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Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers For Real Comments
  1. Stephen Marcus

    I play TP so much. I keep being sad. There’s just a few who saddened me like him.

  2. Ashley Jo

    I can't watch this and not cry 😢

  3. Patricia Watkins

    Tom's passing was so heart breaking to me. I've been a fan for many years and Tom's music really got me through some hard times especially when I was caring for my dad who was bed ridden and suffering from dementia. I listened to a him almost daily. My dad died October 2, 2018 1 year to the day that TP passed. I have my dad's and Tom's photo together and I light a candle for them every day. Yes every day. The clerks know me well at our local .99 cent store. This helps me feel close to my dad and honors TP memory.

  4. Sharon Warren

    watching his videos knowing that he's no longer with us makes me cry. There's only been a few musicians who've passed thats left an emptiness in my Soul...Tom, Glen Frey, and John Lennon.

  5. Marie Lindevall Stauss

    Love this song so much 👍❤️

  6. Debra Parkerson

    This cyber victim knows alittle 😂
    Love me
    Stop the hairdressers in their tracks... 😂 😍
    Laughing threw the pain...
    God puts people, places an things in our life for a amazing outcome... An reveals threw visions. Yes I have had visions threw out my life 😂 😍
    We are the world...
    Crazy cyber victim life....

  7. Debra Parkerson

    Being a cyber direct internet targeted victim aka human trafficking. I reach out for help in ending abuse done on purpose... Sorry if you were effected by all this but when people want leave humans alone it's time for a change. Please be apart of helping out my home town Macon, GA... We have people living in unsafe radio active housing... This is a very important issue for me an the fight I fight daily is unbelievable or was.. I love music an movies but in the same token my mama was a big part of government data.. I went to federal prison she went to be with the lawd she beat stage 4 stomach cancer an a pain shot took her to be with the lawd... Blessing are coming. ..this is her picture in this circle.. What a beauty she was an is... She carried a child for 9 month the bay was still born.. Well it's still born.... Much love and respect..
    Love me

  8. Jenifer Gulick

    What a great artist and amazing song. Missed.

  9. CHEFLOW Lowenstein


  10. TheBluewaterBlonde

    Check out this song done as a tribute to Tom Petty by those that also loved him, Willie Nelson and his sons Lukas and Micah, Dhani Harrison (George Harrison's son), Jakob Dylan (Bob Dylan's son), and Amos Lee. A beautiful tribute and Christmas/Hanukkah present for all of us who loved Tom Petty.


    Absolutely Wonderful

  12. Gobi Grey

    Ok, 35 year old guy sitting here with tears rolling down my damn face.

  13. evelyn baron

    You guys can now purchase the official Rolling Stone Magazine Special Edition on actual music stands; on-line who knows. Dec 21 2019. You know I love the comments under Tom Petty's music; they do create a loose community of people who would never come together under other circs. I dropped in for an instant on the Tom Petty Facebook Group; one minute and they were trading photos mostly of him when he young and beautiful in the way young people are. Or else claiming friendship with his Dad which just proves they couldn't read. They all missed the point, Petty Theft is something I honour; he wanted so much for young bands to be inspired; he never thought he would that focus of inspiration.

    Best wishes to the people who mattered, dead or alive: George Harrison, Ringo, Olivia Harrison; Mo; Stan Lynch; Jane; Mike; Benmont; Ron; Howie; Jeff Lynne was so glad he was in the limelight he forgot to pretend to grieve; I don't think Tom cares; his brother makes more sense. Left people out; always happens. Left out the audience to whom he thought he owed so much. Left out his daughters whom he loved more than salt but for whom he wasn't present when it mattered. Adria, Kim. Your friends ; Stevie wont be left out but others more loyal and less avid for the limelight won't be named. Above all your mother; and after that Dana.

    Bugs saved your life and like the one who won't be named, was with you in your deep loneliness.
    I don't name the joyous 2 people who were never part of this dysfunctional musical family.

  14. Anthony Sneed

    What I love about this song, is that it’s so real and no frills. It’s almost awkward lyrically, but for it to be true it has to be. Love this song.

  15. Shannon Kringen

    love this

  16. Sandeep Joshi

    Just a beautiful song by an icon. I think of Tom Petty and his wonderful music every day and it still hurts so much that he's not with us. You did this for real did...your life meant something to so many...

  17. Brian Soukeroff

    2:30 the best words and advice anyone has ever given me

  18. Ho Fla

    His death came much too soon. It is so sad ....

  19. Cem Filiz


  20. Gisselle S

    I miss you Tom. You were a true artist and musician.

  21. evelyn baron

    I am one of those people who are extremely glad that tributes like Petty Theft continue to tour and that his memory is alive. My personal impression is that his song writing ability rivaled that of Bob Dylan, Nobel Prize winner of whom he would not tolerate a single negative comment, ever. But this is not the garden of Eden and his older daughter Adria has been in litigation against his widow Dana for a long time over creative control over his archived material, and leave Mike Campbell out of it; he is the honest true friend. There is a song … I don't belong …. to you …. that should give us all pause. He was an extraordinary man and loved us all but he had a bloody hard time of it all his life. Idiotic photos of him as a beautiful young man, which is how Adria chooses to remember him and a great number of women fans, don't help. Taken for all he was worth, he was a man. Shouldn't have to quote Hamlet.

  22. Mimi Fox

    This is so moving. Thanks to all who put this together. I have never known of an artist with such a huge body of high quality work. He has a great song for my every mood, and his music sustains me. With Tom Petty it seems there is always even more to be thankful for!

  23. Manuela Costa

    R.I.P. my Dear, love you forever.

  24. Little Lamb

    Fortunately, he left behind all his great music for us to enjoy forever. That won't ever die.

  25. Louis Rios

    I'm so lucky I got to see him live before his passing.

    I bet he's putting shows up in heaven.

    We love and miss you Tom!!

  26. Karen Stempkoski

    Just love how he says 1 2 3 4. Tom you were real. Authentic. Not phony. Humble. Not ego driven. You always said God bless you at the end of all your concerts. Now may God bless you. Rest In Peace, brother. Better than the beatles. Better than the stones. PETTY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. steelyman08

    Video directed by his daughter Adria ♥ This is a very special song indeed. Almost seems like fate that it was released posthumously because it represents his work and life to perfection. But still very hard to understand how it wasn't released at the time. It's just pure, classic Tom Petty. Thank you! (-:

  28. Green L

    Heartbreakers are the Best

  29. Semper Fi

    I love you Tom Petty. I miss you..I will never stop listening.. I love you.

  30. clinically diagnosed

    RIP Tom, sadley humanity can be that dum and some , miss the music man 10

  31. Tina B

    My favorite song, my favorite video....for real....beautiful Tom Petty

  32. kimberly cluck

    What up with Willy,, Jacob and the boys?

  33. Gregg Levin

    Tom Petty had a ton of groupies, an well deserved too. For Real. Tom knew how to enjoy life

  34. angelnblue

    To the 113 people who disliked this video/song You SUCK!

  35. Brad Gamson

    Every time I saw Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers I always thought that Tom was just so cool looking on stage. I miss him a lot.

  36. Elie Elis

    The one and only...not a mold made

  37. Christine Winkels

    Love him!

  38. JimSVoit

    One of his best songs.

  39. Sue Maher

    Thinking of Tom and family today. We fans miss him and remember him and keep his memory alive. Best live band ever so glad he was my music legend.

  40. Richard Scott

    Love this. Been to church.

  41. Craig Gomez

    I heard Mike Campbell talking about being back in Australia with FM. He said there are so many great memories of him and Tom writing songs. It's hard for us to know and understand the pain the band is going through after all the time spent together. They were best friends going back to grade school. Hang in there Mike, Benmont, Scott, Ron, Stan and Howie. Tom was magical. His live shows are all tributes to one of the greatest rock n roll bands America has ever produced. Mostly, he was just a regular guy unaffected by stardom. I LOVE YOU TOM!

  42. Sandgroper Wookie

    Perfect song for Tom👍 What a beautiful soul ❤

  43. Mr.SmithGNR Smith

    Song has a very Beatles vibe to it...brilliant. What an incredible, honest song.

  44. Movieclips & Music

    TOM PETTY 10/10

  45. Victoria Perkovic


  46. dan meme

    What a beautiful soul.

  47. Mitchell Gunslinger

    ok Tom you got me completely ... miss ur presence brother .. #HelpTheBahamasHoweverYouCan #FoReal sad sad emoticon . . .

  48. Sue Maher

    I go back to this once in a while and my heart is smiling because people are at one about Tom. He was and is a Legend. He really doesn't get enough credit for his songwriting it was pure. Keep commenting and listening.he left a great legacy

  49. Mark Kennedy

    The first cassette I ever bought with my allowance was "Damn the Torpedos". I still have it. Anybody by chance gotta walkman? Yeah, it's been a long long road and I think I can speak for everybody when I say it was worth the ride. Thank you Tom and thank you Heartbreakers.

  50. evelyn baron

    Love talking to myself. Adria, stop messing about. Talked to lots of people in the business; you have technical know how and shock and awe when it comes to your Dad; me too regarding mine but you are doing really stupid things you will regret. Fuck I'll try to find a go-between. What was that 2019 tour one release thing about? Mike is on tour; the band isn't and modes of transport changed. Cheap move. Not worthy. Face your Dad who loves you more than salt.


    Mister Petty... you are sorely missed in this musical universe. (Dims the stage lights)

  52. Occult Books

    Tom run a lot of songs about a lot of people imaginary and real. This song was the song to describe himself.

  53. evelyn baron

    Mindful of the falling out between Adria and Dana Petty, it's clear that this release, as well as the posthumous You and Me were written presciently; almost as if Tom Petty knew things were ending. They were; the only tour he was contemplating was a restricted tour to smaller venues for an extended Wildflowers corpus, something that both Springsteen and Sting managed recently. You and Me was obviously written for his daughters. And yes, Adria, currently producing Beyonce, found exactly the right images to accompany those deeply moving songs. michelle88960, you are so profoundly right. The Stones are still touring but haven't written anything new in years; Tom wrote music like other people breathed and his music, although his deep respect for the roots of rock and roll had a determining effect on the direction of the band, allowed each and all of us to enter into the space there that let us incorporate these songs into our own lives. So many divas got the limelight; he didn't care. I understand that people who never met him are still grieving; why I left this long comment. He was unique, fell on his sword for us, his audience and there never will be another Tom Petty. I'm bemused by another phenomenon; the Petty Theft cover tour, where musicians step in according to the city they're in; no sign of stopping. Someone should make an indie doc about this; it's amazing. Good will greetings to everyone who left a comment, I've yet to find any trolling under any TP&H release on youtube. Guys get really emotional and recount stories about their Dads and all sorts of things -- I haven't found this anywhere else. Bravo to all of them!

  54. François Decamps

    Just beautiful

  55. Василий Черток

    Том - Умер

  56. kimberly cluck


  57. Mark Williams

    If we could all be so lucky, like Tom. To realize why we are here. To Be Real


    So Petty....

  59. Stephen Marcus

    He is so missed. Keeps hurting more. Guess how it’s gonna go.

  60. J&M

    RIP Tom Petty. Love You..

  61. Paddy B

    This is up there with Johnny Cash's Hurt, it clutches at your heart strings and it make you understand the man even more. Yes Cash's hurt was a last goodbye as he knew his health was failing, but with Toms passing being so sudden it felt like he was just letting us fans know, his family etc why he went down the roads he did, a reflection of his life so far and how thankful he was. Its beautiful and fitting. R.I.P Tom, always in our hearts and of course our ears.

  62. evelyn baron

    I know no-one cares about authenticity in this regard but me, but I have a friend who is a music producer and I still can't put the initial part of the video together with the rest, nor understand how it was constructed. It's a brilliant celebration of a beloved father by an equally talented daughter; just want to figure it out.

  63. Craig Elworthy

    6 weeks on and I'm still watching this video at least once a day. SO GOOD

  64. Dawn Sisson

    #TomPetty #LoveHim #LoveThis

  65. evelyn baron

    Ist of all tx for this video. My 3rd comment is up here because I was longing for a kind of transparency that isn't ever going to happen, but post-mortem, the on-going battle between wife and daughter was the last thing Tom would have wanted and wherever he is, would have saddened him beyond belief. This is a brilliant video pastiche authored by Tom's illustrious daughter Adria. I'm interested in how songs get made. With this battle in the courts over 'control' over his creative legacy, I wonder how much of Tom remains. I can only speculate once again; as a life-long FriendofTom as was his brilliant biographer Warren Zane, I worry about stuff like that. I think, intuitively, it was an amalgam of something that was written around or just after Damn the Torpedeos, and he found this unfinished track just before he died, knowing those touring days were over, and it became Ipso facto The Last Hurrah, and deeply contemplative. He went home a couple of times before the tour's end in California, and it was the work of an afternoon for these guys to produce this unbelievable track. Adria needs everyone to be happy; and happy they are in this video; I understand and I'm a Daddy's girl too yet no-one's master but my own, but I also ideologized my own father a very long time. No-one, no matter how creative in one's own right, and how early on one was parentified -- sorry for psychobabble -- and how much real insight a daughter may have for her Dad, the Man in the Iron Mask, there's a warning here for me about messing about with other people's music. Sorry if I ruffled feathers' but only feathers and feathers they will remain, floating gently to earth while the bird soars to the music of Vaughn Williams/TomPetty, inexorably towards the sky.

  66. ts3663230

    I hope he really was this genuine through this career. Love his music and it all feels like his heart was in every lick and lyric. This song portrays how I think all music should be.

  67. Donita Higgins

    Hank you for sharing he Tom petty gem!

  68. Booty Bandit

    There's something about this song that puts me on the verge of crying like a little girl.

  69. Elisa Ruiz

    I never doubted that Tom Petty loved music or that it was in his blood. Glad to hear this song - happy without measure. He was and continues to be a beautiful soul.

  70. Gary Reid Music

    Thanks for doing it.

  71. Elisa Ruiz

    Fabulous! Mr Petty’s love song to the lovers of his music.

  72. Ytivarg

    I wish, more than anything, that I could have seen this man perform.


    BTW I'm in my 20's so his music is still relevant today.

  73. Chris Newton


  74. Nico West

    It's what it is - another one of the big names gone forever. And the "coolest one" of them all, as Jeff Lynne told many times.
    They don't make em like that any more, sad times for music.

  75. Justin White

    I actually cried when this guy passed away 😢... I fucking love this guy!

  76. Richard Bartlett

    Is anyone else doing it for real today? Not for the money, but for the love of what you're doing like Tom? I can't be the only one!

  77. Baley Smith

    Petty could write a hit song while he's in the loo dropping a deuce.

  78. Tara Keebler

    Good job to all of the people who put this together!😂

  79. BevAnn

    What a great life and He
    "Did it for Real, would have done it for Free, Yeah I Did it for Me, Cause it's all that rang True, I did for Real, and I did it for You".
    From a Fan perspective, I'm really happy He did what was true to His heart and loved life to the fullest.
    Heart of Gold 💛
    He's a Legend for Real!
    R. I. P. Tom 🕊 💓 🎶

    I know I can't say I lived My life for Real, for Me, and I certainly wouldn't do it Again. :(

    (I'm very sad to learn that Tom didn't die of a heart attack. He overdosed. )



  81. Sue Maher

    The Refugee may have left the stage but his music lives on. Tom u most definitely kept it real. Miss u .

  82. RoseLena Gearin

    Nicely done, Adria. Through tears, I thank you.

  83. Werner Bednarzik

    Love Tom's music. Still so sad that he isn't around any more. Yesterday I watched the Jeff Lynne documentary Mr. Blue Sky. So awesome what Tom has to say about Jeff. You really can hear and see his deep admiration for the musical and songwriting skills of his fellow Wilbury by what he says and how (!) he says it. Just wonderful! Love you for those statements, too, Tom. Rock on in heaven!

  84. Samuel Kraft

    Oh brother, look what we've become
    Oh brother, could we be so dumb?
    They set us up like dominoes
    I didn't do it for no magazine
    Didn't do it for no video
    Never did it for no CEO
    But I did it for real

    Would've done it for free
    I did it for me
    'Cause it was all that rang true
    I did it for real
    And I did it for you

    Might've done it for my sanity
    Maybe done it for my vanity
    Could be I did it for my picky goal
    But I did it for real

    Would've done it for free
    Yeah, I did it for me
    'Cause it was all that rang true
    I did it for real
    And I did it for you, too

    Oh brother, look what we've become
    Oh brother, I've been overrun
    Only did it for the way it made me feel
    Yeah I did it for real
    Would've done it for free
    Yeah I did it for me
    'Cause it was all that rang true
    I did it for real
    And I did it for you

    Songwriters: Tom Petty

  85. Karen Keilt

    Tom Petty changed my life. Over 40 years ago I was afraid and alone, and hearing refugee literally saved me from driving off a cliff; today hearing this song has shown me that if you don't give up, life comes full circle, and it's Real! Thank you Tom Petty. You have no idea how your passing has touched the souls of so many! RIP

  86. raymond cromley


  87. Travis Nolin


  88. pettyluv music

    wow....... serious jawdrop here!

  89. Mike Michaels

    Make no mistake about it - Tom was the greatest front man this country has seen & lead the greatest American rock band.

  90. Linda Bryant

    "For Real "

  91. Linda Bryant

    He Tom Petty has touched my heart and soul forever!!!

  92. -NotAziAm- luv3 lost

    Kick ASS!!

  93. evelyn baron

    This whole thing is fucking me up. I revert back to 1st reaction: I don't care if Adria Petty did a super human editing job because this is what this is and it gives the impression that Tom Petty is sending posthumous messages to his fans. Sorry guys, he's dead and it hurts like hell but it's a fact. Someone is making $$$$$ over this and it makes me puke.

  94. Stuart B

    Faaaaaaark. Couldn't be more Tom Petty if you tried. I love this. Sombre high lows and everything in between. You will be missed.

  95. Clashara

    This is wonderful - in a heartbreaking way. It made me cry all over again that Tom has gone. Bless him for all the music and yes - he was always REAL.

  96. Lisa Traxler

    Adria - I can only imagine how painful it was for you to create this video. This is truly a lasting legacy for your very very special Dad. Thank you, and I'm sorry things are hard. Sending healing wishes and love to all of you.

  97. James Schultz * Est.1982

    We miss you, Tom!

  98. Dirlene Lopez

    Wow... that is a fantastic song