Tom Rosenthal - Take Over Lyrics

Show me your, what your eyes can see
Show me what your eyes can see
Show me light, show me day, show me wonderful
Show me everything you see

Oh love, take me over
Show me the things your eye does see
It's a wonderful world, and you got a camera
Oh love, go and be, you can be the heart for me
Take me over
Show me what your eyes still see
Oh show me what your mind does see

Oh love, show me wonders
I am blind without you
No need to do talking
No need for the mouth to speak
Just show me

Show me wonders, love
Show me wonders
Show me things that your eyes do see
Show me things that your eyes do see
Show me wonders
I wanna see what you see

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Tom Rosenthal Take Over Comments
  1. find.

    it's an unrealistically beautiful song . There's a music video for this song here :

  2. stella lesedi

    This man deserves a Grammy.

  3. yellowshirting

    toooooooooooooooooooom. GAH, this is too good.

  4. Yachou Oussama

    Love 😍😍 song from Morocco

  5. Lisa Drottar

    I really love this

  6. Ayushi Singh


  7. Anahí Mxm

    Muéstrame tu, lo que tus ojos pueden ver
    Muéstrame lo que tus ojos pueden ver
    Muéstrame luz, muéstrame el día, muéstrame maravilloso
    Muéstrame todo lo que ves
    Oh amor, llévame
    Muéstrame las cosas que tu ojo ve
    Es un mundo maravilloso, y tienes una cámara
    Muéstrame cosas que tus ojos ven
    Oh amor, ve y sé
    Tú puedes ser el corazón para mí
    Muéstrame lo que aún ven tus ojos
    Oh, muéstrame lo que tu mente ve
    Oh amor, muéstrame maravillas
    Estoy ciego sin ti
    No es necesario hablar
    No es necesario que la boca hable
    Sólo muéstrame
    Muéstrame maravillas, amor
    Muéstrame maravillas
    Muéstrame cosas que tus ojos ven
    Muéstrame cosas que tus ojos ven
    Muéstrame maravillas
    Quiero ver lo que ves

  8. Joris Dietz

    A made a video to this song, check it out!

  9. Hector Perez

    Lost my way....

  10. An k


  11. Reccoz

    Love all songs from you Tom, thanks for helping me survive life in those dark periods.
    PS: is there a vocal version from this?

    Much love all.

  12. July Blossom


  13. Alyssa

    I fell in love with your music

  14. Blanche T

    The beginning sounds like cold plays old stuff! :)

  15. KIM キム

    this is so good. thankyou for creating such a good music to hear. ❤

  16. theripoffchicago

    Just a matter of time before you etch your name with the greats.

    Timeless music.

  17. Kristina Daylusan

    love dizz.

  18. yang lisa

    I love your song:)♡

  19. Erick JD

    I love you music Tom Rosenthal.

  20. I Love The Outsiders

    I love your music. it's different very refreshing. I know your gonna get really big and hopefully pop culture wont ruin your music ):

  21. Johncarlos Alcantar

    Why did you delete take over live?

  22. Vinicius

    this is wanderful, thanks

  23. Moritz Ztirom

    thats a nice Song i Like IT hope i See more in the Future

  24. elleaina

    from seeing the thumbnail, i knew this songs gonna be good

  25. Duha S

    I love it, makes me want to cry. So wonderful.

  26. Laura Bustos

    awesome song. scrolling back through comments, "why pineapple" etc I think p-napple is perfect analogy for love. it's all prickly and rough outside and sweet delish inside. 🍍

  27. Tom MT

    The chords at the beginning are a lot like bittersweet symphony! Great song none the less. :)

  28. Antonia Sohm

    Goosebumps everytime!

  29. Abbie Foley

    you've turned my tears into diamonds .x.

  30. Ladymusicc


  31. melina


  32. Louise M

    Do you record your songs at home or in a studio?

  33. Hugo d’Elbée

    suis je le seul français?


    Masvalt for us non 😄

    Hugo d’Elbée

    Anaki aaaaaaaah cool, je pensais mdr


    Masvalt for us haha c'est grv triste qu'il ne soit pas aussi connu en France,

    Hugo d’Elbée

    Anaki j'avoue il a tant de talent

  34. Sean L

    It's a fruit-based love! ❤️🍍❤️🍍❤️🍍❤️🍍❤️🍍❤️❤️🍍❤️🍍❤️🍍❤️🍍❤️🍍❤️🍍❤️🍍❤️

  35. skeletonmember

    Kocham Cię normalnie

  36. kat don

    I really cannot express how much your music resonates with me and how much joy it brings me. Thank you.

  37. Hope Wingrove

    there are very few things in this world that are more beautiful than your music

  38. Layla Sayed

    saying it again, there isnt one song I dont LOOVE for him, I hope I can draw something for him one day however all I do is traditional art now

  39. Frolo La

    I listen to a lot of music but you are my favorite, sir. Thank you for existing

  40. Tiddly Films

    Tom is this about wanting to see the world through the eyes of your daughter?

  41. PersonYouDon'tKnow

    this is so beautiful. i love tom's work because he always sets off that peaceful atmosphere that i just love.

  42. Lucy Emilia Romaniuk

    Your music makes me remember how it is to feel emotions again. Thank you.🍍

  43. Lauren B

    So beautiful. Makes my heart feel full.

  44. birdcreature

    this video is so beautifully quirky

  45. Julia Wengler

    This song is making me think of my love and I'm so grateful to have him in my life <333 thanks tom for the lovely music! And Hannah for the amazing visuals :)

  46. Grey January

    Every single time you upload music, it intensifies experiences for me and it's as though the world around me slows to multiple frames per second. You have an uncanny ability to encapsulate the abstract as well as the concrete into your work. Your experiences, feelings, and thoughts get transformed into raw, profound melodies and it's exquisitely captivating. You have a beautiful soul and you, sir, are a gift to this world. I'm transported whenever I listen to your musical pieces. Please keep it up. x

  47. King Ivo

    your music does incredible things to my heart

  48. Alise Kløvstad

    Sad that Greg was removed. Still acceptable though

  49. Delaram

    i really want a pastel pink pineapple now

  50. sofija mšvć

    Ah, Tom, making wonderful things as always...

  51. Naami Iza

    This is beautiful. The art, his voice, so lovely!

  52. Aldo Jr

    #Vlune ♥

  53. m a i k a l a r o c h e l l e

    Your music makes me feel in love

  54. Лиза Агапова

    I really like it, greetings from Russia

  55. Paul Knop

    such a beautiful animation also love that song

  56. Sasha A

    i never know what to do with myself after watching something you have created/collaborated as they are so original and stunning and everything else seems trashy and worthless..

  57. Pablo Sande

    @Tom Rosenthal, can we call the pineapple Steven? In honour to my deceased pineapple. I still miss him.

  58. Vladimir Spassky

    I love it

  59. Flora _

    노래 정말 좋아요!! South Korea love u ; )

  60. frank madone

    This is wonderful.

  61. Federica Confalonieri

    Great song! And through the video you can actually understand the meaning of It

  62. Sof Gain

    For some reason I feel a lot of Scandinavian vibes here. Such a lovely song, by the way! <3

  63. Amber Liniea

    beautiful 😊

  64. iris olympia

    every song you create is a gem ✨

  65. Franky H.

    EVeryone should carry an pinrapple around and listen to tom.

  66. Modern Leper

    you bloody brilliant human being 💖

  67. Isabel Wleugel

    Truly amazing!

  68. Nikki Itzhak

    this song. this beautiful song. Tom. this is amazing. as always.
    P.S. looking for Will Darbyshire here in the comments as I am listening to this song for the hundredth time.

  69. Laury C

    Wish Tom Rosenthal wrote the soundtrack of my life

  70. fry z

    forgive me please!! i made it to the 2:44 mark and realized that i still didn't like it

  71. Ashwin Ravichandran

    it's just dreamy ... love it .. come on !! who is better than Tom rosenthal ??... he is a legend . His songs make me cry all the time 😢 ... I feel like I'm missing something . He is the kind of artist that you don't share with others . you keep it a secret . 😭😢

  72. Bathna33

    Pineapple 🍍 ♥

  73. gitanjali arora

    So beautiful

  74. Val T

    Beautiful, like always.

  75. EA SJ

    I love u tom rosenthal

  76. Aurora Netto

    perfeição 😍

  77. Ejha Kumbara

    I like <3

  78. Theresa

    You are such an inspiration! Wherefrom do you take all that beauty? It's a pleasure to follow you and your music 💛

  79. Hannah Chen

    am struggling to express how much I love this song and also this video but I really love it a lot

  80. Jasperi

    Show me wonders, Greg

  81. Vural Yusuf Gültekin

    New kind of Leonard Cohen occurs these days in Youtube. Thanks Tom <3

  82. bill greene

    I miss Greg

  83. Blue River

    absolutely wonderful <3

  84. Joshualacruz

    And as always remember:
    Keep on believing
    Make all the things
    And have fun during the day

    I love you guys. ❤

  85. nxb314


  86. Tisana Tara

    nice song , nice video 🙃🙂

  87. Lilac War

    Just always amazed by what you put out.. seriously.

  88. do not be gay if you're under the age of 21

    well done hannah jacobs🙌🏻

  89. Galina Staneva

    i love it

  90. Hesté Coetzee

    I'm in AWE

    Love the illustration and motion.
    Cannot wait to see more videos from the new album.

  91. callan thornell

    I've been scrolling through the comments for a while and I have not found anyone that did not like this song.

  92. Wiktoria

    Amazing 💚

  93. Lewis Croston

    This made me fucking smile.

  94. Sarah DS

    This is absolutely amazing, I'm so in love with your songs

  95. lasodade

    Pure talent

  96. Weronika Pruchnicka

    Thank you for this song. I'm very stressed right now, tomorrow i get exams to college, but i have no idea if i really want pass it or not, because i'm not sure what i want to do in my life, bit your sonhs mąkę me a little bit more cały, thank you for that very much