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Token Waist Down (Extended Version) Comments
  1. Just A Guy

    4:15 for one of his best verses yet

  2. Crimson Reaper

    How have I not heard this shit damn every song but this I've listened to I like this shit.

  3. T goold

    sick track mate  :)

  4. Lost Ember

    I think this song idea was dope. I don't know what she's talking about.

  5. Dylan Boes

    Just saying, putting a jet engine on a wheelchair is freaking funny
    Both parts of this song are amazing

  6. Liz Dragon-Street

    4:15 Damnnnnn Token !!

  7. Omar Syed


    no one in the whole universe:

    not even my grandma:

    Tokens forehead: V

  8. Bobiks p

    This a chant song thats just difrent , keep the fire burning.

  9. Maxine James

    Nearly 2020 November 2019 still listening🙏👊🍀💜🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  10. Space Beast

    I know it’s a skit but that girl pisses me off. It’s really like that though. In the words of the great jayz. People could tell you how to do it, they never did it.

  11. Eduardo Hernandez

    Back in the day, all anyone did was overlook me. Now, when they look down, they tryna’ pass the crown to where it should be.
    Define a rookie.
    Define it. I’ve been a boss since 13. No wonder why no one understood me.
    All goodie.
    All gravy.
    Y’all say we’ve gone crazy, but we ain’t gone anywhere.
    Except the places that pay me
    Where everybody just praise me
    So if you ain’t with A-team
    You can suck a dick, get rabies, and then die.
    Yea, right there.
    I got a new idea.
    I got a brand-new idea for you my dear.
    If you don’t like being called stupid, stop being stupid, ’cause I’ma’ fucking call you stupid if you do that there.
    Yea, I got some rappers confidence
    For every fake fan with a backwards complement.
    Master actors who matter not a bit.
    Bomb has been set, detonation approximately now.

    And I’ve been plotting on the low.
    But I don’t really want to keep it on the low no more.
    So I’ma’ need all of your hands in the air the goddamn second that I decide I want to go on tour.
    Saying I don’t give a fuck.
    I don’t give a fuck like I’m paralyzed from the waist down.
    Waist down. Waist down. Waist down.
    Saying I don’t give a fuck.
    I don’t give a fuck like I’m paralyzed from the waist down.
    Waist down. Waist down. Waist down.

    Way down to rockbottom I send y’all. Token is a genius.
    I don’t give a fuck; I’m on some paraplegic shit.
    You feel me? I ain’t feeling y’all.
    I got no feeling in my legs, wheelchairs I pop a wheelie on.
    I am really on.
    17 and I got funders with their hands out talking ’bout a million.
    But I don’t take no handouts off air.
    You don’t need to scratch my back; I got me a massage chair.
    That’s right. Everybody act like they’re living the exact life.
    Everybody tryna’ be like everybody, no one tryna’ be an individual and that’s like
    getting a flashlight to mask light.
    A blackeye to have sight.
    A bad guy to act nice.
    A traffic light to crash bikes.
    An appetite to snack light.
    An afterlife to flatline.
    A rabbi to baptize.
    And bragging on the Internet just means you got a fake ego filled with insecurities killing you and that’s why…

    Oh, is that so?
    The second I start having fun, Token’s an asshole.
    They said I be doing the same shit, everybody wants something that’s new now, well right when I change it up, I’m whack though.
    Oh, that makes sense, I got it.
    Everybody have some fun, except the artist.
    Everybody loved me when I recorded out of the closet
    than a blog picked it up, yep, that’s garbage. Oh. I got some rappers confidence to every fake fan with a backwards compliment.
    You think I slid that line in there with no consciousness?
    I see the fake fans, I’m who they want a problem with.
    Like I ain’t giving my all to this
    when I am trying to alter this
    questioning all of my motives when I’m just trying to make momma rich.
    And I just want to see daddy happy, they just want to see bars and shit.
    Consequence calling this confidence cockiness, God forbid.
    God forbid I’m comfortable enough to switch the scene.
    Sometimes I don’t want to walk down a little street.
    With metaphor metamorphosis and similar similes.
    Sometimes I want to fuck around dawg, I’m seventeen.
    Sometimes I don’t want to be serious. Sometimes I don’t want to be Mr. Lyricist. Sometimes I wonder why they judge me. Sometimes I want to put a jet engine on a wheelchair ’cause I think it’s fucking funny.
    And now they’re wondering if I’m still really that hungry.
    They’re wondering if I’m getting comfortable, I feel on comfortable ’cause a second ago you motherfuckers loved me.
    And I’ve been working harder than ever to get to the next level of flights.
    You’re either afraid to let me go or you’re afraid of heights.
    Waist down, waist down.
    Let me spit a simple hook for everyone who ain’t staying around.
    They want me to pigeonhole myself and fall. Show me where happinesses ’cause, it ain’t with y’all.

  12. LolAtWtf

    Dude you're a god, ever since i started listening too you, you changed my life, if you could take the time and read this i just wanna say thank you.

  13. The Sage

    I wish he would bring back that outro its fucking dope

  14. Hyena Hammock

    The veins on his forehead make a V

  15. Randomness Calls For Randomness

    I drive an 02 Durango with a 5.9 and I feel offended.

    (This is a joke)

  16. Scott Eastwood


  17. Scott Eastwood

    When you're Fighting in Bully's House. Party Time.

  18. Steven Mcc

    Check check check ...check check check check

  19. Jennifer Jolly

    Everybody have some fun except the mom. 😂😂😂

  20. zacisawsome yeah

    This is dumb shit we need but don't deserve

  21. Janus Kro

    1:01 Haha he looks like Eminem.

  22. Gan Gana

    First time im hearing this xD awesome !!!

  23. Dirty Daron

    Need to get someone like Rob "chairslayer" Parsons man and this vid will go nutz!!

  24. Shadow Rhymes

    Also pretty funny that the bitch talking shit on the song looks like a bar of wet soap

  25. Shadow Rhymes

    Of course that nigga got florida plates above the door 00:10

  26. Shadow Rhymes

    This was some deep and very real shit. Token's got 97% of the population beat in maturity and intellect which is really sad considering there's over 300 million people in our country but if that wasn't the case this song wouldn't exist.

  27. _WiZ

    I actually fuck with the song in general, and people hating on it made the song twice as good to me lol

  28. xysmiles

    Holy shiiit bop

  29. Keion Chase

    This MFer has tons of joints out WTH!!!!

  30. Karen Wayne Turner

    I love you man! Make your momma rich and your daddy happy! You the man! I always hoped I could do that for my folk's unfortunately I don't have talent like you.

  31. TRSH Hotcornmuffin

    Frank Castle's son kills songs as much as his dad killed people.

  32. Komplete Faction

    😄.. Dawg.. I got me one like that too! Give me back what I need.... I'm coming for yall..The rap game is mine.. I'm back!!!. 😉

  33. Eat Voltagge

    Think he's my new favorite rapper

  34. perton is yung

    Im glad i watched this music video its hilarious

  35. mike Robinson

    Just realized that alot of this video was shot in Manchester nh

  36. Torky

    Whoop Whoop!!! Outstanding... EVERY SONG!! We need more Jet engines on wheel chairs cause it is fucking funny... Stay Original You are TOKEN the one and only!

  37. Mequilla Baker

    I love this shit!

  38. Alex Jordan

    Let it be you don't let them take you

  39. Dumbly Destin

    Young KRS-1

  40. Matheus Dalla


  41. D!lly Beamen


  42. Mr. Ferocious CEO

    Yo fr this dude is seriously underrated. He is a REAL artist. He understands what hip hop is really all about... emotion. Expressing your feelings and problems through the music. It seems everyone has forgotten that. I think he is amazing alot of his stuff is truly poetic. TOKEN you get my vote for best rapper right now. But of course with Kendrick Lamar close in 2nd. Keep it up bro. You inspire me to work harder on my music and hope to compare to you someday.

  43. The Real j

    i thought it was fire but random dope af tho

  44. Levi Duda

    You are the ultimate artist bro, inspiration to max, love your creativity man.

  45. Isaac Solorio

    still get chilllls

  46. nolifeguy1

    This beat reminds me of another song! But damnit I can't think of it- now imma be up all night stuck on this shit.... Dope ass song though.

  47. Waynewilbz420

    this is the whackest vid I ever seen

  48. Analisa Moreno

    Don't let her put ye down

  49. FabeX Gaming

    The video is recorded in 24 fps. At the beggining we see Token's video in 60 fps. Do we actually see 60 fps on 24 fps record?

  50. Patrick Felen


  51. Artem Chubarov


  52. Comrade Candy Van

    Holy shit that was some fire shit

  53. Zau Liqe

    damn I'm sweating 🔥🔥🔥

  54. Shey Dunn

    Token you're the shit bro. U got me on dis track too omg the attitude change at the end made the song come together. Ur young I would keep using it as ur advantage while u can it fits. Ur a badass I love it song definition of a rap flow too tho cuz it really shows u young but still rapping ur heart out to help it fam. That's real shit keep it up

  55. Sean

    This Run The Jewels type beat is fire af

  56. Madjacx1999

    eminem vibes

  57. Brainstorm

    I am going to be honest, I never had a problem with the simple song. If anything it was amazing xD

  58. Editor Dude

    Ooof I am fake smhhhh ill do better next time

  59. the double A's

    Whatever you do or make I will always love it and always be a fan

  60. Me Hux

    Straight fire

  61. Me Hux

    Straight fire

  62. dresaty gaming

    This boy looks like the punisher and raps like eminem😍🔥🔥🔥

  63. King Kai

    after all this time man, i still love the ending to this so damn much. i get goose bumps bro. i need real shit likethis

  64. Max Richards

    yo this is how I feel when I write

  65. Sky Gaming

    2019 anybody????

  66. Saky Saky

    Token is Crazy

  67. KongBot

    Am i the only one who see a spirit on the thumbnail

  68. Nikolaoseva The Prick

    this was fucking amazing

  69. Fiasco Shenanigans

    Faack 'em I wanna hear WAIST DOWN, WAIST DOWN!! all the shit talkin trash is just irrelevant now, while they're all waitin around to copy another suckers sound, my boi tokens straight puttin it down! while your claimin he flows faster but still ain't a master cuz he's young, your just mad cuz your girly says he's hung, and you're like wait a minute now, an she's like I'm not feelin you like I'm dead FROM THE WAIST DOWN WAIST DOWN! haters sayin I'm a grower not a shower, but ma boi tokens a show grower! Thx kid , crazy trax

  70. FADOO Official

    All the way from KUWAIT ... I am ur fan ✊

  71. Eb Bunny

    Token brought me here

  72. Tyron Turner

    That last verse gave me a KRS One type of feel. The energy gave me that vibe. I like it.

  73. Jeff Brown

    "you either afraid to let me go, or you afraid of heights'" - slayed... I am seriously starting to wonder if hip-hop is big enough for this 17 year old and not if he is big enough for it..

  74. Formidable Foe

    an appetite to snack afterlife to flatline....a rabbi to baptize!!! woooooooooo!!! someone get the fire extinguisher

  75. Rapid Home Liquidation

    This is my favorite Token video

  76. BGames Studio

    *I don't give a fuck*

  77. BGames Studio

    2:29 when the math teacher fails you for not showing work

  78. Adam Warlock

    2:41 love those contradictions and the way they're stacked on each other

  79. Adam Warlock

    2:09 oh shit

  80. Benny Parcher

    Amazing artist no doubt. Can't wait for a 3rd album

  81. Luis aleman

    I think he actually doesn't give a fuck.

  82. Super Andy

    If someone uses "ither" instead of "either" I completely dismiss what they're saying because you are a pos for saying it that way.

  83. Harakiri Öfori

    Bali çekince kafamın içinde ben!

  84. MrJakeDice

    Anyone notice the ringpop in the beginning

  85. Chri Fletcher

    Baddest rapper to ever live

  86. Three lil PIGS

    Sometimes you wanna go apeshit and break your spine to some TRAP SHIT

  87. XxCottonMouthxX

    Holy shit man where have you been ! This shit has my PTSD fucking cracking up ! This video man I love it ! I am going to bump this shit loud as fuck at every red light in Butte Mt. Gunna Play my shit loud ! ^$^

  88. XxCottonMouthxX

    Fuck ya ! Love this shit !

  89. Kay Krusy

    came to your music half on hour before , never heard of you before

    just wanna say that youre the greatest "new" artist iam listening to

  90. Fish R Relaxing

    Turn the 8’s up could’ve been a banger.. beat is just a little too weak for the energy. Poor producing

  91. NightRogue

    Holy shit man. You are legend. Already.

    I had to put my Fidelity X2s on, blast them til my ears ring, and listen to this shit 10 times to even start to grasp the layers to your shit. Your creativity is off. The. Fucking. Charts.

    And Dude seriously, do you lay down your own beats and/or produce or direct/write these videos? Fucking insanity! It’s like you were BORN SSJ3 and just leveled up from there.

    Tickets, bought. VIP passes? Yes please. Gotta shake the man’s hand before it costs 50k to get within 3 feet of this fucking GOAT

  92. Ben Coons

    She's a bitch

  93. AlbertCrumb

    Pimp my wheelchair

  94. R E

    Lol botox called.. No slut no

  95. XXXTentacion Archive

    The dude at 1:36 is either Leon Lush it looks a hell of a lot like Leon.

  96. M C

    Bruh he's so dope
    Like every track he released to date

  97. ethan wright

    of the roof luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv it