your word count so far?

    Luis Angel

    @cookielover121​my word count is doing great i am at 47,510 ☺☺ what about you?

    Luis Angel

    @cookielover121 hey what's your name on NaNoWriMo so i could add you as a writing buddy. Mine is luis 34

    Luis Angel

    It was created the year I was born, 13 years ago (I'm 13)!!
    : D

  6. Tara Emmanuel

    where would i be without u Lord?
    you're all i need. thank YOU lORD

  7. jordanrb1996

    Thank You Jesus for You love!

  8. Naledi Phale

    Where would i be if not by your grace!Thank you Lord!

  9. 707justincase

    This was one of my favorite songs when I bought that album back in 2002! It still stands out as one of my favorites today; Eventhough I have more than one favorite now!

  10. Eugene Hong


  11. cookielover121

    @pimp96744 me too! :D