Tom Rosenthal - P.A.S.T.A Lyrics

P.A.S.T.A save my day
I've been so lowly
I've been so lowly

Give me all the shapes that you make
I've been so worried
I have been so worried

Feed me carbs, baby
Ravioli daily
Al dente in the soul

Beauty in the blandness
Cheese for the sadness
Pesto for the hole

P.A.S.T.A save my day
I've been so lowly
I've been so lowly

Oh words, cannot quite explain how I've loved you my entire life
Oh words, cannot quite explain how I've loved you my entire life

Carbonara told me there was something holy
Love one day will come

Eggs and the flour, no higher power
Simple as the sun

Oh words, cannot quite explain how I've loved you my entire life
Oh words, cannot quite explain how I've loved you my entire life

P.A.S.T.A save my day
I've been so lowly
I've been so lowly

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Tom Rosenthal P.A.S.T.A Comments
  1. Kaunedhiel B

    This changed my life for ever

  2. Emelia Söderlund

    I don't think a pasta tribute song can get any better than this!

  3. Kylezz

    Wow that ending

  4. Anna G

    I will never get tired of seeing Tom wandering around rough, hilly terrain wearing different forms of food...

  5. שי סלע

    This video is weirdly aesthetic

  6. Benjamin Lee

    thanks, I needed this.

  7. Harrison Hirst

    Top Meme

  8. Ashlynn Rickard

    Be nice once in your lifetime and always remember that everybody does not have to be bullying everybody does not treated like that

  9. Ashlynn Rickard

    OMG you’re just ripping off that guy that sang about watermelon

  10. Ashlynn Rickard

    Pasta is good life is sad

  11. Dylan Richardson

    2:25 - If you declare with your mouth, "Swimming Ravioli Monster is Lord", and believe in your heart that Flying Spaghetti Monster raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

  12. Zeynep H.


  13. Dizzy Butler

    Does anyone know where this was filmed?

  14. DeadFringe 2007


  15. Sofi Matarese

    Ravioli ❤️

  16. elluellu2010


  17. historywept

    your music videos always have such pretty scenery

  18. Ametheist Toast

    I love this

  19. kalef1234

    I love Pasta too

  20. lilynamed

    That's geniously brilliant !

  21. Jurek Obr

    Just beauty ;) I love your songs ;)

  22. Eva

    Genuinely the most relatable song I’ve ever heard 👌

  23. Fenja

    That song is the main theme of my life.

  24. litschy

    awwweee thats so beautiful omg

  25. Laphia M

    Best song ever!

  26. Birkan Gunbey

    I'm not quiet a musician but i would love to make a cover of this song but i only have bass guitar does anyone can tell me how i can turn this into some bass cover or does anyone write me chords for the bass :)

  27. solpuella

    I didn't know that I could love you even more

  28. what is oatmeal

    D-I-A-B-E-T-E-S, I’ve been so worried, I have been so worried...

  29. what is oatmeal

    Pasta or Watermelon?

    Thea C

    The Great Doge Of Wisdom that’s a hard one

  30. pootis s

    This song described me so good in fifth grade I had a crush on a girl the whole elementary school and after fifth grade I never saw her again

  31. chordadorsalis

    That gesturing. Perfect 💚

  32. Bea Hamm

    How is this so emotional and beautiful

  33. Lenny H.W

    I'm in love and hungry. Thanks, Tom!

  34. amanda s

    ngl i didn't know the lyrics to the song i just loved your voice and the song. but now after watching i can't laughing

  35. Михаил Кудряшов

    Это лучшее что я видел

  36. zoe

    The jacket makes me hungry

  37. Cara Pierce

    I want his jacket

  38. i love beans

    my secret gem. thank you tom. 💙

  39. D Leong

    Now make a song about noodles and szechuan sauce.

  40. Domino Picamation

    Does ramen count as pasta?

  41. i love beans

    so underrated.

  42. majs h

    you start to mean too much to me. thank you so much. life is more bearable with you x

  43. br33zymilq

    Feed me carb bby

  44. Wikhelm Norman

    Is no one going to talk about the pasta monster at the end

  45. Piotr Kotlet

    i havent figure out yet whats the meaning of this song but im sure it is not about pasta.

  46. WhitestWaters

    You love pasta? Make a song about pasta! Like watermelon? Make a fruit based song ! Love this :P

  47. David Kirby

    He's like a British (and even more surrealist) version of Owl City!

  48. István Csabay


  49. Shivam Batra

    Can you please tell me where (country and place) these video are shot. It looks beautiful and I would love to visit for my next vacation.


  50. Leah Thomas

    1:36 deer: wtf. Why is there a man wearing pasta

  51. Adalynn Griesser

    the noise the pasta monster makes at the end confuses me every time I listen to this without paying attention to the video

  52. джаред летний

    так мило :) почему я раньше не видела этого?

  53. Nandini Mittal

    What part of the internet am I in and why didn't I know about this earlier?

  54. Trisha Ray

    official hymn for the pastafarian church. this man has been touched by His noodly appendage in a meaningful way.

  55. Geloskie

    Wtf am I watching hahaha

  56. Jasmine Merriman

    something so beautiful, comforting and warm about this

  57. clubkidzoe

    P A S T A

  58. Feline Pottwal

    HOW ??? He could sing about used tissues and it would sound BEAUTIFUL !

  59. safa saleh


  60. Seyyide Betül Duman

    Watermelon song and video and this one is so similar

  61. mia kay

    I fucking love pasta

  62. firthy997

    Please tell me this is a pisstake this cant be serious ravoli and lovely should never be in the same sentence

  63. Reema Ameer

    This song can make a pasta hater fall hard

  64. Sam Ross

    anyone know where this was filmed? :)

  65. Lizzy Darcy

    He makes singing about food super romantic . . .

  66. Amanda Eckert

    When you have a amazing voice you can sing anything you want

  67. myrto lefk

    i want to eat pasta and be in scotland

  68. Aga Dębała

    What the fuck is that?

  69. Ashley

    That moose in the back is like, "Da fuc" 0:53

  70. Thesjayway

    Words cannot quite explain how I’ve loved you my entire life! ...There was something holy... simple as the sun...

  71. Zach

    Gets me every time Tom

  72. Nickie Sch

    Yup... I have no idea how that happend but i guess i just accidentally hit the subscribe button and listened to absolutely every song of this man...

  73. Charm Santos

    pasta 😵

  74. Sylwester Drela

    rosenthal jest ciekawy...

  75. Kenneth Knowlton

    I listened to this all day yesterday for national pasta day. Perfecto!
    keep it al dente tom!

  76. Mimmy Marie

    I need the same jacket

  77. lx y


  78. Dö del

    What is your Spaghetti Policy here?

  79. lovely skins uk J

    my theme song

  80. Harry Bealing

    never before did know i needed a song about carbohydrates....

  81. EmoNightDragon


  82. Danny Tantrum

    I-Is this... Thomas Jefferson...?

  83. Sanirana

    You are great Tom
    P.A.S.T.A save my day

  84. Jessica •

    It's the Little things that makes us Happy ❤

  85. Silent Screen

    you're fucking amazing. greetings from Poland!

  86. kim gillingham


  87. Lucas Maynes

    This guy is underrated

  88. George Styants

    Can you please add seasons under my bed to the play store please!!!

  89. Octavio Diaz

    Anybody see the pasta monster at 2:27? Hahaha

  90. Jasmine Forbes

    does anyine know where this is filmed ?

  91. my name is bella

    Please tell me you're adding your jacket to the shop

  92. Min MeowMeow

    I cried at a sing about pasta. can't decide whether that says more about me as a person or Tom's talent as a song writer

  93. Ladymusicc

    77 people don't like Pasta.

  94. Ladymusicc

    I would like to point out 1:37. In the background there is a reindeer. He's/She's like "what is he doing?" But I think it's magnificent that he/she is there. It was just such a pleasant surprise. And so beautiful. It really added to that scene. This was hypnotizing to watch. I loved it Tom!

  95. Olla Reisen


  96. Spectacular Spider-Man

    I heard he might be playing the thirteenth Doctor

  97. Shannon Fahy

    I hope to find someone who sings about me the way you do about pasta. But for now I'll just sing about food as you have inspired me sir.