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Token Self Taught Comments
  1. Dumbly Destin

    This needs a music video

  2. adam morrison

    Bumping hard!!! In 2020!!


    HOW?! Just how progress is so slow..

  4. nwo reble

    First album👍

  5. Yoztex_TX

    Aye its sick

  6. Cheyenne Lakota Smith

    Token finna blow

  7. Christopher Brock

    Hit the jukebox!

  8. Dannyson89

    102 dislikes bet those people same people say lil pump is a good rapper

  9. Dumbly Destin


  10. Ms. Bevis

    Can you put this album on an LP for me? I want your handwriting all over my copy. You have a month, give a few days...

  11. Captain Table

    1:49 rap god in training

  12. Evan Blake

    This guy is amazing. Holy shit.

  13. Spaz101 Rodden

    Self talk

  14. Sandhu Jatt

    I was lost in Token world bumping this track loud on my Z28....speeding nd shit💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥

  15. Austin Roberts

    Yee let’s goo!!!!!!

  16. James Ivy

    2:00 is a throat punch from hell. I always listen to this song just because of that part alone

  17. mikes channel

    Hey token idk if u noticed or not but in Eminem’s kamikaze he borrowed some of your lyrics and he even used your tone of voice. Go back and listen to the track.

  18. BipMan_1

    Ok sure.

  19. I Lylacc I

    this song is mad underrated
    token in general is just mad underrated

  20. Pikax

    Anyone still bumping this 🔥?

  21. PI Guy

    goddamn that beat is ill

  22. Bryan E.

    *Checks if is on 2x speed*
    Is normal
    5 seconds later
    *Checks again to make sure*

  23. cameron morrison

    new zealand reping my bro go hard mad skills

  24. Jacob Another Bad Idea

    Self-taught to self-made I can tell you about my sucess cuz I'm the leader of that shit

  25. Dawn Djukpen

    Back again. 2018 gang

  26. rabbit reaper

    I hate how people compare him to Eminem just because he is white and is good at rapping

  27. Lucas Ettinger


  28. Riley Weber

    This is great

  29. No friend Zone

    phuck meee

  30. Jojo lopez-reyes

    Is he an upcoming rapper??


    Jojo lopez-reyes yes. He's already getting up there

  31. No Disguise Raps

    Dude! This is dope.
    You should collabe with NF or eminem


    I think Demrick would be a better fit to collab with because they have similar abilities and can really test each other to bring it all

    William Browm

    I think he has beef with eminem

  32. Roger Herring

    keep it rollin just watch out for your mom's spaghetti. all behind you have there era just pay respect and walk in your own shoes and you will go far.

  33. Lux

    Damn people are not ready for these lyrics to go mainstream...

  34. Lux

    Damn his samples are on point

  35. David Dunn

    One year

  36. Hazel Pfarr

    Skip to 1:50 with 2x speed holy shit

  37. BearMaster 12345

    lol play this song on 2 speed! lol

  38. Jason Pasley

    keep killing it!! another great album added to my playlists soon to surpass the likes of Eminem and Yelawolf without a doubt!!!

  39. Gavin Parker

    damn he's good can't say that about other rap artist now

    William Searles

    Gavin Parker try Joyner Lucas

    Calvin Kron

    William Searles lol yeah they must not listen to enough

  40. KillerBoom

    sick as token is not only fast but going places congrats on the album man so much meaning

  41. A.C.ArmyExo-L GlamQueen

    go Ben! go 😄

  42. A.C.ArmyExo-L GlamQueen

    my boy token is getting that fame. I'm so proud of you😁😁😁😘

  43. LilMac9

    dude... how? so much meaning and stories and its insane. faster than Eminem? You. I'm sorry high rn

    Spongebob Roundpants

    @Dan C yes and no he's not

    Dan C

    @Spongebob Roundpants he's faster with metaphors and simalies and all out word play. Eminem said that's what he looks for when he sees a good rapper, token released rap songs before his balls dropped, he was rapping before the age em started, this kid took his hard times and turned it into talent which is nothing new but he never stopped practicing his word play

    Kristopher Amadeus

    He’s not faster and speed doesn’t matte r

    Cheyenne Lakota Smith

    @Kristopher Amadeus ur fuckin stupid..

  44. joe dirt

    hellspawn hoodlum sent me here 👍👍👌

  45. derftyme

    congrats to the album release man!

  46. batman is meh shiz

    I think lyrics just died, cause token be murdering them hell yea

  47. Ivan 72

    pure talent!! eraser shavings is one of the best albums ive ever heard!

  48. Mark Granberry II

    lyrically dope and beat wtf(greatness). Im listening to the song twice just so I can hear the lyrics and then the beat. Thee beat reminded me of an oldschool arcade game and I swear I feel in love with it.


    forreal man. me too

  49. Blue

    Token is a monster, he has pure talent.

    Aidan Jalbert

    Blue agreed

  50. Aaron Oakley

    Sad hate to even see 5 dislikes.....
    dude saw him in concert last year.......pretty god damn sweet for a artist that's only 17...RIOT

    Logan Leatherman

    Mumble rap fans who don't like hearing no autotune and real lyrics.

  51. Taylor Hamm

    subscribed!!! keep up the great work man!

  52. Jason Perry

    what is wrong with these people these views should be in the mills boy is nasty spread the word token sway45 look the shit up man

  53. Jason Perry

    what is wrong with these people these views should be in the mills boy is nasty spread the word token sway45 look the shit up man

  54. Fernando Ortega

    Mad respect for you Token, I'm a 18 year old fan from SD, California & I hope your success come in abundance, just keep aspiring for your dreams dawg.


    Awesome Sauce no u

    Ms. Bevis

    Are you going on the tour? He's movin n shakin around town now!


    @Awesome Sauce And you don't know how to spell.

  55. Aaron Oakley

    Token dude you was the shit last night in Pontiac, Michigan at the Pike Room.. love this song so much.

  56. Vibrant Games

    I literally eliminate every limit who livin and nobody really wanna be givin me lip because even all of my literacy will lift you to heaven


    My goodness...smh


    Blackbond11 I know, that is my old channel and I forgot the pass.

  57. Jason Danielski

    my opinion but definitely your best work

  58. 7Skies

    1:49 is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  59. J skillz

    More 🔥... from token as i blaze that dab im token"

  60. Andrew Griego

    about time