Tom MacDonald - Ashes Lyrics

It's rock-n-roll to me, there's no controlling me
I sold my soul and stole the gold from royalty
I'm locked and loaded until the motor overheat
I'll rock the boat in seas I'm not supposed to be
The Holy Ghost is in my broken bones
And Heaven only knows what bein' broke awoke in me
The homes of those who tried to slow my roll
And throw me to the wolves will turn up burnt and smolderin'
I fillin' the coffins with everything that I wanted
And then I'll drag them behind me so they will not be forgotten
I hit the bottle so often that when I did hit the bottom
It didn't even hurt even a bit but now I proceed with caution
And I've been haunted by rotten bodies, the path that I've plotted
Been full of haters and demons, I burn the bridge when I cross it
I got a dollar in my pocket that I'm savin' just in case
I get to where I'm headed and I still need change

I feel the ghost of rock-n-roll take hold of me
An overdose of I don't care what you believe
So fuck 'em all, I'm Jimmy Page, I'm Kurt Cobain
I'm Rolling Stones, lay Guns N' Roses across my grave
Ashes to ashes mama
Ashes to ashes papa

There's blood and guts to me, it's mud and rust to me
That type of feelin' when you love destructively
It's claws are stuck in me, it promise luxury
If I said I trust you, you are dumb for trustin' me
Hate me publicly, or wait for company
Or pray to God your Devil never summons me
Either way you don't have shit to say
With all the Tom MacDonald, you exist because of me
I'm fuelin' the fire with little beautiful liars
They burn the brightest and I pull out every tooth with the pliers
They get a funeral suitable for the winners that ruined
All the truth in my music, I took the food out the fryer
I've been hell and back without a burn, my boots made of iron
I keep a cooler full of booze 'cause I'm a juvenile tyrant
I never lose I get with Lucifer and he knows who I am
So when you meet him say I said "What up" there's zero survivors

I feel the ghost of rock-n-roll take hold of me
An overdose of I don't care what you believe
So fuck 'em all, I'm Jimmy Page, I'm Kurt Cobain
I'm Rolling Stones, lay Guns N' Roses across my grave
Ashes to ashes mama
Ashes to ashes papa

Breakout bands, they want no revenge
'Cause fuck I got plans
All I need is my fans
With the world in my hands
I'm burnin' the people who said that I can't
I'm burnin' the churches that worship the damned
Then housin' the holy wherever I stand

I feel the ghost of rock-n-roll take hold of me
An overdose of I don't care what you believe
So fuck 'em all, I'm Jimmy Page, I'm Kurt Cobain
I'm Rolling Stones, lay Guns N' Roses across my grave
Ashes to ashes mama
Ashes to ashes papa

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Tom MacDonald Ashes Comments
  1. Detiul N.M.K.

    God damn this song is awesome

  2. moms spaghetti

    Why wasn't this one advertised

  3. Psycho Sub

    I knew there was a reason a metal head like myself connected with you.

  4. niknikJK-YTシ

    On your CD its called ashes 2 ashes I know because my brother has it

  5. Kathy Bowman

    Man this style is so damn good, I wish that Tom had more songs using this style.

    Detiul N.M.K.

    Rock+Tom MacDonald

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  7. Detiul N.M.K.

    People keep say that he's a mumble rapper because he's rapping fast. huhhh????

  8. teenie Mclane

    "I'm Rolling Stones lay Guns and Roses across my grave" 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤

  9. Wil Hovater

    I’m just now hearing this song and it’s one of my favorites

  10. Monua Cary

    Sold your soul to who?


    I think if we didn't lose #ChesterBennington this would have been coolest as fuck if they did this track together!!! Or maybe do a track with #Nonpoint


    This song goes so fucking hard

  13. Jenn K

    By far still one of my top favorite songs!

  14. Ali Patterson

    Your keeping me alive out here. 🤟

  15. Ian Weech

    ROCK RAP!!!!!!!
    I normally don't like rock rap. The rapper ememinem has a few rock rap songs, but this song is better. Tom Macdonald is such a great rapper, we need to get all of his videos above 4 million views as a Christmas present for Tom.

  16. Jaigy Boi

    In the beginning he says he sold his soul, did he?😭😥😟somebody please respond:( tom?

  17. AJ Smith Crazy

    You got a song for every1. Pretty cool man. Keep it up!!! ✌&💘

  18. Brianna Artist

    Personally, I dig it so much.

  19. PlaneChildish

    This needs more love.

  20. Donetta Sifford

    By far, 1 of my favorites from Tom McDonald! 🔥

  21. Pamela BURNHAM

    He admits in this song to selling his sad!

  22. Samo Nice

    You are Controlled opposition

  23. iiXeno

    You sold your soul?

  24. Natorama9650

    Let’s get this to a millions views fam ❤️

  25. Ezra Petersen


  26. Philip Papaila

    Yo does he actually listen to Bathory

  27. Philip Papaila

    This man has a bathory shirt on

  28. Brian Kyle

    This should definitely have more views 🔥✊ 🔥

  29. Greg Griffin

    Flexin....fack ya!

  30. Merry Starszak

    Get r done brother! I like how u changen it up. Oh traveler song u did. With another one of my favs.looooved it. U kill it with ur wrds more power to you! God bless you.

  31. Charles Brockman

    Been here since deviant art. I remember the words.

  32. Travis Hart

    Does anyone else feel Manson in this fucking beautiful mash up of noise!?

  33. Yaya Kitty

    #HOG #Fam

  34. Kayla Brummitt


  35. Bomber

    Boom. 💣💥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  36. Ryz

    Type of stuff you hear in the loading screen for a wwe game 😂

    Dionysus Kiss

    Tom would actually like that, since he used to be a wrestler.

    Yg_ Mari15

    Ryz 😂

  37. Amber Kendle

    It's like he is creating a new's like something that's been missing for quite some time!

  38. AwakeA Merica

    How is this song not viewed more than it is? It's soooo Good!!!!

  39. Nitro- Verse

    Well damn. 💥

  40. Krazy Kracker 770

    Do more of this Tom. This shit is fucking badass

  41. shonda warren

    I hope Rocklahoma one day has Tom on their line-up

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  43. Q D

    Famous without a record label game changer?!i

  44. Casex Ambs

    Make more pls

  45. Blazed_dareDevil 98

    Bro! Get that shit

  46. Tiffany Draby

    One of my favorites! I hope you do more metal/rock/rap songs.

  47. Kalvin Rauma

    This song is ill

  48. Joe Martinez

    He can rap

  49. Joey Beavers

    Dog you need to make more songs like this

  50. Sly Shane

    “Modern Rap/Rock” new genre

  51. Hazard Faux

    MF u the realest man ever

  52. Brian Smith

    This shits dope.

  53. Myke Grundhöfer-Dudek

    Cool style

  54. TKB B

    I am indigo. Yep. Get it. Love you. Thank you. Thank you for being born here.

  55. Dakota Pierce

    I love this style of music

  56. Shaun Jansen Van Nieuwenhuizen

    At first I saw tom macdonald, and was like check this weirdo (everybody hates me music vid). Then started listening to more songs/vids out of curiosity, and then I found myself becoming a fan. Extremely talented rapper that just gives no fucks! And does it solo. Much respect. This song is just beyond fire!

  57. Greg Griffin

    Well, that was fun!!!

  58. Jordan Carrasco

    This guy fuckin rocks

  59. Jenn K

    Please keep going with the metal we love it

  60. Jason Epperson

    straight 100 fire

  61. Sean Fox

    hows this not at 1 mill yet?

  62. Love You

    If I said I trust you you are dumb for trusting me

  63. natcatpotato

    What up no Lemmy? Dope song though bro

  64. Joe Stewart

    If yall love this song show it! Blow it up so he's not hesitant to release more!!!!

  65. Paul Brown

    Badassery, zero survivors

  66. Deborah Morgan

    I wrecked my back, headbanging like that! 😡🤘🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  67. Dayton dream team

    I'll prolly never hear back from this but I'm using this as my entrance song for a show on the 7th for toys for tots . Keep it up man . I feel your shit . Keep grinding bub

  68. 500sls

    "Im rolling stone, lay guns and roses across my grave" 🔥🔥🔥🔥


    Why doesn’t this have a mil views?

  70. tankerboysabot

    DUDE!!!!! I got fuckin goosebumps on this one, and i havnt not loved any of your other raps, as a metal head i didnt expect this and this confirms you and Corey Taylor need to do a song together, that would be fuckin dope!!!

  71. inordinatum chan

    This is awesome. Going on my playlist. Who is the drummer?

  72. Ghost E

    Hahaha! "All you do is rap".... YOU DONT SAY?

  73. H.P. Vikin Bulldog Patriot

    ... ✌...

  74. Lyon Cannon

    Tom: I Sold My Soul

    Tom A Month Later: They Ain't Ever Gonna Clone Me!

  75. Servant to Be

    gotta say this is pretty catchy...lift some weights dude you look soft...the streets respect strength

  76. The Bait and Switch

    Loving it! That section before the second chorus is sick, and the transitions between the sections are great. So is the rich, powerful sound.

  77. Shueib Abdikadir

    I feel the ghost of rock n roll take control of me 🎵🎶🎶🎶

  78. Anthoney

    You’re everything Kurt Cobain was against, guy

  79. Anthoney

    A dollar in my pocket for change analogy was whack af

  80. Kat Buckley

    Jimmy Page and Kurt made me think of Jeff Buckley. XOX

  81. yours truly

    You ROCK 💘 why does this song give me goose bumps?

  82. ZenTeT

    more of this like marylin manson pls !!!!!!!

  83. chozen0018

    you can be arock star,,, you rap amazing though,,,, lol

  84. Edd Summer

    WHY hes songs are always censored?

  85. believe in Jesus ministries

    interested to see what a full rock song no rapping would sound like by u.. blessings

  86. Rebbeca Ann

    All u haters suck one tom is a good rapper and he's hella good at country

  87. jessy Miles

    Ok I'm in love.

  88. Lily Edgar

    Unbelievable! You’re definitely versatile #HangOverGang

  89. Thomas Krieger

    Just... More. Like fuck man lol what can you do poorly?

  90. TøXíÇ Thà WíÇk3d

    Damn that's crazy if he actually did sell his soul... Throwing up triple 6... Just saying in "This House," Tom MacDonald was saying when God shakes his hand please celebrate. Why on Earth would he sell his soul and be throwing up triple 6 for if he believes in God?

  91. life death

    HOLY SHIT!!!! YOUR SO HOT, AND BAD ASS, dont tell your girlfriend...

  92. Hunter Gerriets

    We need more of this!!

  93. BigHomie Gwala

    Son is fuckin SIIIIICK

  94. Johnjimmyjoebob Bob

    I save a dollar in my pocket for where I'm going in case I need change

  95. Ryan Strawser

    Holy shit. I been a big fan for a while now and I’ve always been a metal head and never cared for rap all that much till I came across Tom. But dude this shit was sick I always thought Tom would make a good front man in a metal/rock band and boy you did not disappoint. I love all your music but if you toss me some more like this I would not be mad

  96. Lawndart Productions

    Please say this is a permanent thing....

  97. Drunk_ Kat

    Could u imagine if Tom got Ozzy 2 do this with him

    Tiffany Draby

    This NEEDS to happen!

  98. Darth Metal Jordan

    Just noticed you're wearing a Bathory shirt lol That's tight! \m/