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Tokens, The Rock And Roll Lullaby Comments
  1. Bill Twee

    The Tokens were good, and BJ was better, but Dion and The Belmonts did it best!

    Bill Twee

    Strike Dion. It was only The Belmonts. But it's still the best version!

  2. ta mel


  3. Robert Isidore

    GREAT , Song !

  4. Robert Isidore

    Dam!Good' Song .....

  5. Anna Daugherty-KJV Only

    I love The Tokens, and this is a nice version of Rock and Roll Lullaby, but it doesn't compare to B.J. Thomas's version. B.J. did a re-record of this song for a 2004 Rick hits compilation that sounds even better than the original. I love both of his versions. This sounds really good, though.

  6. Mike Merrill

    Love it.

  7. Zooboo Blotsky

    listen to 'The Remaining Few' do this acapella probably the best version.

  8. Saint Johns

    This does not even compare to B.J. Thomas's version or even the Belmont's one.  Oh well, Classic Doo-Wop this is not!

    Richard Proud

    Ridiculous  comment . They all stand on their merit .

  9. Zev Feldman


  10. rudbeckie1

    *****Krásná hudba, příjemné  songy....

  11. drunkonjive

    what a great version, great harmony.


    Love this style of music...real nice voices!

  13. mark essex

    just compered this with the b j thomas version
    and this beats it hands and feet down
    sorry b j

    Richard Proud

    Totally agree .

  14. til hunt

    i like them both

  15. Mel Stone

    Good version.
    I don't know if anyone has heard the Belmonts acapella version. It's definitely worth a listen. It's on the Cigars, Cigarettes, Acapella album. It's my own personal favorite.

    Richard Proud

    Good version also .

    Bob Resner

    Yes the Belmonts acapella version is just great.Rock On

  16. 07important07

    You can not knock the Tokens when it comes to singing... One would have to see them live to believe how well they performe and sing... You are hearing the lead voice of Mitch Margo here. I have seen them live twice and hope to do so again...
    I have heard many versions of this song and this is among the best arranaged...

  17. tommie parch

    u gotta b kiddin! the tokens couldnt give b j , a b j, let em stay sleepin with the lions

    Richard Proud

    Another ridiculous comment from a moron with a language problem and how to express his answer without dirt .

  18. Tim S

    I enjoy hearing all versions of this great song. Makes a 53 year old tear up. Sniff,sniff......

  19. Destiny Heero Prime

    dare i say this version sucks,BJ version will always be the best version and kick every our remix version's out their's ass

  20. oldiesrnow

    You're very welcome, thanks for the nice comments. They are much appreciated!

  21. Linda Martin

    Woderful harmonies.
    Out of interest I listened to the the versions mentioned below.
    Music is such a personal and emotive thing.
    This version makes me cry.
    What more can I say.

  22. locohoya

    this is ok, but BJ Thomas' version is much better

  23. dllewiszz

    Ditto. Never heard this version. Very nice.