Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Mary Jane's Last Dance Lyrics

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Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers Mary Jane's Last Dance Comments
  1. The Happy Crystal

    Can anyone tell me which song had the alice in wonderland video. Thanks

  2. Max Cannongun

    i like the moment when Kim's alive ^_^

  3. Rudy Riner

    Actress Kim bassinger playing Mary Jane

  4. SirTigAlot Wolfe

    God called Tom Petty home for a one on one Concert, Rest In Peace, In God's loving hands...

  5. coca cola death squad

    Who came here from trs radio?

  6. Margie Ann Gutierrez

    My husband has a beautiful voice i love the way he sing

  7. David Amazonas de Souza


  8. a to tha j castro

    When ur so lonley u legit date a dead body

  9. Ramona Reyes

    never slow down never grow old

  10. Eric Daniels

    Way before his time

  11. Jorge Edward Arce

    Why you left this world too soon Tom?

  12. DrApexLegend

    RIP Tom. Last dance with woman or plant?

  13. John Carswell

    I miss his humor and his music every day is a gift

  14. Lt. E. Ripley

    My Mothers name is Mary Jane and she was one of the toughest women on earth, protective and loyal to her children, husband and family. My Mother never had it easy but she never ever felt sorry for herself its just a thing that you go through you dont ask why because it doesnt matter kind of person.
    My Mother died of a rare cancer and was there with her when she died in her own bed. I dont thank God for her dying in her own I thank her for holding on because if life keeps spitting in your eyes you tell it, Im going when Im ready and where Im ready and Im dying in my fucking bed because fuck you thats why.
    She died on her own terms and I was there with her and looked into her eyes as life left, her breath slowed the death rattles quieted and there was this last exhale that she did not have to force out she was free.
    She did not lose the battle because when you die so does the cancer, she told the cancer youre coming with me.
    I am 38 years old now and this is my second cancer battle. I learned that it doesnt matter why I have cancer and other never get a cold it does not matter there is no scorecard it is just something that happens and you get through it. I made a promice to myself that I would never ever let a disease define me nor change the person I am and I stand by that and you know, the cancer is rare and agressive Im doing my best to do what I need to get that shit out of me again but you know what?
    There is nothing that caused it, you didnt deserve it for some reason, you dont spend time asking questions on something that has no answer. You keep moving.
    I love you Mom and I know you joined the universe, energy never dies it just..goes. There is not clouds there is no seeing you again in a ghost form, its just, you join what all the countless other have become. Energy and you know what? I like that.

  15. dev console

    the video is goddamn creepy, but the music is awesome

  16. Egrin

    Dani California next recommended video. I see what you did there, Youtube.

  17. Devin Walton

    Still kick ass to this day depressed he died I grew up listening to him

    John Bailey

    me too Glad however for his music

  18. Cem Celen

    tüyler diken

  19. stupid pride

    I’m a millennial who likes old music.

    Derik Highcock

    Prolly not even a millennial

  20. Deusdat

    Tom Petty always looked a bit deadish.

  21. Charles PrAthere

    I'm going to say something controversial the song is better than Free Falling there I said it let the hate comments role in.

  22. Jeff Garbaas

    Peeps the cat likes this song

  23. Randy Smith

    Does this video remind anyone of THE LEGENDARY ALICE COOPER!!!!?

  24. addy booz


  25. Nata Zelya

    Rest in peace

  26. KONNOR KaRn

    I would totally do that.

  27. buickregal83

    Crazy creepy Joe Biden 😂

  28. Kimberly Munoz


  29. r jenifer

    This is a very creepy video. The song is great though

  30. Linda Hollinger

    Is that Kim Basinger as the dead girl?

  31. Alejandro Salazar


  32. fuzer909

    My last with mj was in 2006. Now going through chemo, I miss it.

  33. George Cope


  34. A Brock

    A great song, but a very morbid video.

  35. Leland- BoB Palmer

    Neon Demon film Liked this!

  36. Imprezaactual

    Rest in power T.P ✌️

  37. Blind Guy McSqueezy

    Oh my god what did I just experience 💀

  38. Mas mezcla Maistro?

    what a great song, video, far away from the way the song takes me

  39. Vazanth

    the way she opens her eyes at the end always freaked me out in 90s. well 2019 thats another story

  40. Melissa Alldredge

    Everyone is posting the years they are watching this but that doesn't mean shit. Tom Petty is fucking eternal. 1980 or 2015....STILL GONNA BE THE SAME ANSWER. Fucking fantastic.

  41. Playmation Nobi

    My favorite lines are the chorus and "You never slow down, You never grow old ". Just genius.

  42. grace daniels

    RIP to a very talented angel Tom Petty

  43. Jennifer Fehr

    rip tom Petty

  44. Jose Francisco Guzman

    a los 18 en mtv conoci a tom petty

  45. Wok Gees

    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Dani California is this song sped up.

  46. jerrett roberts

    Is he tryna bring a dead habit back to life? Lol

  47. livin' in chains

    This song has a pink floyd vibe in it

  48. Maryjane Smith

    This is my goodbye to who I was and embracing who I've become....this song describes me from my name, to my state, my mother not being around...I had fun with some Indiana boys, ran off to Fl. just before I turned 18 and put on that dress many times but I'm rewriting the ending....The devil does not get the last dance! 💃

  49. guardián de tus sueños

    Who watch in November 2019???

    Rebecca Pinto19


  50. Jennifur Hitler

    Who's Here From GTLive

  51. Jose Torres

    As a young kid my pop would play this I used to think this song was corny being influenced by hip hop and rap and my older 37 is my go to Tom petty song...I love it it gives me makes me dance all sorts of love

  52. Patrick Brown

    When i watched this video when i was kid it scared the hell out me

  53. Nico Chain

    Bates Motel...

  54. Guy Pseudonym

    This is one hell of a music video.

  55. Willie Maye

    Tom Peter was a good singer he going to be well missed

  56. Shannon Hill

    I looove Tom petty ❤️ but I’m wondering why the chef coat? 😆 was he gonna eat Mary jane

  57. Michael Roberts

    Placing a dead body into the ocean for a decent burial is straight out of a Charle Bukowski short story. Can’t remember the name but i am sure that Mr Petty would have read his books. If there is one have a comfortable after life Mr Petty and Mr Bukowski or as we all know him Hank Chinaski.

  58. Angel Bernal

    This video reminds of Bates Motel drama

  59. elmarbeau

    those were... music real, music videos!!! cheers for the 90's generation. proud of being almost 40 !!

  60. kingofleone

    Dani California by RHCP seems to be heavily inspired by this 🤟

  61. Bernardo Santos

    Mary Jane,rest in pe,oh wait

  62. Fearless Arcanine

    Dani California

  63. Ruben Rocha

    Esta con madre Dani California de los chili pepp..... espera Khe!!

  64. Ana Palacios

    carl tanzler intensifies

  65. Yuri S

    Песня офигенная, хоть и грустная.

  66. Fuckin Really

    Song doesn't really bring me too much memories. But honestly the feeling of escape smoking a fat joint hearing this when your life is going crazy is like no other. Much love to y'all.

  67. Ramona Reyes

    night fall will be coming soon

  68. Ramona Reyes

    lovely day wasn't it?


    We miss you tom

  70. Dai Griff

    "Getting born in the state of Mississippi
    Papa was a copper, and her mama was a hippy
    In Alabama she would swing a hammer
    Price you got to pay when you break the panorama"

  71. nikolai osipov

    Классный клип!!!Песня вообще-БОМБА!!!!!КИМ просто КРАСАВИШНА!!!!!

  72. Aristarh Snowman

    Том, чёртов ты некрофил!)=) Ким всегда офигенна.)

  73. Jürgen von Reichenau

    Irony of fate: Kim Basinger is doing well and Tom Petty is finishing the worms...

  74. Ryan Kisnics

    I never Seen you In Concert....But I'll Definitely see you on the OtherSide When I go And it's free admission...👊👍

  75. Collin Zaffke

    I hit the last number and walked to the road....

  76. Patti Zayas

    there was a horror movie that was  like this based in tn or ky............

  77. Joan Snow

    Who’s the girl? I cannot remember her name, damnit


    Kim Basinger

  78. Weed Man West Vancouver (BC)

    this video make me want a Clysler

  79. jjthesavage

    And she waved her cooter in the air like she just don't care.

  80. Marto FSK

    brian shima

  81. colindree

    Gainesville !

  82. Tom Hanks

    The girl who posted this song is a crystal meth addict, i met her on Craigslist one night...$20 bucks an hour!!!

    Ryan Ritchey

    And how do you know this

  83. Loohna

    I want great music to come back pleaseee!

    Makayla Roberts


  84. Harry Parry

    Yet he PASSED ~

    Harry Parry

    U gotta WATCH messing with the DARK side ~

    Harry Parry

    THE reaper...

  85. Ted Staf

    Death frightens me. I hate this video.

  86. really dude

    It’s Toms Birthday today RIP


    He died too early

  87. SekhmetSecretWeapon

    I just saw this video a WHOLE NEW, and likely accurate way, as if for the 1st time......WOW!!!!!!!!!

  88. Sylvia Flanders


  89. Denise

    Timeless Treasure!! Tom Petty was amazing!! I would watch this music video on VH1 as a young girl, the music video always gave me such an eerie feeling ♥️

  90. Jon Kelley

    As much as I love Tom Petty, this just sounds like Bob Dylan try to do every song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

  91. thomas from 91

    shout out 352

  92. IN1VISIBLE3.-


  93. Dan Dare

    Tom, я помню тебя. Моя молодость прошла с твоими песнями. Земля тебе пухом!

  94. Jonathan lewis music

    3:11 best scene ever!

  95. Jonathan lewis music

    Obviously Tom doesn't know disrespecting a dead body is illegal! Lol

  96. sick little monkey

    Put this video together with DON'T COME AROUND HERE NO MORE. And then look up spirit cooking. Marina Abramovic artist. And then play CONNECT THE DOTS .

  97. Mother F**keress