Tom Waits - Lord I've Been Changed Lyrics

Woah I, know I've been changed
And I know I've been changed
I know I've been changed
Angels in heaven done sign my name
Angels in heaven done sign my name

Well, I know I got religion,
Lord knows I'm not ashamed
Well, a holy ghost is my witness
And the angels done sign my name

Oh, I said: I know I've been changed
And I know I've been changed, yeah
Know I've been changed
Angels in heaven done sign my name
Angels in heaven done sign my name

Lord knows I've been converted
Lord knows I've been redeemed
Well, you can wake me up in the midnight hour
I'm gonna tell ya just a what I seen

I said: I know I've been changed
And I know I've been changed, yeah
Know I've been changed
Angels in heaven done sign my name
Angels in heaven done sign my name
Angels in heaven done sign my name
Angels in heaven done sign my name

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Tom Waits Lord I've Been Changed Comments
  1. mark arend

    He can do what he will-when he take a spoon and hit it against some Girls Titts it will still be a great song!

  2. George Washington

    My older brother is an atheist but I'm so happy he introduced me to Tom wait singing these old blues gospel songs a few years ago when I was struggling :)

  3. Bornaking

    Powerful message! Cookie monster gospel from the grit Meister himself!

  4. Vi B

    seriously awesome ...I've been changed too

  5. Paul Bellew

    a treasure .

  6. jane a sinner

    His voice sounds "like it was soaked in a vat of bourbon, left hanging in the smokehouse for a few months, and then taken outside and run over with a car".

  7. tjalve93

    so good

  8. Jeremy Sphincter

    What a fucking voice. He makes me want to grind my teeth down and take a buzz saw to my knees. He’s that good.

  9. Fatim Qh


  10. Dave Hibbard

    Why have the kids who were once on this video, and peered through the window, not there anymore?

  11. Laura S.

    The most incredible voice the word will ever know

  12. Scotty Roxwell

    And he's such an amazing actor too. I'm convinced he is in fact the devil. Haha


    Scotty Roxwell or a prospector

  13. emiliano palleres

    It´s strange to find an interview of Tom when he talks with his normal voice

  14. Helen Lizzy Stewart

    A Tom Waits fan here forever

    Robert Balliet

    Helen Lizzy Stewart He’s awesome!

  15. Rob Reid

    Tom channeling Blind Willie Johnson

  16. Marcellino Sananto

    The voice of the devil singing the words of God.

  17. Eduardo Carrochio

    i think he's playing his Danelectro Convertible - i wish they'd move round to the front

  18. aldo saldias saldias

    Is Tom Waits christian ?

    Pamela Duarte

    Then ...why he sing Jesus blood never failed me yet?

  19. Jim Palmer

    Twenty-eight people haven't been changed.

  20. Wanquan Loot

    this is an incredible video. one of the most interesting i've ever seen. fucking i love you.

  21. tee cee


  22. Lewis Mason

    Where is this from?

  23. John Kennedy

    This resonates. its as inspired as Handel's Messiah

  24. pentagramparsons

    The ONLY artist in music history with a career spanning several decades, who never released a bad album.

    Pablo Balmaceda

    I think you never had the pleasure of meeting LUIS ALBERTO SPINETTA

  25. Christian Windum


  26. Anke Unruh

    I want to listen to the camera operators... the people who felt kinda right to capture this...

  27. Anthony Pearson4JesusofNazareth

    he's pretty cool, and thats a major deal coming from me y'all

  28. Mark Mc

    Wow. I've been seeking this recording/vid, since I saw it around 2002. There is more to this interview, and if anyone has a link, I'd love to see it again. Tom talking about Tunes... Tom Waits. Wow.. Talk about "Dare to be yourself!!""

  29. Jake Rosko

    Music, ladies and gents

  30. Joseph Muir

    How gospel music should sound.

  31. Paddy Mc Creery

    Me thinks it's from a Irish documentary made by Philip King called freedom highway songs that shaped a century - class - how did he get this access to the great man - I'd love to get a copy of the show to see it again


    +Paddy Mc Creery thank you much appreciated :-)

  32. Sudeep Makwana

    Living legend but people not able to understand his talent .... fool people crazy about kid .. "Justin Bieber"


    @Sudeep Makwana There is no accounting for people's taste. I will tell you though, I got to see him live and you would have loved seeing how diverse the audience was. Men, women, very young people and old, black, white, asian.
    I can't count how many women I fell in lust over that night. I've never seen so many beautiful women at a concert.
    The people were as amazing to see as Tom and they all seemed to be in awe as I was.
    I was offered $1000 dollars U.S. for my ticket. You know what my answer was already.

    Sudeep Makwana

    thank for comment @Bubba Gump 

  33. S P

    What show is this from?!!?

  34. adam diamond

    a voice like a force of nature - a planetary treasure

    Mark Mc

    Wellsaid.. Thankks for puttin into words what I wanted to say

  35. Landi

    Is this on a particular album?

    James Lehane

    It's from "Orphans- Brawlers, Bawlers & Bastards" Disk 1

    Paul Schoon

    He also did this with John Hammond on Hammond's "Wicked Grin" album.

    Marvin Harrison Smith II

    The version on Orphans has been overdubbed with unneccesary percussion and backing vocals. As far as I know, this video is only place to get the original undubbed version.

  36. BaNDiNi

    putain, il a quand même grave la classe.

  37. frans venrooy

    there can only be one !

  38. Mou Colin


  39. Andrea Beatriz Estevez Correa

    simple bello!!

  40. pimphandstrong

    any1 know what documentary this iis ?

  41. samet bektaş

    I think he might be god

    Mert Aykaç

    6 senedir YouTube yorumları okuyorum ama senin kadar haklısını görmedim

  42. Desertdreamer

    haha best comment ever :-)

  43. turkeyladle

    just wow

  44. Ilona Ráczné Molnár

    DE TUD !

  45. Drawn

    He just gives it his all... he shows the up-most respect to the song, like it is a precious child. His pure musicality always shines through.

    Mark Mc

    He sure does not hold back, and that is why he is so revered... by me and like minded folk..



  47. 21TroubleBraids

    Look a little closer, these are his kids! He has one girl(the oldest), and two boys.

  48. honkforpeaceandquiet

    What is this from?

  49. marash

    Hey Tom Waits. You fucking rule man. Did you ever notice that?

  50. bosifus jones

    its so simple and great tom dosent need anything to be great there is no flashing lights or dancers everywhere trying to distract you from how bad the music is like in the new music comming out thank you tom and love you

  51. AudioslavedBeast

    Tom drills through your ears right to the middle of your soul, giving it a couple of warm touches before leaving. And that moment leaves you in eternal bliss. The bliss of bright sadness and sorrow.

  52. LeisureSuitLurie

    If there is a Heaven I'm sure the Angels have will him at the top of the list....

  53. allpine1

    I just click LIKE couple of time and now don't know do I like it or not. Tom is phenomenon

  54. EdStark22

    like in a good way right?

  55. phenethylaminedreams

    He's said a lot of things that imply that he's agnostic but seems to very much like the idea of religion. He once told a story about a church that took him and a friend in when the weather was shitty and they did this whole service with speaking in tongues and stuff, and he said if he went to church and was religious, he'd go to a church like that one.

  56. pimphandstrong

    one of Tom Waits best songs

  57. William Kampen

    It sure is.

  58. William Kampen

    They look nothing similar

  59. William Kampen

    Lord, I've been change is what he sings and no, he is not religious.

  60. William Kampen

    They look nothing similar

  61. Swordfishstick

    I saw this originally in a music documentary that I stumbled across years ago when flipping chanels on the TV. I think the name of the documentary was "Freedom Highway" - yup, just did a search for it, the full name is "Freedom Highway: Songs that Shaped a Century".

  62. J.K.Lowe

    i was thinking the same thing haha

  63. J.K.Lowe

    anyone know what kind of guitar he's using? i know Waits uses a lot of gibson's

  64. BeerGogglesReviews

    WOW this guy is the real thing.


    Our brothers in Donovan Prison Yard 3 sing this every Sunday - except they sing "My Father in Heaven done signed my name!" Powerful!

  66. PrivateSkittles 91

    That kid in the window has seen the greatest thing in his entire life and doesn't even know it yet......

  67. ljswack

    Can I get an Amen
    Thank You Mr. Waits

  68. reubke1


  69. Andrea Caccese

    This song is so mind blowing.

  70. valhalla homebound

    tom waits ... the singing rustbucket ;) and thats a compliment!

  71. alberts1985

    Angels in heaven done sign my naaaaame

  72. Kevtron9000

    I wish Tom was my neighbor growing up, look at the kids haha awesome

  73. t.e.sanders

    This man really knows how to deliver! If you enjoy the music of Tom Waits you should check out my cover of Chocolate Jesus on my channel.

  74. Chris

    I have just discovered Waits. He is phenomenal, I really feel his music.

  75. Roberto Valle

    This is too much for me!! He is amazing, it feels like time stops when he sing, thanks for posting!

  76. Ben Maries

    what is this from? i want to see the conclusion of the interview after the song.

  77. Scarlet Ibis

    @zaperfan Rofl. Fantastic answer.

  78. Scarlet Ibis

    @zaperfan Why would he reach into my shoes?

  79. Scarlet Ibis

    @zaperfan Of ANY generation

  80. fattyballaty

    Some people make you feel grateful they're around.

  81. SpanimationBiz

    Hell yeah!

  82. Joseph Moosman

    After watching this I know that I have been changed!

  83. JLWing77

    If religion was more like this song, I'd be in church every time the door's opened.

  84. Scarlet Ibis

    @nightfrailer I think that was the best comment I've ever read.

  85. Scarlet Ibis

    @skywalker909 Or any generation, rather.

  86. Diego Garcia

    @sonictimbo They look the same but Hetfield is not a genious at all. Besides that, Hetfield now sings with a voice that resembles my wife's.

  87. Diego Garcia

    @sonictimbo They look the same but Hetfield is not a genious at all.

  88. ADDROX

    @sonictimbo among many others

  89. Nightfrailer

    The laugh at the end is the best, as he emerges back into the universe from wherever he was...

  90. sonictimbo

    Isn't that James Hetfield's dad?

  91. Jack Creazley

    @seedofvision poetry

  92. Chris Retsina

    that guitar tone is gold

  93. Gabe Hampton

    He is saying I KNOW I"VE been changed.. Not NOAH been changed.. Maybe you were making a joke?

    I think this video might be from the same show that has Down in the Well in it. Looks to be the same room he plays that one in. That video is on Youtube, and has German overdubbs in the very beginning before he starts playing.

  94. Nella Crosiglia

    Simply fabulous.....

  95. PathosDistanz

    What is this from? What year? Can you post the entire documentary?