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Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers Somewhere Under Heaven Comments
  1. steelyman08

    It's your typical Tom Petty work of genius. There's both light and darkness, but the overall feeling is upbeat and uplifting. He really was a magician in that way.

  2. evelyn baron

    Regarding the coolest man on the planet. He was quite right to emphasize that he didn't write autobiographically, as many artists have also said. This song however, which almost made it to Hypnotic Eye, really was about his first abusive wife, for whom he continued to feel protectiveness and understanding. "Somewhere under heaven in the eye of the hurricane/little Jane would dance in the rain" brings me to my knees. We will not hear his like again.


    Isn't it little Jenny?

  3. Joseph Schlichting

    The best Tom Petty song, at least for today, it so good...✌️☮️✌️

  4. DuzIT

    Legends Live Forever, we miss you Tom, such a great loss

  5. Andrew Furst

    Tom Petty was such an amazingly consistent songwriter.  Some people do "hits" very well and then their other songs aren't very worthwhile.  With Petty, virtually every song on every album was worthwhile.   And even the songs left off the albums were usually very worthwhile.   This is yet another "leftover" but very good song from Petty.  It sounds slightly unfinished to me, maybe another singer will cover this song some day, it should be heard.  It's still very good as it is though, and maybe it was intended to be essentially finished as is, with Rick Rubin's spare production.

  6. Max Miller

    Heaven? Really? Not under, but dwelling within it! With "lil' Jenny dancin' in the rain"

  7. Gruntfuttock100

    i glance at the right of my screen in the recommended for section and i happen upon this gem. Recorded over a quarter of a century ago and i was unaware of its presence until this wonderful moment. This song it absolutely majestic. What a stellar talent you were Tom.Vale!

  8. Hoower Gontijo


  9. Mark Schroeder

    We lost the greatest musician of all time when Tom Petty passed on. He was a lyrical genius.

  10. GamingWithStrats

    2019 tom I’ll come back again

  11. Martin Hasson

    Tom Petty
    than BEATLES 7⃣7⃣7⃣

  12. thedudebros

    Jenny's father was a working man
    He worked hard to be his best
    In the middle of the afternoon
    He would give little Jenny a kiss

    Somewhere under Heaven
    In the eye of a hurricane
    Little Jenny would dance in the rain

    In the afternoon thunderstorms
    The Sun's shadow's movin' slow
    She could smell the earth and sky
    And off her mind would go

    Somewhere under Heaven
    In a field of sugarcane
    Little Jenny would dance in the rain

    One day you're gonna fall in love
    One day you're gonna pay the rent
    Hold on to what love you find
    You're gonna need all you can get

    Somewhere under Heaven
    In the eye of a hurricane
    Little Jenny would dance in the rain

    Somewhere under Heaven
    Somewhere under Heaven

  13. Reilly O'terry

    I have a favorite new song

  14. David Lindberg

    You don't know what you have had until you miss it.....

  15. GamingWithStrats

    Little Timmy would dance in the rain!!!!!

  16. stmalachy

    It was this song that I heard right after Tom passed that brought tears to my eyes. I felt like I'd lost a good friend. I guess in a way I did, even though we never met.

  17. Sam Loomis

    I seen Tom 3 times in concert and my friends and I idolized him as partying teens. This song is amazing. I heard it at the end of the Entourage film and it is now damn sure among my top 3 Petty songs.

  18. Green L


  19. CoorsBudMiller74

    Tom Petty was truly amazing with words....✌️


    This maybe one of his top 5 songs and I’m not sure the other four at this point, but this is perfect....✌️✌️✌️

  20. Denise Culley

    I love you Tom 👑🎩❤💘

  21. Denise kramer

    Such a beautiful song especially since our angry world we live in today.. it’s an upbeat tune by Tom Petty! 💘 missing you Tom..

  22. Denise Culley

    The music is magical 💖💖

  23. Denise Culley

    This is one of my favorites from Tom !!! Tom you ROCK !!!! 4EVER!!!!!💖❤💏

  24. Denise Culley

    I effin LOVE THIS SONG!!!

  25. white1967falcon

    to the end.

  26. Disco Biker Barefoot Acrylics

    Tom's wife loves this song, so I had to take a listen! I absolutely love this! This is beautiful! Tom could not write a bad song! RIP Tommy!

  27. joe szymanski

    From the ..."the NOW determined to be", ..divorce album sessions, ..just goes to show how pain and loss can inspire some of the greatest tunes....gone but not forgotten.

  28. Marc Poindexter

    Im 58 years old my life pritty much sucks but I always looked forword to a new album from tom make my day now thats gone what can you say I know I will miss him forever

  29. larry wallen jr

    Greatness! What an impressive Song!

  30. Sam Loomis

    Tom you will be forever missed however you will actually live on forever through the music you left behind.

  31. 48.95,21.91SVK

    A masterpiece. Period.

  32. Bikeluver susie

    One sweet song from the best singer/songwriters of all time. He is so missed!

  33. Douglas Compton


  34. evelyn baron

    Heh, Dakek22comments. 2 years later whatever is left as you probably know is being released. The Tom dream of working on this his favorite body of music wont happen. But I am grateful for Buried Treasures. In this song, which I rashly attribute to his perception of his 1st wife Jane (Janie`s father was a working man etc.) I love the martial intro and the music creates an atmosphere that mirrors the image of little Jane would dance in the rain/in the eye of a hurricane. That man was a genius. And more than that, a man of integrity. And generosity. Anyone reading the Zanes authorized bio knows that he sort of married his abusive father; she was deeply abusive for a very long time. The fact that he came to this empathic place where he could imagine her as a child and feel empathy and love after all that speaks volumes about not the artist, which has never been disputed, but the man behind the music. He really died too soon. And yeah, on his priority list the day before he died he was talking about taking the full Wildflowers project on the road with smaller venues and not an extensive tour etc. This was his baby. It`s my favorite of all his music, even though he never released a bad song; he had, like Dante, reached a fork in the road in a dark forest and saw the clear pathway through the trees and out to freedom.

    In an historical context, this music was conceived and written in 1994. His second wife Dana, brilliant loyal and a life saver was not on the horizon then. But as his daughter Adria put it; this was the divorce album. Working through a great deal of pain he was imagining a life for himself that held out the possibility of happiness. And for 17 years he gained it. I wish with all my heart that he were still in the world with Dana and working on a myriad of projects but it didn`t happen. He died for his audience; hip fracture days after tour announcement and sell out seats and he refused to postpone it. I will do this tour in a wheelchair said Mr wont back down. And he needed some Vicodin and when he finally got home, days before his surgery he was in excruciating pain and accidentally overdosed. And then his heart stopped. But that`s the reality of this driven, committed man. So let`s honour him and listen to his music. Sorry for going on for so long. Best wishes.

  35. evelyn baron

    This was left over from Wildflowers, believe it or not. I had to check. It was going to be part of that last This Tour is for Me he wanted to do so much, ALL the Wildflowers material in smaller venues. It was not meant to make a profit. One of his dreams. RIP Tom Petty no longer under heaven. I cannot help thinking it was an unconscious creative musical attempt to understand Jane his first wife, as she was as a child. The fact that he released it so late speaks volumes about what an excellent empathic human being he was.

  36. Barbara McCroy

    Good song.🦆

    Barbara McCroy

    This song sounds so much like my dad and my sister. They were naturally close. They were both musically inclined, artsy and very smart but self destructive to them selves. Isn’t that how it always is when you have so much to offer, but I admired and loved them so much and of course I always will.♥️♥️🦆. When I first heard this song , kidding of course but I thought , “does Tom Petty know my dad and my sister” I really liked both of them. The reason I became aware of Tom Petty and The Heartbreaker’s was because of my sister . Thank you.🧚🏻‍♂️🧚🏻‍♂️🧚🏻‍♂️🦆

  37. Marty Dixon

    Tom came from a troubled past - lower class, 'mixed blood', abusive father, and very few options in life, but he had a great mom and brother, and people who believed in him. He was smart and talented and had one goal - to sing! and play and help others rise up 'somewhere' above it all for a little while. What a gift ... man those lucky angels ...

    evelyn baron

    You are sort of unique in referring to Tom's childhood which he never hid; it should not be a secret. He was one of the great transcenders (sp). Really appreciated your comment. I love the fact that successive generations keep rediscovering his music, so yes, I would have issue with his biographer Warren Zane who dedicated the book to his 2 sons and at the same time claiming Tom as his property because he listened to everything chronologically. ah, no. Am going to post something independently of this reply, hope you still are tuned in.

    Stella Bella

    understood everything but "mixed blood", (know his paternal g-ma was Cherokee) but how is that something to overcome?

  38. Mr. Bones

    So good!

  39. Baryonyx Fischkralle

    Great song for album they he never finished

  40. Theresa Ruffle

    Great song.. just makes me sad because I feel he was not done.

  41. Lori Rothenbush

    Petty never lost his words. Love this "Somewhere Under Heaven". Ty Tom

  42. Robert Schoengold

    It happened again...clicked this song and found another TP all time favorite.

  43. Jenifer Mason

    ...somewhere under heaven..

  44. ReserveForTwelve

    Damn I would love to hear a live version of it.... so sad :'(

  45. Douglas Compton


  46. Amy Nare


  47. Mark

    OMFG, just heard this for the FIRST TIME and quickly googled it ,, where the hell did this come from ,,,,and when,, and how ,, and why,, and found out this was supposed to be on Wildflowers,are you fucking kidding me,a twin cd pack was what was supposed to come out and Warner Brothers pulled a fast one , an economical one,and we got, i'm pissed and happy,, happy to hear it and pissed WB cheese dicked out on us in 94,, damn,,,, 24 yrs i have waited to hear this,my dad died in January 94.Tom could not write a bad song if he tried. There is no such thing as filler music on ANY album of his. PLEASE WARNER BROTHERS PLEASE , RELEASE " ALL THE REST " I don't care how much it costs,,ON CD PLEASE,, I'M BEGGING YOU GUYS AND I NEVER BEG FOR ANYTHING ! His music has been a primary source of inspiration and guidance all my life, since the mid 70's.I got to see him in 1981, St Pete Fl. best concert i ever saw. RIP TOM, you were the " Elvis" of my generation, your lyrics had real meaning, pure of heart and true musical genius. I feel bad, i know my loss, the worlds loss. And what other words of inspiration from Tom are held back by WB , for whatever reasons,,, well WB , i think Tom passing away is all the reason you need , every reason we need ALL THE REST !

  48. Henrik Jonés

    Although a long time fan I just recently found this song. The last week I've listened to it over and over again. Such a great, great songwriter Tom was, with his own totally unique style. He surely is greatly missed

    Lori Rothenbush

    So right Henrik, never will there be another Tom Petty. Totally unique.

    Jean Mohring

    I just found this is beautiful.Such a beautiful ,talented man.There will never be another Tom Petty

  49. Deb Buel

    Tom Petty, you will always be missed!!

  50. Denise Martin

    I love this ! Bravo ...bravo !!!! Woohoo🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  51. Markus Pritsch

    Wtf...just discovering all these songs, besides the solid hits. This guy couldn't write a bad song if he tried.

  52. Brian Seibert

    So long Dude...And thanks for the ride....

  53. dane thomsen

    sadder than a family member dying

  54. Denise Martin

    I really love this song ! You know...when I hear your music it fills the huge gaping hole in my heart and makes me feel so good !!!

  55. Cheryl Batten

    Can’t get enough of this one

  56. Casey Bertrand

    He’s made it to heaven; I’ll love and miss you forever ❤️❤️❤️ R.I.P. to a hero of mine

    Joseph Schlichting

    Casey Bertrand yes ma’am... Darlin you so right.... Tom Petty was truly special to so many...✌️🍺☮️🍺✌️

  57. Wade Bowser

    would be no# 1 now if released. a hidden gem from one of the greatest songwriter musicians.

    Daniel Ebejer

    Wade Bowser ACDC

  58. Bob Stocker

    Another unreleased gem,the man was a machine for hooks and melodies
    Gonna miss you Tom,god bless you

  59. Patrick Genovese

    I’m still crushed and can’t believe he’s gone. I have listened to this song about 100 times in the last week. Amazing... RIP Tom

    evelyn baron

    It has to be said: when guys write stuff like this I believe in humanity again. 2 yrs later, thank you.

  60. tkddgh

    Damn. Gonna cry again.


    The day after Tom passed I heard this song on his satellite radio channel, and it was at that moment when it really hit me hard that he was gone. Amen that we still have his recordings to enjoy forever, though.

  61. Leslie D.

    Goodbye Tom.... Goodbye

  62. Kevin Howes

    The drums on this are perfect. Listen to them, there is so much going on and it is not taking over the song.

    Green Parrot

    Steve is a superb drummer; that's why Mike recommended him to Tom and the rest is history. Such a great great band!

  63. Kevin Howes

    Jenny's father was a working man
    He worked hard to be his best
    In the middle of the afternoon
    He would give little Jenny a kiss

    Somewhere under Heaven
    In the eye of a hurricane
    Little Jenny would dance in the rain

    [Verse 2]
    In the afternoon thunderstorms
    The Sun's shadow's movin' slow
    She could smell the earth and sky
    And off her mind would go

    Somewhere under Heaven
    In a field of sugarcane
    Little Jenny would dance in the rain

    [Instrumental Break]

    [Verse 3]
    One day you're gonna fall in love
    One day you're gonna pay the rent
    Hold on to what love you find
    You're gonna need all you can get

    evelyn baron

    I agree with the rock critic interviewed by Peter Bogdanovich for the doc Running Down a Dream, who said that the album Echo wasn`t his favorite because he felt Tom Petty was skirting the truth somehow. He added, If he had been completely candid, the album would have had more success, But he went on to say that if Tom Petty had been completely candid, he would have been less of a man. Protective and loving to the last. RIP

    evelyn baron

    This really was about his 1st wife, for whom he felt a profoundly protective sadness. It's usually wrong to think songwriters are weaving their autobiographies but this had to be said, for him. One of the top 10 people I respect, including my Dad.

  64. Doug Alexander

    This realllllllly needs to be released now. Pondering how you are somewhere IN heaven now my dear brother Tom.

  65. CastleMc

    Tom, cannot thank you enough for the past 40 years god damn its hard to see you go!

    Kimberly Bellefontaine

    Damn, it sure is😭😭😭😭😭😭
    Love you and RIP Mad Hatter...🙏🏻❤️🎩

  66. Mac Talley

    I imagine this is where Tom is now, surrounded by Rickenbacker 12-string riffs and singing harmonies with Howie again.

    evelyn baron

    That's a great vision; I think of him roaming around the Sirius constellation with George Harrison and his favorite dogs. Not so different ultimately.

  67. Bradley Berger

    😢❤😎thanx Tom for all that you are.

  68. David Chabot

    R.I.P. Tom, you'll be sorely missed. Legend lives on.

    Edith Brown

    Live on for ever

  69. Michelle H

    RIP Tom Petty😢

  70. Steven Heron

    One of his greatest songs. A total hidden gem. RIP Tom.


    Steven Heron such a great.SONG!!!!!✌️

  71. Flickerman68

    Rest In Peace Tom.
    Thank You.

  72. praysgirl

    RIP good sir while we wait some where under heaven...

  73. Greg Crabtree

    Tom Petty was quite possibly the coolest man on the planet. Now he is quite possibly the coolest soul in the cosmos. R.I.P Tom

    k w

    Indeed he was and is the coolest and the most beautiful soul.


    ya, but we need him now, more than the cosmos could possibly...cannot fathom how it's been a year already..nor how it could still hurt so so much.

    Denise kramer

    Greg Crabtree csz📌

    Hello There

    Greg Crabtree The Earth is flat with a dome


    Ya had 1000 hands reach out w a lighter every time he put a ciggie in his mouth & no one honest enough to call him out. Elvis..Prince...MJ.........

  74. Tara Keebler

    I don't think there is any love from my experience.... . . .

    Maybe that's why God's dissolving this earth in fire?

    NO love!!!

    Philo Sophia

    Tara Keebler Dear sister, I pray that The Lord be with you and you know the comfort of His Spirit. Amen

  75. Tara Keebler

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    I needed assistence in 2006,2007 & on & on & on!!!

    How can I forget about 1999!

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    What hope do I have?

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    Why not?

    My family RUINED my name to get me RAPED because of putting on my Facebook that
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    Now someone is putting me down? 😫THANKS ALOT😩

    Maybe I heard wrong!!!

    It's hard to hear when parasites are eating you alive!

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    Tara Keebler

    Can't resist............ . . .

    BREAKDOWN go ahead & give to me! Breakdown!!!😖😩😫

  76. Robert Kristiansen

    Verry Good Song .I love and Rspect Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers ,so many Good years with so many Great Songs ..

  77. Gobi Grey

    Hurry up with the Wildflower outtakes album Tom!!! Need to hear the rest!

  78. VelvetPunk4life

    Here we are, it's going on two years since this song was released and I'm wondering when the fuck this set is coming out.

    Tom, there's enough of the gang that wants to see this released. Whether it's you or Warner Bros. (or whoever's in charge of re-releasing this), let's hurry up with the deluxe set. I want to hear it all.

  79. Jim Graham

    I can understand how it failed to make the cut, hardly a classic.

  80. Math Person

    Sounds like A major.........wait.......I'll check...............yep. What is this? How many awesome tunes (and covers) are in this man?????????????? ........this man is many tunes
    are still in him? How many great covers? Rock, rock and roll, blues,
    some country, pop............GENIUS and the Breakers.......Proud to say
    his boyhood home is 10 minutes away from me now............I'm a
    musician, but this man is a huge gift of talent and all the emotions of
    music. I go park in front of his boyhood home, to get the vibes, and to
    thank him, thank him, thank him for giving my life invaluable person to
    listen to , to play along with on my keyboards, to cry, to laugh, to
    feel it all...................Hail TP and Breakers....Beatles of


    Math Person he’s so good!!!✌️

  81. Evelyn Baron

    Ineffably moving

  82. Alessandro Pulze

    ok...but where are others song of Wildfl? how many years...aaahhh! c'mon Tom!

  83. Keepwalkingonnon

    I would of Loved to dance with you in the rain Tom Petty.... what a kind soul you have... Lost my husband in 2015 of 25 years... your songs have helped to hold me up and keep me dreaming ... a new beginning, one can only hope eh ?? Forty years ago, you were such a huge part of many teen-agers lives, mine included. Whether we drove around on backroads trying to get lost or just sitting around somewhere under the stars, you can bet on us all listening to you...... "Put Petty on!!" Ha....... Good times...(just wish I could remember more of them... ;) ) Regret never being able to see you, but here you are coming around again....... I need a date... and one with some $$$ to be able to buy the only tickets left which would be about 2 grand Ouch, makes me so sad.... keep smiling and thanks for being one of the few to be so true... Safe travels to you <3 Just love ya... ;)

    Kathy S. Durbin

    I have listened to Tom Petty for ever I can't believe there won't be any new ones love you finally learned to fly rip love you

  84. Tangled Food Chain

    The man is incapable of writing a bad song.

    thin leppard

    I love Zombie Zoo! :D

    Baby Irene

    Then you haven't heard the Echo album.

    Thomas Hofheinz

    That's a fucking superb album. What are you talking about?

    Neil L

    Baby Irene whaaa?

    Steve Kohut

    Echo is a great album!

  85. Debonaire Nerd

    Joe the CEO clearly didn't like this one enough for it to be issued on the album.

    Mike Wood

    The A&R man said "I don't hear a single."

    Debonaire Nerd

    @Mike Wood He shouldn't have done Tom like that.

  86. DrJupiter8

    This song brings tears to my eyes

  87. David Kelly

    Any ideas when this album is going to be out? Guessing the new Mudcrutch album is going to out before it?

  88. Cherokee5677

    "She could smell the earth and sky and...."

  89. marinman39

    This was an outtake? Too beautiful! Imagine being the record company guy who told Petty he had to cut Wildflowers down to half the songs,and this had to go? That guy is definitely not going to heaven, for mm among us wait 24 years for this.

    Sean Donnelly

    It was supposed to be a double album. They must have spoke about releasing the second half in the not too distant future. I think we'll finally hear it in 2016. Christmas maybe ?

  90. canis lupis

    Very strong and and as Tom sometimes does, it has an element of emotional appeal that you just know will not diminish with time. Good one Tom.

  91. rivdogKY

    hello Warner Bros....Are we waiting for Mr. Petty to DIE before "Wallflowers- all the rest" gets released?  Cmon, you threw us a bone with this track but that's almost 4 months ago with NO NEWS as to when the ALBUM will be released.........PLEASE give us something, I need my Petty fix.........

  92. greg arthur

    f#^&in sick!!

  93. Dalek22comments

    When will 'All The Rest' be released? I'm still patiently waiting for it.

    Peggy O’

    It's on The Last DJ


    No it's definitely not on The Last DJ.. I'm guessing Christmas time this yr we will see all the rest..



  94. John Giddens

    Awesome ,, Tom Petty the LEGEND lives ,,  I love this to bits ,  I'm sure there's a shitload more !! Bring it on Tom ,, you Rock Man !!!!

  95. Stuart B

    just watched Entourage movie and credits had this song. I love all every petty/heartbreakers song, but this.... this song is just, UNREAL!!
    I love it!!!!!!


    +Stuart B Oh yeah,! Found it the same way via Entourage credits. Certainly caught my attention..

    Jake J

    Me too. Just happened to catch it. Great....

    Jim Domi

    Me three

  96. William Attridge

    My life aspiration has simply been to be a "Roadie" for Tom and the Heartbreakers.  Why can't "dreams come true?"  Life shouldn't be this hard.... :)

    Kimberly Bellefontaine

    William Attridge me too...!!!!

  97. YaroSz.

    ...polecam z gęsią skórą...😊
    ...od dawna bardzo sobie go cenię...😊

  98. R. J. Reda

    The forthcoming album is named "Wildflowers: All The Rest" and contains all of the songs that didn't make the album proper (it was initially slated to be a double album) so these are older songs. In fact, Petty didn't even remember writing or recording it. Apparently, the new release will contain the original Wildflowers album and a second disc with the "new" old songs.

    canis lupis

    If this was an unreleased song from WildFlowers, I hope the rest are of this caliber too. Who passed on this being on the first release? This is a very good number. I remember Tom introducing the album as " a departure from the democratic process".