Tom T. Hall - Goodbye Cowgirl Lyrics

Goodbye cowgirl the trail ends here
Goodbye cowgirl the tracks of all the dreams that we were chasin' disappear
We take different trails I prefer the rails to some city lights where they're civilized
Goodbye cowgirl set your stirrups high
Goodbye cowgirl you got to ride a many rough and dusty rocky mile
I was the enemy in your camp you see I was restless nights by the campfire light

Goodbye cowgirl watch that western star
Goodbye cowgirl ride around the mountains do not push yourself too far
I will remember you what else could I do life's like rodeos open and they close

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Tom T. Hall Goodbye Cowgirl Comments
  1. mysticmaverick1

    Thanks for posting this song, I suggest you add Tom T. Hall in the title of the post so people looking for his songs can easily find it. I happened to know he wrote and performed it. I hadn't heard it in many years. I used to have the album and there is a sweetness about his performances on all the songs. This one he wrote, and I love the arrangement with the strings, and the lyrics, especially, "Life's like rodeos, open and they close."

  2. Jethro Greene

    thanks thanks  for posting this song

  3. Jethro Greene

    this made my day long lost song

  4. Chip Ballard

    Hey fancythat1975, great post!! And this is a great song by the Storyteller. I too am glad someone finally posted it!! Thanks!!!

  5. fancythat1975

    Well its about frikken time somebody posted this.
    I remember my mom and dad listening to this together, and I used to feel sad because they were divorced, but then it was also slightly bittersweet too becuase they sat there like best friends enjoying the moment of listening to this song together. . And in that moment too I felt safe as a child with my mom and dad and Tom T. Hall.
    Thanks for posting.,