Tom Jones - Weeping Annaleah Lyrics

Yesterday the sun was shining but you're finding the sun it
Don't shine all the time
A winter day suddenly came your way
And you ran into your mind

Sleeping Annaleah, Weeping Annaleah
Do you think you're ready for me?

Oh and yesterday is gone forever and ever, never
To be again
You looked for the sunshine, that brought warmth to your mind
But find only rain

Sleeping Annaleah, Weeping Annaleah
No, you're not ready for me

But when yesterday becomes a memory, a memory
That we uncovered in time
If you still remember that cold September
I reigned in your mind

Sleeping Annaleah, Weeping Annaleah
Then you'd be ready for me

Sleeping Annaleah, whoa Weeping Annaleah whoa

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