Tom Waits - Saving All My Love For You Lyrics

It's too early for the circus, it's too late for the bars, everyone's sleepin'
But the paperboys, and no one in this town is makin' any noise, but the dogs
And the milkmen and me

The girls around here all look like cadillacs, no one likes a stranger here
I'd come home but I'm afraid that you won't take me back, but I'd trade off
Everything just to have you near

I know I'm irresponsible and I don't behave, and I ruin everything that I
Do, and I'll probably get arrested when I'm in my grave, but I'll be savin'
All my love for you

I paid fifteen dollars for a prostitute, with too much makeup and a broken
Shoe, but her eyes were just a counterfeit, she tried to gyp me out of it, but
You know that I'm still in love you

Don't listen to the rumors that you hear about me, cause I ain't as bad as
They make me out to be, well I may lose my mind but baby can't you see, that
I'll be savin' all my love for you

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Tom Waits Saving All My Love For You Comments
  1. Carl A

    Some people are original and others just copy others. Dombrowski knows the difference. LOL.

  2. Count Blue

    This is the first song I heard from him. In 1982.
    I admire this man and his style to present his music.
    He sounds like life is.

  3. Atakan SARIOĞLU

    don't listen to the rumors that you hear about me,
    cause i ain't as bad as they make me out to be,
    well i may lose my mind but baby can't you see,
    that i'll be savin' all my love for you.

  4. Abdellah Najime

    "There's a battle going on between the blue and the grey"

  5. francofrogg

    "I'll probably get arrested when I'm in my grave."

  6. Joseph Pollack

    Mom's spaghetti

  7. Ian Ashleigh

    was the dislike from someone who was expecting Whitney Houston? :) 

    faye spectra

    You're funny😂

    Robert Hanson

    Hilarious! Laughed way too hard...

  8. Heather Salisbury

    Memories of Nic Myall, being 19, a sunny day and feeling immortal.....and being in love......

  9. Bband

    It's Sunday morning and it's sunny
    and someone hollered "bon appetit!"
    I was in love but love sounds funny 
    when honey tastes like sympathy.

  10. Stan Nelson

    Tom Wait is the Charles Bukowski of music. Just digging into Bukowskis Ham on Rye novel.

    a s

    Done all of his books. Can't read anything else by other authors, it's just crap.

    le quotazioni in borsa della fame

    a s that is fun.

    Brandi Ray

    Stan Nelson Check out Waits reading Buk.

  11. Ezciel

    Tom Waits is the Charles Bukowski of music ! He is the music industries poetic unsung hero.

  12. mystery8guy

    look again ;)

  13. Cristi Hendry

    most beautiful love song ever written

  14. flagemdown66

    i was in dire straits once,Mark Knopfler asked me to leave...

  15. I.J.J. martinez

    "and I'll probably get arrested when I'm in my grave" This album is an all-time fave, think I heard it everyday for 3 years back in the day and I never get tired of it. A masterpiece!

  16. Wildmanfx Esteecee

    This guy is doing a very bad impression of Louis Armstrong!!!!!!!

  17. Cristian Andreescu

    simply amazing...

  18. Luis Carlos Dávila

    The texture of his voice was at his best!

  19. Bethany Appel

    I'm so happy I was lucky enough to befriend older people and learn about Tom Waits. I've been listening to him since I was about 12 and I'm 17 now. And he is at the top of my list. Love this man. Thank you Tom, for such beautiful, emotional music. You've gotten me through Hell and back. <3

  20. scream62

    christi,thanx for posting,a lot !!

  21. Jaka Gerčar

    yes, people should listen to dire straits rather than be there.

  22. Jose María Muñoz Gaitán

    Take out the prostitute part and you got my life.

    Jay Bee

    Jose María Muñoz Gaitán add it & you have mine!

    Micko Sheehan

    Quite a bargain at $15 👍

  23. MrJediNinjaPirateMan

    not forgetting Saturday Night


    this as far as i am concerned is one of his best albums along with raindogs and swordfishstrombones in my humble opinion

  25. Simon Mellor

    This was the first Tom Waits song I ever heard, it was at my mates house about 25 years ago.
    The man is a genius, what more can I say?

  26. Valeria Gomes

    Have been saving all my love for you...have you near me...make my wish come true.

  27. freewheelinQ

    Why does YOUTUBE show only my views?

  28. art4med

    That string chorus makes his residual roughness the more precise. "Her eyes were the counterfeit....." indeed. Used to paint to this in the late 70s.

  29. MadHatter123456

    Pure genius... His songs haunt me in my dreams. I hate you for that, Tom - and I love you for that. Thank you, thank you so much.

  30. Suzanne Bryson

    wheres the LOVE button xox thanks for sharing:}

  31. Shooters141

    Crazy. Only 1300 listens. What is this world coming to?!?!? We are in dire straits, indeed.

  32. Shooters141

    Incredible album.