Tomlin, Chris - America Lyrics

Let your glory fly
If my people will humbly pray
Turn from sin and their wicked ways
I will hear them and heal their land
And show my glory and power again
Lift your eyes up
Look to the sky
The Lord is coming, coming to America
Can you feel the fire
Can you see the wind
Blowing through
Coming to America again
Go and tell them the blind will see
The lame will walk and the slave is free
Shout the news that the lost are saved
In the name of Jesus the dead are raised

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Tomlin, Chris America Comments
  1. Mimi

    Very nice video. I never heard this song and it is grand. Would love to use your vid in church.

  2. Ken McCrae

    I have a few problems with this video. Though it is wonderful to be patriotic, this video seems to glorify Americanism rather than The Lord Jesus Christ. It also presents a picture of a white God/Jesus - especially with the so-called (European-painting) of Jesus. (The Lord was a typical Middle-Eastern person - a Jewish person born in Bethlehem with working-class family in a Palestinian setting.

  3. Deborah Saunders

    I nominate this song as one of the anthem songs for TOGETHER 7.16.16 // NATIONAL MALL I believe that this song was written for such a time as this! Praise the Lord! :)

  4. mary oneel

    such a beautiful video

  5. 황상원

    Good work~~~

  6. Chrystina Yohana

    jesusfreakrkg i think this song is a song for pray Amerika, not glory Amerika.


    @Chrystina Yohana And to add to that, there is nothing wrong with celebrating a nation for being built with a focus on God's will in our lives, and praying that we as a nation remain a country that glorifies God. Honoring that tradition does not demean God or the other nations through history and currently that do the same. Christian artists write many songs for many purposes. I think this song fills its purpose perfectly.

  7. JeromeAndHeather Brundage

    Very nice work.  We are currently putting together a video of this song for our Youth Ministry to perform to on the 4th of July service this year.  Great song...awesome performer!  Tomlin is a disciple.

  8. dan r

    GLORY GLORY THE GLORY OF THE LORD IS AND WILL COME TO AMERICA the bright morning star hehehehehehehehe this song is [email protected]!!! peace, dan

  9. LordJesusIlove

    I love my country and I pray that Jesus will Lord of this nation

  10. Christian Soccer League El Paso Inc.

    I like your video and the massage and song of chris tomlin a great song of our Lord and I like to make a video with this song and some pictures of my stock pictures. Thanks for share it.

  11. LordJesusIlove

    I pay that God's glory and His Spirit will come upon this land. I claim that we are a nation that trusts in the true Living God. May we ask God for clan hands, may we put away all idols and worship the Lord only

  12. faithworks

    @JeriRose2 Amen! Today's sermon at my church was regarding this. So beautiful!! The cross was not only about salvation it was also about being able to be made a perfect human like Christ was and that is to love others when in human standards they are not lovable all of this is made possible because of Jesus! He commands us to love other like the way He loved us!! :D it's not about tolerance it's about LOVE!!! Loving other and showing them that it's not humanly possible but possible thru Christ

  13. Spencer

    "We recognize no sovereign but God, and no king but Jesus!"- John Adams & John Hancock

  14. Joshua ling

    thx you bro, i your video edit~

  15. LordJesusIlove

    America we need to bless God, if we do God will bless us

  16. Doctor Tactical

    I absolutely love this video! Awesome!!!!

  17. GingerSnapp89

    Awesome song and AWESOME job on the video :)

  18. 1Corinthians2:2

    I would hope the message that we are sending non-believers is that Jesus is the only hope for humanity. The Gospel has been sadly watered down...people denying the Divinity of Christ, the redepmtive work of the cross, the power in His blood to forgive sins. I am glad Mr. Tomlin does not do this, as you will see through his entire body of work. Paul the apostle said he desired to know nothing except Christ and Him crucified...and that he gloried in the cross.

  19. 1Corinthians2:2

    The Bible is plain from beginning to end -- believers in Old Testament and Christians in New Testament are not called to harmonize with other relgions. We are called to come out from them and be seperate. This is undeniable from Genesis to Revelation. God Almighty, the God of the Bible, is the only hope for America or any other nation. He is the only hope for all of mankind.

  20. 1Corinthians2:2

    jwoolson, what message of the New Testament do you refer to? The one where Jesus said HE was the only way to God? These other religions you refer to do not line up with Jesus message in the New Testament. JESUS is the only ONE who can save a lost soul headed for hell. We will preach that in NO OTHER NAME THAN THE NAME OF JESUS can man be saved until our last breath.

  21. 1Corinthians2:2

    "Let Your glory fly" is a play on words. He is saying let GOD'S glory fly...not the flag (as in Old Glory). It is a clever way of saying that rather than the flag flying, God's glory should be flying in/through our nation. And it is tying this all back into what our nation was founded on -- Biblical principles.

  22. 1Corinthians2:2

    It's a song about believing for revival to come to America. I put this song on when I am praying for revival in America. I have been going into various videos of this song and praying that God sends revival to America.

    If anyone would like to join in prayer with me for revival in America, my prayers are going up at either 5 PM or 6 PM, Pacific Time, for about an hour sometime during these two hours. Just looking for others to come on board.

    If interested, please indicate..

  23. kirnpu


  24. bigsoundp

    Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation.
    -Hebrews 1:14

  25. saxinet12

    God Bless America

  26. CherylzaLoufan

    Great job on the video. You have some great imagery for this song!