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  1. Brenda Langille

    For whom there crows spies over fields of rice
    of water lotus stream a plant with dew

    I will bring for you 
    little lovely dream
    a little love-ly dream

    dear eyes good night, in a golden light
    the stars around you will bleed

    for you I will press, soft caress

    little lovely dream

    sweet sweet shut your eyes
    the wild fireflies
    the wild fireflies dancing through the fairy name

    straight from the poppy bowl it was for you I stole
    and just for you I stole a still lovely dream

    hush demon baby, your time will soon come
    your sleep will be broken by trumpet and drum

    hush demon darlin, rest while you may
    for strife comes a living and working with the day

    sleep momma dearest
    the talon of my heart

    sleep sleep my darling
    sleep sleep sleep on
    sleep sleep my darling
    sleep sleep sleep on

    I have brought for you a little lovely dream
    a little love-ly dream

    when dawn lights the skies
    open my eyes

  2. Relentless

    Then you mean Reznor´s style.... FUCK MANSON CLOWN ASS BITCH

  3. Félix R.A.

    Don't take drugs to wrap up sensations, only to enhance them lol

  4. Slersk

    Manson has nothing to do with this band. Patton came out way before Manson.

  5. omhum vkh

    not the opposite^^

  6. omhum vkh

    marilyn manson is very"patton style"...

  7. cassidymav

    Manson's old days I presume?

  8. Vito Bonfiglio

    very "marilyn manson style"... but I like it! ;)

  9. roxymindcrime

    yes, it is. everything Patton touches becomes gold.

  10. Felipe Reiter

    I second that, but drugs can give us something that we, as simple human, can never get. That's why some of us take drugs, or alcohol, or feed ourselves, or do sport, etc.

  11. cassidymav

    I'm melting, so nice to melt with truthfull sounds.

  12. SHELLHEAD1961

    i'm using mine right now, but you might find one at a Army surplus store.

  13. gambits candy

    god hates a coward but loves a gas mask !!!

  14. gambits candy

    agreed ! just say no kids listen to the whole of mike patttons back catalogue !!!!

  15. Sariel Acesnof

    soooo sorry 4 the ones who need drugs to travel with this music, the music itself gives you the ride

  16. retr0vertig0


  17. what's in a name

    Listened to this album on mushrooms last night.. holy fuck is all I can say. So many different moods, emotions, and the vocals at 2:41 just make it.

  18. Bruno Esperança

    @ELNITO2009 It's amazing how something so simple can be so intense, innit?

  19. Karolina M

    @Dall5000 ouch.