Tom Waits - 'Til The Money Runs Out Lyrics

check this strange beverage that falls out from the sky, splashin' bagdad on
the hudson in panther martin's eyes, he's high and outside wearin' candy apple
red, scarlet gave him twenty seven stitches in his head, with a pint of green
chartruse ain't nothin' seems right, you buy the sunday paper on a saturday

can't you hear the thunder someone stole my watch, i sold a quart of blood
and bought a half a pint of scotch, some one tell those chinamen on telegraph
canyon road, when there ain't no time to
unload, so bye bye baby baby bye bye.

droopy stranger lonely dreamer toy puppy and the prado, we're laughin' as
they piled into olmos' el dorado, jesus whispered eni meany miney moe, they're
too proud to duck their heads that's why they bring it down so low, so bye
bye baby baby bye bye.

the pointed man is smack dab in the middle of july, swingin' from the
rafters in his brand new tie, he said i can't go back to that hotel room all
they do is shout, but i'll stay wichew baby till the money runs out, so bye
bye baby baby bye bye.

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Tom Waits 'Til The Money Runs Out Comments


  2. Mekratrig

    Would like to know what some of the phrases in thissong refer to. "A pint of green chartreuse" - means this absinthe? "When you're on the bill with a spoon" - guessing this as something todo with cocaine, yes? Or means this heroin being cooked in a spoon? "swingin from the rafters in his brand new tie" - a suicider hanging self?

    Whatevar these meanings, as usual, Tom Waits brings up vivid images in the imaginorium with his lyrics. A favorite this is.


    Don't think any of it is supposed to have any solid meaning, I feel like it's all about execution and keeping flow.

    Mathew Scott

    Green Chartreuse is a french herbal liqueur, and it's a reference to the high it gives you.

  3. Jodi R

    Homicide brought me here.


    That fucker from Taco Bell had to die.

    Johnny Rico, Male Escort

    The David Simon show? Dude has taste

  4. D Rain

    that bass line has meshed with my soul man

  5. rldickie

    I can really smell that geetar. Soo stanky

  6. Stephen Hudak

    Timeless blues. Bye bye baby.......

  7. Phillip Buscema

    How can you not love this song?