Tom Odell - Grow Old With Me Lyrics

I can feel you breathing
With your hair on my skin
As we lie here within
The night

I'll pull the sheets
When it's cold on your feet
Cause you'll fall back to sleep
Every time

Grow old with me
Let us share what we see
And oh the best it could be
Just you and I

And our hands they might age
And our bodies will change
But we'll still be the same
As we are

We'll still sing our song
When our hair ain't so blonde
And our children have sung
We were right

They'll sing
Grow old with me
Let us share what we see
And oh the best it could be
Just you and I

And the hairs they stand up
And my feet start to thump
Yer the feeling is dreaming

You'll be the one
Make me hurt, make me come
Make me feel like I'm real
And alive

Oh and a one, two, three, four

Grow old with me
Let us share what we see
And oh the best it could be
Just you and I

Grow old with me
Let us share what we see
And oh the best it could be
Just you and I

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Tom Odell Grow Old With Me Comments
  1. dek Bali

    Saya jatuh cinta sama kamu ❤️🇲🇨

  2. sarah leo

    Ur voice is so perfect

  3. Alexa Hudson

    Love you Tom and your music, hope you can come to mexico very soon

  4. Nina allth

    Your dad yelled at me so i don't love u anymore lil bitch

  5. Lk T

    Those are all his old kid gals he hit.

  6. Rehman Hetemli


  7. jiří Varyš

    Super Odell Bomba

  8. Naughty Vixen

    Mr Odell...I unfortunately must reject that 'proposal' of grow old with you. Perhaps we could get coffee first?

    My horridly logical brain.

  9. stevieinselby

    I want this song to play at my wedding ... all I need to do now is find someone to marry, but I've got the music sorted!

  10. Marshall Kinrade

    terribly sad that hopeless parents think they know best,what an horrible retort to someone who clearly loved this girl, how awful class distinction is, i hope she had a great life thing is she was probably hi-jacked by the liberal left.

  11. Mario Pingaro

    Love the song, but is it just me isn't the video is the exact opposite of the song's message?

  12. Rufus Jeppsson

    jätte fin låt

  13. Rufus Jeppsson

    skoja bara

  14. patrick khatchadourian

    Cest pas une chanson de john Lennon pour Richard Starkey(Ringo?)???

  15. Oscar Cruz

    I dedicate this to my wife years ago and we still together and will always even after death i love her so much our souls will become one

  16. N UK

    I guess i'm the only one here within the last 3 years

  17. Cleany XL


  18. Andre

    So did the two from the video actually end up together in the end or was the old lady thinking back to a memory of her childhood?

  19. AMRICK Amer

    Hey tom if u r reading this bro dont stop until u achieve a grammy bro u could..!!! All the best

  20. Berkić Akšamović

    OMG, What a song. That song remembers me my first Bosnjiak-Turk(Muslim) love in the past. I hope she ok :(

  21. Nicolvs Alonso

    Que linda wn

  22. Nino Mgaloblishvili

  23. Claude Monete

    ❤YOU & I ❤✌

  24. No Faith In Michael

    Had anybody here ever heard The Airplane song by scouting for girls? The instrumental is almost exactly the same just diffrent vocals. I just noticed recently. Give it a listen.

  25. White Wolf/Black Dog

    She looks so much like my high school sweetheart, sadly this time is gone now and as years are passing by i think "maybe its for the best of us, we had our time, nothing lasts forever" ...

  26. Just Myla

    That's gonna be my wedding song. Definitely.

  27. migue897

    Why is it explicit on spotify?

  28. Mya

    someone explain this music video to me. i just wanna know what the question was

  29. simon constable

    just, thank you Tom.

  30. sarahasproblems

    so talented I'm obsessed

  31. Indri Juliana

    Grow old with me
    Can you ?

  32. Joe Mysic

    Maaaaaan! I haven't listened to this for years and now I just wanna cry real bad

  33. RavenclawAmbition

    Ok honestly who thought the lyric “make my hurt , make me come” actually said “make me hard , make me cum” nope just dirty minded me ok


    2019 like hear..

  35. Tazmeen Zargar

    Please suggest me some more songs like Hold me, Grow old with me and I know. Any kind of help will be appreciated.

  36. Chaitanya gopal

    Another love✌️✌️✌️✌️ fans
    Like here👍

  37. Helena Berg

    Why do I see him so often in a dream?

  38. Stacey B

    This was my first dance song at my wedding 2 years ago 😃 ❤️

  39. Louisa Smith

    0:16 song begins

  40. aero spatial

    He is awesome. .☺

  41. MusicAddictz __

    This song is really meaningful. I will keep this music in my chest, in the depths of my heart for my future love(husband)❤ I'll start memorizing this song now😊 i hope i will have a happy family in my future life💑 Even after 10 years, this song will never get old for me💫
    Thanks Tom for this beautiful song🌠
    19.05.2019, 20:31

  42. Jared Smshi

    A Swedish Love Story by roy anderson

  43. orlando124431

    That kids tash is still bothering me..

  44. Pietruszkowy Potwor

    Zwoniłeś mnie z PRACY ()

  45. Gabriela Suarez

    Es hermosa

  46. adam tesla

    Always yr good in yr choice of song ☝️👍👍

  47. Tian Flores

    <3 2013

  48. Beliectioner Zquad

    I'm here from a Destiel fanfic *tick tock* to cry over my lame existence 😭😭

  49. Kelly Chua

    It’s funny cuz I was just at his concert a few hours ago and he mentioned this song was initially about vampires but then he changed it to unrequited love and tbh my childhood was smashed cuz I wanted this song in my wedding

  50. Claude Monete


  51. moulinyan

    my ex-gf put this on a mix tape, wish i treated her better :D

  52. Ana

    do you know the girl´s name ?

  53. ajilesh ajilesh m

    4 years, can't stop listening

  54. Shivani Patel

    2019 😍😍

  55. Alfred Atly

    A great song

  56. Caroline O' Callaghan

    is it me or do they look like brother and sister ??

  57. N UK

    oldie but a goldie

  58. A Y

    I wonder if the lost dog was found at 1:09 🤔🤷‍♀️

  59. Merve Ceyhan

    In past, this video’s cover was different like some other songs. But now, they changed it and add a photo which we can see his face. I know it thanks to his music and it made me uncomfortable to doing somethings like talentless musicians do.

    And I’m sorry for my english, hope you will understand.

  60. Adam Durães

    pq o menino foi tao babaca com essa agatenha kkk tendi nao

  61. indie label


  62. Artauli Elizabeth

    This song is really cute and romantic.

  63. Kristina 9

    Kad cujem kako nocu tesko dises.
    Pravim se da disem sa tobom.Znas,
    Nekad osecam kako disemo zajedno.
    Volim kad osecam tvoje poglede na mojoj kozi kako svlace sa mene sve sto me muci.
    Ili kad samo mogu da te gledam dok spavas kako si i tada nevin i svoj.
    Volim sto mozes mene prvo da ugledas kad otvoris oci.
    Haide da brojimo do 5 dok se svetla ne ugase.
    Osecam kako mi je telo lako zbog tvog dodira,svaki strah je vredeo.
    Kao da su tvoje ruke oduvek i bile tu i nikada nece otici.
    Iako su moje hladne ne ispustas ih,
    Polako ih dodirujes dlanovima,
    Osecam vrhove prstiju.

    Kad dises sve ima smisla
    Vise me ni upaljene svece ne cine srecnom
    Kao kad znam da nisi sam.
    Imas mene.

  64. aa Más

    I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who listens to Tom Odell in my area and I would love have someone to talk to about his music cause I’m absolutely in love😭
    [email protected]

  65. Ninfa V.


  66. Meria tumn

    I dedicated this song to my mother

  67. Anya Kessler

    There is a very good chance this is going to my soon to be husband and I song


    listen to my cover if you like. I poured my heart into it so would appreciate a listen so much xx

  68. noobhere

    My heart exploded like a C4 after watching this video.

  69. Delphine -

    the video is so dramatic. love it. <3

  70. Brandon Ambrocio


  71. MrPam2012

    For anyone wanting to know, its 'make me hurt, make me calm.'

  72. navraj randhawa

    I listen this song everyday before sleep

  73. fred michaels

    The kid can't make a "U" combine with an "R" and make it sound "american" (whatever that is! ) ex: make me hURt sounds like hard. If you listen to Jubilee Road " it ain't no pURfect street and I ain't nor pURfect lover " and despite what you may speculate about his pronunciations ; the man KILLS with his lyrics, his arranging, and his performance of what amounts to Ballads, rather than Odes. Thalia Hall in Chicago, in April, with him on stage will be Epic for me!

  74. marsley hobbs

    May I say thank you Sir.

  75. JMS On the Go

    Definetely not the song to be listening to after a Goddamn breakup :-D

  76. gabriela velez

    Like si ablas español

  77. Syeediq

    after 3 years . im back for you . sob sob

  78. Nikki Dwiggins

    This was every emotion in one song. Wow

  79. Ninfa V.


  80. Rameji -chan

    First time I listened to this song a year ago, I was still with my ex and it just felt like any other good song.
    Now I'm with the man of my dreams and it contains my wishes for our future.
    Weird how fast things can change. :)

  81. White Wolf/Black Dog

    So refreshing to see young and talented artists :)

  82. Peter Fitzsimmons

    This was our wedding first dance song and we didn't even exclude the naughty bit haha

  83. frick frack

    when the girl just gives up and sinks down to the ground at the end. oof. me

  84. Ninfa V.


  85. Joelle Seiden

    It's funny how confident we can be that love will last forever This song used to give me butterflies but everything changed and now it just makes me really sad.

  86. Sarah Priestland

    This was my first dance song.
    I still get memories of it today

  87. Adelaide Lunardi

    Oooh little Tom ❤❤

  88. Crystal Wilson

    This video is heart braking

  89. Ryugae

    Make me hard, make me come

  90. Ninfa V.

    Lovely Song Tom👏👐

  91. frisches Wiesel

    The new david bowie?

    get ready to get yo wig snatched

    Nah, the current Tom Odell.

  92. Andro Andres

    Why two 12yo kids?

  93. Kayla Schulz

    Close to the peanuts

  94. Kayla Schulz