Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Shadow People Lyrics

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Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers Shadow People Comments
  1. Shannon Kringen

    these lyrics are so validating for the current times we live in the usa 2019

  2. Frank Mosch

    I still see you approaching Frank m over and out....

  3. Frank Mosch

    I see you Coming .... Frank misssssschief

  4. Frank Mosch

    I like IT... FRANK MISSsssschief

  5. David Dufour

    In true TP fashion, an epic lyric: "Waiting for the sun, to be straight overhead, til we ain't got no all."

    RIP Tom.

  6. Charles Welty

    Still breakin my heart

  7. Shannon Kringen

    back to the music therapy. tom petty and tori amos literally help get me through every single day! music calms my nerves.

  8. neumeon

    The guitar solo that starts at 3:15 is well done. Understated yet powerful.

  9. Curtis Waller

    I would like to one day tell Mike Campbell, Scott Thurston, Ron Blair, Steve Ferrone, and Benmont Tench all about The Magic Tree House Books all the way from "Dinosaurs Before Dark", "The Knight at Dawn", "Mummies in the Morning", "Pirates Past Noon", "Night of the Ninjas", "Afternoon on the Amazon", "Sunset of the Sabertooth", "Midnight on the Moon", "Dolphins at Daybreak", "Ghost Town at Sundown", "Lions at Lunchtime", "Polar Bears Past Bedtime", "Vacation Under the Volcano", "Day of the Dragon King", "Viking Ships at Sunrise", "Hour of the Olympics", "Tonight on the Titanic", "Buffalo Before Breakfast", "Tigers at Twilight", "Dingoes at Dinnertime", "Civil War on Sunday", "Revolutionary War on Wednesday", "Twister on Tuesday", "Earthquake in the Early Morning", "Stage Fright on a Summer Night", "Good Morning, Gorillas", "Thanksgiving on Thursday", "High Tide in Hawaii", "A Big Day for Baseball", "Hurricane Heroes in Texas", "Christmas in Camelot", "Haunted Castle on Hallow's Eve", "Summer of the Sea Serpent", "Winter of the Ice Wizard", "Carnival at Candlelight", "Season of the Sandstorms", "Night of the New Magicians", "Blizzard of the Blue Moon", "Dragon of the Red Dawn", "Monday with a Mad Genius", "Dark Day in the Deep Sea", "Eve of the Emperor Penguin", "Moonlight on the Magic Flute", "A Good Night for Ghosts", "Leprechaun in Late Winter", "A Ghost Tale for Christmas Time", "A Crazy Day with Cobras", "Dogs in the Dead of Night", "Abe Lincoln At Last", "A Perfect Time For Pandas", "Stallion at Starlight", "Hurry Up Houdini!", "High Time for Heroes", "Soccer on Sunday", "Shadow of the Shark", "Balto of the Blue Dawn", "Danger in the Darkest Hour", to "Night of the Ninth Dragon".

  10. judasplow25

    Tom knew what the hell was going on!

  11. carol summers

    I cannot imagine living in this world without Tom in it. #personal

  12. Melissa Gerber

    His work here was done.😭

  13. Miriam Mccray

    This is a really good song. The Heartbreakers rock. Not to mention the message. One of my favorites. SHADOW PEOPLE.

  14. Miriam Mccray

    The evolution of success. They made their mil, didn't need a hit on the charts. It was time to just play music, and Tom's writing kept them coming back to the studio. Petty integrates a new sound with his voice, yet consummate Petty comes around the corner, sometimes within the same song. I love this album.

  15. Greg Voloshen

    "Well I aint on the Left... and I ain't on the Right... I'm not even sure if I got a dog in this fight." After all these years, Tom Petty never used divisive politics to bring attention to himself.

    Brian Blackmon

    Both the left wing, and the right wing are on the same bird.

    Mr.SmithGNR Smith

    Exactly....same thing...,meant to divide and conquer/control

  16. Greg Voloshen

    This song just takes you away. The whole album kicks ass, classic. Thanks, T.P & the Heartbreakers, for one last lick down the open road.

  17. James Roy

    RIP Tom. We're losing TOO MANY of the Good ones. Sad.

  18. Martin Weeks

    Man there ain't a single bad song on this whole release. Got me crying as it's like Tom had more life going on then any other part of his life. and this song just kicks major ass. Wow man I gotta get off line for a's so tragic man!!

    Eric K

    How many performers in their 60's go out with an album that sounds current and innovative, and just kicks ass.

    Paul McCartney hasn't done shit in 35 years. Think about that.

    Richard Bartlett

    @Eric K So true!

    Richard Bartlett

    This album is a hidden gem!

  19. Randy Turner

    Tom Petty was one of the few artists that continued to crank out quality music in the 21st Century. Now he's gone. What will we do?


    We'll listen to it for another 100 years. lol :)

    Salvatore Sea

    Step the fuck up to the plate

  20. Michael Paumgardhen

    Oh fuck no-Tom’s gone?
    Guess the shadow people heart-attack-darted him yesterday morning...
    Goddam motherfucking cocksucking NWO Cabal needs to disappear forever.

    Roy Lay

    At this moment, it is unknown if Tom is dead.

  21. boardskins

    Godspeed Tom. :(

  22. versailles pimp

    RIP Tom Petty 😢


    Nice to see that Tom see's through the false left vs. right paradigm.

  24. Pamala Evans

    I know a lot about shadow people.....yeah Chris. and that girl

    Kapt'n Stevil

    Enlighten me please? Chris who?

  25. Kent Lewandowski

    it deserves a music video as great as the music and lyrics

  26. Charles peterson

    What a great codo. Beautiful.

  27. Razertail Druid

    this is my favorite song off of the Hypnotic Eye album, I just wish they would play it on the radio... so cool it hurts...

    Martin Weeks

    The "Radio" probably won't do it as they only want crap on the airwaves these days. Songs that actually make you think, feel and breath are taboo on modern radio


    the whole hypnotic eye album is awesome! got me prepared for days of division

  28. Lee Johannes

    this is one of toms best tracks of all time. just epic, well done. . . get a pair of nice headphones- close your eyes and listen to it and tell me I'm wrong. . .

    Tracie Cardone

    Oh yes! It sinks straight into your soul and bones and warms you up. 😊

  29. TheRealuminumhelmet1

    heh heh...'shadow people' - petty has a good sense of humor!