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  1. ted gandy

    I lived in St Louis at the time this came out in Clayton suburb. I have been looking for this from my now old memory and I did everything to find it, but came across a new credit on a lyrics search site. Had no idea it was the same group that did Lion Sleeps. What on earth is the KXOK connection?? I would have thought it was released all over. Anyway so glad this bucket list song is off my charts forever. Animal Animal. ANIMAL!!!

  2. Rich Von Behren

    The Tokens were engaged in a contract dispute and had to make one more album, this is by far the best song on it. The album is terrible but they did make it, fulfilling their contract.


    I disagree, it kinda reminds me of The Beach Boys' SMiLE, abeit kinda inferior, it's still an interesting listen

  3. Joseph Ferguson

    Wow impressed

  4. dodo1opps

    I remember this from KXOK as well.

    I think KIRL (a daytime only station) played it too.

    Brins back alot of memories.

  5. Greg Moonen

    Everybody remembers 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' but nobody remembers this. I didn't hear it until a few years ago on Dr. Demento.

  6. Joe Schlabotnik

    Yeah...St. Louis is where I heard it too.  

  7. oceantracks

    I also lived in St Louis at the time and remember this, no one knows it! Thanks so much for posting! Long live KXOK


    WOW! I remember this song too, but not from KXOK or KSLQ. My brother had the 45. He's 12 years older than I, my oldest sister 14 years older, and then there's the sister who's only 3 years older. My brother went to Vietnam, and my oldest sister got married. We inherited all their 45s and albums. I ended up going in the Navy after graduating in 1982, I'm told my nephews have all the 45s which all of us bought. Funny, never thought I'd find this on the internet. Obviously I'm from St. Louis as well, given I referred to the radio stations. Here's a news flash for anyone not born in the 60's or 70's, small transistor radios normally only came with AM stations - you had to buy something the size of a small boom box, if you wanted FM. So KXOK was the coolest AM station (plus they did school closings). I loved this song when I was little! Talk about a flashback, and to have someone mention KXOK, makes me want to go "A little valley," and say "OH MY GOD!"

  8. marshmx

    Holy moley! Didn't expect this...

  9. Oldiecarl

    Very interested to find this one posted--thought I was the only one whi remembered it. I've got the 45!

    Even some friends from the East Coast on an oldies message board I inhabit aren't familiar with it. Was it only a hit around St. Louis on KXOK?

    ted gandy

    I had the 45 too, purchased at a record store in Clayton when I was about 13 or 14. I believe it had a Green label but dont recall the record company. As noted in another post above I had searched for years on the lyrics and came up flat until tonight and once found I knew someone would have posted on Youtube.