Tom T. Hall - Little Green Flower With The Yellow On Top Lyrics

The little green flower with the yellow on top
You told me the name but I soon forgot
I know roses and forget-me-nots what's that little green flower with the yellow on top

We got married in a little white church I had a big red rose on my shirt
You had some flowers but you gave them away
And the little green flower was bloomin' that day
It's that little green flower...

Remember the night that I came home drunk
Stopped in the driveway got you a bunch
You got mad said they shouldn't be picked
They were there next morning when I woke up sick
It's that little green flower...

It's been a long time since I gave you that ring
You often said I didn't know a bloomin' thing
But happy anniversary and look what I got
Some little green flowers with the yellow on top

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Tom T. Hall Little Green Flower With The Yellow On Top Comments
  1. Svante Lindblad

    Please, play this song when i´m dead!!


    This is another wonderful Tom T Hall song. Thank you.


    BAYOFHOPE 857-6309

  3. Rikkyhardo

    Hiya vollallan, I think it's on "Tom T. Hall Unsorted" and on a 1977 album called "About Love"
    Hope you find 'em ... good luck!

  4. volallan

    Hey Rikky, could you tell me what album The Little Green Flowers With the Yellow on Top is from. I've searched everything I can find by Tom T. Hall with no luck.........

  5. Rikkyhardo

    Yup, sweet innit?

  6. Circumpunk

    Dang! I never heard this 'un Rikky. Good job mate.

  7. albrenza

    Beautiful cute song ;D

  8. Rikkyhardo

    @Salubesame Thank you, it was a pleasure adding the pics to such a meaningful, well sung song

  9. Salubesame

    Beautiful video
    Thank you very much for posting

  10. trickstaone

    we had this record when I was a kid , I most have played hundreds of times

  11. Rikkyhardo

    @KGoben It's a pleasure that you found it ... it's a lovely song that Tom delivers so well

  12. Rikkyhardo

    @VineWinder And another brilliant story about this song, I honestly never knew of Tom until about 5 years ago. 50 cents for a 78, and now its 75 cents for a download which when you think of it, is a buzz of pips (don't quite know how to describe a download, but I guess that'll do

  13. TheGrneyedlady

    @Rikkyhardo LOL, Quirky but wonderful. Our boys loved the Monkey Who Became President.

  14. Rikkyhardo

    @TheGrneyedlady Wow what a great story, I hope you guys have many more green and yellow boquets to come yet. It was my pleasure to upload this after doing the visuals on his Baby Duck song. Tom T Hall has fantastic voice and has made quite a few quirky (in a lovely way) songs. It's good to know that a song you've uploaded has either made some one laugh or remenice ... Thank you very much for watching

  15. TheGrneyedlady

    My boyfriend introduced me to Tom T Hall back in the late 70's. The was our song. He would have the florist spray carnations green and yellow to commemorate our first date each year. Now married 30 yrs...he still does it :) Thank you for uploading.

  16. NaiveCynic

    Thanks for this. Mom and Dad were a combination of this and Jackson by Cash. Means a lot to me.