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Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers Gainesville Comments
  1. Martin Dueñas

    T.P.....que grande que sos x dios!!!!!

  2. Anne Sipe

    Tom, your leaving is the hardest thing to accept about a beloved artist...You're an American Treasure..Your the sound track of the baby boomers..
    That is beyond impressive..
    Your patriotism, humility & ofcourse your music will Never be're like the Cole PORTER of Rock! Love & miss you...we keep your spirit alive!

  3. steelyman08

    I don't miss you, Tom, because you're always here in your music. That's the timeless gift that you left us all. This one just cheered me up yet again (-: Thank you!

  4. Dusty Nathan

    We still miss you, Petty!

  5. francis.réquéna

    R I P, TOM.

  6. North Florida Bassin

    I live less than a quartermile away from the old mudcruch farm

  7. Robbin Papalucas

    I love this tune.🎹🔮

  8. Happy Sagi Blessed

    Petty had soul he was "real" not a pretentious bone in his body . His heart shines through in his music, we are truly blessed to still have this huge undying piece of him that will live in forever. R.I.P. Tom.💖🙏

  9. M Arnold

    God, I miss him 😔

  10. Denise Culley

    I love seeing pics of Tom in his younger years 😍

  11. Martin Dueñas

    Todos los días escuchando tu música.. 🙏🙏

  12. Lawrence Frauens

    An American hero!

  13. Roxanne Wood Donahoo

    Now I am home sick plus miss Tom Petty.

  14. Joyce S

    Gainesville should be proud, raised one amazing man and legend!!!

  15. Will E. Fistergash

    Lived in Gainesville from 1991 to 1997. Will never ever forget it. Best years of my life.

  16. Math Person

    From a Gainesville boy, I say a great job video and (of course) audio by all! Updated, thank you. rip tp

  17. AP I

    I miss him so much.

  18. My Email

    Gainesville almost killed me.

  19. Jeff Davis

    This song gives me such a nostalgic vibe. Born and raised in Gainesville.

  20. Lisa Traupane-Nolan

    Best band ever love love love them

  21. AljoniMusiCo

    Cool homie!

  22. Sidneyirvinggrosberg

    I'm from G'ville too.

  23. emily lewczyk

    My house is in this

  24. Jennifer West

    Went to Gainesville last October for his B day Bash! I hope it gets bigger and bigger every year!!! TP 4 EVER!

  25. Sandra Hoolahan

    Miss you so much 🥰😎🎶🎸

  26. Clay Jones

    The jam at 2:45, the piano at 3:11, the final jam at 3:26... Man I love this song....

  27. lisafer

    My own personal blonde Jesus. 4ever.

  28. Joel Lavoie

    Second to none

  29. Markie Hall

    Totally love this. Thank you Allyn

  30. Razz Berry

    Memories. Thank you.

  31. Nick Ellis

    How did this not make it on to an album? Awesome song with a "top down" groove to it.

  32. Ann Wilson

    gainesville was cool. I don't know what it's like anymore.

  33. Amy Lynn Martin

    I'm proud to live in a town with amazingly talented musicians, Tom Petty being one of the more famous. ;-)

  34. Desiree Hall

    Load in up the van.....

  35. cwmiller2006

    I just read no less than 20 posts by you all...I am like everyone who's posted thoughts about what a great man and musician TP is. I still can't believe Tom is no longer here, it's just gut wrenching to me. I keep clicking on songs I've never heard before and can't believe my ears. One of my all time favortie TP albums was Damn the Torpedo's, i was 20 when it came out and I wore it out! Anyhow, like a lot of folks said, he will be missed but his music will always live on. God's speed Tom...I'll always be a fan

  36. Mark Anthony Smith

    This is really a good song!

  37. christschool

    Tom Petty was the real Joe Dirt made good.

  38. Timothy Taylor

    Who are the 47 jack holes that gave this thumbs down? I will hunt you down ...

  39. james geiger

    I remember Florida when it was like this. Been to Gainesville a few times It's maybe 40 minutes from my home town. That Florida is disappearing.

  40. nikki jones

    Kids were so much more layed back and free spirited in the 60s and 70s

  41. Denis Davydovskys

    I am extremely glad that I found this genius in the best years. I was born in 1975 in Ukraine, but since 1989 this is my one of my favorite rock artists. Real rock inlelegent

  42. Anthony Gonzalez

    Tom..hey bro.

  43. Ninja Elétrico

    Tom Petty forever!

  44. k w

    I have never loved any musician like I loved him and love him. He was such a genius and so genuine, down to earth. There's nobody like him, nobody. He was definitely my go-to guy for all his beautiful music. I miss him so terribly. Their concerts were the greatest concerts ever. I knew I'd never see him again the last time I saw him in 2017 but I thought it would be me not him. I'm so glad that I lived in the same time he did. What an amazing soul.

  45. tinydancer444

    this song is amazing especially since my son got a full ride to the university ......doing his masters.....and I have always loved Tom so this is such an emotional song for me ..................GO GATORS!!!

  46. The Last Rebel Show

    I saw them 15 times from 1978 to 2010. His teachers and other adults in his life said playing music is fine but you need something to fall back on and he said but we’re not gonna fall back. And they never did. Everything they set out to do happened. It’s was TPS drive and determination that got them all Rock Star status.Tom Petty was worth over 250 million when he passed. R.I.P. Tomas Earl Petty ✝️ Howie Epstein ✝️

  47. Ann Wilson

    I couldn't live in florida. I grew up there. but it wasn't for places like gainesville and the kind of people people there I wouldn't have kept a mind. lolz I've had some good times for sure.

    I never met tom petty but his music speaks in a way we understand. surely he was a homie. he enriched our lives with who he was through his music that'll carry on like a long fond summer day that you hope never ends.

  48. Harry Chisholm

    We have all traveled so many miles since Mudcrutch and Road Turkey played at The lot by Murphy Hall. What a long strange trip it has been.

  49. Harry Chisholm

    Whenever I go home, I still meet Paul @Lillian’s.


    Tommy said once that with both parents working the town raised him. I feel that Gainesville does that when I first moved to Gainesville I felt a big hug and accepted, I felt love for the first time ever. Thank you G'ville I love you too.

  51. Alessandro Pulze

    😣first love💘🎸never forgotten!

  52. Jeff Heck

    Dare I say it? The best American band by far, at least thru my eyes and ears...

  53. PClemente2120

    One of the best to ever do it. Everything he makes becomes an instant classic. RIP Tom, I wish I got to see you live.

  54. GreenRiver72

    Girlfriend got me the 4-disc for Christmas, but I'm only seeing this video now for the first time. Too great. To capture the way I felt when I was 14, without a fear in the world. That's the mark of true artists. RIP Tommy.

  55. michelle88960

    Adria this must have been so hard to do. But I'm just a lifelong fan of your dads, and it breaks my heart. The apple hasn't fallen far from the tree. Thoughts are with you, Dana and all your family.

  56. Marc Poindexter

    This is my fav tom petty video ever it shows how far they came I always have a tom petty cd in my truck damm I miss him love you brother rock on in heaven

  57. William

    Have to add the local band, Power, a trio too in the mix.

  58. William

    Dug all those 1969 local bands, RGF and Boot. Mudcrutch playing for free on the library commons and the Student Union.

  59. Diane Cambron

    Bittersweet. Beautiful song.

  60. jen thayer


  61. David Cassidy

    Tom AND ALL The Heartbreakers: #1 in Top quality music !!!!!!

  62. robert campbell

    Spot on accurate, I know because I live in Gainesville!

  63. Heather Heinemann

    Love ya'll!

  64. Gaby Tiger

    You are missed

  65. Kristina Washington

    excellent. 😁


    0:26 drug use😲

    Melissa Gerber

    AAASTUFF gasp!

  67. peter grattan


  68. David Mccain

    It's good to be King.......just for one day....
    Thanks for the music and memories Tom...

  69. Gabriela Paiva

    Love you Tom, and I miss you every day! We went to Gainesville this weekend on your 68th birthday, just to honor your memory and visit the places of your childhood, It was an amazing experience for us! We felt happy and sad at the same time and I know some how you were there! Your music will never die, thanks for the tunes my friend, Tommy!!!! Love you, always!!!! <3

  70. Jacquelyn Medina


  71. Pamela SNYDER

    Missing Tommy tonight and now I miss Gainesville. "You're ok anywhere you fall"................ so true. I worked at Lillian's Music Store!

  72. angliase

    TP Birthday Bash today in Gainesville

  73. Morgan Bays

    Tom, I was a fan since 1978. Wish I would have gone to see you live. 66 is way too young to die. Still love listening to your first album. Great collection of fun guitars. Hope you are in a good place.

  74. Jeff

    God we miss you Tom....J.L.T....

  75. Jorge Leiva

    I miss Gainesville !!!!! Thank you Petty

  76. Rebecca Singleton


  77. Marcy Chase

    This video is awesome!

  78. Denise Culley

    Muddy ....please come back to me 🙁

  79. Denise Culley

    Nothing compares 2 U baby !!!💘💖😍

  80. Denise Culley

    Tom has the most beautiful voice in the me some Tommy 😍😙💘💞

  81. Jimmy Florida

  82. Marion Schoeller

    Thank you Tom. Your music lives on. Never forget where you came from.

  83. 5 4Fighting

    Great vid. Cool shot of Tom playing the "Beatle bass" back when he was the bass player. Love the Hogtown sights. Some great memories. Anybody remember going to Skeeters for breakfast? Still hard to realize there won't be any new Tom Petty & Heartbreakers songs in the works. So much great music. RIP Tom Petty.

  84. Jerry Archer

    Those days were the best...Miss you Tom...RIP.

  85. Mark DeVito

    We miss you Tom

  86. life long

    Been.....Gone...Never Forgotten

  87. neldinsky

    still really tough to except.....a year later and i'm still shocked. thanks for this great gift. NB

  88. Janis Nolette

    Miss you tom petty, big time!!!!

  89. Mark And Blitz

    God I miss you Tom, I'm in tears

  90. Charleybones

    Hard to believe they wouldn't have released this song with the album when they recorded it. A great tune. Makes you wonder how many more songs Petty had up his sleeve before he died that he never released. Sad that Tom didn't take better care of himself. he had plenty to live for, and he is truly missed

  91. Dawn Sisson

    Luv it!

  92. Gustavo Adolfo Campos

    This is a Classic Master Piece. I like Classic Master Pieces. Classic Master Pieces are forever. Thank you Tom Petty and the Hertbreakers for this legacy of music. Hugs.

  93. Byrdeyy

    Tommy.. dear one... sigh..

  94. claudia vanderwoodsen

    great video but i am wondering why Howie Epstein almost doesn't show from it and from "Keep a little soul" and "You and me" videos

  95. Tommy Jarvis

    Lezzgooooo I live in Gainesville