Tokens, The - Don't Worry Baby Lyrics

Don't Worry Baby No Lyrics. Don't Worry Baby If you know the lyrics you can send us.

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Tokens, The Don't Worry Baby Comments
  1. sue mendoza

    Always thought this was beach boys wow! Amazing!

    Dustin Gettman

    sue mendoza it is a beach boys song, this is a cover version released six years later

  2. James Scott

    As a young kid I always assumed that this was the beach boys. I'm always glad to stumble over something wonderful that I didn't know before...

  3. ric 63

    On a par with Beach Boys, vocally at least.

  4. Tumbleweed

    The Beach Boys did the song first, but the TOKENS did it the BEST!


    Brian Wilson wrote song with Tokens

  5. Alex Sergey

    Not bad

  6. Robert Isidore

    Good Radiation

  7. Max Skitt

    Not the tokens

    Mutedvox Vox

    Max Skitt This is the Tokens singing this version. It's on The Tokens: Both Sides Now album


    This is the tokens

    Cat McNichol

    This is definitely the Tokens.


    @Max - just how stupid are you?

  8. Joe LoPiccolo

    Don’t Worry Rabbi !

  9. Petra Dyckhoff

    como no acordarme de este grupo,

  10. Dave Shultz

    Who did it first?

    John Barrell

    The Beach Boys

    Dave Shultz

    I knew the Beach Boys did it. Just didn't know who did it first. Thanks.

    John Barrell

    Dave Shultz no problem

    Mutedvox Vox

    Dave Shultz The Beach Boys did the song first. It was written by Brian Wilson.


    The TOKENS did it BEST!

  11. Roberto Pofi

    The Tokens, Beach Boys, Equipe 84, la musica della mia gioventù......bellissimi ricordi

    Dave Stone

    Roberto Pofi great song