Tom Waits - The Return Of Jackie And Judy Lyrics

Jackie is a punk, Judy is a runt
They went down to the Mudd Club
And they both got drunk

Jackie is a bookie, Judy's taking loans
They both came up to New York
Just to see the Ramones

And oh, I don't know why she wrote that letter
Oh no, oh no
Oh I don't know why,
We won't forget her oh no

Jackie's playing hooky Judy's playing pool
They both got caught for cutting
Got to go to summer school

Jackie's scalping tickets Judy's getting harassed
They both got kicked outside
Didn't have a backstage pass

And oh, I don't know why she wrote that letter
Oh no, oh no
And oh, I don't know why
Don't know what's on her mind
I don't know, no, I don't know

But I can't stand to see her cryin'
She's still cryin', she ain't tryin'
She's going to get left behind
Nobody wants you, nobody wants you

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Tom Waits The Return Of Jackie And Judy Comments
  1. SuperMarioStar10

    Holy shit, this is bad to the point where it's actually pretty funny. He sounds like a drugged up Muddy Waters.

  2. George Mcwhinnie

    why has no one mentioned this song also has les claypool on bass??

  3. Peter Bergwall

    Swedens tribute to Ramones:

  4. Zlatan Palic

    The Ramones original

  5. Geoffrey Gentry

    It sounds like a rock and roll band being fed through a meat grinder- and I love it.

  6. damien c

    Dammmmm!! <3 <3

  7. fluxxus

    This is so fucking awesome!!!

  8. Stephen Lagrandeur

    too good.....oh yeaaaah

  9. Syd Barrett

    Dalek at 0:49.


    It's pretty much been Dalek for Tom Waits since around the mid-seventies.

  10. Carlos Felipe Gonzalez Reyes


  11. I.J.J. martinez

    The Ramones and Waits. would have loved it if they would have toured together. beautiful

  12. FidgeDextro Dextro

    I admire those who post their feelings and allow replies.  Those are the brave and aren't afraid to stand up for their beliefs and listen to constructive criticism.  The rest of you mean-spirited trolls?  You're all a bunch of cowards hiding behind a fake name.  Stop wasting everyone's time.

    In A Gadda Da Bleeda_

    And who the flying fuck are you?

  13. Ashley McKellar

    Tom Waits.  The Ramones.  My mind and ears cannot handle so much awesomeness at once.  I just can't handle it.


    The Ramones version of Waits' "I Don't Want to Grow Up" deals equal awesomeness.

    Judd Remy

    blackmore4 OMG good point! I’d forgotten all about that gem from Summer ‘95-ish?

  14. Sam Young

    This is so shit, ramones is better

    Ryan Smith

    Sam Young This is amazing.

  15. Hannah Dalske

    This song is the recessional on my wedding video. 

  16. Colorado Man

    Just AMAZING!

  17. Ranaiaen

    This is a song that takes a good few listenings too to really start to like. The first time I heard it I went "Wait... What?" after the 3rd/4th time I'm starting to hear this as a good cover. Nice to see Tom repay the Ramones for covering I Don't Want To Grow Up.

    M VA

    Ranaiaen I actually liked it from the first listen. Must have been like 13 years old and only listened to punk music so I didn’t admit I liked it, but i did.

  18. number7gracestreet


  19. Billy Dyer

    This is beyond brilliant.

  20. FrancoManna

    Aguante los Ramones!..y Waits

  21. Dylan Todd

    Different strokes for different folks.

  22. Cremo_06

    WTF is this shit! I don't like it!


    How? It's rock 'n' roll at its most awesome extreme.

  23. GeGe-Nepgear

    my first time listen to them and i like it

  24. Funny Cowboy Dance



  25. Burl Sharley


  26. tallicdeth

    This is even better than the Danko Jones version...I love it.

  27. Patrick O'Connor

    Rob Zombie doin' Blitzkrieg Bop was pretty kickin' too. Same with Garbage tearing down "I Just Wanna Have Something To Do"

  28. rodrigo suarez

    Who's the one reading The Dead Zone? Joey?

  29. tallicdeth

    Danko Jones did a cover of this as well for a Canadian tribute album...he's been quoted as saying that he hadn't heard it at the time, but he's sure Tom's was better.

    Danko is a fucking badass!

  30. virtuosooo

    I fucking love this song... OOOHH YEAH!

  31. bacardi119

    This is better than the original, hands down.


    Who's competing? Not me. They're both awesome.

  32. JonTheDandy

    TOM WAITS and the RAMONES, what more could you ask for?!!!!

  33. divergence films

    Excellent rough and tormented version from Mr Waits which I do prefer to the original

  34. Derick Aguilar

    @k4f3rdrum Also about the broken english. It's hard to know who's a native speaker and who speaks english as a 2nd/3rd languages. Lots of dumbasses in the arpaweb.

  35. Derick Aguilar

    @k4f3rdrum I'm sorry you feel that way. I think the Ramones would disagree with you.

  36. Carlos Fraile

    @BulletForJoey First of all, not everyone is native-english-speaker, so you can't pretend in a global site everyone can write like in a encyclopedia.
    second, When did I said Ramones were the greatest band on the planet? oh And I don't like Tom Waits, yeah, I respect him but I still think Ramones are better.

  37. Derick Aguilar

    @k4f3rdrum I give you thumbs up for this response. Not because you made a valid point, but because it was written in like broken english and only made you out to be a fool. So bravo sir/madame!

    For the record, I could give two shits about who Marky listened to. According to a recent Facebook ad Tom Waits likes Van Helan, that doesn't make them good. I like the Ramones, but they weren't the greatest band on the planet, save your worship for an artist who deserves the praise. Like Mr. Tom Waits.

  38. Carlos Fraile

    @BulletForJoey Do you know what is the Marky's Ramone favourite actual band? yeah, Green Day.
    And you can't say the catchy tune of green day songs like something bad cause that's the ramones formula.
    So shut the fuck up!!

  39. LukeSniper

    @mjw9363 Tom Waits is, admittedly, not for everyone.

    He is a masterful vocalist though. Give it some time and he'll grow on you.

  40. Matei Ghimis

    Oh yeah. Waits is probably minister of internal affairs.

  41. Derick Aguilar

    hey now... lets all calm down now. green day's written plenty of catchy songs that some of us look back on fondly.

    and you can't compare green day to tom waits, i mean talk about two different worlds. green day coming from a pop top 40 world and tom comes from a world where talent is endless and nothing is off limits. i believe don van vliet is the prime minister there.

  42. C.J. Benoit

    This is Punk Rock washed in the muddy water of the Mississippi River. It's like a field holler . . . I dig it!

  43. yiyuwazza

    oh yea howwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

  44. Victor Cequinel Malanski

    tom ramone!


    Haha. You're right; can't be Tommy 'cos that's already taken and Thomas would be missing the point ;)

  45. luap ssub

    @MeeshoTV ??? Greenday sucks!

  46. luap ssub

    @Oz206 offspring has there moments

  47. strathchaileach

    This is one of my most favourite recordings of all time. Wild, earthy and absolutely pure rock and roll. It sends me to another place everytime I hear it. Amazing.

  48. Jack Walters

    I think it's awesome......why argue it? You don't like it.....don't fucking listen! Problem solved

  49. Shane MacIntyre


    When I saw your name I heard Randy's voice "Mr Lahey you're drinking again."

  50. Shane MacIntyre

    You need to wake up to real music. Hopefully as you age you will realize what talent is.
    Green Day were wannabe punk rockers from day one, and they never even came close to being that.

  51. Shane MacIntyre

    Tom Waits blows everyone out of the water period.

  52. Cody Short

    Dirty, dirty, DIRTY! LOVE it.

  53. Ashley Williams

    Hey fellas this is supposed to be a tribute not a friggen mass takeover,He was just trying to repay them for their cover of his song...At least have the common decency to click "Dislike" if you don't like it...I mean more power to you if you don't and to those who do welcome to the club,because I for one like this!

  54. ThePsychoReturns

    Holy fuck. Tom doesn't just cover a song, he burns it right to the fucking ground.

  55. Ole Morten Wilhelmsen

    OH YEAH !

  56. D Boughner

    @scattnasty , I really don't believe you heard any of the Ramones "down" the quality of this album... Full participation of all parties, complete control of the album in the hands of the members of the Ramones and the fact that they did this as a fund raiser for the NY Lymphoma Society. One of the last musical projects Johnny worked on before he died of Lymphoma in 2001 (album was released in 2002) Let's get our story strait!!
    BTW Folks... Excellent Album!!

  57. Juris Neto

    Omg has real Ramones spirit, simple amazing

  58. Mark Russell

    For a tribute album, this one is actually good, with this song being my favorite from it. I just have to think he had funrecording this.

  59. Greg Oakes

    fucking excellent.

  60. bpcism

    great work! 5 stars

  61. luap ssub

    I can give or take

  62. Oz206

    yeah green day sucks(now at least), but i like the offspring, there no ware as good as the ramones or the clash but i like them.

  63. L'Asino conlacravatta

    what the fuck ???? it sounds orrible!!


    Please, have another try. The in-the-red / in-your-face recording technology and the nefarious activity afoot between Tom Waits phlegm and his larynx may startle negatively on first listening but, I promise, this is beauty unbounded.

  64. woodyamsterdam

    A genius covering a song of a genius band... It can't get any better!
    Straight to my favorites.

  65. luap ssub

    except both Green Day and the Offspring suck...Guess WHAT BILLY JOE!?!? YOU'RE NOT JOE STRUMMER!!!!!!!!!!

  66. ramonesfan05

    The cover by green day and the offspring was pretty similar to the ramones.

  67. luap ssub

    I love how that chord falls on "WE CANT FORGET HER" its just that 3 chord genius of Johnny.

  68. Gabriel Arend

    Creep! wonderful!

  69. Treebs

    I love this tribute album.
    Tom Waits owns this song!!!

  70. John Poulsen

    Very very cool video and song.
    Never heard the Tom Waits version before.