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Tokens, The I Hear Trumpets Blow Comments

    It is actually a very unique song. Deserved to be higher on the charts.

  2. David Willis

    One of the members looks like Drew Carey

  3. Charles Carney

    This is THE best arrangement of this song. All the available recordings are re-recordings, none of which has the vibrancy and bounce of this version. Wonderful vocals. I wish you all the best.

  4. eoj2495

    Remember this one well... very nice song!

  5. RaananVolesPianist

    Was a Top 20 (but not a Top 10) record in NYC. I became addicted to the Tokens because of this record. I was 15 at the time.

  6. Scats Scats

    Great voice for a DJ



  8. Chuck Sampson

    Nanci Lee Johnson. MLHS. This song is for you. You are one of the most beautiful women I have ever known.

  9. littlemikey1954

    Thanks for the great post! I remember hearing this song in the Spring of 1966 (when I was 11). It may not had charted that high on the national charts but it did well on the local charts. Probably rose, peaked and dropped in one area, popped up in another area, rose peaked and dropped and again in another area. It sold well enough to merit an album release in 1966 and again in 1967 on their BACK TO BACK album with the Tokens on one side and the Happenings on the other.

  10. andrez03

    ULTRA-ULTRA RARITY from Spring 1966.

    God Bless You Tube.

  11. Matt Reese

    Managed to go Top 10 [#6] on Toronto's CHUM Chart in May of 1966

  12. Tonithenightowl

    I don't remember this one but I love it !!!! Jay Siegel has one of the best voices, ever. Their harmony was great. In all fairness Sedaka had a great solo career. Takes guts to be out there on your own. Both were blessed with over the top voices.

  13. turtle1954ful

    You guys were the best!

  14. Trade Martin

    I remember working the song format out and writing this arrangement for the guys....., they were great to work with...., lots of energy & creativity....., NO JIVE.....!!!  GOD BLESS.....!!!

    Evan Dahill

    +Trade Martin This is a great arrangement. I was a very young songwriter in 1966, and actually got myself in to see Jay, Dave Liebert and Bob Miranda. Dave, Bob and Mitch liked one of my songs so much, we went into a studio (I forgot the name, but the logo was a cartoon head, and a HUGE ear. I bet you remember the studio ;) )to cut a 4-track demo. It was never purchased, but it was some great experience. (I just remembered: It was Allegro Sound Studios.)

  15. Bernie Lane

    Great tune and production.  Should have gone TOP 10!  Certainly fits into MY top 10s.  Great working with Joe V in  Variety Sound studio.  Hope you fellas doing well...and thanks for the great music!  Bernie  Laane

  16. lanciasongs Jay

    "I hear trumpets blow".......yes I do THAT is God's gift to me. Lanciasongs Publishing" Johnny" by the mighty TOKENS

  17. Jonathan Vernot

    Who needs Sedaka anyway? Or the Brill Building bunch.

  18. Dan Littlejohn

    Love all your uploads especially 4 seasons !

  19. lkjhb1

    I got here from Beck!

  20. roxio69

    Hi Mike
    Just heard your channel for the first time and instantly subscribed. I had many 45's that were gone when I returned from overseas. One was a little known song by the TOKENS called "He's back in town". If you own this, could you put up a clip??
    Thanks again for the good tunes and GREAT background info.

  21. eoj2495

    Nice job, where did all the years go? Last time I heard this, I was in 8th grade!

  22. Angel Limato


  23. Matt Reese

    Happy, happy, feelgood song--a much bigger hit in Toronto, Canada where it went as high as #6. Only got to #30 on Billboard, #28 on Record World and no better than #40 on Cashbox. Deserved much better. You never hear it played as an oldie.

  24. udderspam

    The lion sleeps tonite? NICE!

  25. MusicMike's "Flashback Favorites"

    Lol....we time warped ahead....oops....should have been 2012! But, I'm glad your paying such close attention :)

  26. buzzvader

    This is one of my all time favorites! Thanks,Mike. By the way, keep doing the vocal intros; that's what makes your videos so good! Is that a new Pickering cartridge, too? The other thing is I noticed we were in 2102 at Music Mike productions. Did I miss a few years of your videos?
    Take care !

  27. spiegel

    It wouldn't been the greatest name of a recording act EVER if it was 5 black guys instead of 5 white guys.