Tom MacDonald - Wheels Keep Turning Lyrics

And I don't even know no more
Rolling down the strip in my two-door Chevrolet
And the wheels keep turning
And I don't even know no more
Rolling up the block in my two-tone black and grey (yeah)
And the wheels keep turning

I don't even know no more, I swear I don't miss home no more
I swear next time I leave I'll stay away til y'all don't phone no more

I'll close up all the open doors and mend all of my broken bones
I'll sew up all the open sores and throw away the gold I own

Tommy was a rapper and his momma taught him better
Than to have the time of his life on a night he won't remember

But I threw caution to the wind and went to Europe once again
And never put the whiskey down because I wished it wouldn't end

And now the shit that I should treasure is the shit that I forget
And the shit that I remember is the shit that I regret

I just want to leave and where I go, I do not know for sure
I look into the mirror and I swear that I don't know no more

And I don't even know no more
Rolling down the strip in my two-door Chevrolet
And the wheels keep turning
And I don't even know no more
Rolling up the block in my two-tone black and grey (yeah)
And the wheels keep turning

And I don't want to take no pills, or wear these fucking golden grillz
I swear I just want children and to build a home in rolling hills
Pay all of my hydro bills, spend all my time rhyming still
With nobody to pressure me about radio or signing deals

Tommy was a rapper and his momma taught him better
Than to spend all of his time on a girl if they not together

But it went in one ear and out the other, back with the same bitch again
Fighters, buddies, haters, lovers, enemies and best of friends

I swear to God I'm leaving y'all, keeping it a hundred with you
Broken hearts and broken bottles, broke up with a hundred bitches
Broken noses, bloody knuckles buddy I ain't fucking with you
Back and forth before but now I'm bouncing to get back to business

And I don't even know no more
Riding around the city with a blunt in my ashtray
And the weed keeps burning
And I don't even know no more
Rolling down the strip in my two-door Chevrolet
And the wheels keep turning
And I don't even know no more
Rolling up the block in my two-tone black and grey (yeah)
And the wheels keep turning
And I don't even know no more (And I don't even know no more)
And the wheels keep turning
And I don't even know no more (And I don't even know no more)
And the wheels keep turning

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Tom MacDonald Wheels Keep Turning Comments
  1. desperate dave

    Wow.. Soo powerful .. the vid alone speaks of untold stories of pain and ..struggle.. *salute ... the song is beautiful... *respect

  2. Literati Crux

    He was in the Canadian Army??

  3. Something Wicked17

    Love it

  4. MisteeBreeze Haze


  5. Roach Boy

    I would just fucken with them when I said Twin Somehow everybody can hear me

  6. Max White

    That ending was sad but these comments broke me.

  7. Jay Bagley

    My man, been listening to ur shit 4 awhile now and I love some of ur older, slower, heart felt beats like this and "I wish"...they make me feel good and sad at the same time and I bump ur shit everyday, keep it up my brotha!!!

  8. Jack Hetu

    Man fuck....combat. Save some brothers, lose some. Kill some motherfuckers that don't value any human life...It takes something from you so deep you will never get it back. It will be like that until we die. You can claim you found the answer to get yourself back. Truth seems closer to you just go into endless survival mode the rest of your life. You can't enjoy things like most people. When you're happy it's not real happiness. You're just surviving with a teaser of life. At best remember you're not alone, there's many brothers and sisters dealing with the never ending struggle. "People sleep peacefully in their beds at night because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."

  9. Matt King

    Hmmm I wonder what brand airsoft mp5 is lmao

  10. Joann Jones

    This is so hard to watch. All to real.☹

  11. Junjie Basco

    I like all the song you've made TMD im a new fan Greetings From Philippines 😊😊😊

  12. Justin Henderson

    My ptsd wasn’t from the force but I witnessed a shooting in a small place and I struggle constantly with ptsd I never knew how real it really was till it impacted my life.. Tom you inspire me I write music for my soul and you definitely do too🤙🏻✌️

  13. Marty McFly

    Sooooooooooooooooo good. Thank you Tom for being You. One Love.

  14. Jewel M

    The one song I wish I could buy on Amazon is the one song I can't . . . And the wheels keep turnin'

  15. Megan Jones

    "The shit that should treasure is that forget. The shit that I remember is the shit that I regret.” No truer words have EVER been written!

  16. Arik James

    Going through one of the hardest times in my life and its song like this that keep me barely going. PTSD is so tough. Thank you for everyone that fought for us and it fucked them in the end.

  17. ufarley chuck

    All Tom's words fit right in like Legos of a kind ,beatin out a better beat, beat after beat...I'mma sum up what I think he's saying..TIGHTEN UP// BE.YOU.REGARDLESS//OPEN YOUR FUCKING EYES/REAL TALK OR LONGWALK//AND FUCK YOU... PERHAPS.✌

  18. Chat Chit

    The irony of this song is incredible. My best friend who was shot standing 10 feet in front of me in Afghanistan use to sing (jokingly ofcourse) “The wheels on the bus go round and round” and I asked him why he would always sing that song and he said it helped him get through things because NOMATTER what the world keep spinning so just embrace the suck and drive on

  19. Jewel M

    I COULD own a gun but I WON'T own a gun - too many reasons not to own one . . .

  20. Jewel M

    The absolute BEST definition I've ever heard for PTSD - and I'm an OLD lady at 52 . . . Feel like I'm 2,000+ since my service dog died 3 weeks ago . . .

  21. Jewel M

    I would LOVE to buy this song but it's not available on Amazon😥

  22. Fred Cook

    Tom McDonald did you serve in the army

  23. Cory Castor

    Army vet here. Love this Tom. Have struggled with PTSD since I came home in '06. Usually get 2-4 hours of sleep a night. Struggled with alcohol and pill addiction for a couple of years after returning. My biggest saving grace is my wife and kids.

    eric clements

    I love that your family is your salvation. Thank you for your service.

  24. James Brantley

    I love tom macdonald if it wasn't for TMG fam reactions I would of missed this one I guess. As a veteran man this hits home thanks so much for your reactions. Without you this one could of slipped through the cracks.


  25. Bernardo Guzman

    This is honestly my personal favorite from Toms music I love this fucking song so much lol thanks for this Tom

  26. Dawn DonYou

    Our Vets don't get near enough support once they return home, Thank You to all who Served.

  27. Jewel M

  28. Jewel M

    Best definition of PTSD I've ever heard . . . What happens when there's TOO MUCH PTSD?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  29. Jewel M

    I'ma go bury me babies . . . Then I think I'ma just jump. It's net as if anyone would care . . .

  30. Jewel M

    The wheels WON'T STOP turnin'. I just want it to fracking STOP!!!!!!!

  31. Jewel M

    I LOVE this song, but I can't buy it on Amazon! 😥

  32. AJ Smith Crazy

    Again, I get it the message. First of his kind. I hope we still have this guy in a couple years and not another Mac

  33. Cameron Saxon

    RIP cockroach

  34. Big Lew

    Why can't I find this song on any albums or to download? Anyone find it? Probably my favorite Tom Macdonald song so far. I would like to be able to listen to it without Youtube.

  35. Nina Legend

    You are so loved and most of all appreciated! ❤🙏

  36. Allen Trey

    Happy holidays to you and yours.

  37. DMurda732

    My favorite Tom Macdonald song so far, other than White Boy

  38. R K

    Military age is 18 bc if they waited to recruit self thinking men. No one would join.

  39. NotherNerd

    I swear this is your most unrated song

  40. Freny Louis

    Everyday we wake up n fighting our own demons we create... Jah will give peace to those whom feel lost. 🙏🏾

  41. ROBBNU2


  42. Chris Compton

    This is to real for me but still dope

  43. Captain Ducker

    I feel like writing a story in writing class about PTSD can someone describe what drinking alcohol feels like?

  44. Star VanDerWerff

    \m/ Respect \m/

  45. Misty Fawn

    Tears...I am a Vet with work talks to me

  46. Brent West

    I am a veteran of both iraq and afganistan I like many vets struggle with Depression anxiety and emotional issues of my owen I lost my father 3 months before leaving to iraq on my first deployment and I also have frinds and role modles whom i served with that lost there lives over there and when I am strugling through my issues I put on this song and it helps me get my mind back on track thank you for this song tom plz dont stop making good songs like this one and god bless.

    Stormy Lay

    Thank you for what you have sacrificed for all of us. It takes a good, strong person to do what you have done and it takes an even stronger person to wake up and push through every day even when you feel like you can't get up. I'm glad you made it back home safe and am sorry for the lose of your father. I hope whatever kind of struggles you may be having or are dealing with get better. If you ever need someone to talk to or just want to vent some im here with open arms and ears. Remember "Everyday in Everyway are getting better and better" -Stormy

  47. weezy Lloyd

    All I can say is damn man.. God bless you all thanks Tom. I came here feeling bad about myself and read y'alls comments I don't feel so bad about my lil problems, I got reminded it could always be worse. I should feel humble.

  48. Ben Legend

    Depression is real....when I hit rock bottom...I called the suicide hotline and they hung up on me ...laughed....and after calling a dozen times in desperation they block your calls after a 8 min session of someone chewing gum and reading a script...all their goal is to get you to say you'll hurt yourself and then your arrested....they dont help anyone and I almost went through with ending my life because of joke...when your down...theres no one...nothing in Google or no number to call or anyone to talk to...find your inner strength and realize you cannot let them win...suffering proves your alive...suffer untill you can change this world in your positive way....anyone who is battling with suicide or depression...i am here...385 414 2068.

  49. THA Trailer Park Polak

    ptsd is a fucking demon!

  50. Zachary Trammell

    This video was crazy this rap was f****** crazy and I love Tom MacDonald I don't think anybody in the world gets me more than this man

  51. yours truly

    Thank You Tom 💘
    I use to wonder why i did that to myself.

  52. John Danner-Hunsberger

    No one should hate them self that much, My heart goes out to everyone and and anyone fighting there demons.

  53. TheSaintNikk

    In December of 2017 I was in a house fire. I died in the hospital and my kids were lost in the fire. So I understand this and the PTSD. Much respect.

  54. BulletBiker801

    Is that Allen wats? Holy shit.

  55. Casey L Bowman

    Awsome all songs

  56. Casey L Bowman

    You awesome they just keep getting better every song, 🌬🎼🎼🎼🥇🤘🤘🙇

  57. Lashay Norvell

    This video makes me cry song is relateable ❤️😊 hope he comes back to Florida

  58. X-Spanded

    This one doesn't feel like you, Tom.

  59. It's Gadfly

    Tom is Cain. He doesn't have the ability to make quick and sound decisions. He's a pathological liar. I used to work with Cain. I left my job because I was underpaid. He's a fake accountant, beautician, creator, cook, cleaner, dentist doctors, drivers, gardeners, interior decorator, handyman, therapist, and/or writer. He's a cheapbastard. He's has alot of hatred for me. I'm staying home and waiting for Christ to take me home.

  60. Phil Troskey

    I’ve been listening for a while so all this must be new love it keep it coming TOM

  61. Rigger Mortis

    Id love to see this track on an album of yours man, just saying. Thanks for being you Tom.

  62. Spencer Kincaid

    I'm not a veteran. I'm just a 19 year old boy. I do have undiagnosed ptsd though. I'm certain of it. I was brutally and violently molested as a child. I don't know how much longer these wheels are going to turn.

    It's Gadfly

    I don't know Tom's life story, but I think the point of the video is to tell people that just because you haven't served in the military doesn't mean you're not a soldier. He has served. I understand the crawling on the floor. You get so tired you end up crawling. Sometimes I lay on my couch upside down.

  63. Hope Dinardo


  64. Lesa Dean

    This is intense I hope you keep on this path..The world needs to hear the truth ...You are my only Rapper I listen too...I am all for exposure of the truth...YOU ARE TOTALLY AWESOME..YOU GET IT

  65. Zen Buddha Master

    I didn't go to war in a distant land. Though my plans were to be a career marine. 4 days after my 18th bday I lost 75% of my leg due to a shotgun blast at point blank range. The gang war was just heating up here. I had nothing to do with it though. I was just helping a poor family get heat in their home. Serving my country as I always have. Without the direction or orders of a government. As I was taught when I was a child that I am in Gods' army. It was a falsety. The same that taught me that was the same that dropped me like a hot coal after I became unable to serve as a plantation slave. My community straight up ghosted me! I was a son of this country! Listen,there are millions of people that are used up and tossed aside after they become dependent on others. Not just those who become contracted hitmen for the politicians! Getting shot was maybe the best thing that ever happened to me though. It sounds weird.....but now I have true e.pathy for the population with the biggest hearts. Men and women who nut up when the heat turns up! Thanks Tom....for paying attention to our plight. You really do tell "Ghost Stories"!

  66. Mr.SoloDolo

    WOW Tom looked and sounded so different back then! Completely different style..

  67. T L

    Tom MacDonald is either an intuitive artist for our time, or controlled opposition!
    I hope the former, but the people have been fooled by less.
    If You're legit Tom, your riding a societal nerve bound for truth!

    It's Gadfly

    He's extuitive. In other words, an extrovert. An outsider. A wedding crasher. Some of us are introverts. We like to keep to ourselves and/or keep a small circle. Insider. That's why Eminem says round the outside.

  68. SselluosS the drunken TaroT master

    Relatable. You can't drown,smoke,snort/pop all-day. All you can do is stay tranquilized and sleep 18 hours day.

  69. Daniel Hall

    Just curious, was this guy in the Army at one point?

  70. JellyBros

    Tom Macdonald make a trip to Phoenix, Az and do a show and I'll make it my mission to get you sold out!! Your shit is FIRE!!!


    Hella underrated

  72. William Holland

    Too many of your songs make me teary eyed... you are seriously awesome and all your songs have so much meaning.

  73. Sharon Kay

    Absolutely Phenomenal. Much Needed. Thank God... Refreshingly Real. This man's skill set is beyond remarkable. Self made is a bit of an understatement when speaking to this artist. Beyond Greatful. Get it.

  74. Sandra Barbour

    My daughters was a combat medic . Someone’s here , but I don’t know her, she has never been the same . God help these beautiful souls . I love you daughter, where are you . Your not the same .

  75. jim cloonan

    and now the the shit that I should treasure is the shit that I forget, and the shit that remember is the shit that I regret

  76. Greg Kates

    Song is so good

  77. Kelli Martin

    Hidden pain. Complex PTSD. Childhood extream trauma until this day.: Triggers are everywhere. Every abuse you can imagine. Nobody to understand you, pushing so much medication down my throat as prescribed, yet no relief from the memories that play like a movie inside.
    Mother is a Narcissistic devil, father murdered when he was 31..wheels keep turning. Nobody in the family to reach out to for help because they all have evil flowing throughout. Murder for greed is the seed they grow. Many come to buy.
    Mind gets twisted from seeing things that no child should of witnessed.
    Beatings become the norm, school was my escape yet the bullies are full of hate. Pick on the quiet girl. I smile in my head thinking "I've already seen the dead!" Bring it on if it make you feel so strong while I escape this world of hate.
    I pick my past for each relationship. Beatings and bashing, raping and hating me...why? It's easy to pick on the shy who didn't care if she dies. She has already died a thousand times before.
    Only family life I wanted was like the ones on TV. Everything so happy and perfectly perfect.
    I wouldn't change my past because my experiences made me strong. First year of my life without a bruise because I'm nobody's muse!
    Thank you for speaking about subjects nobody else seemed to care.🙊🙉🙈

  78. Penelope Economy

    SWEPT AWAY 🍑💚🍒🍄💚🍑

  79. no1wrench

    This hit too hard. I can't even.

  80. HedgeWitch

    Wow! 💕

  81. politexchangeofbullets jenny-Tuohy


  82. Chris B

    I really like these older songs by him. Alot of the newer stuff is good too.

  83. Ferret

    For real though, why am I just hearing about this guy?

  84. Eric Noffsinger

    I"m letting you no Tom, keep dropping the real shit! Love it and you see how many vets commented on this song freaking awesome. Thanks to all who have served and keep spitting truth Tom.

  85. Sean Langlois

    I'm lost and feel so alone. Listening to the his music makes me feel better like I'm not alone

  86. Daniel Meeks

    I served with some Canadians in Afghanistan, maybe you should rap to them

  87. BOSTONBK Mendes

    I have it!! Sucks!! 😭😭😭

  88. Ray Jay

    That struggle with the Bible hit me hard. Praying for you, wisdom and peace.

  89. Blitz Ace

    02:54 - was hectic

  90. Blitz Ace

    Two door Chevrolet ✊🏼🚘

  91. Chris Cooper

    hope mac lethal didn't hear this

  92. Son of Judah


  93. Zion Gonzales

    I have PTSD and I understand what he's talking about he's the first real artist speak for everyone so if you don't think that f*** off

    Zion Gonzales

    And I'm only 24 years old and I understand what he's doing through can you live that life

  94. Joanne Bailey

    Damn so many vets on this feed. Let me just thank you all for serving ,,,,,,what would we do without you all.

  95. Hawg Wyld Fishing

    I’m just saying, if you think “he’s going to blow up”, you are fucking late. He’s been blown. Not one of his newer videos have less than a mill. He’s doing better than almost all of these mainstream industry fucks right now. The Mac lethal beef helped but he was already blowin before that shit. Why y’all think Mac Lethal said that shit on social media? He knew it would make him truly relevant for the first time in 10 years.

  96. Hawg Wyld Fishing

    How tf this song not have over 1 million yet? For real. Y’all sleepin.

  97. The Peachey YouTube Family

    We have a fan base tom Macdonald nova Rockefella group here on vancouver island 😁😁 we think yall should do some remakes to ur gf bf songs together

  98. The Peachey YouTube Family

    You should do a remake to this one.. I love this song