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Tomahawk Aktion 13F14 Comments
  1. nathan3560

    The outro makes me happy

  2. Elliot James

    Are those rules of fighting from anything? Like a book of war or something?

  3. Jimmy Kirigaya

    Basic principles of hand-to-hand combat:
    1. Be aggressive
    2. Keep your eyes on the opponent
    3. Distract the opponent
    4. Disable or be disabled

    I see what you do I keep on my way through
    I'll see what you'll be, what you'll do

    5. Vary the attack to fit the situation
    6. Turn the defense into an unrelenting attack
    7. Feel superior to the opponent, regardless of the latters' size or the evidence of strength

    I see what you do I keep on my way through
    I'll see what you'll be, what you'll do

    You know you will have little time to stop and think,
    when engaging in hand-to-hand combat.
    Therefore, your actions must be automatic.
    Remember, attack aggressively, with one purpose in mind: To kill.


  4. TCTurtle

    creepy but catchy
    also whos here from badhumans/yuneek?

  5. Joe Farnell

    When i grow-up, I'm considering becoming Mike Patton.

    kerry quinn

    ive been told my adult life that im mid 90's Angel Dust era Mike Pattons Doppelganger, 4 real, its annoying when some says "you remind me of, dam i cant think of his name" "from the everthings ruined video" its worked to my advantage tho, i wont front on that. someday i must think mike patton for gettin so many female fans lol but for real yo, i dont even sing, i play bass, andi was pullin more groupies tha the singer, which he allways bitched about, and had me teach him some cool Les Claypool techniques that can be used in a grindcore band , lol

    kerry quinn

    i honestly want to be reincarnated as a baby, theyy got the life lmfao jk

  6. Brave Insanity

    Patton is God.

    Brave Insanity

    Really... 10 months ago I post Patton is God and no one has anything to say about it. I've lost faith in humanity.

    Selina Lopez

    Brave Insanity everyone knows this 😉

    Brave Insanity

    @Selina Lopez Faith in humanity restored.

  7. 1zv

    the first half is one of my favourite 'songs' of all time, i've never heard anything like it. if anyone knows any similar tunes, please let me know!!

  8. NatStormzDX

    People just don't know good music when they hear it :/

  9. Brian Ross

    Mike Patton is the hardest working man in music and under appreciated doesn't even begin to describe his prolific out put

  10. sℋε ✩ Aℳℯ✘hƴst

    So unknown, why aren't they more known?



  12. TH3M1K3D

    Such a great song especially how he makes himself sound like a robot or some kind of training program

  13. gambits candy

    only 1 comment...lets make that two my fave track off mit gas and yes Mr patton is amazing all his projects are amazing

  14. Harvey McBonersnap


    Cracked Fractal

    ..or supercomputer?