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Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers Something In The Air Comments
  1. Michelle Biland

    Good cover and they put their own spin on it. 😚😚

  2. Kathy Hayward

    Funny I knew I heard this but thought it was a Beatle song is how good Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are

    Scott Wilson

    Tom Petty covered this, listen to the original I think it's got more feeling to it.

  3. Juno Dog

    will never forget seeing Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers at the Aragon in Chicago Nov 1979, they were awesome. Man, I miss him! I hope he is in a place where the spirit of this song takes us

  4. King of the Snakes

    is it bad that i prefer this version

  5. William

    As good if not better...luv it.... ty for all the music

  6. Bergenslarsen

    On this song Tom sings lead vocals in unison with Howie Epstein!


    R.I.P. Tom Petty. This was a great song.

  8. Cruise Spencer

    Man I wish I was born in those good old days the 60's. I've always felt I was born in the wrong timeline.

  9. Henry DeTamble

    Great cover. Because there is something in the air. And you know that it's right.

  10. Gino Rossellini

    What an incredible classy cover of the Great Thunderclap Newman. It was done right. Mostly due to the part of production, engineering in the advancement of the ladder

    Scott Wilson

    Ya except he didn't even do the 3rd verse.


    R.I.P. Tom Petty. I loved this song and many others.

  12. Don Prudhomme

    Great drumming.Reminds of a Beatle tune.

  13. Lori Rothenbush

    Love the pic of the 5 fab. Just listened to Thunder Clap and ya Jesse Akaike ....Tom blue the lid off. Been listening to Tom and The Band for years.....can't hold a candle to their music.

  14. John O'Connor

    In this song, Tom Petty sounds like The Beatles.

  15. jim murph

    great cover rest easy tom

  16. Marc Poindexter

    Well tom will half to get together later now your gone hope your still writing good toons r.i.p brother

  17. Charlotte Geleynse

    I've always loved Tom Petty's music and his voice!


    Howie Epstein 2003 and Tom Petty 2017 together again in God's heavenly band rest in peace you guys were the best

  19. Rob ONeil

    this is not a good cover of the song. Thumbs down.

    Sherry Auge

    Are you for real?

    Scott Wilson

    Its ok, but he left out the 3rd verse and it just doesnt have the same feeling to me when compared to the orignal.

  20. supergran1000

    Not as good as Thunderclap, but still a very good cover.

  21. Derek Stocker

    I do like this and we all know how great TP was, BUT the original Newman track was such a fabulous sound, possibly never to be bettered in my mind. Was there when it came out, got the "single" and still absolutely love it!

  22. mcog 2006

    This version is better than the thunderclap version.

  23. MrJasonroy

    a zero version

  24. 4girlsgramps

    I had the privilege of seeing Tom Petty way back in the day when he began his first ever tour with Damn The Torpedo's. He was phenomenal then and kept that pace going his entire musical career. What a brilliant career. So heartbreaking he's gone. Tom Petty left us way to quickly.

  25. Lakeisha Waller


  26. nastycanadian1975

    May You Tom Rest In Peace my friend... I have always loved your originality but when I heard this cover .... I was in love all over again with Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers I LOVE YOU GUYS and Will MISS YOU TOM FOREVER "+"

    Julie Harrison


  27. Suq Madiq

    R.I.P. Tom

  28. Muzikluvah James

    Actually this is a song off of a greatist hits playlist that I'm referring to. You Rock,thanks

  29. Muzikluvah James

    Damn Nicole,just wanted to thank you for this wonderful playlist😁. Its bonkers especially for me because it's as if you cherry picked ALL my favorite Petty songs and made a perfect playlist start to finish! Tom was beautiful simplicity at it's best,he never had to overdo shit. Right in the pocket,spot on with his musical approach. RIP to a timeless legend! He's in 1 huge jam session with other greats that have passed on playing some of the best music THIS world will Never hear😁,least that's how i prefer to picture it in my mind. Thanks again,you kick major ass!!!

  30. Mitchel Larrabee

    it sucks hes gone

  31. Tammy Nava

    RIP Tom Petty

  32. jeff C

    One of my fave recordings by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers. Saw them in 2006 and they were amazing especially when they did a cover of Van Morrison's song "Mystic Eyes" which was on the live antholgy cd. Worth checking out. You won't be disappointed.

  33. Ghost Dreams

    R>I>P sir tom

  34. Rj Sekerk

    Rest in peace Tom

  35. Katherine Christensen Johnson

    OCT. 2 2017

  36. Katherine Christensen Johnson


  37. E S

    RIP Tom Petty, I knew you were always in the air..

  38. Random Rojas

    Let the new be fake my favorite singer and musician

  39. Yelnik McGwawa

    RIP Tom Petty and the victims of Las Vegas. Sad day. We have got to get it together!

  40. Eskimo One

    TOM! Say it ain't so!

  41. Super Intelligent Ape From The Future

    Hopefully he get's it together, if not, rest in peace, old friend. Love this cover.

  42. Amy Jordan


  43. wpaulvandyk

    RIP Tom Petty who died aged 66. You will be missed in music.

  44. Melissa Garrett

    You will be missed.

  45. Shawn Moore

    RIP Tom Petty

  46. cesar varram

    born in the sixties!

  47. Stanley Anderson

    Love Petty, but this loses something in the translation.

  48. Charlotte Geleynse

    I love your music, Tom Petty!

  49. Artie-8356

    Eventually, when the agitated nerves and anxiety had calmed to a reasonable enough level I grabbed a quick mug of something and switched over to the holo-tube… “Random channel Alice.” I thought of Rosa immediately, automatically, a flame receding… unavailable… I struggled with the conflictions while freshening up with a steam shower, washing away none of the angst and dressed in the same old jump suit… In a phase of perplexing approaches, the scattered thoughts were indiscriminate and sweeping with an impending love horror, everywhere, all-consuming, amid these dark backgrounds… and that untouchable something just didn’t feel steady, not one bit.

  50. Richy Rich

    I think this is part of The Howard Stern Show cover of the whole album, isn't it? It was AWESOME!

  51. Legolam

    Shitty politically correct version.

  52. Betsy Call-Trottier

    This is a great song!

  53. casperblackcat1975

    Love Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers they know how to released a cover.


    Equal to thunder clap

  55. Melanie

    this song is fitting for the times now

    Rob ONeil

    Yeah, Trump is the instigator....for good...not evil.

  56. sparkle seeker

    nothing like some Tom vitamines

  57. Rix Slade

    thunder clap newman  1968

    Sandy Sandy

    RIP Thunder clap Newman !

  58. Hilly Billy

    Sounds just like Thunderclap's version.

    Sandy Sandy

    Sorta but no English accent .

    Scott Wilson

    And no 3rd verse. Not as good

  59. Karen Schmidt

    Found this at the announcement of Thunderclap Newman's death. Awesome cover!!

  60. Terry Sautter

    The original song has 3 verses. After the bridge Tom reprises the first verse and leaves out the 3rd. I wonder why? The 3rd verse that Speedy Keen wrote and Thunderclap Newman performed was:

    Hand out the arms and ammo

    We're going to blast our way through here

    We've got to get together sooner or later

    Because the revolution's here, and you know it's right

    And you know that it's right.

    The Madcap

    Terry Sautter Perhaps Tom Petty's not into guns and killing..??

    tim baldwin

    The Madcap then find a song that fits you. Disgrace to change the lyrics. Politically correct? Sad.

    Scott Wilson

    @tim baldwin Ya this cover is ok but it doesn't have the feeling like the original had.

    tim baldwin

    @Scott Wilson Yeah, I like Petty but I'll take the original.
    Any day.


    Because this is a PC generation!!! Fools, all fools. We had it right back then, thru LOVE, PEACE NOT WAR! AOC, today should take a lesson in what we young 60 n 70's generations did!! Today there's hate like none other. Truly sad display of our country and love of our flag and God. One nation.

  61. Jesse Akaike

    When Tom Petty does a cover, he always makes sure it blow the lid off.

    Woody Hamilton

    +Jesse Akaike Word

  62. Jack Schaller

    Reminds me of #Bernie#Sanders campaign. With the instigator being Trump of course.

    Larry Pollard

    Why don't you take your political crap and stick it where the sun don't shine.

    Kim Twister


  63. Kitty Kat

    Great remake, Great band. Thanks Nicole J

  64. Claudette Preisinger

    This is a little different from most of Petty's songs, but i always liked it alot!

    Claudette Preisinger

    Yes, I know it's a cover. And I like it better than Thunderclap Newman's version...

    Karen Schmidt

    +Claudette Preisinger I can't say I like it better, but it is good. The mix on the original is a bit more appealing to me. :-)

    Claudette Preisinger

    I guess it's a matter of taste...Petty's version has more up to date technology in it. Maybe that's what appeals to me :)

    Scott Wilson

    @Claudette Preisinger The original has more feeling to it plus Petty didn't even sing the original 3rd verse.

  65. Vickie Dube

    Love this song!

  66. Miloš Kostka

    i like it...

  67. I A.M.

    Eternally there's something in the air...Thanks

    Soda Jerk

    I A.M. maybe open a window

  68. John Lies

    One of my all time favorite songs!! Yeah!!

  69. Paul McDonagh

    I'm in love with the drum tone in this recording. Anyone know if this was made at sound city?

    Mayoff Jack

    It's an "oversized" snare. (12 inch snares ) . The snare itself is 14 x 12 and a half inches deep.


    This seems like Stan Lynch, the guy who drummed all the Heartbreakers hits. It was recorded about the same time as Mary Jane's Last Dance for the Greatest Hits album. There is lots of room echo. I agree the drums make this recording.


    Yup. It's Stan Lynch. One of his last projects with the Heartbreakers. Recorded for the 1993 greatest hits comp. There is a live footage video of this song on Youtube.

  70. ArcTheLad Braves

    one of his best songs easily in my opinion!! I remember hearing it for the first time in the movie kingpin which was also great!

    Tom Prokopenko

    +ArcTheLad Braves Uh, this is the cover version. The original version (by Thunderclap Newman) was in Kingpin.

    South Boston VA

    +Mr. Magoo He also changed the lyrics in the second verse and left out the last verse by repeating the first verse instead. Still a great song by a great artist.

  71. Bud Weiser

    If you do the homework you will that Thunderclap Newman was the first cover of the song by Speedy Keen...

    Bud Weiser

    Had I done my homework, I wouldnt have posted anything. Keen wrote & sang the song on Thunderclap's version...

    Donn Russell

    @Bud Weiser Thunderclap Newman was a project band put together by Pete Townsend. The song was produced and recorded in Pete Townsend's basement. It was the first time the members of "Thunderclap Newman" had ever met! Speedy Keen was the ex-chauffer of the Who.

    Kay Kay

    +Bud Weiser (WTIT) Tom Petty is so talented but I definitely prefer Thunderclap's version of "Something in the Air"..

    Claudette Preisinger

    +Donn Russell Interesting info!

  72. JeffTheNebraskaDJ

    SOMETHING IN THE AIR, things NEW this week on my GOOGLE ), the dj

  73. Grace Ful

    "We have get together sooner or later, because the revolution is here, and you know that its right." We do have to get it together we have to come together and take the next step in human evolution and evolve into a higher state of consciousness or face extinction as a species. Either way the time of Mankind is ending soon, The ultimate truth of life has been revealed and it will set us free and turn this world right side up. Google Truth Contest and check the truth out for yourselves.

    Jack Marlow

    Appreciated man.

    Anthony Cheek

    Uh huh, how? Isn't this song proof that people have said this for years, and there still is no resistance or revelation, and your peudo hippie rambling has no evidence

    Lia Mari

    +Anthony Cheek, The revolution has begun. Search: #BernieSanders

    Anthony Cheek

    Yea I kno, I did grassroots work for em right before he announced

    Skippy Junior

    @Anthony Cheek agreed....what the F did john lennon do for humanity?....sold a bunch of records...

  74. Teachering

    A great version of the Thunderclap Newman song of 1969. In the photo shown here both Tom Petty and Mike Campbell are holding Rickenbacker guitars. Both are vintage instruments. That which Mike Campbell has is a twelve string model he managed to get for an incredible price. It wasn't the model he was hoping for but he's not disappointed with the purchase.

  75. Cathy Burke

    Luv ya. Since Damned the Torpedoes.

  76. Cúem

    bacana esse cover...

  77. Malcolm Armstrong

    We are getting it together

    Lia Mari

    Yes we are


    love tom petty. been listening to him since 79.

  79. FireMoon42

    Now I've always thought of Tom Petty as being a real "screw you, this is the music like or leave it", type of guy. Given that, how disappointing that he chose to bowdlerise the lyrics of the song because it might offend someone. One thing that makes this song so unique in the annals of pop is that, it's probably the only number record in Britain to advocate revolution.... so ,changing the second verse... "Lock up the streets and houses" and the third verse..... "Hand  out the arms and ammo we're gonna blast our way through here" being left out altogether...  seems very at odds with Tom and band's persona.....

    It would be totally ironic if they did so cos of 9/11 as, there have long been rumours that the BBC quietly dropped this song form any shows featuring past number ones for over a decade because the IRA had unofficially adopted it as "theirs" and where did a huge amount of the cash come from, to blow up places in Grt Britain come from? 


    This was released around 93. If I remember correctly thats around the time all that shit about the Brady Handgun violence thing was big in the news. Which his publicist probably told him to do that to the song due to it.

    I agree it should have been left alone because it would have been a nice big fuck you about those Brady laws.

    But personally I think that may have been why it was removed. It would be kind of like releasing a cover of the Dead Kennedy's "I Kill Children" right after the whole Sandy Hook thing.

    Lia Mari

    I believe Tom is nonviolent, Gandhi-like,
    and probably left it out for his own reasons.
    Tom seems more of a *'fight-with-tools' kind of man.
    *{See Flobots
    Tom's subtext is always instigating,
    but never calling for violence.
    The Revolution is happening peacefully.

    Julie Harrison

    Is this not an artist's right? if he wanted to do the song this way he didn't do it to be PC. I don;t think he ever gave a fuck about that. It is probably what he felt was good


    Tom was a California resident and an anti nuclear weapons guy. He was not in favor of weapons.

  80. Chase Meehan

    "Something in the air" sounds somewhat like "in the morning when the day is new" in "Wouldn't it be nice"...

  81. Jake Melvin

    Tom Petty was def feeling some Beatles influence on this. Revolver type music

    Amy Jordan

    don't forget The Traveling Wilburys

    aaron storrs

    It sounds Pete Townsend to me

    Jim Akin

    Composer Speedy Keen sang the original, on Thunderclap Newman's Hollywood Dream LP, but Pete produced that record and (using the alias "Bijou Drains") also played bass on it. Pete sang another Speedy Keen tune, Armenia City in the Sky, on The Who Sell Out. Keen and Townshend had similar vocal registers.

    Eamon Stafford

    That Armenia City in the Sky is a good song. Amazing genius is Mr Townshend

    Sportfor Life

    Reminds me of a Beatles song even tho it’s a cover

  82. Andre Lemieux

    I like this version as much as the original from Thunderclap Newman, excellent remake.

  83. BoZ CarsoN

    Good album in 1993!! I can't believe it! Last dance with Mary Jane was a big one and good video too. I always pictured an INSPECTOR to this song using my Quaderels. Huh?.

  84. manygate10

    Better in some respects than the original, eg rockier, although it lacks the quirky 60's off beat feel of that one. having said that I liked The Beatles/ELO style
    riffs in the middle!

  85. giovanni sidoli

    better then the original.

    jack freeman

    Yes as much as your grammar is so good.

  86. Wolfdragon92584

    A perfect way to wrap up the greatest compilation ever by the wonderful Heartbreakers.

    I love the floaty feel to this song....

  87. Green2711 1

    Kingpin has such an awesome soundtrack! Got me into both Tom Petty and Electric Light Orchestra when I first saw it years a go!

  88. Bill Nesh

    awsome tune!

  89. ihatethiswebsitesdif

    The Tom Petty version is the best version of this song.

    Sandy Sandy

    I enjoy Tom Petty lots but Thunder clap Newman's is always the Best !

    Scott Wilson

    @Sandy Sandy Ya how can you call Petty's the best when he left out the 3rd verse.

    Bobby Twig

    ihatethiswebsitesdif No, the original was better but, Tom Petty tipped his hat to the original. Good stuff anyway.

  90. King Kor

    Cecil- note the tambo!

  91. Pat Moss

    Movie: Kingpin brought me here. I love Tom Petty's version best!

  92. Phil Janssen

    two people accidentally clicked the dislike button by mistake.

  93. Sphinx Flutter

    I feel the same way.

  94. Sphinx Flutter

    Actually, if you have heard one of John Lennon's old out-takes of his song '#9 Dream', you'll find that Lennon played a part of this song in it at the end somewhere. Also, the completed version of Lennon's song '#9 Dream' has the same guitar part around midway, if you haven't picked up on it already. Just putting my observations there. Perhaps you can show me that I'm wrong.

  95. Scott Russell

    i have no soul.... checkmate....

  96. panther029

    yo folks i still belive in the dream

  97. Algis Kemezys

    Great song...

  98. lattydaddy07

    how high were they?

  99. Sara R

    Ugh, a huge part of me wants the whole song just to be played slower but no one sings it like that.

    Oh well, still dig the tune. :)