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Tokens, The Tonight I Fell In Love Comments

    Os melhores sempre

  2. Wendy Koffel

    Grew up on all these them them NOW...💜

  3. Chris Tober

    Will never have voices like Jay and Lil Anthony And Mel carter again let's treasure this moments in history I'm 36 ,,and im so glad my childhood was filled with doo-wop

  4. Marvin the Maniac

    Why wasn't this song in Back To The Future?

  5. pikenova48

    Real pop music. The real deal!!

  6. Bob Resner

    The great Jay Siegel on lead.I like this song better than The Lion Sleeps Tonight.Long live Doo Wop.

  7. Wolfsky9

    Better----than the original! ---------------------wolfSky9

  8. pikenova48

    Unbelievable voice!!

  9. Mark Clark

    Jay WOULD be likable if he weren’t also a lawyer!

  10. Nanci Poulos

    Jay Leslie has become my penpal.

  11. Larry Krauth

    Jay Siegel voice is still as strong as ever, we like it

  12. redflamered

    Originally a 1:59 song  - and simply a great one. Unforgettable.

  13. Lucy Shin

    this is so great

  14. MUSIC TV


  15. Vincent Smith

    Jay, my band opened for you folks randomly over the years. Super group my friend!

  16. Vincent Smith

    The new female voice on "the lion sleeps tonight " is Donna Groom out of Pittsburgh, an extremely talented musician.

  17. marty walker

    Love It ~ This Takes You Back To The Good Ole Days Fun Times Best Music !

  18. Ms.CNail

    Love his vice, miss this type of music.

  19. Richard Mansfield

    this is the only group that stole the music that i wrote for these shows ( Brother rick )


    Yeah sure, you go on youtube to complain. Get a life.

  20. David Rivera

    Boy if I only could put a team of guys together and song my life away

  21. Richard Mansfield

    Thee only group that stole my charts ( Doo Wop Shows PBS)


    No one stole anything. I wrote that damn thing.

  22. David Doran

    The older sing songs that are timeless. What a professional group of people..

  23. VincentTPackhorse

    Good time music. Just what the doctor ordered.

  24. Richard Mansfield

    I wrote this arrangement

  25. Richard Mansfield


    WWE CrazyFan

    Yes, you are right but you stole it from me!

  26. Nanci Poulos

    My pen pal Jay Leslie, my favorite song

  27. David Daley

    I could watch all these oldies and kid kyle 24 hrs a day if I could.i love them all.

  28. p asmuth

    Amazing!   Love you  Tokens!!!!!

  29. Wolfsky9

    Incredible performance!! ---------------BETTER than the record!!! -----------------WolfSky9

  30. Wolfsky9

    EVERY time I watch this -----I know how incredible it is !! BETTER--by far-----than the original single!! ----------------WolfSky9, 71 y/o

  31. Wolfsky9

    Simply awesome!!!----------------WolfSky9

  32. George Vreeland Hill

    Real music. My kind of music and yours!

  33. Andy Gonzalez

    Love this song.

  34. Nancy Munroe

    I wanna know why I can't like something more than once!!!!

  35. David Wadsworth

    Only Dentist I ever liked.

  36. Susie196921

    Jay aged so nicely and looks so distinguished! And his voice is just like I remember.

  37. Ant Davis


  38. doo58wop

    As Wolfsky9 mentioned this tune went to #15 on the national charts. It was their only release on the Warwick label, #615. They also had releases on the Date & Gary labels in 1961 before hitting it big on RCA with "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" - #1 for 3 weeks in late '61. In the mid-60's, they had several hits on their own B.T. Puppy label including "He's in Town" (#43) & "I Hear Trumpets Blow" (#30).

  39. Susie196921

    Jay Siegel never lost that magnificent voice!

  40. Lewis Clark


  41. Alec Moffat

    Love it!  It only lacks the voice of Donna Groom.

    Howard Schwartz

    Wrong group jack

  42. karen marie

    Smiling. Love this song.. Takes me back. Thank you.

  43. Wolfsky9

    Still, fantastic!!!!---------Wolfsky9

  44. LaurenJayne Diamond

    Damn, sounding so good, thanks so much.

    Danny Lacy

    youtube videos

  45. doowopfanuk

    Love this song :-)

    Theresa Russo

    Yes same here I love this song very much

  46. Melqui Zavam

    Que vozes lindassss..

  47. ParkerPlaza

    ROCK ON !!!

  48. Jay Madry

    Love their sound

  49. Jay Madry

    Love their sound

  50. Milagros Zervos

    Love that voice. Awesome. Love the song. Thanks.

  51. ma huji

    my favorite song !! as japanese

  52. pcsbeat

    Damn good.!

  53. Robert Courtney

    Sure wish I could be on the 2016 Malt Shop Memories cruise to see them

  54. gemeyes2

    Just saw The Tokens last night in Lorain, Ohio for the first time.  Wow!!! What a show that was..They were Fabulous!!! and so nice too..Thank you Jay Siegel.

  55. anastasios alafogiannis

    i seen them in concert 3 times they sound excellent

  56. Yoda Jo Lewis

    The greatest groups are from New York

  57. Danny Vegas

    Fantastic. This style of music will never die, it has a wide appeal it.

  58. rafa brosa del pozo

    brutalmenta bueno

  59. Jim Mig

    just saw jay and his group today at bowsers doo wop show at Mohegan sun arena in conn. again just a great,flawless performance!

    Karen Paul

    +Jim Mig I just LOVE this song! Doo wop music is the best!

  60. Amy Lockhart

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    cff.,.....GGG..1111 ~~~~~~~~ !!!!!$%%%

  61. Ed Buchanan

    Johnny Maestro, Jay Black, Little Anthony, Jay Seigal, Frankie Lymon  The bet lead voices in Doo wop. All from New York     EdB

    Reen 49

    +Ed Buchanan
    Earl Lewis

    Dean Millard

    You missed out Dion....


    Don't forget John Carbone from the "Five Discs." They were one of the best Harmony Groups from Brooklyn.

    John Mann

    What about Jimmy Beaumont !! RIP. Jimmy !!

  62. peanutzinuk

    Thank you, Ronaldo, for uploading this tremendous sound! The song is as fresh as ever! GREAT!the Platter-Pushin-Papa, Peanutz, UK

  63. BelieveNoGod

    WOW, I just love this song.


    If you ever ,fell in love, and i have,this song pretty much,sums it up, this song, this group nailed it.

  65. Jim Mig

    still one of the best live performers today. his voice is as awesome,pure,clear and perfect as it was many moons ago!

  66. susan nelsen

    That's singer is sure handsome they're music..


    +susan nelsen And he still sound this wonderful today. Handsome, that's up to you ;)


    +susan nelsen And he looks even better in person and still has that exceptional voice.

    Ronaldo GFerreira

    +susan nelsen me too susan

  67. Chuck Bush

    My fave Tokens song, still have the 45.

  68. Jackie Bowman

    I love this group.  Jay still has a fabulous voice.  While still living in NJ, went to many doo wop concerts and always looked forward to seeing him.

  69. Rick Collins

    tonite!! like this catchy tune

  70. Terry Martin

    best tokens tune by far

  71. Mr. 3 Cameras Man

    Looks like Tom Snyder on lead vocals. 

  72. Tonithenightowl

    Wow !!!  Jay still sounds phenomenal. The first time I heard The Lion Sleeps Tonight I knew I was hearing "greatness". 

  73. Christine Riehman

    One of the greats!!!!  Love this song!!!

  74. Mindy Moore

    Sing it Jay! These were some of the best voices ever! Thank goodness I started listening to music when I was only seven or eight years old. Think what I would have missed if I had not heard the Tokens and all the other great doo wop groups!

    This is singing!

  75. Sonnito

    This song always had that classic vocal Doo Wop sound that I love. You know, the type you heard sung on the stoops & hallways of NYC.

  76. lilyonenote

    I just donated my Nipper, RCA Victor dog, just like their mascot, to a thrift shop. Having looked at quite a few of their videos, I see they've had him around for a long time. Keep coming back to this song, as it just blows me away.

  77. Lillian V

    Getting my 31 year old daughter to appreciate the songs I grew up on. This is one of them. Wow!

    raymond schmidt


    Manuel J Botelho

    looks like Will Ferrell

  78. Gordon Duffus

    My favorite Doo Wop song

  79. Hel Gar

    My favorite song from a great group.  Hooray for Jay.

  80. Pasquale Camilli

    dr.Jay,.Sei un grande

  81. richard none

    another great new York group
    Richard x new Yorker in the tropics were I belong

  82. Vincent Edwards


  83. Dick Hurtz

    This music to live by

  84. Gene Lampman

    Wait, Wait................................How could you not love this song...........................I like it better than the Lion Sleeps Tonight......................Both are great though!!!!!!!

  85. Pasquale Camilli

    melodia celestiale

  86. j20tower

    Still sounds as good as ever.

  87. Vern Smith

    damn they sound great

  88. Perry Boutte

    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame needs  to get on the ball with the Tokens and Neil Sedaka!

    Perry Boutte

    Excellent performance,good to see them reconcile for one night.

  89. Bobby Delriv

    Jay Siegel the third best lead in Doowop history. Third place only to Little Anthony and maestro

    Rich Krassen

    Maybe the 10th,Pookie Hudson,Lee Andrews etc etc


    @Rich Krassen No question he's in the top ten

  90. Johanne Roberge

    Quelle belle voix il ont. La chanson est suberbe.

  91. Wolfsky9

    This group : the original 5 really ought to be in the RRHOF !  I agree : it is criminal that they are not.  Listen to this rendition : BETTER than the original !!   Wolfsky9


    @Wolfsky9 And, I do believe THIS is what's called " singing --& in glorious harmony"!!  wolfsky9

  92. JClaus1221

    Criminal that the Tokens are not in the RRHOF, combine the talent and great recordings they did themselves with the masterpieces they did for Bright Tunes for all the other artists, it should be automatic!

  93. OndraBF

    Dam tubidam whoa oh, tubidubidam tubidam whoa oh :)

  94. Phil Waller

    My Gawd...thats good! 

  95. Robert Yocum

    that's randy of randy and the rainbows singing background

    Howard Schwartz

    No way jose

  96. Wolfsky9

    Yes sir, those ARe the original Tokens--the group who made this masterpiece of Doo-Wop at it's best. Sadly, it was a one time only get together.The 2 Brothers, on your Left, now call themselves "The Tokens", while Jay Seigal & the other 2 guys are " Jay Seigal & The Tokens". They did come together for PBS, but that was it. Hard feelings there, sadly. . Wolfsky9


    Wolfsky9 Interesting to see you here! I see you on practically every Carl Wilson video.

  97. kovachfg

    I was there that night at the Benedum. It was magical.

  98. MadEagleUSA

    Thanks!! Jay Seigel is one of the all time Best Vocalist Ever!! Fantastic!!

  99. Wolfsky9

    Yes sir, this is the last time all 5 of the original group came together. You may still get this as an extra from ther PBS Doo Wop specials. This appearance was from the 2nd show, in 2000, at The Benedum Center in Pittsburgh PA. There had been hard feelings between the 2 brothers on your Left, & Jay Seigel. They broke off, formed their own " Tokens", & both " groups " went their own way. For the sake of PBS, they re-united one last time. Note also, the final " Randy & The Rainbows" . Wolfsky9