Tom Rosenthal - My Lucky Pants Failed Me Again Lyrics

Touch wood
Thank my lucky stars
Kiss the new born babe
Today the flowers leap from the vase
Swerving round ladders
Not stepping on the cracks
The sheep will cheer me on with their baas

Give me two for joy
I won't need a ploy
Today this big boy takes the prize
I've got clover with four leaves
It's my time to achieve
You can see victory in my eyes

But sometimes the demise
Sometimes the world lies
My hopes down the drain
My lucky pants failed me again

Black cats
They won't cross my path
I will do this my love
I'll high five the neighbours as I go
Seize the bull by the horns
Give me fortune in all forms
The greatest day the world will ever know

I'm a charm
Like a lovely Genghis Khan
I'll spread it near and far
They'll say all the smiles descend from me
Touch my elbow if you can
If you're happy hold my hand
I'm the greatest optimist in the sea

But sometimes the demise
Sometimes the world lies
My hopes down the drain
My lucky pants failed me again

Lucky pants failed me again
Lucky pants failed me again
Lucky pants failed me

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Tom Rosenthal My Lucky Pants Failed Me Again Comments
  1. Juns Lee

    Each song is amazing!!

  2. Spot Nest

    That moment when you think you have the best day today but ahead of time there's someone or something that keeps that 'best' away from you? Hahaha.. My lucky pants failed me again!!

  3. Be A Christian

    I just so love his songs, Am a Nigerian I heard his song Go Solo once and I want to search for all his songs

  4. Upasa Borah


  5. Erkhes Maddox


  6. Dream It

    Failed my driving test today, My Lucky Elephants Failed Me Again, I guess ;)

  7. Deadeye Fourdoorwhore

    Keep it up Tom

  8. Klaudia Halczuk

    I love this song <3

  9. an ti

    You the best

  10. ziad g

    can we take a moment to appreciate the _shade_ at 0:50

  11. B S

    I watched it 9 times already... Whoops xD

  12. Vivi Baker

    this is brilliant

  13. Patrycja J

    thank you🙏🙏

  14. SarahTheWiganer

    Love it!

  15. Zuza. Official

    if you think the same like <3

  16. Veron From Space

    I love it ❤👖👖

  17. Gottfried Lenz

    2:02 oh, dope part) in repeat:)

  18. Betty Hall Dougherty

    gah yes

  19. duckieexx3

    Yes!! Absolute genius animation! This is definitely one of my favorites 💕

  20. damnyoupolishgenius

    I wish the world was covered in sheep like that

  21. Grand Pegasi Equestrian

    Loved the music and the video as always! Beautiful composition and fun visuals.

  22. Soft Prince


  23. kireina f.

    wonderful as always tom!!

  24. mary mary

    i love it

  25. Mia Hansen My Dudes

    the trump part tho

  26. lubna loves

    amazing animation!!

  27. Amy Bean

    bloody brilliant, as usual tom


    More, more, more! <3

  29. Joanna Nowacka

    perfect b-day gift, thank you!

  30. Daniela Albrecht

    One of your best!

  31. Papryk

    I just want to thank you for being awesome person, even though i dont know you personally. You just make me smile when i feel really low, and you make me feel higher when i already feel high. Thank you, sir.

  32. laskotki 123


  33. MMR

    What a lovely song !!Greetings from Greece!

  34. Simon Burford

    You never fail me.

  35. ewa

    i really wanted to do something productive today but i think that my lucky pants failed me again because im laying in bed and i cant stop replaying this song

  36. Jackie vdS

    This video just made me remember that "pants" is underwear. Dammit England.

  37. Papryk

    Tom i beg you, stop disliking your own videos

  38. elisha varga

    what a relevant day for this video to show up for me

  39. Diogo Oliveira

    que música do caralho

  40. Properkid

    Thank you so much for including the chords

  41. lkaefjsl sdf

    Thank you forever

  42. Petra Maria

    love it ❤️

  43. Omar Zayed

    This should be in the trending section NO WAY !!

  44. Justine Johnson

    This made me so, so happy. The pants made me think of Looney Tunes. 😊

  45. Lauren Marie

    I really think you are my favourite artist

  46. Yasmine Grace


  47. xStarlightx

    That’s realy good Tom ;)

  48. Barney Garcia

    I feel like you get to know so much more about the thought process behind a song when you get to watch a video like that, it’s so strange to understand this song so differently now!

  49. Maujhalo

    You make my world so happy 😁

  50. anna o

    you never fail to impress with videos and somehow always manage to make me cry even if you singing about a pair of pants.

  51. Елизавета Рыбкина

    Lucky pants never fail!

  52. Ffion R


  53. Beans


  54. Apple Sauce


  55. Marie Dreamer

    New music video is amazing 😍😍😍
    Love this song ❤️

  56. Rebecca C

    This is amazing, The animation very well fits the song

  57. Abi Watson

    Holy crap I love this

  58. Rowan Smith

    Had been waiting for this one. Your animators never disappoint!

  59. E B

    This has so much meaning but comes across so light

    E B

    Oh and I love sheep

  60. Magda Magda

    Asa !!!! Polen ❤❤❤❤❤❤👌👌👌👌👌👌❤❤❤❤❤👌👌👌👌 I LOV YOU !!!! KTO Z POLSKI

    Елизавета Рыбкина

    MELA MADZIELA nie ja.

  61. livie is moderately okay

    That sneaky lil trump reference... I see you

  62. Seb Whiting

    You is kind, you is smart, you is important

  63. majs h

    absolutely amazing!!

  64. songbirdellen

    I 👏🏼 Needed 👏🏼 This 👏🏼 Today 👏🏼

  65. Inga Miksch

    It's so magical :)

  66. SPICY avocado

    now who would ever dislike this?

  67. Blue River

    WOAH I *love* this!!!

  68. Lois Martha

    oh my god the “sometimes the world lies” bit 😂👌🏼 touché

  69. Fien Steenbergen

    This is amazing

  70. Anna Fasching

    Love it😍

  71. Tom Sundog

    This song gives me Smiths vibes :OO

  72. Tunmise Akinyemi

    Thank you for this *art*

  73. James Kingston


  74. emily obrien

    oh my god I love this song and the video is amazing! you are the best tom

  75. Tija Guvaitė

    I was about to go to sleep but HEY

  76. Markéta Dokoupilová

    I like that every video is different! Beautiful in its way.

  77. taisiia

    I've been singing this song all day! Now I know why.
    By the way, the outro is amazing (as well as the rest of the video, of course)

  78. Madeline Schrader

    Your songs never fail to amaze me!!! Purely brilliant!!!

  79. Max Pearson

    'sometimes the world lies' *shows trump as earth* 🤣🤣🤣 this is perfect. I love tom Rosenthal

    Callie Stephens

    Max Pearson the hand gesture just made it perfect as well 😂

    Max Pearson


  80. octobook

    Cool ❤️✨

  81. Regina


  82. Mateus Luciano

    Muito boa, como todas as outras.

  83. Miriam Rosa

    This makes me love you even more

  84. olivia warren

    fuckin love this

  85. Dana s

    Thank you Tom 🌷

  86. Vadrouille et papouilles

    I can't get bored of this voice🙊


    Vadrouille et papouilles Moi je l'ai découvert grâce a une vidéo de chat qui mange de la pastèque, avec "watermelon" en fond 😂😂

    Vadrouille et papouilles

    Pieulpe J'adore cette chanson, faut absolument que je trouve cette vidéo 😂


    Vadrouille et papouilles J'ai essayé de la retrouver, je suis étonné de la quantité de vidéos de chats mangeant de la pastèque !!


    Il se trouve que c'etait un chien finalement, c'est pour ça que je la trouvait pas x)

    Carol Kappi

    Vadrouille et papouilles tjdjdidjdiejssurjdjdjritjtjtjtktjtjtjrjtjtjtjtjtjtjrjrtjrjrjhfgkfidkgpddogofdogofgfogpgodkffififo

  87. Effet Placebo

    I love your song, you are my favorite singer ! (I'm french) :D

    Dream Black

    Guilhem Fredouille oh moi aussi :)

    Akimitsu N.

    Moi aussi et moi aussi ☆ héhé!

  88. Grace

    Beautiful voice x


    absolutely love this animation 👌

  90. Fabiola de leon

    I love every aspect of his music. His voice, the animator guests, the fact that he writes the lyrics for us to sing along with him, he eve writes the chords for us to play it. Thanks Tom ❤️✨ love you ❤️

  91. dino k

    I LOVE the animation especially the colours omg (I also love the song of course)

  92. love in the fourth dimension

    tom rosenthal saving 2018

    Fabiola de leon

    love in the fourth dimension Damn right.

    love in the fourth dimension

    Fabiola de leon HONESTLY his talent mesmerises me

    Fabiola de leon

    love in the fourth dimension He is just amazing. All of his songs have a soul.

  93. minal panta

    I really appreciate your songs and talent ❣️ since I found you on YouTube I am just listening to your songs on repeat.

  94. O Eleos

    Very good song

  95. Markus Kaiser

    I really love this song and the animations are stunning and mesmerising.
    Tom you and your animator have done a fantastic job!

  96. Dame Yulivee

    i love it so much both the song and the video