Tom Rosenthal - Oh No Pedro Lyrics

He doesn't know what to do with his plans
All the thoughts keep him rolling in the night
He doesn't know what to do with his hands
They're just always sticking out like a knife

He's lost his bag, oh no
Where was the last place you saw it, Pedro?

Pedro's fallen in love
He's lost all his heart to her
His love found another love
The lost words of a whisperer

He's lost his heart, oh no
Where was the last place you saw it, Pedro?
Oh where was the last place you saw it, Pedro?

Oh no Pedro, it's gone all wrong
But it's alright, we're all in this song
Oh no Pedro, it's gone all wrong
But it's alright, we're all in this song

He doesn't know what to do with his words
How to send them from the brain to the mouth
What order does he put them in?
Which ones does he just leave out?

He's lost his gods, oh no
When was the last time you saw them, Pedro?
Oh where was the last place you saw them, Pedro?

Oh no Pedro, it's gone all wrong
But it's alright, we're all in this song
Oh no Pedro, it's gone all wrong
But it's alright, we're all in this song

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Tom Rosenthal Oh No Pedro Comments
  1. Dana Sheyyab

    Rediscovering this gem. So emotional.

  2. papillon de la stratosphère

    I couldn't imagine that a simply song makes me feel so much emotions... tom you're so intelligent and sensitive, I admire you so much.

  3. ItzzRhae 04

    This song makes me happy:)

  4. Lenaxxoo

    What does the song mean, i dont get it...

  5. Maria Vittoria Re

    This encourages me to follow my way and inspire love. Thank you Tom for showing your beauty to the world too
    I am with Pedro

    Maria Vittoria Re

    And world's beauty and difficulties to the world

  6. Brandon Jagger

    Pedro is trans?

  7. weeping oyster

    Th for fucking

  8. Wiki

    Good song but i'd prefer another video

  9. isaac


  10. Chloé S

    that ASMR start

  11. Вишневая Галогенка


  12. jet

    so beautiful

  13. Joshua Benson

    This song is everything. Thanks, once again, Tom.

  14. Zachary Botha

    Wow. Love this track

  15. official

    So sorrow and moving

  16. Clotilde Vivier

    This and Lead Me To You are stunning videos.

  17. Beyza

    this is a beautiful piece of art.

  18. Staph. Awreus

    May i know what does Pedro mean?

  19. Simona Trojanova

    very... very great

  20. Naked Cat Productions

    Well, that was surprisingly heartbreaking. Beautiful, loved it

  21. Edward K

    you voice sounds like it could belong in alt-j

  22. The Simpsons

    49 pedro fans pressed the dislike buttom.... 😕

  23. Ebrar Bayhan

    First I thought Tom Rosenthal is german , because Tom is a german name and Rosenthal,too.
    I thought it because I'm german.

  24. Sarwari Das


  25. Boneless Bones

    I had no idea what the meaning of all this was for way too long and I just now got it oh my god this is absolutely amazing

  26. Joshua Benson


  27. Amy Ounsworth

    Pedro is a bloody great dancer

  28. Olivia Rose

    struggling with gender identity is one of the most difficult things to go through. you illustrated the perils of doubting who you are in such a real way that it makes me want to cry. such a big fan of your music

  29. Eugene List

    Probably this is not only about gender dysphoria,it seems to me like its about dysphoria in general,about people who can't live happily for some reason...

    The Pope

    Isn't this just wonderful that this can be interpreted on any level of generality?

    Eugene List

    No.Because Tom always has some message in his songs,and those messages are serious n deep.This message is about people who got serious discomfort to live with...though...yes basically,what's u see in your mind while listening its ok,its your reality

    The Pope

    So... no or yes? Do you agree with me that it's wonderful that these song are open to various interpretations or not? I'm confused xD

    Eugene List

    Scuse me hehe,I think *YES* Songs of Tom exclusively wonderful in any meaning or interpretation

  30. lucija franusic

    That asmr beginnig tho

  31. Lana likes beanies

    Tom. TOM, you make such beautiful music and stories. I have been very suicidal all my life and while i was about to slit mah wrist deeper, somehow your music made me just want to stay and listen for a little longer. Thank you. You are a lifesaver.

  32. chaka laka


  33. Camila Alessandra Quiroz Robles


  34. Sam Andersz

    Wow... I would never expect that. Thank you Tom. Huge respect for you. Thank you so much. <3

  35. molly malone

    I'm actually crying

  36. SaiIsFab

    I love your music Tom <3

  37. eleanor

    I have no words except this song is so powerful :'((

  38. Jia Greenhouse

    Just when I think I couldn't possibly be more moved by Tom Rosenthal's art he brings me to tears again.

  39. Magali Vasquez

    Amo tu música😍😍 kisses from Colombia 🇨🇴

  40. a h

    great work, as always Tom!

  41. BarrySTFUSrsly

    Wow, totally unexpected video. Lovely.

  42. Joseki

    As much as I would like to see you performing live, I love your explanation for not doing tours to be there for your children. It really shows your heart. Keep doing great stuff!

  43. Katie Arnold

    This was absolutely breath taking. I have always loved this song but now I love it even more!

  44. Mimmy Marie

    Beautiful as always... <3<3<3

  45. Reading Lady

    pure art

  46. Lollipop Lou

    This was a fucking transcendental experience.

  47. Franky Laaksonen

    by the way I've been searching Annlin Chao's work and I'm totally in love with what she does

  48. Franky Laaksonen

    may I ask why you people relate this to transgender? I imagined he was in love with this woman from the mirror.

    The Pope

    Notice the use of animation. It is clearly shown throughout the video that Pedro is gradually transforming (i.e. accepting himself as) the animated woman, piece by piece, to finally find him>>herself on the other side of the mirror, finally in piece with who she is. It is not about falling in love but acknowledging one's true self. It is not the ultiomate and only true interpretation, though. You know, it's art. You can interpret it as you wish.

  49. pleaselast

    this is art

  50. H M

    This was such a delightful surprise

  51. Kakes pq sim

    Beautiful, perfect, incredible

  52. Melda Tosun

    Absolutely beautiful video. Wow.

  53. Claire F3

    I would like to whisper to Pedro that she is beautiful, and she can love herself.
    Thank you for this poetry, thank you so much.

  54. Ibi Erit

    Thank you very much Tom for this song. I listen to your songs for 10 years. I'm not trans, but as a person with mental disorders, I'm very pleased. I am treated with contempt, even though I was born that way.

  55. Justine

    WoW this music video 😍😍😍

  56. Katrina Abrams

    This is so beautiful and touching, I've got goosebumps now after seeing it wow!

  57. not meaoia

    I love it, just wow.

  58. cody hughes

    this was absolutely incredible

  59. Zach A

    I've been a fan of Tom's for a long time now, and he never ceases to open my eyes to another perspective in life. He has such a wonderful mix of art, feeling and music in his videos. Thank you so much for this wonderful blessing!

  60. Cristina Mo

    Life is much better with artists like you Tom, thanks

  61. mallory edwards

    This is truly one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.

  62. Lollilami

    O.M.G. that's... wow.
    Ok, here's the situation: i'm french than I don't get all what he mean ( I got the biggest part)... but I would like to share this with my teachers in order to have my A-level ! For that I need a analysis of that song... Have you got something like that peoples ?
    Thx :3 and keep it up Tom Rosenthal I'm so moved by your song that... Art. (And other words in french which I do not know how to translate)

  63. sorry

    Art 😍

  64. Aimee Smyke

    wow wow wow. thank you.

  65. Selin IŞIK

    His voice gave me chill

  66. ChrisPelMusic

    I always love music + video on this channel :)

  67. ChrisPelMusic


  68. ChrisPelMusic

    I always get goosebumps while listening to Toms Music..

  69. andio xen

    i wanna cry this is too beautiful

  70. SashaRosen

    I've heard that Michael Haneke is actually a very kind and happy person. And it is so strange that he shoot such films. Your songs always have this kinda cold bluish mood, but perhaps it's because you are a happy man. Thank you for what you do!

  71. Secretly Brave

    This is, wow, so beautiful. The song, the video ... it's simply stunning!

  72. Marta Oja

    Tears and goosebumps is what this song and video is doing to we.

  73. darklivingroom

    Thank you so much!

  74. Gohanshiro

    Wow beautiful

  75. Hannah

    This is so beautifull!

  76. Kay Ko

    Plain beautiful. Who hasn't felt a bit like Pedro once in a while... we're all in this song, indeed. Thank you, Tom!

  77. Camila Vecco

    Love it!

  78. why tho

    this my favourite song from the record and I also love the idea of the video! so beautiful and sad<3

  79. Dame Yulivee

    this is so beautiful and it breaks my heart<3

  80. Siv Greyson

    me: _is trans and crying_

    Ashley Smulian

    SIV :'D

    Ebrar Bayhan

    Oh sorry...but don't Listen to other people.Be yourself.I saw your videos.They are beatiful and you too.❤❤

    Greetings from Germany:))

  81. Mayuri Barve

    So so so beautiful! ❤❤❤❤

  82. Ariana Sargeant

    I love this song

  83. PapaQ

    That was exceptionally good.

  84. Hannah Bruce

    absolutely amazing work, as always, tom.

  85. Jessica Mahoney


  86. Lily

    Absolutely beautiful song, video and story. I am blown away. Really incredible work and collaboration

  87. Emily Nugraheni

    You're amazing Tom, keep doing what you do.

  88. Stella Maris Pelegrine

    Maravilhoso👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼Amei❤️❤️❤️❤️ Quanta sensibilidade !!! Chega de preconceitos ! Viva a diversidade!!! Somos todos Seres Humanos e únicos!!! Parabéns Ton Rosental!!!'

  89. Melody Rose

    that asmr intro tho

  90. Alberto Lovi

    i didn't expect this, wow, i'm so moved, seriously, thank you for being such an amazing human

  91. Nel

    I would never have seen this meaning without the video. Holy crap how beautiful but also painful to watch as I understand the struggle.

  92. Blue River

    oh my gosh this is absolutely beautiful i am in tears!

  93. April Angeles

    The entire video consumed me. So powerful and such a beautiful message.

  94. PositiveEnergy


    Didn't interpret the lyrics this way at all... You're such a beautiful storyteller Tom. My emotions are all over the place, I'm such a mess, & I don't even have any sort of gender dysphoria... What a way to approach such a sensitive topic with such subtly, using empathy as the driving force, instead of taking the heart out of the matter like so many tend to do...

    I'm honestly so moved & so impressed. What a beautiful piece of music & a thought provoking/heart-string tugging video.....

    Maja Frankowska

    Tom Rosenthal It would be magnificent to hear your interpretation of this song. Could you do that for us?