Tom Paxton - Peace Will Come Lyrics

Peace will
Peace will come
And let it begin with me

We need
We need peace
And let it begin with me

Oh, my own life is all I can hope to control.
Oh, let my life be lived for the good,
Good of my soul.
Let it bring

Sweet peace
Peace will come
And let it begin with me

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Tom Paxton Peace Will Come Comments
  1. Linda Martin

    Love this love this💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🌹

  2. Don Hazeldine

    Lovely Mary Hopkin on this track

  3. AmericanSuit

    R. Zimmerman sent me here

  4. Linda Martin

    Beautiful Song👍👍❤️❣️💃💃💃🔥❄️☃️🔥🔥🔥😊😊

  5. Paul Smith

    You can find it on Amazon as a CD or by streaming the MP3

  6. The cute weirdo

    this is the song my school used in peace week

  7. Margaret Mitchell

    We all need to remember this! Thank you Tom for reminding us how to do it.

  8. Ari


  9. Mark Salmon

    Just taught this one to one of our local schools....


    Good on you Mark... Beautiful song... :)

  10. Steve Downey

    Such a swet song. Thank you, Tom.

  11. OnGodspath

    I am loving me some Tom Paxton! :-)

  12. janice rosser

    What we need worldwide NOW. Super track.

  13. tom richardson

    From 1 of ,many albums I lost in a move. Thanks!

  14. Christian Taylor

    i swear i can hear mic feedback woof when i turn it up loud.. and i love it

  15. Barbara Mater

    Note to rogerstoryteller, it never caught on in the media.  It sure caught on with folks.  We sang it at parties and festivals and everybody knew it.  Guess that makes it a folk song.

  16. Pat Richmond

    Peace will come and new songs for old friends  are to be released for the first time on CD, can be pre ordered now via Amazon, I have waited so long for these... I love Mary Hopkin as well and she sings all over these ...

  17. rogerstoryteller

    Why this song never caught on and went viral is a mystery to me. It's beautiful and simple and calming - every thing a peace loving song should be.


    You are absolutely right there... :)


    This should have been an anthem. It's that powerful a message sung so eloquently by Tom!

    Don Simms

    I saw Tom at a small venue. After the show he signed my guitar "Peace will come". He makes me believe it

    d c

    our country was divided by the viet nam war. Some times during war - peace is seen as unpatriotic.

  18. Bruce Baginski

    One of my favorite songs of all time. I enjoy Tom Paxton's music. Please check out my version of "Peace will come" on my channel under my name. It's totally free to subscribe and please share if you like it. Glad to hear the original version of this song, too. It's one of those kinds of songs that would be a great anthem for all generations.

  19. Robin Dunn

    One lives in hope..... See:

  20. MaryChristine Seeley

    we all need this song now--more than ever. glad i was able to find this version here!

    MaryChristine Seeley

    thanks--i'm so glad SOMEONE listened!

  21. M1ke Viyne

    Can also 'remember the Sixties' but didn't know till TODAY that Mary Hopkin was featured on it ?!?

  22. onitram1

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Been trying to find a post of the original version everywhere but only found the re-recorded version. I was about to post it myself :)

  23. weesue

    Yes I luv it too, Very easy to learn and an uplifting melody... :) Peace to you!

  24. AjaxWT

    Thanks for uploading this, it's a long time since I heard this song or the Album for that matter. A Welsh girl Mary Visconti formerly Hopkins providing the backing vocals for this song. Would be nice to see all the songs from this album uploaded.

  25. weesue

    California is now uploaded my friend... :)

  26. weesue

    Thanks Will do asap... :)

  27. Shirley Louise

    Thanks for posting this. I would appreciate it if you would post California from the same album.

    Can't find it anywhere.

  28. peace sounds

    thanks for posting, peace to you.