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Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers U Get Me High Comments
  1. William Gibson

    Nothing fancy about it but all the boxes are ticked. It's no wonder George Harrison rated him so highly.

  2. steelyman08

    That voice just never drooped or faded with age. And what a killer track!

  3. David Cassidy

    Mr. T..P. & Co.!!!!

  4. chuck bolt

    really really nice guitar

  5. Scott Wells

    Imagination running wild

  6. Douglas Compton


  7. Donnell Holmes

    This song has it all

  8. First Last

    It's green. I'm trying to think of what I wore on that day. No, I remember I wore green and not the events of the day, so it must not have been significant.

  9. Lisa Jones

    This is so mellow,i love it and Tom and the Heartbreakers!!!

  10. James Stewart

    Great subject matter.

  11. VJ SWORD

    They play this song in Jack-n-the-Box all the time, but until this Friday the 13th, I never knew who it was by. AWESOME song from his last album. (RIP Tom)

  12. Ian Osborne


  13. Eric K

    Tom went out on top. Name another songwriter/musician you can say that about?

    Other thing I loved about Tom. There was only one song he needed to do at his concerts - American Girl. That's because the depth and breath of his music was incredible. Think Pink Floyd. They have to do the same 15 or 20 songs because that's all they got.

  14. GregG628

    Such good stuff!! R.I.P Tom Petty, Man, you were one of the GREATS!!!!

  15. Matt Price

    You're the greatest Tom Petty

  16. Paulajean Russell

    Miss you my friend and, this keeps me going,To you and yours ,Blessings !!!A fan

  17. moose gods

    I think this is the best song on this album

  18. Chris Hamm

    As always, Tom and the Heartbreakers made excellent art.

  19. Greg Voloshen

    Lovin it!

  20. Boozoo Chavis

    Rock and Roll ....... what a great BAND!!

  21. Dash Jeffreys

    Tom just got me high. Killer song. Love you man, RIP

  22. Alex Yamach

    Petty had some good songs, but he never rocked enough for me, not enough uptempo stuff. I found most of his stuff boring This song is boring. Full Moon Fever I really liked though.

    Thomas Hofheinz

    It's a good thing that your opinions really matter.

    Sheila Sams

    Alex Yamach Have you EVER LISTENED TO ALL TOMS MUSIC going ALL the way back to late 60s ,early 70s? A lot of his live shows too ,They kickass rocked!

  23. Iury França

    RIP Petty, such a nice legacy

  24. mincraft TNT

    r.i.p u was my favorite singer. love from israel

  25. Noe Berengena

    What a group. Besides the fantastic guitar work and vocals, Benmont Tench's distinctive organ (other times electric piano or synthesizer) is a big part of the band's signature sound.

  26. manuel oropeza

    A sonar con todo este groove a donde sea que hayas ido ! Salute capitán.

  27. Caster

    R.I.P Tom Petty, your music will live on.

    Sketch Masterson

    Yes RIP but will keep on listening to ur music Great musician will be missed

  28. ste welsby

    Well didn't think I'd be writing this , but what a absolute legend this man was and a pleasure to grow up and hear your music...R.I.P

    Ken Willis

    So well put brother. Long Live Tom Petty.


    ste welsby so very true...✌️

  29. Jason Falck

    This music will live forever. Rest in Peace, Tom.

  30. Dave Morrison

    RIP Tom Petty

  31. Nedeljko Djukic

    Rest in peace, maestro!

  32. Sinister But Happy

    RIP Tom

  33. Curt Manners

    Those guitar fills are making my skin crawl.
    Or it could be the Purple Chronic. Either way.

  34. Pamala Evans

    Does June 26 2011 mean anything to you! early in morning. approx. 4 something in a.m. and a lamp....Did someone you know die?

  35. L. Steven Goldblatt Trial Lawyer

    still awesome
    soundtrack of my life
    TX Tom
    Keep Rocking
    Fucking om the beach to this one
    Manresa State Beach
    Santa Cruz Country
    Voice of Gainsville
    Voice of our Bear Flag Republic

  36. Jason Clement

    This song gets me high! Turning it up way high!!!!

  37. strtofdrms

    This really has that vintage Petty groove...too bad Stan Lynch isn't drumming its got his swing to it.

  38. Jennifer Sutton

    I have had such a shit year with health as usual and pt work at a small sweaty national retail store owned by another both have the word Dollar in them

  39. Jennifer Sutton

    the band knows their fans

  40. Jennifer Sutton

    I'm a real greatly happy Tom and the Heartbreakers put this song to the riffs

  41. KylePayne

    This song gets me high 🚬 :)

  42. The Last Rebel Show

    Anyone notice the second verse is from Don't fade on me off WILD FLOWERS? There his lyrics if he wants to use them in two different songs that's his choice. TP and The HBs RULE!!!!!

  43. Layla Sims

    "U Get Me High"

    I remember feeling like this
    Diggin' was as a child
    Inspiration in my fingertips
    Imagination running wild

    Ohhh ohhh, you get me high
    You get me high
    You give me something so deep
    You get me high

    I remember feeling this way
    You can lose it without knowing
    You wake up and you don't know which way
    The wind is blowing

    Ohhh ohhh, you get me high
    You get me high
    You give me something so deep
    You get me high

    I ain't afraid of what people say
    Ain't afraid of the great deception
    Every bad dream comes my way
    Trying to smoke on closer inspection

    Ohhh ohhh, you get me high
    You get me high
    You give me something so deep
    You get me high

    You get me high
    You get me high
    You give me something so deep
    You get me high

    Lady Alfhildr of the Forest of Violet Mists

    Wow, the second verse really is taken straight from "Don't Fade on Me"! Someone told me he'd reused that verse but I hadn't found it yet. Interesting.

    Lady Alfhildr of the Forest of Violet Mists

    Although, he did change "notice" (Don't Fade on Me) to "know" (U Get Me High).

  44. Cynthia Kay

    Need a pick me up, just let this album move you Ike you were 17 again.

  45. keith J

    Ohhhhhhhh!! This tune gets me high!!!

  46. Silly Hippy 420

    Anyone else get a music high from this?

    Andy Trullinger

    Every time, friend! Plus a regular high. ;)


    It brings it. Powerful!
    Drums pounding, organ humming, guitars ripping, and Tom laying out plain and true.

    Robert Houser

    makes me want to get high

  47. Pamala Brock

    I'm not really afraid either ! Pam

  48. Richard Spata-Merrill


  49. Pamala Brock

    Is that right? Hmmm! I want to kiss you and make passionate live to you asap. If you wanna. I might be a little shy at first...passionate love to you. I don't even remember the last time ....Butt I really really want to slow dance and candle light and some sexy music like Black velvet or. I waana make love to you Zeppelin. Or just some classical. Or maybe you could pick out some song. I really live you! You are patient and you listen to me. Love Pamala. Xoxoxo. Slow dance and I like yo make love slow and I tease. Something sexy Lacey or satin or silky lingerie. And gave my time. Mmmm. Love Pamala

  50. Pamala Brock

    Screw chris hynde. She doesn't listen. Well I have 10.00 to my name. That's OK I've been broke before. Plus you have a nice girlfriend. Hey maybe someday we will meet. I can not stand my son and mom. I have no feelings. How could I ? She used to slap me all the time and cut my face with her diamond rings! Take care. Pamala

  51. Weird World


  52. plantium1000

    "This album gets me high"!!!!!!!="HYPNOTIC EYE" Every song, every lyric every guitar lick  the way Tom Petty sings these songs, every instrument and every sound is "HYPNOTIC"! This album has a very sexy sound, with great wisdom and slight political views, just enough to keep you guessing. For me the guitar sound that I like is very Mike Canpbell,, his sound backs up Tom Pettys way of singing to the "T, yet you"ll hear Mike Campbell break out and tell his own story through his own beautiful, distinct sound that is very clear and very "rock-n-roll" Love"every song".

  53. thediener

    Does anybody know why he included a verse from Don't Fade on Me (1994 Wildflowers) in this song?

    "I remember feeling this way
    you can lose it without knowing
    you wake up and you don't notice
    which way the wind is blowing."

    Christie M

    My thought on that is, "You get me high, so don't fade on me!" Make sense?

    Theo Griffith

    Because he's Tom Fucking Petty and he can do what the fuck he wants.....

  54. Peter McDonald

    sounds like a rip off of the Genesis song " I can't dance."

    Dan Sunday

    My very first thought.

  55. Nicolàs Roverano

    Nice ! :)

  56. Peter Gencuski

    kinda sounds like a Sheryl Crow song

  57. KRSS

    why?  Not is possible watch, in another country ?

  58. Jennifer Sutton

    Its Jen I imagine this one of my green eyes open to humbleing the glare in the other my Sister in Colorado has gave me such woes. Plus in my eyecolor I somedays have Dad n Ma.s Green loving preception to appriciate and find lifes simple pleasures.

  59. Val Flowers

    song about weed <3 (=

  60. kenny sutton

    Tom Petty is the best. That's all i have to say about that.He is so awesome on the guitar,and the vocals are just perfect. I have been a fan since i was a kid.

  61. David Close

    This guy is SUCH a writer and musician! The Heartbreakers are THE band! (In my opinion)

  62. Pamala Brock

    Tom Honey Its true I do speak in tongue butt no longer when I am angry ....I want to thank you for not being my beast of burden. I Love you so very much...and I also love and respect Cris Hyndes...thank you for loving me unconditionally ...iI will always love you and my sister ...I always wanted s sister...its not about sex...its about honesty the best policemy ...I do not ever want to hurt you .I still love you ...You are my husband and Cris is my best lady friend and let's stick with plan B..... All my love to you Pamala Petty and friends ...we r still married no divorce allowed and you told me you do not mind if I spend time with my babe Cris... I love you and her equally and thank you for your patience and unnderstanding...You Heartbreakers raised me ! y You cats and Chris no me like the back of your hands ....Bless You All.... XO and we do not have to lie or cheat. Love your wife I love you tom pett and hypnotic eye rocks oh and God Rocks Too!!!!!

  63. Paul Aussem

    Loving this one.. the band started playing it a few weeks ago.. groovy bass line.. and since i'm the bass player in this line up, Pauly likey!

  64. ThePineryGuy

    Tom Petty is      The Man      !

  65. M. Pelletier

    since i don't give a crap about drugs, i only enjoy it for what it is- one helluva great rock and roll song.

    Micheal Eudy

    @M. Pelletier Good thing then that the song is about being love. Not drugs.

    M. Pelletier

    does the audience in general get that,do you think.?
    @Micheal Eudy

    Dirt Monkey_14H

    @M. Pelletier It is a pretty obvious metaphor..... Especially if you listen to literally any other lyric of this song aside from "u get me high."


    Like Last Dance with Mary Jane?

    Andy Trullinger

    It’s called a metaphor. Artistic license. Not literal. Peace.

  66. Marcus Hynes

    You get me so high!!

  67. JDub McDook

    At first I didn't think much of this tune... now I can't get it out of my head.

  68. ilovemiele

    this entire CD is like a best of Tom Petty! 5 radio hits already in NJ!

  69. Whitenacho

    I like it when Tom puts a little attitude in his stuff. That's when he shines.

    John Hampton

    Like Burnt Out Town - he's up in some faces on that one and I love it! #Peace!

    Jerome Brown

    EXACTLY. When TP gets an attitude and that sneer, it's his best. Whether this or "I should have known it", Or all the way back to "something big" on and on the man has more hits than a jukebox.... its when he shines. of course the hits don't come as fast anymore and it's not Katy Perry/Beyonce radio crap material but it's really good Petty which is much better. I don't know about the whole album yet.....It ain't Mojo.

    Carlos Rincon

    +Keith Miller It's awesome, lecturing those kids today how to rock.

  70. Eric Trembly

    Once the bands gone and don't playing music rock will never be the same tom petty and heartbreakers are the true definition of rock n roll

  71. Arkady Yablokov

         Tom Petty & Heartbreakers  новым альбомом Hypnotic Eye (2014) демонстрируют верность своим корням и  возврат к звучанию классических альбомов конца 70-х.  Настоящая рок-н-ролльная запись...

  72. Kevin Anton

    Thank the Lord ... rock still lives.

    Too cold .....

  73. scotty powell

    there's  a limit here...although a few shots an i'll be right there

  74. John Hampton

    I f'n LOVE this new album! GREAT work Tom and the HBs! Best since, hell, I dunno, maybe Southern Accents, as the band, you know. Really impressive. #Peace  

    BTW - Ron Blair - original bassist for the band took over when Howie Epstein died. And yeah the bottom is booming for sure!

  75. Raunch N Roll

    Most of my favorite bands change over the years, but Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers is still my first choice after 6 years.

  76. Debra Knight

    U Get Me High

  77. MultiBeatle4ever

    Tom Petty, you still got that musical touch!!  I LOVE THIS SONG... YOU GET ME HIGH!  JUST WHERE DID YOU GET THE NAME FOR THIS SONG  ?

  78. Burial

    Heard this on Howard Stern the other day. 

  79. Baby Irene

    The only good song on the album. And the break blows.

  80. graniteiii

    Sweet track thanks for rocking still Tom!


    Tom just a cool cat. Mike Campbell doesn't get enough credit in the guitar world he's so awesome and talent


    JUSTIN WALLEN Mike Campbell kills!!!

  82. Jess Phillips

    He still got it

  83. Lorenzo Liverani

    JUST listened to the radio in italy. wow!

  84. Kevin Whittaker

    i don't know about the rest of you but listen to sheryl crow  "there goes the neighborhood" blatant plagiarism!

    Barry O'Hearn

    Yup I hear that for sure and I also hear My favourite Mistake.  Still love it though.  :)


    Yep I heard that too. 


    Wouldn't say it's blatant plagiarism. There's only so many chords and strum patterns to work with when you're writing a song (unless you're Lindsey Buckingham). Sometimes they're bound to be repeated. Usually without the artist even noticing it. There's several bands and songs this reminds me of, but there's nothing wrong with that. It happens. Still a catchy song. 

  85. Luigi Crisa

    Fantastic song Tom!!!

  86. Sandro Giovanni


  87. Robert Rapp

    diggin' it!

  88. Chris Roche

    I love cranking the bass up for this song.. such a great song

  89. Joe Tomasso

    He's still got it.  It's been a long time since I've heard a contemporary song as just good, bare-bones, old-school rock n' roll.  Love it.

  90. thomascampr

    A sixteen year old boy could have written this. NOTHING SPECIAL!!!  Oh I just made a song. Its called ANYWAY THE WIND BLOWS.

    Ansoni D

    You need to watch your mouth, kid. Gain some knowledge and respect. And if you were a true artist you'd see talent in many things. And appreciate instead of acting like a brat.


    It's a little thing called "Sometimes less is more" ...You'll get the idea it when you grow up a little. 

    Ansoni D

    Haha still living with his mom. Sad story is im one of the few people I know who are not living with thier parents

  91. thomascampr

    More Satantic Illuminati eye crap. PASS!!

  92. BjavaBbotBme

    Rocks my bones.... ;)

  93. Charlie Leonard

    Tom Petty I've been waiting for this album!

  94. Lostcanadian

    When I listen to this song, I can hear Cliff Richard's Devil Woman (Just sayin')...I still "LIKE" it!

  95. Jamie Burke

    yep <3 

  96. Mariel Ruiz de Chávez

    This song gets me high, indeed.

  97. Linda Perhacs Official

    Does anybody notice the similarity between the chords of the chorus of "U Get Me High" and the Chords to "Hate To Say I Told You So" by The Hives.. both songs are awesome... who is gonna do a mashup?  

  98. enrique navarro espinosa

    Buenísimo tema......, como todos.